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No. 33 October 1986 









Done the Ton! 

Over 1 00,000 copies 
sold monthly 


f **i^ 


A First Look 

■^ i 












■ >^i 


£2-99 from 


l b jj 

.* -^^ ^< 



F^ , *< 






,« ^ 


i *^ 

• ^^. 

^ C v^g weekly releases or ] , ; 
ai^^H l the best top games L i^' I 




• '.I 

». J 

oniei direct firm 299CLA$StCS* 
'Oting your cfddit canf number, 
'or send a ctwQue or postal order 

7r£2'SS (eachinc l P+P} 


made pav^Jeto 299'CtJSSM 
Anchor House Anchor Roao 
. Aidfidoe ■ misall * West MidlatH^ 



Omt ft^ 



r» Goodwin 

iir-T t-it_ jiL--- iif- tiJL J. 

i-iuFmiiiiaigi vrrnvr* 



Ciriwi Pound. Jdfi4ltwi 
RignaM. Matthew Ufftndoi 

ftogor Oenrastt 

JUM Outer 

Editcirhai and proAiCttCHi 

1/2 KIM r ' " 

SoQfl4 SSfil 

PO e» 10, iMm&m^ MropaMra, 


•OGUttOSOR 0SC4 aM2 

Wntid in Engjgfid toy ( _^^ 
OWiiH Lid, ^itiTOWf1 Tindlnp 

— rfiimtor of IfiB BPCC Qim^ 

tmmj^M trf OJiMAa JiVMxfr 
FlQKi Wvtl Dfttiton. Mlddl«Mii, 

tint m la CAA^ MkHUM 
by i «iiW^ 

MIlHVIi-Oi' ishcto-fi 

id m «v mil^vw i» pud tof ii M 

A qfuUk mmdup of ItM PCW iHow ind Hm firvl 
Odod took at Ariwtf«(Pt Sptolnjfii Plus 2 


Hiifit»r S MHmofi It rmsiing . . . wTwt am Itiit 

41 LMiTP mAHomMMm ponum 

AMttior |>o«ttM{hpourKliig w wkwi from mr man* 

94 cfUAM Monme Mtio AO¥Mtmmg 



a«rMA»« And MATCH CMlV 


mm report on the first ni««tlfi0 bMifMn I 
mmmm and ctoe^'^^ ^*f ^^^^ QBIEBtS f 

of « 

cm^ i it wii i iM Ui 



There Can BeWOnly One 

SPECTRUM 48K £7.95 
COMMODORE 64 £8.95 



^^ j,^^^ y py iKr«H«vji jif Tf I. #Nit VMHV^ Oc*«n Sivf tw«r« Ltd. „ unilvr *iithor*mmlM>n. Mkarvl* enct M«4i« M«rK«f:t^ Ltii.» 

«to«. It firtiilty wTlwd at lli# 
PCW 9h€M. A handfiil of 
8p#ct7um Plus 2^ nMriii 
flm^ly IpotiwI to ih* Slfictoir 
vtBfid and ev«ry«ii« wm* told 
lh« machine ihoyld he io tii# 

Ivy Sir CIlM dhlfi-t tmkm 
th# Am^HMl flfsfifowrfi to tlf€ 
12aK spec! mm In the flrtt 
place will remain «i mystery 
for evf^r — Hi the 120K launch 
Sinclaif Research made it 
clear that their new compu* 
ter wdift aimed at the gamet 
playpr, and thi? pre&% wai 
tri!^citL'd to a roemfyl of 
Boflware hoMme» 

demonfttratifig their new 
gam on tor the 12B the 
moment Sir CHve stopped 
Speaking. Vet thi^re wa« no 
•if n of » joystick port, and no 
caiftette player on the t28 
(all hough m tape loading 
meter had been incorporated 
Into the f irfFiwure}. 

P^riiapa typically^ Ammtrad 
have diddled around with thr; 
iMiring on the joyitich ports 
*glued on' to the Spectrum 
Plus 2. They plan to sell their 
own„ wtttMy named, SiSf^ 
with ttie machine. Already, 
manufacturers are gearing 
Up to make cpnverters so that 
c»rdlnary joysticks can be 
used. One company at least 
had a compatible stick at the 
PCW Show* 

On closer eiamination, the 
cassette unit on the ftus 2 
looks like it might first Ijave 
featured in a cheapo ^ar 
«tereo set-up — and thera js 
no tape counter! SilJy omli-^ 
sion, really. And the way thim 
relaunched computer has 
been put together hints that 
It was designed to sell for 
rather less the the initial ask- 
ing price « , « 

Is the Plus 2 going to sell? 
Over two million people lA 




•- ■ 


— %. 



?2v 7^PaffWB 


Jr."? •*»- 




"'"Cam nu.*.*?'*'* 

-""C««* 9Vn,T!'*»'""tk 

-•••"««.„,, ji-;™» 




Mucfi cafebratkon and jut>i=l^lioii up 
here in CRASH Towels greets the 
arrival of thfl Jatesi set oi figures 
fnxn the Aiidrt Bureau of Cincula- 
tkjofl, Dunng the period January to 
Jura this y^ar. CRASH sold 
101,403 cop^ a month on avdr- 
&Sfi — more than any othai com- 
pol®r magazine tn the country by 
aJI accounts. 

SavaraJ pknts ol Okl Flatulence 
Bittfiir w^ll r>o doubt be con^jjm^d 
here m Ludlo-w when we get down 
to ttve formal ceiebfations. bat 
meanwhi^ here'^ a b^ thank you 
to all the people ¥vho buy CRASH 


^^ow fl we can only eiop QfOupa of 
thirty people all reading the same 
copy end persuade more readers 
to Duy ttie magazine . . . Hmm. 

Wonber if the Ludlow MaAa ts 
rBady to go national? 


OM THE COVER ftWIee so far) 

lafi Cnig recently joined the team 
working m the CRAS^ lowers ART 


And this month is a aitghtly »d 
month for youre truly All sorts of 
change* hOM been happening m 
tttelmw this year, what w^ith L M 
attfiir^ up and getting into gear 
reed^ Toe Chf tstmas, and hh\m 
Aggie and the mail order ciew 
moving to a new office. Gary Ud- 
don has scume<] oft to UDfKWi to 
work for Newsfield's software 
iKMiae, THALAMUS. Robin Candy is 
fcirtbering his education at coNege. 
Ben Stone has jcHned the team and 
Is busily writing comments full time 
now he's ^efi school. And o1 course 
CRASH to now tie biggest con^u- 
ter meg8(2!)ne In fhe land and has 
the only REAL Glriie Tipster in the 
form of Hannah Smith 

T?}4steBU» b my 25th as Editor. H 
<s \b& Iftsi \mM)iA of CRASH that has 
me at tfie hielm. Don't wony, I'm 

8 CRASH October 1986 

not defecting — Tm not brave 
enough to try end control the Spiky 
Haireo Ones over on ZZAPf like 
Roger Keen was Anyway Gary 
Penn \% doing s^ery nioely ocr 
ZZAPf. thankyouverymuch, and Js 
also celebrating a chunHy nse m 
Circulation this month. And there'$ 
a good few mil#s left in Old Crum 
biy's bathchair over on AMT1X as 
well No, rm not chianging 

Trie CRASH Editorial Doc Mar- 
tens have brisen prornotedl I'll be 
weering them as Pubfishing 
Execuiive from now on. and will be 
staying with Mewsr^e4d to help ine 
editoriaJ teams of CRASH. ZZAP' 
aJ>d AMTIX keep on producing 
their megazjnes^ 

So it's not REALLY Qoodtoya. 
More sort of, cheeno a btL 

Garret as an illustrator Ian first fea- 
turad in CRASH twels^ issues ago 
in the ONTHE COVER reatuw. This 
month, he leatures in CRASH yet 
again, this tima on the covef. 

Ottver Prey has producad afi 
thirty two CRASH covers so far but 
has now got so busy what w^th tiw 
other two computer magazines 
published by Newsfhe^d and the 
brand new project. L M, that Ns 
ajrtxush fis constantly overheating. 
Be^ng a sensible sofi ol fellow, Ian 
brought h^s own ajirt>nj3h to Lud- 
low with him and should be weiid- 
ing it a Id more over |t>e coming 
months . . 



CRASH Poxt^n 


Digital IntograOon 



Ei&ctric Dr^Wit* 

EWto ?, 4. 5. ro6, W7, 

Oeamltfi Gtaptti^ 







H0¥tsfimtd Ctaaaitlad 


US Gold 














6. 73. Back Cqvw 






10, 43. 52 





BuccBnev Ftr4»b4rd 117 

BuNseye Macs^i 1 28 

CapUkiStogAlplid-Omiege 23 
CiMinMmvnMdCMfi 23 

DiakcMtfng Bluie Alfsha- 
OmegB 127 

Eepaf«nto lja;q>draiilo 1 13 
Future Zoo Qwyd Adventure 
Software 9T 

Greeteat Show on EMth 
Americ^a £7 

CMciibto Microtech 98 

Hwdqopch Add^ive 114 

HiinbhiMcIt The Mvmttum 
Ck:edn i4 

tCUPSO«i 119 

JdhiwwPlebNLoihtortai^ S3 
KMieUaetertroi^ 114 

Kf^ht Games II dlec^ KMtfit 
Sofiwaff^ 37 

KfilfhftRtdvOoeen Itft 

Lap of theGode MATtorlronic 

Moonff#it Ma^iwm BJ^tM 
64^ 37 

MtndttDrw The Edge 83 

N*X4ir Design Design 33 

1«42 Elite 24 

Octagon Squad Mastert^orAc 

Olympted^ee Atlantis 115 

PepertM;>y EJite 18 

R#K4ie on Frvctalua Actjvisiofi 

RevolutlDn Voniex 1 6^1 7 

Rugby Manager ArtKr 2$ 

Scooby Qoo Errle 30 

Strike Force CobTB Pranha 28 
Strike Force Harrier MtfTorsoft 

Temnti Imagine 1 18 

Trm DCM»r Piranha 1 22 

tlrlvM Pmult Doif wfc 20te 1 
UiilvifiilHere Martflrirafffe 

Z yttHi ffi Mifroraoft 38 

ZSCZ Maattflronlc 94 



tfyoii ha¥9 9¥9r bought mottmr goif 
simui&tor - shoot yoursBtf! 
tfyou am Bver conBidering it - 
yourseti b butieti 


OuHb honmstty, teadertoafd rrmkm Thin /s ttm sports stmuiafion of the 

Btt other goif stmulatiom took ctumsy year - if irol the decade! 

and antk^tuated tn comparison. ZZAPM 

Now you dan bscdrfit a golf pm and 8xpenencB the thrill of 

havira your name upon Ihe 'Laadertxwti". 

With tnis amazing^ rsaiistk: simufation you Q^ a trii@ 

paf^>©ctive vi«w of your golf game 

As you plwf ort diffefent 1 8 hold coy naes on 

lemte varying fn>fr amaieur lo touring profassional you'U 

nesctakil! concentration and a>nirol to come in under par. 

AMSTRAD ^m^^rs^^ 


# Choice of ekib, dltUMnce, typt of 
shot (hook, slic«. putting) and more 
^ Realisilc SoUiOd 
& Practice Driving Range 
^ Joystkic Control ted 

# Multiple 18 Hob Golf Courtn 
m Automatic Scoring 


US. Gold im, Unris 2/3. H&lferd Way, Holhinl, BIRMINGHAM B€ 7AX, TiEiphone 02 356 

«nd Moody^p^tm for lA* l*np . . 



H WIS Showtime again in (he fir^t week af September, an>d off we «ll 
plotted to the Pergonal Computer World Show to person (or should 
that tw Minion?) the Newsfield standi patter round the ^ow te^r- 
lessly seeking oy! the l^te^t products for review, and gefwratly have 
i good time meeting people - 

Auntie Aggie ma% iher«, of courM — neiNir one \& mlsi Oiil OH e 
plqluri^, and over the weekend Oh Fref and David Western clambered 
down from the Artroom gurret ar>d wandered round Qlympka soaking 
up the imagery. 

As ever, Ihefe warn a foarhng tr^de in Ii4cknurv)b«rft, shirts, caps 
and hinders and the stand wn p#cli»d to capacity — people evar» 
had 10 wait in the paddling pool to btt wrvad. 

Paddling pool? Yes, paddling pool. The Girlie Challenge first lekd 
down by Hannah Sn^ith, our very own Girlie Tipster, escalated when 
C&VG Minions wen* spoftvd hfpndlr>g otii rude slickers on Melissa's 
bfthaH. Almost inatantaneousty, Hannah reaporkdad with her very 
own ^'Stop Raving Dame! Stand up Melissa and accept the Chal- 
lenge" stickers, which soon adorned (ust about every visitor totha 
show. Oodles of green \e\)^ and a paddhng pcKil wwa shipped ki 
speclB% lust in case Melissa meda an appearance, but despite 
mimiroiJi angulriatt to the C&VG atand the dMnt show. It seems 
that f ictrtkiiiiT||»at»r Mallaatf tfWiVl most of the PC W Show quaking 
In the Ladlifts ^^avery Urn* w« asked where s^e was, we were told 
the dear girl waa 'powdaiing her noee\ 

ViTMch lad lo ^iaoulatk>n thai Merliasa must have a very Iwga nose 


Jepanese com-op ntftsr.f 
nOHAMi unfiouFK^d dtifing the 
course o» the PCW Show it^t tfwy 
wookJ be handling lutur^ cwvh- 
sibns ot Iheir afcada games lot ftno 
Sp^iCTrum. Amstrad and Commo- 

fQWfymng a sarta» ol higWy sue 
i^j^iui fotamaaq H^^riead to 
iMAOiNe. THiPioff weragnnted tN?^ls 10 ShJhJ Li/iH fhati which 
should M comp^^e ii time lof d 
teview nepiT r^iO^|^. But hwn h^"- 
on m. ftOMM g^VT^Chs ^il4 be pub 
lushed lor home micros b^ HQiiWi 

Fkfgt m bne lor corwerwm is 

Sa^afnjifinte: whic h has apparently 

' bean txeakirig coln-op records i^l 

over EufOpa. while J^il Bfeak. 

^.\->n Hot^ and Mit waiting ihe^r 
turn to arrive on the Spficlfum 

CHI eeJ Met again, Omf A W«, <m mm ^UTWI TNAW LMM Tetwitf 

mji/iie* rifef ir^ ff>^ ro fen f/t Ifta iiienifinaaMranetfrer ^wcllc 
tfji^ Mi thm PCWShsw ij aaeift lei 


Aee can ogrephef Kevin Payne collects his prize for prtKki^ing ttie 
best map of Saboteur m the c^^mpetiiion oureli hosted tn ttie 
of CRASH. Ttm Hine handa ttie Hi-Tech prize over as Kevin 
Bwvetty for the camera. Ready lo map SAt&imjf tl now Kev>n? 






CRASH Octotor 1986 11 


The cHampagnecofK POPPe?<j!* 

^ ..>.s/aM.,n there w9* 2"-.*??"'^: 

^gcn Mwomon >«*f "" 
and ouf o*n b«tov«*J?J°' 
Gcaeme Kidd hid hi» tatty DocM»- 
tens trom yww A clwliswl catebffl' 
iior'i indeed ^ _j,^ 

Then Huntef S Mmson turned up 
^ ^ts f<r>e»y attuned »;*Mnng per- 
fectly ca^ of hewtftfl Jf^^" 

aied iiy the cfOw*» Ewwvon* ««« 
hswJ martaqetJ with papw cups, but 



Th« fJ.f critic Plt£ AA» pymmid ww «im #r ib« tfranff » rt 

The winners ol (tie hmmmid K^- 
ing compBfitiofi carWnly had a 
good shopping inp w\\h Tony Ram- 
b»rd — his waitei conla/fted CJ.OOO 
and h© spent every pfinnyl 

Originally, th« wfcnhefs and xtm 
tamili^ w^0 cJw lo take a triaJ 
^pin in fcny s Kiiri at the Hodd^a- 
den Kaft Club, but the hMVera 
opened and ram stopped play m 
thei&ports writers say So It wifts off 
to th« Zip Kurt it^owroom for copi- 
ous advice before much ©iamrn^- 

tiofi ol tht prce Usta, Eventwslly 
ih# two winners maraged to 
spend dvOOO wd^ on the bite arxl 
pieces thM am needM to put 
together a competition kart, and it 
was lime to oo for a {^letHation 
moaJ. Soon John Hirst and Wan 
Myers wiU be zcximing aiound ttie 
tiacfcifiliwirlOOmph karts— once 
they'w a^embted the kn ol pane 
!ti«y rcx>k hiome witti tSTem. Could 
proii^ a little tric^ky — theie are no 

f|pd#t N^fn ih^ ZZAPS SpftyMiArvd' Oflts. Alf«rtv £ft« OMtit 

tabo -dmrnring Hkjiif cHmrmctmr lyri#d mufHl THE VDM Mn^ # 

fiiRJkMHJk ^*f9umd*a Momtmtmitt ihm ¥mmfiyr* to brvrnk ^Hh 
IMmp'yn Union raimm mnd turn iUfi^ ibi eri« diyfinte, te^o . . . 

12 CRASH Octob«r 1986 

J^^fm mrmi^ wfio ■« r p uf mtth him t*mtif9i^00mm •» »giel frihn 




The Spectrum 128 is dead — tong live the 
Spectrum 12B Plus Two! 

Amstrad's own version of the 128 sports a 
built-in tape drive, joystick sockets, and an 
improved keyboard, SIMON GOODWIN 
reports in depth on the revamped Spectrum. 

Back in April. Amsfrad's t)0$s Ai^ Sugar boyghi ih^ nQhti to Sindair 
CorT)putef$. pRsmi^ng « ne* Spectrum wrih a cassette <JfiH^ ' ' gluftd on" 
in g<]od time for Qiristmas. Thai machine materialised at the (%iona} 
Comptrter World show on the 3rd September and 9ho^ be on sale t^ 
ihe eiid ol the m&nrh. 

Tha machine is mcKJicled tn grey plastic: and looks much clear^er 
beqaiiM tha old sing^-presa keywords have vanished into the uset man- 
ual toSfvifte only RUN. LOAD and CODE rnarked on the keys. Program- 
ming m 4fiK BASIC IS going io be incky unlesE^ you know the keyword 
pQsitioni off by heart; you wtii be better oK utung ^28 BASIC , wbl^ \% wry 

iPCIV ah«w^ Mfff* tfr« cwnrt/rvf^ rviwfnMan^* to ITw ch^^cr c 9k* 
mm im^und InTMCH nPS * llttf* wA /»* 490 ... 

sirrwiar but expe^X^ commands to tie entered churactor by chaf acter. Thi 
mai^ual says that 46K BASIC is "not recommended for anything othef 
then a history leeson for the curioy &. ' 


T»w new keyboard i£ eitcrt*erfl: the orty reason I can think that an^^sne 
might went to replace it s bacauM the^ is still no semi-cok^n key bel- 
ween I aiK) ENTER where totich typhis expeci io rest their nghf little 
finger Tl« *feel' eeeme<^ fme on every macbkne I tested, atthou^ as 
usual lor Am^lr^ 1t>ere was some variation between individual comput- 
ers. 7h© wirfno paher n ra still an 8 by 5 Qfidp SO addNon keyboards wiil 
work but I <ioJb\ that many peopFe wilJ fedTnie need for an up-graite even 
it thoy use tha mecbina f or several hours a day. 


The cassette drtwe ka very nidlrrterriary. There is rbo eutCHStop wher^ you 
rawind or faaf forward, so you may damaga ii^ rnotor or mechanism if 
yotJ foroel to prase STOP 

Wtn^ng is very skiw: it takes about a mtrnita to rewmd a CIS — 50% 
slower ihan the drive on the CPC 464. Tha tapa pirKihwheei <g unusuaJiy 
small and will need regular cleaning. Sadly, there^ no tape coyntec. 

Asmall hotel flMowsacoesa to tbaAzimi/ih alignment screw, so it should 
be po^^ble to correct CMtibtaim caused by m^nor kAocks- Th& drive ^ 
hekl together with self-tapping screws, so you wdl probably have 10 
replace the loi if anvttung sertoua goes wrong. Thete ie no ir^put for an 
e]((terne^ ! ape recofder, so any Jault on the built in dr iva will force you to 
rertjrn the whole coinput»r lor rqpeir. 


Ap^ from the tape i np<rt; ai of the Spectmrtu 128 sockets appear on the 
Specifum Rus Two. Ttwe are tBlephor>s sockets for the keypad {appa- 
rently unavailable} and the combined RS332 MIDI output (or serial prsn- 
lefs Of synthesizers. Any sefial pnnler will work in 128 BASIC, atlhough 
Ihe COPY command expacis one that recognises Epis^or^ quad-dertsity 
brt image graphics. Pnnl^ control codes are ^grtpri^ ufkiciss you u^ a 
r-oupie of POKES — deiajls in next month's TECH TIPS. 

There are sockets for RGS TTL CornpoerteVNiaoarxJTVdispteys. plus 
a sound output socket whkch carrias casMtie tonas, BEEP output and 
notes from the ttiri?e-channel sound chip. SouJTd is ah^ mmed ifrtotfieTV 
^gn&K but Ihere'i no bypPl-m speaker and Ihe sound outpul iS muoh too 
weak to dnve headphones withool an ampMiet 

T^o joystick sockets on the latt henct Mta of the machine can be reed 
with IN 61438 .nrK) IN 63486 — the Nwface 2 prolocol. Ttie to<*o«s aie 
standard nm^ pin ones, bu^ they use a non- standard winng arranpmant 
(see diagram) You can re- win? ^ normal stick to use ihal pin layout but 
you shouldn't ify to useamoclified stick withotfiercompulefs. One of the 
changed pint ia used as a power eouroe by other manufacturers. » a 
modWed Mick couM short out the power supply^ 

A suitable K^v^tick. ihe SJS I is avattable a$ an option with the machine, 
adiong wrtfE Six gamers. Pnces are not fixed as ! write, txji 3houkJ t>e around 
Ci&Q for the machine, or £160for tt% computer, stic^ and gadrfias. Rumour 
^^^ i! that Amstrad p% $2 for each joystick — the SJSI is dteap and 
nasty, as are the bundled (^mu ^appiferrtty so dtre mat they might a$ 
we^l be s^x btank tapes . . 

You would be wise to get the macNrTe alone arxJ pay C9 or C15 for a 
CNECTAH 125 or M&ch 1 joystick. Both have autof^re. twin conneclors — 
for the Plus Two or any other machine — and ara much moredurabia ttian 
AmstracJ's ottering. I particularly like<S the Macti 1 Alternairvely, get a 
Standard stick and a Pkus Two adapior from chctdih! or fafi, 


The riew manual is the best yeL though il is a pity that rt has been perfect 
tKiund Eike a pa.per back, rather ihm spiral t>ound- it congests of aboul 
200 rnonochroma pages, with a gotid index. Most of tha matpnai oome^ 
form Stephen mekars excellent orange manual lot the ongmai Speclrum , 
but Pupen Goodwins tfn>m Sinclaif! and Ivor Spital (from Amsirad) have 
added fyii detail ot tha Spectrum tas's add-ons wtihout spoiEmg the 
overall siyteKTh^e ks tots of useful miomiation about the 128 system and 
the new connectors, although a few rnore eKarriptes woukJ have come in 
hand^y Overall though, it is a good reference guide and a helpful BASIC 


After much bowing and scraping. I persuaded Ajnstrad to M me dig 
around ir^ide the machine — I atoo manaMd to snrak a copy ot Itie fTOM 
onto cassette, so Tve oof a pretty good idea how it all wi>orks in essarice. 
the plus TWo 15 a tid^edversicn of tfie 129; tfia sarne Ui^ form t^e basts 
of the system although Biey now sport heattlr*s and Amsif ad part num- 
bers. The power regulator tieatsink rs kisMie the Ikk. SfOund the tape 
dfifVB — it looiks chunky enough 10 prevent overtieetln§, 

Ttiere^ a power ^nd^cator light and a reset button taut no on -off Switch. 
The edQe-cortnectof is recessed s1<ghl^y more th^in pfevN^usty SO you 
should ciheck tliat add-ons will fit properly — mosi will cot^neci up with- 
out problems^ and Sinclair's own Int^ace Or^ ts said to t>e firfty compat- 

The Plus Two packs the 16K Interpfeter and 16K Edrlor/HAM diskdrfver 
mio one 32 K POM chip. The BASIC code differs from tf^at of theorlglnel 
Spectrum m ten ptaoes. Most of the changes deal wrth the keypad and 
the pagiAo mechanism for the Editor. As on the 12S, t K unueed In the 
original ^OM contains new code, this will screw up etiicient programs 
that u» Interrupt Mode 2 but most software txxisa^ are aware of th . 
problem and can code around it The ottw changes ^e localised siyii 
should not cause any Enoompatibitrry — for bi^tance the machine 
announces that it is now 'Copynght Amsirad' Faihe^ than Sindiair 
Research, and tfw SAVE mwesaoe a^ts you to Press REG and f>UWr 

All in all this is ar^ attractive up-grade for anyorte who already owns a 
Spectrum. Urtlike the 123. the Pius 1Wq Es here to st^ 

CRASH October 1 986 1 3 

nmmj^^mmAmOLAS0FT'M P^*» Officer . Prt^mM Omc*rfT 

tt li iMlth • ^tirti^ amount of ragrat that l inform you , Hunitr 
S MbtMn is mtoslfiQ, Rogrot fiiiQMl wtih reli6f< I conftWi 
because CRASH'S vflty own gonzo hock can af»o b* a prime 
pain in the posted ar But mainly rsflfiat, becauw tor alt his 
lailifi§s, tjfe is never dull when Minion is around. 

But we are currentty Mln^*f»ss. He hasgon* AWOL before, 
vanishing tor days on beastly tikigefl of tt>e most hedonistic 
kind . I have no d oubt that he wll I tirm up oga in soon. Let 's j ust 
hope that he does nothing criminaL And God »avc tht>s# 
sober citizens who come Into contact with him. 

1 have known Minson for years, acting as his pMSOiWl 
■■■lltarit. Many's the time he has handed me a gafttoclc«t« 
Mtl* tape wrth a curt Instruction to ''Make sense of thli 
godctaiTt orap!" IVe e<fited his most recent rambltngs in an 
atten^pt to explain his disappearance^ 

I pick up the dtory wit^ Minson continuini^ his quest for 
fthertiert. Once he's on a shert^ert binge there is little one can 
do tjut huriTOur him. But let Minson tell the slofy . , . 

''TNtb is nothing rsffxtiB^y 
SW^ abour Lf3mA&. but then 
sgam them m rfofhtftg fmrmiety 
Swiss ^}Out SwiBs GoftAgB m 
North London, so tf was probably 
atogica^pisce for i^e fig to iaunch 
ihe NIWMOH/Jeft M inter marrK^g^, 

'MmteK you mumWe, equals 
Commt&'iimi Quite hghi And 
whatmmta olf^iri aucttiMWiAibfi' 
Qus cincfsiSp Qwwr than w&fch$f}Q 
ma ItoshK vvh^. ^wbbfy Ms o/ 
0¥erw^ghf Hoikiay (m-habimrm 
ttiepoo^ next <ioof9 Wati. fVhemi 
wmoijn tha! thfs wm a lik^fy 
source of sweet sabsfection. 

'7 Quickfy cpmered the Wfy 
bkMide af}d very^ b&mitilij^ Jufm 
Coombs and quizzed her dboi/r 
tfw FjQ7 Corm@ctk}n^ tui aA she 
wmitd laMr about was torthoonimg 
MWSON rei^ses 

On@ of it^ese go&$ by the name 
of Orty Sickot tt aMmm you io 
roam /zjijnd a/t my ^/ourUe Lon- 
don haunts m seafch of the bomb 
dispi^at kit that wift stop a iattof 
day Guy Fawkes t}towtng up the 
Ho^sm of F^tament — ttiough 
11% youd ¥farft to hint^er b pablfC 
ban^aotor fa beyond ff^ 


14 CRASH Ctetobef 1986 

iheLoncfoni^Kimarks. though ihe 
Moisten No I tioma at so marw 
gmat ittWSON imtnch&s. is ^adfy 
hot among tttem. Pity as a game of 
me~dninken-hatii 0Outd t^ave 
been most amust^ 

'The Swrss Cotmga oosn was 
great though, vidfAeMi^cfteese 
and g^apa sandwichM wampow- 
erttd enough to meK* ytMjtrsooks (in 
kfct, socks IS iWiar they smefl nke^} 
bift not powmfut enough ftjf me 
My systeny cmvied ageaetar^fffHt* 
mn and. good o^ ' iwwo» -my 
preym wm grantecf 

"As is usi^ai on hewson Ags, ^ 
ot us hei^s were tiam^ ouf^ own 
iittfa pmsa packs commntng a 
plastic toy and sometf)#i0 to 
munch on di^ng the teng/oumav 
back to town . , rather Me Santas 

MM, r^^ bmig a Mmter 
^dmmganza, we m gpt p^istic 
shaap or rams (cm Aw padi^ 
wobble fokesf. Then, a* Z dived 
down to scrape tt^ tiOtfom ot tt^e 
sac^. what oiher Mtng souvenir 
did f find? Norm othat man the 
feQuimd¥^hHe powder, encaaad in 
candy ffying saticwi ffiaf tasted 
i^e expanc^ pofyaiyfetm. Myfoy 

nras vompiete. I gii£iied ttie tof 
lyefore B^er Street *' 

At ihisstsgeMinson'sramblings 
i:Nx^me knoomprehensitsle. Und^ 
the influence of the deadly sher- 
,berl he dictated the follo^ng I 
have made no attempt to translate 
into anythkng resenting English. 

"flig^f . . get thfs. rm goir^ to 
Kmg$ Cotlem m London, berk. 
No, Berk. Bf m'^' Hero of a new 
TV^Si^KW. Tfa^oof. Launching If ait/ 
todfsy. t'm pn my way. '" 

fmere is a txeak in the tape at 

' King'& CoAKeM. (keat Mat^ 0/ 
soma sort, tuU Of cuddty toys and 
kkMM' weMim, wm a bio W 
scfeer\ at one end and wtmi m we 

ifii this Siege Mandy Keyho of 
MUMMibcan be heiid ttfking to an 
unicfentiffiec} compofnlon ] 

'*Ohno* Look wt}Ofti$. Y&s, the 
one we dtffllised . . ifWA show 
him the game then, " 

{Dialogue, mostly indistinct . as 
Minson exanrtines the Tinpdoof 

"^Jeesu$* Thfs is great. Am you 
gefttfig aft of ih^. ma jbi the beat 
armnet^on t've aimt aaan on the 
Spectrum. Ttim is bh(tsant i just 
a^'t baHeve tt , . 

'Tty to exptmn , . . mate some 
sertse at ttus, Laszio . . &it ttmt 
iast tKt . .. and that too . ^ you 
know what t mean. R^ht go 
agam. >bu have to control Berk, a 
&Q sprite, BttlGf Make hm fo^iow 
the orders i^ the mastef up$taifs^ 
Things Hke gettmg some ayebaff 


**E^bafcnmh Remtndsme. . . 
t'm ttiitsfy. See you ^ter. Mandy. '* 

t^ audible sigh of rehel.) 

■ 'hiey, (Cookie. Conw here, fsnf 
thts gomg to i^ btg. Bf(U(SG} Hay, . 
wtiat^ ttie food Itke'^^' 

Onoe aga^n the tape becomes 
vtrtually fnconiprehensit>le, biit 
using the latest scter^trfc 
techniqueii I managed to deduce 
the tdlQwing . The food was excel- 

tool, tn particijlar a lAralniJt menn- 
gue gateau. M^nson end his com- 
panion entered upon an eat'rKi 

^'Ftve pieces. Tve newer seen 
anything iike H They shoukS caS 
youlJapdbor. . . " 

At tills poim Itie tape ran out and 
so did Minson. tnto the trafltc of 
the Strand. loiaUy deranged on a 
d^idly mix of mi^ingueand the lin- 
gering effects of sheftMfl. 

And thai has been all, apari fiom 
a garbled phone celt at 4.07a^ last 

'Hey, Laszk^. you otd avd. How 
are ya? >t>u W never guess, Hawm^ 
WMd tknas, t can tett you. Surfers 
e^/eeywhere. Anti the wmms. liVirf 

"But let me tail you^ Somebody 
fu$t sh^^ed me a coyiy of some 
other Corrmiiepubticatiort. ZZIP or 
KWrtAP OF spmifff/MTO. Have you 
seen if. HAVE YOU SEEN tr> Me 
a fook rrten' Some squid cai^Tbe 
Shadow mm to s^ me otf. 

Aki, ofCOUma tm not gmng to 
sue. I mig^t do them phy^cat 
harm, tut sue » , . no wayf i coukt 
^iag mys(0 of beiter mm that. 
They've missed out on ever^tmg. 
Been reduced to fabficating 
storms. /fSpefhefic/ 

"And hfdif}g t^eh^nd that 
f)seu<tonvm. Wbf/p t knows that the 
Stimktw s nose tsfust 'n front ot hts 
mAUMUSp but ( can keep the Ud- 

't^aaito, (tetefi. Gofta go. Going 
harpoon fyht^ Cat^t a CaUfor- 
nian Mdona wrfboard yesterday 
Cookeef tum mysatf. Haa htm tor 

Whether Mimson was actually rr 
H^waU remains unE;iear. However 
iX i% expeded that he w^ll reappear 
In iimo for that spcictacle that 
makes the decline Ol RfflTHe loo*i 
like a vicarage tea party, th^ PCW 

Laszio Sandow 

. • 

^^^^^Hj 'BBlBii^'^^l ^Pfl^^^^Hi it^^^^^^F 




^m — 



L ROLLING THUNDER »^ ,;'*^' /, 
r"^-IT'SALLEYKAT! ^ ^ / ^ 


fake up the cfiaftvage rfni/ ra/^ the wfj0et 
uf death. you^^t hdv^i^ (wq thtngs Qrhyour 

st€ie - tighrmng speed ^nd he^vy 

/irepower - btJl to bt&kr ^our wa^ (hfougfi 

the 32 evefffs on the space ra^e cateitd^f ■ 

you'ft rwed cash, skift and nerytis of srt'c?/. 

WiH yours be the new name on the trophy^ 

AnoThf^r taniashc snd yisu&tfy itunmng 
ij#m# foy^ A ^dJ^&^ Bi^broak^Judtm.i±M 
Pismdroid sin/ Uridium 


y Mod OrOQt sef>d o cheoue P O n 



DISK £12 95 

"^v <ft o* ^ ^^i^ 



16 CRASH October 1986 



fortes has Ml Amiable rapu- 
tation rhat ^saro vimjaVy 
the entire hteory of Spec- 
trum (gaming, large^ ihante lo the 
p foo r amfna r Costa Panayt lAn- 
cMEt. Aot^roM^ il TIL. Cyf^one, 
Men Highw^ and H^way 
£ncoi^tm whose pf«occupaLlon 
wrth 30 rQpc^k&ntation has mAclB 
09Ch game oulstanding a4xa usu- 

ahrulov^live. How h#'S turned Iip$ 
rrfcs to aometiiing compl«teiyr 

\n Ihts 3D game yoy conlr^ a 
vBf^atJie bcHjjicJn^ bail and the 
idsa b to solM MftouB puz^faa on 
n<^ gam« towal. The action lalcM 
piaoe on tiuae plaitorms 
ponded abovflbotlomless raviries. 
Gaps of vafyirug di^iance separate 
eo^ platform, fcun^ are small and 
aaHily tKH^m^M oviir, whi^ oihef s 
em vasi ^id take a loi of tKXjf>cing 
lo gel ov&f. Bstog a botlomless 
ravine, going ovof the edge alwvya 
ends in death tof your tMi. ¥ou 
movtt aromnkd Dy aithor E>our>c)ng 

or rolTJng. W for arty reasori the t>^li 
becomes slaiionary then you can 
gm rt bo^^nctfirig again by u^ng 
eirtra super bounce A red bar indi* 
cator is provided to show the 
height of bounce berng achieved, 
tetiing you estimate the amount ot 
Blrength needed to rftadqh an Qlsf^- 

But whal about tNr puz^tos? 
They'm all Hdenticai in cono&p! and 
cortsisi of deactivating two gr«y 
boxes se^ a tfst^ioe afMft mm 
e-ach olh$r. Tbuching a bO* with 
your baJi tyrrts it white find dencti- 
v«les it lof a shCHi lengih of tjme. 
Next yow must gel your ba^' over to 
the othef grey box aixd turn this 
vvhita as w^^l baf ore the first block 
turns g^ again in opder to com- 
plete each puiide. M im& and 
dandy. HpwevBfH apart tram the 
eKtreiliely shod deadivalion lime 
limit , each puEzle comaina various 
riastiea^ aoiiw airtrrated aorrie not. 
IMm Id nastfea, they^ convtnced 
tlifft what yoyVe trying to do is 
wrong and are ai out to :&lop yo^ 

The animated ones scoot 
aroiiTKJl jMSt above the ground at 
great speed aixl a^ contact ties 
disastrou:^ nasu^ls — your hoJI rTm^ 
be given a swrtt rHidg^e. knockjing in 


rve been waMng for 
Co^ Paneyl lo comebaidc 
10 the Spectrum ec«fw 
ainoe I fMahied Hfcghvvey 
&iODijnle<; aiNl he ceneMy 
ham «o«ne back weti 
BffttOkitBon if excellently 
ofveenAed wftli most of the 
^Co«ta Magic' which 
meana H'a very good and 
eddlcrtjve. However tti 
addictMty onty worfca In 
stwrt buntta. Moat ttme is 
spent WHidarIng around a 
lot of black t>acl(g rounds 
and wt^n I got to a problem 
I found I could often »p#nd 
ee«« trying ovt the Mme 
boHng method tens of 
times. The ball move^ 
aro^ind pretty effectively, 
tfttwugh It eeetne too eMO* 
rule end d oee i f t give Ihe 
reaKam of Bounder or ttie 
piayabilHy of GyroscopCp 
¥#tflch tt vaguely raaem* 
blee. frs cert^nly nothlrfg 
Ike HE end is qutte origkiat 
In wtiet content tfwre tt. 
Many people should be 
<|uH» addicted by the prob- 
lem BOMng aryd rtthdom 
level layouts, bMt t coukint 
see «r>ough in it td compere 
CotS^ previous 

off oourae or even be sent overif^ 
ptatfonn edge to Ks doom* 

OMpMe Vmk savagar^ ttie 
^ftitlOfiery perii wm probaUy me 
hardasi lo negidtiiile^ Ahdws on 
lt>e ground scoot your t»M rapidly 
lowafds the direction m which tt>ey 
point. Thiis either keeps you ewey 
from the bkx^k youVe aiming for. of 
once again semb vou to yoyr 
deeih on the edge So^id patcri(?s 
of grid act as super bouncing 
plans and mighi fhr>g you off the 
tida or eproing you »n compteiely 
the wrong dta«ai<m again. The 
Hmy nasUee with meif waving 


" Wlial e pretty gamre, but 
wfiat wotdd y04i expect 
from the periofi who <fNl 
tfie gfaplil«» {OFnd program* 
ming) for the H^v^ 
games. Not only hae ttiis 
name got pietly graplilce 14 
ajao ham plenty of addkrHfve 
queWee ana plenty otf 
ptoyebHty tt*i set in a very 
ortplfial playing arena and 
p n e v fcl ea taeks vi^lch gtft 
pffe fl fe ee lvety hatder to 
oeifiplete m you go up Ifie 
lavala. Th« $p^ph4ci ere 
eyqulsWei your tal l» e;Kcet- 
leirtly e ni ma t ed Md welt 
detiiMM«i« at the other 
qlttrMrferm. ScHind te a ntHe 
lBcfifn|| atthougti thece are 
a lot of nice spot effects but 
no lune on tJNe tide screen. 
The control la a bit dodgy at 
tlrel but after eome peiaia- 
tence It doee gel eMte I 
ttfongly recc fwn ew l this 
eine at it hi exceedingly 
Qiayelita. '' 

fiageHa lii^ protrx^ion am 
instantly leihaF atvd if your t^ 
touches any of ihe$e then a Hfe is 

Each ievef must be completed 
t>efore an aiitomatlc lift transports 
your sphme to a higher ^ade 
ftwre are nine levels in to^ai in ihe 
ganriie. ea^ wHh progressrM^iy 
mofe arid ha/der puzzles . The pos- 
itiort of puzzJee on a level is indi- 
cated by md dKtam on a map. 
shown or> at the ^art. of a te^^ 
th^tftng play Ihe m^» aoeen can i>e 
accessed by pressing Ihe M key. 
Your slaj-tmg pc^rihon (which is 
rarely the same) is also shown on 
ihts map by a yetiow necianglte. 

Five lives are provided for each 
game, Whert you ksse one a new 
ball IS shunted oul of dock and 
auiomatic^ly placed on the bft. 
Th4s cairte the ball up to itiecor* 
feet level and it's then up lo you to 
control where it goes^ 

On higher tevm the deacttvatlon 


** Another 30 game from 
voHTEJi, and wh^t a good 
QfiHi H is, too. The punlea 
mnt very difficult to ooai- 
pMeg but this only makes 
the triumph on comptotjing 
ttiem all the ffjot e jiflW y- 
Ifigif rather than fruefratfngi 
aa in some gainee. Tlie 
«fihk3 are auperto, end 
Coela Panayi deierves e 
hefty pert on the back for 
them. Th« whole thing i» 
very good indeed. Whitet 
being a departure from the 
o«i gamee by tMa author^ 
Revolution am teems to 
have iOfmkething that 
relalee It to Ihe Highway 

\mm NfTirt gels shorter and there is 
an overall time Hmit to each game 
shovvn t^ the descending green 
bar at the bottom of 9m screen. 
B^sKSe it Sits the scofe Chan show- 
ing flow many piozfes have been 
oompleied A sel emoun) of poiNi 
ts scored f of each ptizzbe depend- 
ing on jfs difficulty 

Just because you've marmg/ad 
to comptefe *he game once donl 
think pdaying li through is a doddle 
— each time a new game starts 
the puzzles and their petitions aie 
'f>d»8trihuted amongst the ievefs]y^ 


Control keye; Q/A forward^ 
SF^ilCG for tXMnos ener^ 
JoyMok: HierTipcton, Oy^ 

Keyboard piay: combiruition 
key presses atl^ow for 
dteeronal movement, fraking 
corrtroi tough ^ fir^ 
tlee of oetaur: vtrtualy 
monocfin^rtw tMjt dfectlve 
QrapMca;: greet anfmatk]iii 
generally e»toeHmt 
ieufid: good spot effects, no 
** " ' K progfessr^ 

An unusual 

and good looiong f»me that 
pcQvioK a reel ciieeinge 


m% 1 


91% 1 


90% 1 

Getting started 

87% 1 

Addictive quarni«s 33% | 


68% I 




CRASH Ctatober 1966 17 


Producer Eltte 

Retail Price: 
Authof : Sieve Lamb afid 

In elite's conversior of the 
an:adfl game Paperticy it s up lo 
you, as ari all American £KCK>lkiElp 
to dr©liv©r the early mortiing ri^ws- 
papen fifitting againsl fafita$iic 
odcto. NMOltaflrig yoi>r 8MX bike 
vound wnal saem^ lo be a raiher 
uneswoury ne^ghbourlxKxj, 

heur^rd^ hav© lo be oraWM — bul 
lots of points are w^Hlngto bo won 
for aotxiraie kil^ng of newspap- 

Gortiin houMholcto on vour 
r^und donl arder the DalV Siin. 
ihe paper whicti you are so dliH- 
gently tiyiing lo deliver. This iS Md. 
but yoo can get your own back on 
tfwM non-aybwnber^. PddaHing 
Ihfougf^ 4>e dinonally ecroQing 
iftnctoc4pAi pcmk om be ooP 

toctad by buiiQlno i mivvi^ m^^ 
sit througli a winctow on a hcMJse 
with a dWk door — tho oooipanta 
Ckxt'l takQ the Sun Well-aimed 
newspapers can result in braken 
wMow piUM^ chopped up lomb 
TtofiM Md mfftod dusibin fids, 
too. If you're fftelinig parlicylarty 
vindictive thm QranrMes can be 
ispped out of their bathK^halri m 
they take the morning aJr, bove can 
be knocked ofi \hm moped* and 

HoueolxMs ttial oider the 
fievispeper get special tieetnieni 
— * ttieir newspapers muit be accu- 
flMly thrown so that thtey land in 
ttie mail t>0K. Iwo hundried and fifty 
pD^nra m^ scored for each paper 

safely deliMmct. The papers in 
your delivery bag &m displayed on 
a panel to the rtghl of the screeRp 
and mtra anvfw can be coHeded 
by eyeing civer Itifl bows of nsws' 
prim dotted wmjfnti the pave- 

But thefe% more to being a 
paperboy than jfM chucking pap- 
ers around the town. Cafelul cycl- 
ing ts called for to negotiate a ven- 
ety of obsiades tnduding 
dustbins, fire Nydraros end garden 
ofnaments. And ttien there^ (he 

people old foDf ^eem to walk 

mio youf path deliberately; work- 
men cent h^;$t you boi^tyse of 
their ear-plugs, and hav^e lo be 
avoided Skateboanlin can be 
f airty isilliBi at Ihey scoa^ around at 
breikiiMk ^leed. arxl runaway 
tyres and e^^toding bomt>^ also 
crop up from time to time. Contact 
with the nasties resu^s m a crash 
and thg loss of Dr>e Ol ygyrlive live* 
— as ki the ori&inal. a scrolling 
message remincte you what a silly 
boy you have bear)... 

Each day of the weeik , the peper 
ro^^id has to be ati&mpted t>efore 
piperboy cango caj\ to p4ay on the 
BMX trw:k at iht end of town. 
SoTH^ pqims can be collected for 
hitting targms dotted anMjnd the 
BMX oounia with a well-aimed 

On thm BMM imck mt itm mn^of immt. SMC p&tmim hsve j ust l»««n 
ihmm #™ rmmpm mh^m^ ... 

At Iht «nd irf th« day ^ work the 
paper shop p re p aree a report on 
prt>gfess. For mrny paper wror>gi)y 

delivaredK a hou^ cancels its 
Ordir and H too many of the houses 
cancel it^ the sack! However, on 
subsequent rounds rl aJI the pap- 
era are oorreclPy de^fverBd you win 
back one customor, but ttw game 
gets that little t>fl harder on eub- 
sequem days, h really is mean on 
these streets . . , 


9 *' Pep«rt»oy Is one of the 
arcade tpamee that }u«t didn't 
appeal to me- eljte, as usual, 
have done en eKcetlent Job of 
OOnvetting from th# Original — 
the game is quite pre tty, and the 
action Is gensratly fast and furi- 
ous. The graphic* are carefully 
detailed^ aorolMng smartly In 30, 
and the oharaclera are wall «fil» 
matad. The colciur Is unfortu- 
nataly kn borifw old bfue *n* 
black-o-vtBksn wWi a kittle btt of 
magafwlB t h r owri lo add a touch 
df Goiour Giaili, The soured is 
good, w^th k>ta of apcri effects 
and a coupta of tuoettas. I didn't 
■nd Ma game aa addictive or as 
play^d^ at It should have bean, 
but it ganainJy Is wor^ a look tf 
yoii #r>|oyed iTtaytne tt in the 
aicad^s. " 

# '' Thm game m waf/ wvohac/. The 
^spfitcs&re a tit of& mmp-out or 
the part of ELnr, tut the game h^ 
a sfrange amount ot addtctmty to 
ft. TTiotigft ^o^ng a ^Qf in compaii' 

son to the ongina/ arcade i^araion, 
Papert>oy otfeFE a go€KS dea! tn the 
way at fong tenv etileftainmef^t 
Things iike the racetrack and th& 
mo^ tun to play, arkd fhe krvel of 
^ummtkm is pjsi right. Mmi a 
dnjffkBtrt oomai wobbitng do/wft 
f/ie roatf arid itnodts you off your 
b^e, the iJige to try agm^ a ^iW 
th^re^ Thoi^h net m good a^ the 
Ghoists wd (^obUns ^rrd 
Bomt^iack oomw^feirtSw PapsrtiQy 
is stf^i a pnkty good gsmei m)d 
worth the askk^gpfice. " 

9 "AJthOi^h the game doesn't 
contain bis of ddfecwit things to 
do, RveibejK ii^ fTKiat of the Bill 
games^ ks flandtohly addtetlw — 
and once youTva staned there^no 
stopping. Ttia gra pWc a are 
extremely vraHdmrn, arwIda epHe 
them ^ being y^ry small, most of 
them am recognisable. I felt more 
use couki have twen made of ttie 
Spectrum colours. Control wm 
quite hard lo get used to at firs^t. 
but after Feaiistng that you can't 
brake and turn at the same lime, 
tNngs became qune fluent. The 
pn^entationt is quite tMe, apait 
frgm the high^score taWe ar>d the 
very well dr^wn front p^ie of the 
Owy Sun. The s^Xind was rr^om 
intormative than good. Im sure 
tiiat anyone buying Paperboy wiLi 
pin it for hours — Out come avray 
with the feetJng 'r>ot much lo 
ihatr ' 


Control kaya: O accelerate, A 

t^^kB. lefi . P right. N throw paper 

JojfMcki Kempston. Cursor, Inter- 


Kaytward play: fast and respofh 


U se of colour monochromtatic, 

for the most part, so as tO avoid 


Qraphica: nice characters, with 

fair scroilirig 

SouTKl: tunes, with the usual spot 


sua tawals: one 

Scream: scrolling towrisNp 

Ganaral rating: An<^her s^, 

piaya^e oc^Tverik¥i from 

Uaa of compulir 










• « 

. ^. 

Can you meet the ultimate challenge? 

NEW Spectrum 

NEW Commodore 64 
Amstrod CPC 
BBC/ Electron 

£9,95 tope 

£9,95 tope. £12.95 cfisk 
£9 95tape,£14 95<liSk 
£9.95 tape. £12.95 disk 

Purnell Book Centre. Paultoa Bristol 8S18 5LQ 

ft senator 

.Bad Lurk ^ ^^-^rn„ 


7* H. 1. 1^./ 

Producer: Domark 
Retail Pric«-. £14.95 
Author Oxford Dfgltai Enterprises 

Spor ta 

20 CRASH October 1986 

I A L P*I/-R*S c/ ^r*s 



iff * ^<^ ^^^^^^ Strange rmMil 
[It vou dkln'l get a copy cri the 
If board gm^ Tavi^i Pyn^urt 
iBtOwtetmw then fret m hngm. 
MMiM have juat brtHjghl oiH Tn- 
ritf f^uFmMt — The Compui^ 
Sime! Mift baud vary faithfyity on 
the oHgln^ board game with a few 
«Miiton$ And ads^atKKie for the 

tJte tt^ boAJij gaffie, the twsic 
ideifl as f Of playef^ to \tw^ aroMixi 
the bcwd answwr^g qiies^lion^ 
and Iryifng to oollect mx WB6g^, 





one for each subj^ci. inetead o\ 
ttvowifig dboi, wt^ a piay^has a 
go the lie button must t>e prised 
to raiQiia a Cfart which lancto m a 
mimbirad taction of the s^rwn. 
Tha player can then m»ov^ his or 
har counter to the hightighted 
^^aoa on the board. Once a 
player^ token lands on a square a 

VMI, itie queetion i^'i actually 
mki&a tiy thecompHjtar bu! instead 
by a vefv cut« Little character cal- 
led n* TP itons dilTerent caps 
depending on which syt>ject you 
am attempting. Oueet^ons in each 
subjeci ojn b0 straiohtfofward 
text, graphical or rrv^i^Cfal. and 
when your choice IS made, the ffttle 
metier of oawngmes scampers 
acfoss to \fm school raom and hn^s 
the qued Jon at you . TP is ari mrm - 
aliii Wtle dhap and is fuH ol con- 

** Wuntf thwa tanrt arwone 
out there who ha»n ' t played 
Itie board garrte? Evervone 
who has 04ighi le get Imto 
the compuiar wslon 
pretty qylckly — tt^ an 
exoellent game. The moit 
obvloua prot]4em of the 
ouealkKii occunlfig mors 
than once Sn ttm same 
game aaams to have been 
avoUM 4uMe wall, and the 
option to load ^n mora quea^ 
tloiiii frorrt caiiiatta ^ tliera 
If yo«i feel Mia need. 
Qfiphim era quite good, 
and ttioygli ttie beard owne 
of oourse hae no aound, I 
tttink ttipt the Spedrum ver- 
sion ¥ifould ham been bet- 
ter off wftho^it an)^ aa aoffia 
0l th4 tunes era nkgh impoa- 
*lbl« to re^ogiilsa. Deaptto 
IMsi TrMsl Pursvtta la «n 

evervone wftli a ccMnbfina' 
tlon of bratn and Speobnum 
CK^ht to get a copy oi 

gnrtuWons if you anawer cor- 
raotty W)d fiili of Dommlaafations if 
you don't. Th[i&re'!& no typing in tt^ 
do — shout out the answer betore 
\he time l^mlt eKpires arid you mo 
sakad whether you got tita coirect 
anivrar or not. Keying Yfor yra or 
N for no aUowe tine game to prog- 
An opdon fmfm heads up tt>e 

CIS. the Hill Ih^ to do Is enter 
names qf the people pJaying. 
whic^ governs the order ot play. A 
game can be continued or ra- 
■taried. Tb makethinga jusf tt^t b^ 
more campetvtive you can alter lt>e 

" Hhvial Purayits aeoms to 
be the idind off fame mat wiHI 
keep hundpeoe of famlllei 
arttaohed to their <^onipitt- 
ere* I'm syra that H will have 
qukt a c&Jtt folNywIng, taut I 
faeJ ttwtTfi vtal Pursy its is^e 
kind of game that you mithm 
love or Mlal The cofnpifter 
game te wm eKoeHent trwta- 
latkMi ol the board veraton 
and heopa alt ttie player parv 
ttdpiatlon tftat is so crucM 
In gamea of ttito Mi* TIm 
gama faaturea tote of uio- 
hA wUofia tifce tha aound 
on/off and TP In action or 
not, and of CDurae thm 
option to loed new qties- 
tlona wtiJch I faH mm 
n a o e aaa Ty ti you vveie 
going to pilay the gamie 
nHHv thati once- TP {« a very 
cute Irttfe charapder* Md 
the way ttist he change* Ma 
list for dWefent sub|ecfa la 
a iri^e tmj{;h. As tKiard 
gamea aot tfii* ts the ba^t 
on the ^lioefrum. bat ypuii 
Ibave to be a dedtoarted 
piayer to entoy It, ae games 
can go on for hours tf you're 
not loo clever. *' 

amouni of time available for 
finswenng a question. Thavoaiaiar 
df the &riow is TP. bui he em b% 
sent to CH9d i1 you want a b« of 
peace and quiet — aftv all his job 
k very tMingf \%)u can ateo turn tha 
sound down If you're planning on 
pierying Late into ttie nMH and oool 
want to kMp the neignboursi up. 

" SadlyTriviaJPiMmjit^laone 
game that I have never 
jalayed aa It always aeem«f 
to lie a bH of a wssta of 
time. H the computer vei^ 
wlion ta^aiT^tt iirHi to go by^ 
Hie ottginei fimat be a 
flcraam^ Graphicfl end 
^mtr^t are not usually hot 
poiita In games of this 
nature tiut they have faaWy 
t>een madeMo a leraepart 
of th^s game J thinfc me etio* 
ceea of playing this game 
largely ftafierais on Mie 
people you play wHh^p so If 
you doni think youll be 
able to play in a laraa group 
yoii shouidnn naaly cough 
up me flfleein quM thet 
aakkigforHi " 

Even though there are lo4s of 
qunstiom In m& beslcgame^ even- 
tually you wtll have ananvted 
them afl. When this happens^ a 
new block of qyeeUona can tie 
loaded trom the set^md caaaette 
in tha package — and furtfiar cm* 
setletuts o( questkms are prom- 

The acraen iavout is vary ^rnllar 
to actual tx^arcf game. There aft 
six aections^ each repfeaenting tha 
cflrffipent question sybtacta wNoh 
are Art and Uteraturei Science, 
Seograpty, History. Spod and Let- 
sure ar>d Entertainment. At the top 
of the acreen in Urn ri^rt hand 
comer a <fiart shows how many 
wadgaa aech piayar has wen. 
When a se4 cif ^^^ wedgaa has been 
collected ih© aim b lo try to get to 
the cer^t^ of ths board and com- 
pMe the game by winning. 

As in tha t>oard game, a player 
can only compete for a wedgs 
wh«i ttwoounter has been landed 
on one of ttie sub^ headi)uir 
ters. tn the schoolroom TP aaka 
vou qu^tjons Adock shows you 
how long you've t>eert pJlayir^g srxJ 
a candte reveals how much lima is 
left to answer ttie current question. 

One featiire on the computer 
game that isn t preaarvt In tha tab- 
Estop version m the aoors board 
which iceepe trade of Mch pteyer^ 
pertormance and <»! be corv 
sulced at any stage to see how 
everythmg"^ go^ w4 who's cur^ 

Now, which spof! was it ^n whicti 
tr>ere was an outcry when skifts 
weie raiaed. ... 7 


Controil keys; rvdaflrabta: 
MP, ctown. teh, right. f\im 
Joyittek^ Kampsion 
Keyboard play: no problama 

deer— fine for a 

t>3sic, nothing 

suDerb ' 

&kll I levela: one — but addl- 

tioi^ai qyei^lon tapes wW be 

Soffaana: main board seiean 
phM menus and ' <wlayal' quea- 

Oanaral ratings A very com- 
petent convareton of a das- 
SIC game 

Uaa of compytAT 88% 

Gfaphica 87% 

fHaysMUty 92% 

Oattfng starts 91% 

Addtettvoqyftltttao g2% 

HWuaformofioy 86% 

QmrM m% 

CRASH October! 986 21 



\J^ ^1 i 1 





l^^^^S-^^^f^*9V JP^^E^^^^^Bi^lW l^^^^^^l 



£7.95 1 

^IP ^^^^^H I ihI^^^^^L—a J^. ' ^taJ 

\i^^ , COMMODORE e| 

. amstradI 

\j * r^^^^ib^ *^^ 


i^kk \ *' m%^L 


^ 1 






1 « 



■" i /* 




G nmmst 

NCchibutsu's arcade hot-shot on 
your home computer nowl 

H you havn't already played it in the 

arcades then you're in for a reo/ surprise 

- if you have then you'll be going Mag 

Max to load it into your micro. 

Mog Max could be a mean machine if 

you've got what it takes to put him 

together Build him up and his fire-power 

increoses - you'll need it! — believe iti 

Imagine Software ( )984] Ltmried 6 Cential Sifet-I McirK tie^e^ M2 5NS Tel, 061 834 393v .c-t a k^9977 


Producer: Macson 
Retail Price; £8.95 
Author: Armand Jammot 

JL m ydu B whizz witti words, 
X& lirtty wJth nyrriberSH ^ Qfiddy 
^^^oamoster of ihe computer 
kmcf? Then paitisps tuis game is 
just up youf street, especialty if 
yoii'w a fan of tha Yorkshire TV 
v^wvi. A game for one or two 
people, Couritdown (of 

Qr^wtfonrcd if you're en avid eneg- 
fammer} is a jumb^ iwnt through 
vo^A/ftls, consonants and knotty 

Ther^ are nin^ rouncl^ in this 
game, the first ttirefl of wtHch 
involve unravelling an anagram. 
The ktea of lt>ese is to get the best 
word poss»b4e from a selection of 
mne Jerters By pressing \\wC or V 
key a player can choose at conscwi- 
ani Qf a vowel, then tt>ere are 30 
sK:c5nds — the Coyntdown — to 
make a word us^ng som« or aVi of 
the iettSfs A gr&eri bar along the 
bottom of ttie scTMfi which gradu- 
aly shnnksas time passes, turning 
rod when it neers the eod Betow 
the aAggrem. the computet gives 
vafiiiions so that alternative com- 
binations of the l^ers are 

Mistakes may be deleted up lo 
Ihe lasl moment, and words 
sniered aie checked against the 
computer's own dtclionary. 
Should Ihe word entered nol be in 
Ihe dictionary, it musi t>e verified 
by The GL-ardian of the Dictio- 
nary' — someone who has been 
appoinled by the player or p^ayer^ 
to ctiecH the accuracy of words. 
The word can 1 hen be SfCcepted or 
rejected simply by pressing the Y 
or N key ff the coiTiputercan make 
up a longer word, it ^S given m the 
bottom of the screen at the end of 
the game The cumulative score ts 
indicaied in the lefl^hind comer of 
irie screen. 

Having won Ihe word oames, It's 
\m^ to test numehcaJ mM \n the 
Wymbers round The pfayer 
chooses six numbers from four 
rows. tiTe first of which contains 
numbers between 2& and 100 of 
which up to four may be chosen, 
Of none at all Rows two. three arKi 
lour contain numbers of a value 
tess than 10. Having chosen these. 
siK numtjer s are displayed m a row 
of boxes at the top of the screen. 
Then it's time lor Cecil to do hi^s 
work —Cecil is the unseen spinner 
who produces a random numt>er 
of up to three dfrgits to the left of 
ttis screen. It is ttien your task , 
within the 30 seconds available, to 
DOtan Shi^ humber (or the nearest 
you can get) by adding, subtract - 
if^, multipJying or dividing the six 
nunnoers at ihe top Fortunately, 
you don't hflve to use di\ the num- 
ber?. Whan tflne is up. the player 
, tias 10 enter the caicuietiOfis. (t you 
can't get close enough, Cecil dis- 
plays a perfect enswpr just to 
show you how eitsy il reaRy was, 

Fol lowing ihts. there are three 
more word rounds foiiowed by a 

rH.imt)era rouxl. The dimax of the 
Mfw comes with ihe Countdown 
Conundrum in which thfldv are 30 
seconds to ynsdiumbte ym 
another anagrem. 

So, pit your wits againsi thte 
compyter or take on a friend or \^ it 
dilenf ... or maybe errfHd . . . 


W* The TV programme is a very 
good, audience- involving sfww, 
li^ut although ft looks like an idea 
you could translate to tfie com- 
puter it lacks that certain some- 
thing ^at makes you want to get 
ft off the shelf and spend a lontg 
ttme playing it. Countdown 
stioukj ofity be played against 
Afiotlief perton as this is the 
tHily really competitive part of 
the game. I fourict myself stuclt 
on lofig words in the 
Countdown, but easily getting 
Ihe ten points eveiiable for 
obtaining the correct formula to 
form Cecirs random number. A 
skill level option im sadly n&eded 
> . . Cuumdown will appeal^ to a 
limited few who hke a fun game 
for parties, but I t&ck<in it'll 
prove a Jittle eKpensive foi' the 
average Countdowti waleher. " 

•"^ Countdown ts qutw good as a 
worOs anrf numbms flftm^e. but 
th0f0 are no frills, and wry few 
fhfills- The Ifteme tuna rwKfiflon is 
atsa(ufe BASIC rutbish. anti 
oShef t/ran boMes to higNight ot- 
ters, t didn't notfce any gmphics^ 
whtch cmjid have bfighfened up 
the rather drab screen drsfifay. i 
got very irWe entertafon^f}! from 
il and eve/i if you're a fan of the TV 
^Biies, / doubt tf this wouid appeal 
f& you much. Tm a htth surpnsed 
ftmt Cf^nry&t 4 are gmng the rtghtB 
fo mjch a g^me as ihts, isi&CBuse 
aifhough It imimt$omt^ soma of 
me sari^' faatiff^ quite weiK i 
mirth mat thts ^me would deter 
me in>rrt watching the TV show ' 

• ' I used to watch the prog^ 
ranntw on the te«y a couple of 
yssirs ago, and I 'm sorry to say that 
this does the show no justice 
wf^atsoevef. The original's spint 
has l>een Ic^t elor^ #ie way 
through the very slow play that 
ma^es it ejctremefy monotortous. 
There are no graphics to speak of 
and the sound affects are 
I [^adequate ^ nice tune though. If 
you fike the TV series and are a b it 
rrm^chistiG you"iJ probably get 
aking quite nicely p tkjt in general 
I'd stay well clear o1 it. " 


Control keysc who<e kerytroard 
Joystick: none needed 

Keyboard play: very slow inpul 
lisG of colour: beiow aver age 
Qraplttes: hafri^y any at ali 
Sound: ^me weak spot effects 
and a pas^ble rendition of the 
th&mo tune 
Skill levels: one 
Screens: Itwieer the anagram 
game: the numbers game and the 
Countdown Conundrum 
Qaf^^m rstfng: Definitely not the 
best of TV convef s^ons 

Use of computer 
Getting start e<J 
Addictive qualities 
Value for money 








Producer: Alpha Omega 
Betai! Price; El -99 
Author: David Walton 


luepnnts and Captains seein 
^o l>e the Iheme this month; 
^there s Captain Burt and 
now Captain Slog — similar |cbs 
too. Stog supervises the construc- 
tion of spaceortifi on his assemWy 
line deep in space It's the same 
th»ng week in week out- No wonder 
te's a bit bored. However, the sol- 
ution to his tedium is not quite 
what he expected — suddenly, the 
robot oontrolted sfiece ship seeims 
to take on a life of its own. Ttie 
robots throw down the^r toots ar^ 
deckie that enough is enough and 
they're gomg to rebel against thetf 
human oppressors. Fn lt>e rrndst of 
th(3 chaos is Captaiin Sk>a And 
he's not happy at all. But before he 
can get away ar^d abandon hts 
space craft, he has to find nine 
bFLjeprifits which will eridt^ him to 
fiK Ihe tmnSFKi^rLer. This ts not an 
easy task, fTowever, because ine 
robots ure out to get him. Although 
they can^t shoot at our hero, thiy 
gradually sap away his vital life 

Apan from the irritating and 
pg?t*nUaiiy ^ethal robots who r&am 
ajound, the complex itself seems 
10 have taken on a sinister persorv 
ality ol Its own. Barriers of varymg 
colours stop Slog from getting into 
different locations where the all 
important bluepnnts may be hid- 
den. Thiesfi barriers can be 
removed, howevar. by collecting 
the ba/ner key in the rele^i^ant col^ 
our. Other usetiil objects can be 
gathered akjng The way — extra 

er>ergy may t?e picked up in the 
tonn ot miniature spa^^men. 
Bonus points can atso be co4' 
ta-led. but beware! Some 
artefacts sap ?he Ceplinn s energy 
when they lare m hits pockets. 

The iroiibiesome robots can t>e 
exterminated by a quick blast of 
laser liie and points are scored for 
every f obotic nuisa nee who is serrl 
to Ihiat great scrapyard in ttre sky. 
Hotraver . once a screen fias beer^ 
deaieci of robots and is re- visited , 
hey-pnistd. the nasties have been 

Captain Slog moves around tfie 
murti-roomed star fihip by way of 
Ns |et pack whtch iranspbris h<m 
nicety upwards and dowriwards 
and hopefully out ol thie way ol tfie 
patrolling rotxjits. With the aid of a 
map you can find your way aroufKl 
the ^ip but the brave Captatn can 
onSy consult ft wtien tfie map lOTm 
IS Eti up at the top of Ihe screen. 

Once a game ^ finished, a score 
screen st^ows just what peroen* 
tage of the game you have com- 
pwed based on the number of 
t»ltiepflnts that tiave been cd- 
teded. The chart also shows hew 
marry of the meddlesome robots 
have been killed oft. Ttiere^s a t»rT>e 
Itmrt to ttie fame and obviously the 
quicker it's compleied \\^ higher 
your score is. 


V I dkbt't ex|i«t much from 
Captain Slog. I didnt get much 
ttlthflf. The game Is awful. The 
characters rrvDve about (the 

«H^ ^.*1* 

Uo4i^«idth« whok game ptsyi 
m^ & five year oid^s fir*tanMn|at 
M BASIC ^^rimmlnQ. Th« 
CtfMln hat b«en swiped from 
ProJ9Cl Fulure^ and thoygli tha 
0«rn« hai »mi# n)co Idsas, the 
ffn^alied product tft something 
thai i^n't even worth ■ hart of the 
c«th B»kad lor HLGapiaJn Slog Is 
th« W3ft of game llnrt Vttily oilm 
up my noe#. "* 

• X^tam Skig rm&mbi^ b 
gams fiha t ivas aux^nd s y^eat or 
/vro ago cBffed Project Future 
Unfortun^iely^ thm one m not h^t 
quit0 ^owtvsoft tsnt i^ery e^c^ing 
Of compmng Gf9ph*c0ity. things 
atBf^l miic/i tun isiihet; the 
b^igrounds ^fe drab and the 
<tmm(MmijnfMa^od ThesoufKi. 
on the offier hand, is very good, 
thars are a ooypte ot tunes m the 
masaaenanda x^ectton of spot 
allacm dumg Ifte gsvrv. ^ner- 
aiy, ffus one wHf pwtabty keep 
yot/ intmesied fof a w^ affmnoon 
or so &nd for tha pnce you can't 
rg(^compimr. " 

#" Gnrf They were good when 
they tir^ c^tne out byi can't the 
budg^ software companies tnKe 
Iha pJ^rase vafcade/ adverUiire' 
out of Ihetr progf ammtnfl VOCfltKi- 
my. Most of these bodgel gam^ 
are the same, eti conststing ot 
small ua^l^&ss graphics. Th&ooHi- 
sion detection on a rar^ge Irom t to 
100 would g>e1 0, llrm sound is of 
the basic bMpy typ«i and rx)ne of 
this helps in a game that cairaiotbe 
plained proof etsively — you eittw 
solve Ft in tne 9nx SMSion of play 
or you iind il SO impossttite Hiet it 
goes Milo some dark dingy ciif^* 
Doafd and you never soe rt aoo^n. 
Har* worm, yoy may it^ik. But 
It's time the software companies 
gtwf up 10 the fact that ihe 
Mftware scerke is changing 
Nearty every arcade/adventure 
tMXfget Qame )i Itie saim^ Capsam 
Stog r$ all of the atx>ve and k^ss. t 
iu^ feel wrry for the people that 
don't fead CRASH They are the 
people that buy theseawfyJ gairies 
and encourage the budget 
sodware companies to pubftsh 
more. EncI of complaintr* 


Control kaym: deOnelMe 
%loyatiGlc: Kempston. Cursor. 
Interlace 2 

Keyboard play: ^low 
Utte ot colour: drab 
Qraphic«: dmajl and undetailed 
Sound: dt^ove average 
Screens; over 100 
Oen«ral ratinB: Simply awM 

Use of computof 






Qatting 9taf1«d 


Addictive qusiitieo 


Value (or monsy 




Producer: Elite 

Retail Price: £7.95 
Author: Dominic Wood 

Th« Seoorxl World War kft hot- 
ting up between the wartorn 
c^Himr^ Out in ihe pactlic 
sporadic dog figlita between Uie 
M/arfino factions rage up kn the 
^k^. The enemy forces ^0 s^e* \ 
ously buying up Ihetf airbori^ 
cran and *V^ up to you to tfy and 
ftfTWi their nymtoers t>etore they 
oblri«fatc? I he <podJe3 tor good. 
Yup, mjm hav&iurnedi their talents 
to convening 1942^ a verv eariy 
Capcom game. 

You afe tak^ Into emtmy zones 
on the deck ot an aircnft ^rrief . 
When the situation beoom^ too 
dangerous tor the carrwr to go any 
luflher mio hostile waters il s time 
to fl'^ up into tt^ skies to meel the 
enemy. As usual they appear to 
outnumber you grossly. 

The ernefny are pretty mean 
stiootef s and do t hdir be«1 to blast 
h^rote pHots right out Qi the air. 
However, i^ this wasn't enough, 
tiwee dastardly taaddin ^e so 
committed to I heir cause thai 
they've turned tmoKamakazJS arid 
will willingly sacrMlce their own 
lives. Th^ set a coHision course 
and if ihey meet up wiih you tn 
thosi^ lonely skies than it's cur- 
tajins. arKJ into the drink. Or>e more 
life ^s lost from a dwindling supply. 

Fonurnately, ammonitk^n ls not 
in shod supply — H's seemir^gly 
endless Pirnower can be $ouf>ad 
yp by collectiigWMerpoinis that 
appear at ranrom on the screen 
Just as wqN, as the aim of the game 
IS to Ay over «nemy islands and 
strelchss of Ma Shoot mg anyl hing 
that appears m your path. The 
eriemy are quite sneaky and 
somelimes appear from ttie rear 
and often follow quite random 
paths of rHght so you never know 
where they're going to pop up 

When each levei is compleled, 
return lo the aircraft carrfcef and 
you are transpofled 10 th« start of 
the next level where the lun starts 
agairi — and there are thirty two 
levels to light Ihrough, There is 
also a two player option in the 
game so you can compete against 
som«Mne else, ahd see who wins 
supefKxity in the skies 1«rst. 

Apart from beiric able to rt>ov« 
ittt plarie badcwards forwttdsand 
Irom skle to skte 00 the scraen. 



K ' ■ 


H*mMrw Dataa Dakkm B^oa^ Fi^fhting yauf mrmy throii^ rft« 
ji^ mm wk i>* fl r the m^^ Ovr^ J 

yoM cari also peflorm rolls wfiK±i 
come in tiarfdy in tighi spots Pick- 
ing up a white Qb^ rn the arr ha$ 
a smart bomb effect, and oblii^- 
alea all the enemy planes on the 
screen. Another chafK^e to tie a 
hero of tt% skms comes your w^y 


• " After the brigade of great 
llreade conver^ons, I expected 
a Itttle more from th^ father 
company of classics like 
Bomtotack^ but it seems that thay 
hav>« l«i th«ir atandards sUp a lit- 
tle. Paperboy maybe wasii*t 
^ite as good as It could have 
b«en, but 1^2 in definitefy lack- 
ing. Thu graphics aren*t amaz- 
ingly good, but the g^me is avsr- 
agely playable arid addictive^ I 
Pfobabty wouldn't go out ai^d 
buy ' fiLise all rt ^s is a 

fancJtiL ■ -oi 'ftm up. II you're 
rtaally amaiingly into 'blast the 
-enemy until thay ar* nothing but 
a ctutter of mlaplaced pijiels 
games/ Ifiefi tfwre's a fair 
chance tfiat this game will 
appeal to yoUp though it doesn't 
aicac:tly gr» me. Bui then theme 
waanH mat much to the arcade 
original in tha first place . . . " 

• ' Thts gAnm didn't i^ty 
impr&^ rm m ttw afcadss, ao i 
wasn't rhaf inmmemd ^¥hen 1942 
pok^ 4s haad atound tha office 
doof- t'msofrytosaythattssaama 
to hm^ tost a tot of ns addictive 
quahftm ^ndpbyabifitymthacon- 
twswyi (o tha Spaatm/n. The van- 
ous chafadafM u^d are not 

24 CRASH October 1986 

shodSdy afc* aritf rhe u^ ^ cotapr 
k suspect. The sound is^big d's- 
sppommartt as mef^am no times 
and onfy a (aw effects. Genara^, i 
am a shoot em up fan. but this one 
doesn't feaHy appeai to ma v it 
simpfy isn't tun to piay. " 

# " Ttus must be one ol thi worst 
games to come out ot the tuTC 
offices in yonks. f942 contains 
eKtrameiy basic graphics and col- 
our tf^t ns used very unlmaginB- 
lively. The sound is r>ol too totcit- 
ing, and does rnore to get on your 
nerves than complirnent thegaJTie. 
The presentation of the ^ime its 
the usual tuTC stuff, consisting of 
^1 tha options and a nice little h^h- 
score table. I can't say that I" we 
seen I he arcade game , but if this is 
gy th^t It contaftw then Im not 
Ioo4^ing forward to K. Iha gmrm is 
not very responsrve and ifie cofli- 
sion detoctbn is appalling. I #so 
noticed thai planes can onen ftre 
at you ewn rt they're <n thet own 
explos^ 1942 has none 0* the 
addictiv^iess that all the rficent 
EUTC gamee contain and they hav^ 
tam^jhed the«r good name with 


Control k«ym: redeliaable direc- 
tions, D'4 to Rc^H 
Joyatlcfc: Kempston, Cursor, 
Interiaoe 2 

Keyboard ptayi resporksive 

Uae of coloyr. lots of ootour, 
resulting m tefhWe deshro 
(kapMca; small, but fairiy detail^ 
Soiml: UM of clicking soimd 

1: 32 scrolling play areas 
' ip: A reasonable 
cixtverslan ol a gam^ thai wasn'i 
wfy good to start wirth 







G«ttir>g fltaned 


Addictive qualities 


Value for money 







Same day despatch serv^e on receipt of Offlers 

Vou can order by Access card or ca\l bK our Reception 

10 collect 


Whil«'Vi3u wall wrvice irKlufllf>9 
coffipuief ipare pjns ovtr tntcG^jmw . 
AM computers fu^tv owerru u iFd *rKJ fuifv 
tntf d Before netum 
i^ufciv injured for itie rety f n loumty 
FixKl low prkccp Of Cif. ^including post 
p^^inq and VAT i Not i befwwn pric€ 
0^ reaiiv up to £IOJK wnicn some of our 
COmp€ Citors are ^u otl ng J 
Discounts ^r tcJTOOis andconeoes 


Five top ^Artii^ wortti csi do ^r VOU to 

vnjov Aft^plJV *fthev*r¥^p#<:trum reoair 

we fwaif comniodore 64 f vic 30 s 

COfTiiTioflOFe 16 sand Pi us 4 s 

Tne mof t w io dJte test AQy i pmeni 

dtviloped tiy ut Co M^ tiest J nd f^nd all 

faufts uiNftiln vovr computer 

^e W>ara r ewrs Swamm fuDd#r ktv 


Imonm wrmen guaranty C3^ an repairs 


waiting weeks for your estimate? 

Need voyr 4;pmpucer re paired F^t' Then tend tt now to tne Number One flepair 
CQmpanv 4fi th< u ic , or tjinn jna $ee u$ ^t our new fuiiv 
equ'pp«d 2 SOO tquar^ root t^ofiisho{> w](ri an trie ^t«t test «{uipmfffit av»llaDie 
aremore ihan welcome 

we wiif repair your cqmpyter wnile vou wjit jnfl t\e\v vau *ith anv oi vour tecnnitHt' proDlems 
commodore compuicr^ repairiyd tor only E35 DO Please note we grye you j 100S low ftxed 
[xfice of £1 9 95 which includes return u^&t a n d E>^t k i n g v at . no c ^ Detween or kce i^ke ^ome 
oififtf s^piiir Companiei offer we dbn t tJtock vou wirn repair ti ii is i50d0 upward! we 
dOnttu^t repair me fault arK3 Send vOur computer baCK. vw^ 9fve vOur comouter A 


we cor reel colour so urn} KevtKtard Cf>ecictheiojdinaarK}«avin$cnii> Purnowfepf on 
The Ojse if f eouired , Ch<? c t f d r hj 1 1 metTiory . en eck 5 1 1 soc k et^ including ear mi k p .m ci replace 
where rke#ded Ail for an irKiusrue isricv o^ (19 9S including VM. aMMrts, insurance and S<Bi 
indpackir>« Nohlddeiiejnra&whattoever We don t^we to toast too mticti about our 
^ervif:*? js we nave thousancss of i uEiom<?f b from ail over the world htghlydelighcfd with our 
^efVi c^ A f ir^t t tai & reputation for f peed and accuracy Don t forget . we are only twecitv 
minutet f rom Manchester Citvcentre so wh v nar call i>n nave a coffee with- usan<9se« vou r 
CE:KnputE>r OfHAf r«iH4nMl. 



We reorpt If, 


a^iiiaiHe. it^eiyeuiia 
capr ind m can quote vou 
over me phone deii'very 
&v istcusspwt 


iiHffafm !» 

n^4» Aid 

rhi?i) a ID 

Mwn 14» 
rtvooarq mtinoraflt 

totCtrumftiiniTwmbrvw tJW 

- ^5j, 




6SJ* - CI A 

&sti -uitrua 

90C 1 1 4 - whrte Re«f>«r 

!9D1J}S-Craoric ffom 



PQW#f Suppty 


CI V Q^ *i!Ch ^mcr iti- com mtl 


serKling your compvter TO *nv otrirr »ei>*n^ Ce*iiire c*rt senovsty MTtage i w Heaim 

14(1 High Sl W«t, Glossop. Orbyshtre, Engliind 
Tilephone: Glossop ISTD (J4574) 66&55/677fil 

CDPViifJtiE V-drOwvliJil lie NO l^^i^ 



Producen Artie 
Retail Price £2.99 
Auttior: J Wilson 

Th« Him of thiA gama ^ to v^ 
pfomotkKi to the tm dM- 
ston — no mwn teat. 
Thsi«'» plenty of comp«lMofi, so 
wu haw to be on youf tOM, Hav- 
ing chosen a clyb id manage, a 
briokdown of your ^quad sgtwn. 
wFin a nunwicaf as jiwim en^ at 
the skhM ancJ aftiWy of the pluyers. 
To Stan rhe match, the cursor is 
mo¥ed to the matc^atick teon on 

■the mftin mony snd then you sifn- 
ipty watoh your team peporm. M 
'the em, the final eoore *s g^n, 
'^h detaHa of attendance, gate 
irec^pti. players' wege^, and loan 
Ihmere^l. this is foltei*ed Dy match 
ireautts for ihe whoie dKrrsion, ^d 
■the oiiffTent loaigue tabtoi 

By chooeinfl Itw pound ^gn 
Ikcon you i»n iml out about the 
■ciMh'i financtal nXba/k^n Loans 
can tie used to buv ft playef to build 
up your squad. Tne transter list te 
thought up by d^tooamg the pen 
and lofin loon. This fltvea details of 
the player for sale: hes sMIl and 
energy rating, the sellers, hm cur- 
rem valye, and wtkether othv 


c a m b r a i n 












F- L R V 








fi''----f "^r^^-a«^iir'»iir-«flri 

dubs BIB irftsrasted, AHAnMfHwIy, 
you mightwantlogtvdaplayQrtha 
okd hdave-ho, in which case, you 
cTHOose the boot tcon on the menu . 
The ^a^on fs Jong and hard, 
flrtd only 1^8 most determined 
manaoer can hope for promotion. 
Only you, as rugby mviaqer, can 
discover if you' v« Qol whet It takes. 


• " AHtic Should Kav« «tuc k wtHi 
their flH-acUon Inl^fniitipnal 
Rugby (Union) and not tried {tor- 
give ti^ pun]) to go into the 
ftugby Leslie wfth m vei^ poor 
cofry of Football Vlang/Bf* Ttw 

pfMentailon of Ru*y ^lanager 
Is very ftinart ^ usirtg a cursor 
for options — but the qame ttself 
Is very poorty structured^ The 
acluat match 1% badly dorte^ with 

ome sHidief of? eveiy 

# " T?ifln9 is nothing m rhis dne 
that IS mfW^ infenn^f jing and I cer- 
famiy coiik^l play ^ tof kxiger 

afe smaff and und&l§t§d, and the 
us» of coAx//^ f^ so tMrf thdf you 
CBf} n^dfy fnak0 out Itm ath& 
team from tt^e pttdh. The aotrnd is 
p^ffu^ ~ if ycfu am kj^^ you may 
/lear a be^ or f¥vo during ftm 
^sourm o«f ttmmatth. fd*^"! fee/ i 
wa& actual pATtidpatmg. " 

W " Ru^y Managef is nothing 
more Ihan a joke The graphics aire 
abysmaL the sourxa non-exMent 
and ihQ wtiole game very boring 
indeed The Cumor 1$ th9 bttSt bR 
because loons^ strHisgy, errt^r- 
taimimenl vakie afxi all the usual 
^utf are jiM not there Even at the 
pnce, Pt's swtui vaJue for moneys 
and it s not in the leaai bit addM;- 


CofHrol kjfys: Q up, A do^^n, 


Joyvtlct K^^fnp^on. Sinclair 

Keyboard play: responsWe 

Use of coj our: tmd flashes on the 

match screen 

Qffvptilcs: unadvenlurou^ 

Soim: virTuaify non-exiitent 

Skil levels: one 

Scrvens: sim 

Qennl rating: Only for aivid 

Rugt^ fans 







Getting started 
Addictive qualltlm 



Value for riKHiey 




26 CRASH October 1386 


Producen Cento^al 

Httalt Price: £0-99 
Author Barry Jones 

Thfr show 4s about to begin 
, . .tMwattJSoffiilMng terri- 
ble has happsriKl. AH th# 
itfliv ham beifi stiuek down with 
nie dittiKfed lufgi«. Ttimef^ only 
one thifig to do — yoiil tmm to 

Enter the ririg as Tightrope Ted, 
Balanced on a uni-cv^le, bca^ethe 
high wife and te fw»s- Then, a 
quick clrpnge in the dre^faig 
roofn, and emefge as Stdney the 
Strong Man. Are y^u a wLmp. or 
can you manege to puH a 100 ion 
mtkft SiJCCa&d a! ititFS and 
aewme the gutsa of M^vq the 
Mindreddnr — untscraiTibie en 
ana^raiTi and type In the conrect 
answer,) Enter next as Co-Co, tfife 
Kntfe-Throwef. Try to score over 

ten pomte but mato sure you don t 
slab hAm ^n the bread basketl Ne;^i, 
risk rife end ifnb by taking the 
place of Ctwie llw HiMnaii Cin- 
fKinbail . Mate sura he landft In the 
net or there'll be a nasty splat on 

Pmvlding you lest tfito long, all 
that lematna Is to dazzle the audi- 
enoe with your flnsl adf Wonder 
what that can be? 


• " Tlw kpybQ^rtl m^ponse In 
good but tt>e tilings that happ«n 
wlwn yoy prees keys are not 

wofth playing for. The dtflefent 
s<;rv*rw » all baeicailly very 
borirtft- " 

• ' Thi$ ^arm, e^,^n f^ budget 
sottwm^, ts tekiw siMfidatitt. Tne 
grBphtcsitm sloppy, slngie^ftinK' 
hf Mpd£5 Of latg& unar^malwt 
6giMm9- The ba^^muf^ds, wAam 
them am any. ar$ duH md un^ 
temsting. The ioufid Ji poor — 
only a few spot 0tf0Cis hem end 
them ~ and ft is Mtethg as wetf 
because you can't torn o*f the 
scfee<^ing effiscfs or? (fte fJtie 
screen Them is noi enough In this 
io ent&imn metoFmomthen ifw 
niAni/las. '* 

• ' Hardly what I would ca*! the 
Gmetmt Sho^ on EerfK desptte 
the titie^ The ooloyr sohemee am 
tofTft3ie« the characters very bask, 
and the geiTie gaoaraUy laokt 
poFlsh — but theldea la a good 
ona Mhough I wouU rmidh raiher 
have a bettef, and ooraaqusrMy 
ntora expensive (Wne, reiK3€is a 
simp^ a cheap bit oi hjn. " 


Control keym: vanas from screen 


Joystick: keryboerd onJy 

Keyboard play: responsive 

Use of colour: faiffy cdotirful 

Qraphkci: tcx> baiic 

Sound ' not v«f¥ good at all 



Oeoerai rsthn An iritaneiing 
idea but lacks mene 

Use of cofnputer 31 % 

Graphics 2fi% 

Plavabflity ^% 

Getting started 49% 

Addictive quel ttie^ ^% 

VAilye tor mon^y 41 % 


nis - inscifTii^ itit lUJ. Sfwctrum nni**! - Our ^1^ 


" 0MlwlliciiCi(|->o«diri'-«)nwttCOim^T^ 

COST OAly tirM Ofi ly^p« Of £IM on mriiitt* «rl. 


P«Clufp> a4 IUvgrMH WCU;OIHO 1\M, i^th*r uMEitwt, ^fekw* 4lov« Irsnitar of 
OfttV Ctlttl Oil IH* Oft rals ofi mM^w CHI. »«^^ 


m flMf li^ EJISV mv^ tg OfttVi b«e^ MCI 

1W6 Of QArifnB — M-ff^ 
pTM irfi iiTic tnrt cut. prmiv output) 4«c. ii4c 

MoaiiAiii eAmnr oun we w Y smk <mmiiantm m* tipiMHMk 


CRASH October 1986 27 


Producer: Piranha 

Retail Price £9.95 

Author: Five Ways Saftwarel 

The W<Kid ts in mortal ^^ng^ 
from a evrl genajs known 
cwnly « The Enemy He has 
toc^td in to tt>@ world s defence 
DOmpLrters and i^ now threatening 
to ynleasli the wortct's nuctear 
woapons and de^roy everything 
and everytxxJy unld^ his 
demands we met. 

The Enemy has kidnapped top 
computer boffini, fnd holda 9mm 
hostage m his lour-tevel h«ad- 
quartefS Gompteit, Each of the sci^- 
enlisls lOKiwa one digil from the 
sacf'ei code i^hich opens ttie w^* 
anoe to the formm*t mom oom- 
pimr room, it someone wn^ 
coiffageCM^ enough lo penetfM« 
the complex and dostroy the com- 
puter, then the Ttie Enemye piens 
wouW be thwarted . , 

The Powers thot ^ decide to 
fight beok, and a force of top com- 
mando fighters is assefnfaiod, 
oode nafned COQfiA. Eigtil com- 
mendofi are in ihe team and your 
first tssk IS to satfid a quailet to 
undertaike the missjon As the 
Strike Force enters the tortr&ss the 
a^ IS sounded and The Enemy't 
deadly compiiier program stMe 
ainning: itie countdown 10 obbvfon 
hw begun» . . 

The aiiTE le to explore each level 
of Ihe comptax. working at a team . 
and h«ele the computer wOmi sts 
hekJ prisoner. P ng^ig \he 
eppropriate rHimber char^g^s lt>e 
!mm member under the player's 
corrtrol. Each comrnando i^ ociusp- 

pad wtm a DL6. a digital lock 
bneeker, which can help crack the 
comWr^tion that gpve^ acoin to 
the main compLiiar. The more Of 
the code you have m your posses- 
sion ttie quicker the DLB can bre^ 
thi oombi nation. At l«^l six digits 
are meded to give a realistic time 
scale, and ^whenever a cornmartdo 
fifKJs a sc^ent^st, anolti@r digit i& 

The scenery scrotts in 3D as your 
agile comrnandos leap, roll ano 
walk along ttie corfidor& Windows 
can be leapt ihrough and aome 
doofs can be kickea down, wtitle 
othere are opareied by twHchee, 
like the inter -fev^l hftis. Switches 
are marked with a D (Doers) and L 
Jftfts) and 3IB otEen sqme distance 
from Ihe door or kft they activaie 
— teamwork is called for. 

Guards and droids patrd the 
comdor^ and rooms, and need to 
tse avoided Of taken out with a 
quick bur$i of machine gun f^e or 
the ksb o1 a grenade^ Some rooms 
contain fiaroili auto defence sys- 
tems, such as mobile lasers and 
electro-t>(ocks. and puzzie-solv- 
sUHa an naaeidd to gel ihrough 

Deiajli of the digito 0Wdhf cc4- 
ifided and the aialua of each 
member ol the t&am are tflvafi on- 
tcreen together with Ihe number 
ol the cofinmando cunently con- 
tro^od and ttie tinr^ left before 
obliivion. Extra trme can be won by 
disabling remote computer termi- 
nals, and first aid kits can be use to 
build up the strength of wounded 

CSood luck prospective agents. 
¥0u'11 need W 

Cmtnmron »«!*<:(* t(Mwmfmki fci liff/j? l*iFin meith hfw JniiJion. C*n 
yoti aiwt Jo^^ Mn«orp in Iht im^ up? H& wmi di^ititv^ *(^ng 
wiiit &th*f *min^ftf ^#«^/* ^ thmrm'r m €^amp ^im imma^ ifr^u 

r#uf €&mmMmNtkieMm m m **wr Ip 0*t rnmrmy from thtf M«l)r 
lp4»Jhljt0 dMUk crmmturm bmhin^ him 


• '^ It's not often tha^ I play a 
aingli^ game all afternoon, but I 
Juat couldn'i pull the plug en 
Stnkfi Force Cobra, I foi^nd the 
gameplay very complicated m 
nrat. but after a while It all 
became very dear. Cenlrolllr»g 
your commandos is a l*tt*e on 
the Ihcky ^ide to ftart off wtth 
but it soon becon^es fairly easy. 
The graphics are detailed 
although they are no! as clear oa 
they co4ild be. The characttra 
aire hfIc^Iv animated end fuli of 
datallp the aaund laa bit of a di$- 
afipQlfrtinafit as Ihere are no 
tunen and only a couple of ^lot 
efflicls^ I enjoyed pt»ytng thla 
game as It Is vefy origHial and 
competing. " 

A ' sinke Forci Cobra te m 
miMmefy coin^^me gdirw fhaf 
takm a ior of time to gief ir^to. H'b 
t-ery welf presefif&cf wtf^ tots of 
pretty graphtcs, and a screen th^t 
cpniams outfe a tot of coiour — 
wmauiMfiya^omctash&s. Ttm3- 
fseSfm of <tstmc^ Ar?d perspec- 
tfve. Tnere are fois of touches that 
imng the mteaded aimosphefe to 
ti^ _ kicking doors and jvmpmg 
through mndows add$ to th& 
ffBi^uf Of fhe expedition. ( wms b 
M <im^^Qm(ea to s^^ tfm th& 
you when fh&r^ was a M ofacttvity 
on the screen, or when ft w^ t^r}g 
" thiA made tfie game wry awH- 
ward to p^> t iNnk itiet Stnke 
Force Cobra fties a very prOitnAir^g 
^ame to it somewtrere — tM 
¥^hsther youW mt io dnd it is 

• ■ The very first time I p*aved 

Strike force Ccbm. I didn't n^e it 
all that much, but perseverance 
has raa% operwd my eyes to a 
good ^iJrtagy arcade gautie. The 
PVHANHA tabw ^s obvKMJS^y Qong to 
be one lo be reckoned wrtn. First, 
they launch a quality fun game like 
Trapdoor ^ and then a good 
strategy shoot-Waat-bMh 'em yp 
iiHe ttirs Stnke force Cobre, I 
think, isn't a game that you $ee in a 
shop and say 'gotra get a copy of 
this like soon". Dui <f you buy it, I 
think 4t's a pretty tikely bet that 
youll plav It for a good while, and 
en(oy it 


Control keya; up/left E. R. T: 

down/righi D, F, G: up/right Y . U. *: 

dowrVteft H, J, K; jump W, O, S. L; 

dive 0. P A, ENTER: Shoot gun V. 

a; throw grenade CAPS SHIFT. 

SPACE: croLJch C. N; stand X. M: 


Joymtick; Kempfiton, imerfaoe 2 

Kaytxiard parley: needs practice. 

but respofisive 

Use of colour neef 

Grafrtihw gcJOd animatior^, lidy 

3D effect 

Sound: ?poi etiects 

SkMl Nrvela: one 

Scrvens^ scrolling p^ay area 

Oenaist rating; Compticeted. and 

tncky to get inio but welt worth the 


Ud» of computer 84 % 

Graphics S7% 

Playability B1% 

Getting st^irted 75% 

Addi cttire q oa lities fl4% 

Value for money Si % 

28 CRASH October 1986 







Based an Judo, UCMf-MATA te pf obably 
_ th€ most advanced md chaltenging 
martW «fts smtulatiofi to date. 

A# the slcrf/s Vi^ spite - wimout the bmtsesfff 


iFtDwi.^iHdicnonJvl!) Hct^rKhv 
■ 7th t>m\ v> ekte •*fo^ p^i^. 
n#Miit^ MDf) the witnlii 

C^cri OiAiipiDfHhp ftvc bmes, the 
imn and «i Qfynipk; Medat ^ n 


MAIA, one gt mc mMiy selling 
tfiTDVA incorpordccd ti the 9eitfr% 

iM«T*^ ti ^ ftg^Htfied trade mirt or So*b*wc C^^ 

Man«*i Hou«, &iv Terrace ^fi€ft$t¥ tav. Edit Smux BhW 6tf 

TRADf ENOWIttllS WELCO^tf ftiONE: {OHIl 76$M^ Tit£X (1711373 M*t« G 

30 CRASH Octoberl 986 

5*c*o*D*s*ir D*0*0 

f #^k«. ScoQby Doo the ixiw* 
j# ardiy piiip with ttie vora* 
■V dOMS app«<^ie sudden^ 
Rnd hmisair in a tncky titiiatior^. 
ShaQp^ ¥Blrfi#« Dfiptin«, ^«d »^^ 
Sooob ifiB drJvtng ilcang ki thi} 
bm» up Mystory Mobile nMhen a 
strviBe ratltiri^ beneath the bort- 
ni4 fobw liiem to puJi o^iir to sM 

FfUdcMe ^'wrall have lo Q6% hdip 
from somewtoTQ " ' Whot abotit 
|t« big oaitlQ over thera?"' said 
yekma pointir^ to a dartt ootiiic 
hoo^ siihdyettad agafifi^ the 
mopn 'y^ cmM knock at the 
dodr ind B^ them H tf^e's a g^- 
age or somethmg n€iirby/' i^ 
conMnuQd '¥b^, th^% tvne. \9m 
Scooby and I wM «r ¥vifl in the vai^ 
m caae someone ^ies to uhh, atetf 
ft, rtghf Scoob? ' aaid Shagw. 
loowfxi dtelii^ly neiM^ 
fcxjr ofiis ¥ritl go and Soooby €&n 
stay beWfid in ih© van/' sakj 
Velma. And ir^ toMt erf iiwm 
glaitad walking toward! tfm d^ 
lorbJddlnd locililmi ci^ftie, taAVJng 
Soooby MefSHino (n tho bach of t^ 
Mystery Mobile 

utOe do !h€iv know but the cea- 
m on the hiU la owned by a mad 
prqfessdr who likes noihtfig mote 
than to Hire victimi back lo his 
departed lab end chop them up 
mio little pieeea and siore them b^ 
ipeclmef^ )Brs for future e^cperi- 
man^, Doityla yttossl 

And s^^prtse, sufpriaa thel% 

Producer: EJrte 
Retail Pric^; £7.95 
Aufhon QgfS oy1« Gam^s 

exaotly wtm happens to Shaogy; 
NMnmi Daphne arid Fred. Tfiat m- 
tardly prof esaor anamria fhe ganQ 
In hm. wM ptet and leovw mem. 
appafsntly trapped ibravef ki his 
df sugWy, kKwy castte, 

Aod iheyd stW be there r«jw tr rt 
wwn'\ tor that €mrm ^mmri 
Scooby Doo befwving m mo$t 
uncharactorfi^jc manner and lay- 
ing ^ raiea^a hln f^te from their 
pmficiimeni Peiiiapa n was 
hyngar tfiat dpowa Sooitfby from Itiia 
tuMlan up van. or maybe the eerie 
way Ihfl wind moonnd around the 

' ' Fbvt lima t aawthlaon itie 
Am^trad, I thought thAl i1 
wai an ^xtramely playable 
game. Tha S|>&clTijm wftr- 
^qn is BQually Sdp if tKit 
more. Th« scrolling ieii*t 
ftupar Amoolli^ and tha lack 
oi tufi# fs a li'ttle dlstiirb^ng^ 
but tha gr#phk:$ pna uxcaT- 
lerrtly enimatad, and tha 
gaffw plays sup^rb^. 
AddlctkHi ta almost cm- 
talnty to ba found, and tha 
game lepraavnt^ v^ry good 
value for mooc^y. Evrni 
though its t>»en age5 m tha 
inakfngi isnd the finihslied 
version lis ^ompN»tfily diffia- 
r^nl from tha ^Cr6«n ahots 
seen all thoM hong morvtha 
ago, Scooby Doo la a raally 
cool »ro»de garrMi, waU 
worth getting. " 


roof* WhatfiiSwf it 

deckted to aae whal w^a going oh 

Irisida the ca^lie . . 

Howsvar, when Scooby enters 
the profeaaor^ camie he has a 
shock in stofe for him. The casUa 
aeems to be haunted by aU manner 
of nasty spooks and gnostin. He% 
about to run back to Ihe van for ai 
he^ worlh wtien he spots a 
Soodby Sna^ on ttie gfrnnd aix! 
iMiws thai his fri^ids must tie In 
mortal danger. 

There are fomr Isvato to the geme 
and concealed on eedi level a or^ 
mamber of the gang trapj:>ed 
Irnside a specimen fir. Scooby htt 
to k3<^e hts ctujKm ami rebaiaa 

However. Scoot^ Doo enoourv 
ters a strange ^ray of beaatea on 
eac^ of the levels and thay are el 
d aienrtna d to Mop him 1mm 
releaa i n g hkafftends^ And of rouraa 
these naiUes are ail contmiied by 
the evil professor htmaolf 

On the tsm floor trf tiw castle — 
wMch cofitrtfts Mima ~ Stdoby 
e<iobiinlers iionibfie fkioting 
ghotiAas which ^ump out from 
behind tkm/mi dobra enct are very 
menadng to ttie poor pooch. 

Hooded ftoures sidle ur 
sKentty ara try and kfioc^ r 

his pews The only way wtHch 
Scooby can dafand himsetl 
^|Bin^ the nsly InhabttMta of 
tNs oeslieis by using his cumber- 
some pews which an^m hi very 
h " -i - nr bopbing ifii ipectnes on 
ce. Scooby can only hst 
nis vif^ijms If he's not moving, and 
rt they gBlittimfw^fm taints wth 
lev ini loeee ofiie a( hie abi. Uvea. 
When el these H¥m have been tost 
Scodby ioins his fHflTKb as a f uture 
eniMriment for the pn^fm^^. Ev^i 
cackle. HowevBT, Scooby c^an 
redaim a tot lite by pk::king up a 
Scooby Snock on the ground and 
editing n. 

I «rvei tvra oi the castle ts tuU o) 
springy, sprpriciy things. These 
boisioa cut of cupbcinte mi 
dumb w^ers and sneek up cntlw 
dynamk: doggy fttsm bohind. 
Sl^uHs Utter the fksor mid must be 
bounced over and IkKirs are upo- 

'' This Is obviously not ttm 
game promised by clite 
sofT^etlme fast year, but it 
wa^ definitely worth Ura 
wart as it is hnemandouaty 
piayabia and avar m eeni- 
pttlling. Thi^ graphin iaaity 
are first-class: the many 
targn and well defiried 
charactsrSi move around 
tha castia admirably and 
tha eastje Itself Is very 
pretty, SoufkI wlaa th^ 
gam^ rat«m falrty highly *s 
tt^m Sfe many ei^efiefvt 
spot affecla during th« 
game — sadly thara Isn't a 
tune on the title acfWHi but 
tha front erMf Is so good tfiat 
a tuna i^n't naally neces- 
sary. I strongly racommend 
thia game as it is addkcttve 
and graat f^n to play too. " 

^kdbv ladders wMch mt^ be 
cjHmbecL But b& careful , . . the 
ntfties have a habit of aoooting 
down the statfs and tmxMig poor 
Scoob for sbE. Level three noata 
some very wkAed looking 
monetars. Qhcxjlflsh fhiet around 
exercising their huge eiasf^ jaws. 
The gNMJes t^om the first level 
make a re^ppearsnce, md tatty 
bete sdeeiJi around at heed 
heigH causing Scooby to bm^ 
down and cover hia eyes with 

The finaJ level is gt«iSed by 
tHdbouft monka wtth no faces. Fly- 
big dumbdis and roUIng bowling 
tPMS are jusi some of the hazarcfe 
which Soooby has to r^egoliate ^ 
the quest to reiese the leal of his 


" After Iha long watt for 
ScoQtiy Dm it wmM Hfcf 
somett^lng tair^ ap^M W 
Justify the tinie sperff on H 
This game manages to 
Impress Mm ttie ftr^ 
coupl« of goea but It 
doesn't contBln gnyttiing to 
k#ep the brain cei^s ei«c- 
tftfled tor fong. I teufMl 
SccxiiTy Doo kiioked very 
attreclive to trie eye and ttM 
Idea o* ormng and oofttfig 
^U the churffctsrs — wfifc^^i 
dMnt took too mu^h like 
yfmeAi *-^ pfoved quite 
excelling for a WtHe^ butthis 
roqutred no reef akHI, Tha 

animation Of all the 
grapiiics is ¥^fY smootti 
and accurate, and th^ 
scraen scrolling Is very 
silky (!7f)i. Scooby sound is 
not very startiilr^ and l^as 
vefy little tynewiae. Tha 
game bases itself on the TV 
series Si^erbiy witH eii ttie 
folkB fhjrn tha team in it. 
Unfortunately I didn't find It 
axtrwnaty anthfalling . . . 
but it's cert^niy playable. 
Have a k>ok before you 

At the beginning of each level 
Scooby gairii an SKtrs Rfe. but lives 
loet in the pravlocis leml ere not 
giwn back to him ... For once« 
mis hungry dog getfl tha ctianoa toi 


Control Jftpys; terft, n^l. f n > 
iump. down/duck, fira/pur cji 
— Indefinable 

JoyatkA: Kempston, Cursor, 
Interface 2 

KeytMard ptay: very respon- 

tJee of colour: moln^ 
OrepMca: eMcdkmt 
SjHjnd: neat afltets: no title 

Skill lAvals: one 
Scrvenmt lour $cro] ling i«imis 
Q#naral ratir^: Y&\ siXTther 
hj^hfy pj^ayabla game 
rei^sad by wlhw 

Use of coPTtputer 69% 

firaphlcs 93% 

Playab^lity 92% 

Getting started 90% 

Add ictrve qua litles 91 % 

V^lue for mor^ey 90% 

Overall 91% 

CRASH Octotoef 1986 31 

^ ^ 

GEN 19 is the most sophisticate* 
combat droid ever built (since 
Maggie Thatcher!) Now you must 
use it to repair the completely 
berserko computer. TU JAO - 
before it destroys you! user 
friendly eh? We think not! i 

AMSTRAD 464,664 6128 C 

SPEC FHUM 48 128K. Cass i.8.95 

Aaaghh! Where am I? What's my 
name? I have been transported 
back to the world of King Arthur 
and Camelot Land sakes! I now 
have to fight my way through 
forest, lake and caves (phew!) to 
Camelot Castle where I can find 
the key to the whole mystery! 
Tempting eh folks? It's coming, 
so keep up the paper round! 



















AMSTRAD 464 664/6128: Cass £9 95 

Disk£T4 95 

SPECTRUM 48 12SK: Cass £8 95 




■/^ ^tjjg 


Producer: Design Design 

Retail Price: £195 

Author: Qraham Staff oitli with graphics by David Fish 

Ahhhrr. once again Earth is 
being thr&alened by nas- 
\iM frorrt dirtsr space. This 
timft howiiver the situation is far 
fri>m tirnkf . 

AndfomftOan forces and good or 
Mother Eafth has reached its 
cklmax. Fof yew the wer has 
ittgod throughout the untvirse in 
be hw en s$ons of stalemate, 
fisnti^ commarxlers hafvo 
deciMd to put an end to the con- 
ffct oncii and for eW t^ atl^Ning 
Ihe cruelai Aiidiomedan lifeline, 
the Hyperapftoe route between 
Andromeda ar>d Orioo. Because i! 
prpvidas them w^th essential 
$upf>l>as without which they would 
t>@i unable to continue ine war. 
ann^tlation ol this route would b& 
disastrous for the Androrrvedans. 
A shrewd mo^e on Earth'^ pari yoM 
rtiusi admit. However, in order to 
accomplish fhis daring attack 
Earth has had to devise a totaJ^y 
new soft of Super Weapon code 
named N«)M>r after the planet 
whKA was used to house ft:s 
devetapment, h i& very aecret 

After menv feasibly studte^s 
^nd an awful m of planning Nfe^cor 
ev^tual^ feache^ committee 
stage A date is set and a^l the 
Mexof Big Chee^ staff pofter 
down toEartti for a long and bCKing 
oonf^ence over lots ofcupsof tea. 
hMntof howev&r tefl m the hands of 
thfl mmion workers, becomes a 
pnma targei lor a counser attack 
by The Anorom^dans {not ao teont 
ifter alQ. The dastardly enemy 
tMneh a huge attack on Ttie 
unguarded pJariet, hen t>ent on 
seizing the NeMor plans. The attack 
ri^utts m carnage, and all the 

wo<k^^ bar one ar^ kiiled. TNs 
ade survivor ol Ihe Andromedan 
attadi; tBalisee there li only one 
thing left to do. He rnwtaomehorif 
kx^ate the ten mocMei llMUifed 
around the Nexor complex for 
reasons ot security) ttiat make up 
Ihe Super Weapon and irensport 
them down the Matter Tfansfer- 
enge beam to Xfm nearest Earth 
space ship along with the ell^ impor- 
tani bbepri^nts 

This IS probl-0m enough, what 
With the corr^]4ex gradually be^ng 
invaded by ^>^rgmedan comb^i 
droids. But the sole survivor hias 
arKSther probJern The Matter 
Transference Beam has tseen dam- 
aged during the fight irig and must 
bi fixed before anything can t>e 
beemad to ^tety Naturally ttiere 
IS e limited amount of time to 
acrLie¥e this before the Androrra- 

A! the geme^ surt you are bles- 
sed with eight Ives but contact 
with the invaders' equipment or 
the invading droids 1h■emse^ves 
results in one of these being los^. 
so courage must tw com- 
pbm^nied with skill. The Nexor 
complex IS made up of hundreds 
of separata rooms, each of whcti 
IS an individual puzzle m ilse^f. As 
th# game progresses these looms 
gradfimUy become filled with 
Andromedan droids d^ertnir^ed to 
prevent compi«iion of your mis- 

Aparl from increasing numbers 
of Andromedan^, the rooms are 
populated with an assortment of 
nasties which must be avoided. 
Some eitits are inaccessible 
umle^ objects are used to nsech 
ihem. Dmlra and bk>oks am be 
picked up and dmpped at 


Strategic points to reacf^ higher 
places Conveyor betti take y^ou 
nght into the path of dar>oer end 
seemingly hamlet otajects sud- 
denly TJ^pp you righi out of exis- 
tence- Inanimate blocks spontanea 
ous^ sprout legs and scuttle off \n 
pursuit of something far removed 
from what you have -in mind and try 
and flatten you into the bargain. 
Whether tfiey're Maggie Thaicher 
look-ahkes oi the more conven- 
tionally sJhaped droids, the nestles 
are aKi e<)yaiiy danger^js. 

It g game Is prematurely aborted 
a status report ahovvs you how 
much has been concerted and 
how many aaeer n l lal pieces of 
equipnvert you have nonaged to 

The ouert takes place m a vast 
{htm oWwnakM^l maze flanked 
wfih steep walls leading to more 
leve^. These can be reached by 
way of rather unofthodojc Hfts 
which di^sguise themselves as 
bubbhia or blocks. By jumping 
onto a lift il'apos^bie to reach new 
parts of lt>e maze, thus getting you 
a bit nearer to safeguarding !he 
Mfixor secret for ever and cenainly 
keeping it out of the duichei of 
thoae mscrutabie AndrorrMians. 


# '• Good stuffs ff you're into FH- 
mation games, then Ne^or will 
BF>peaMo you in a t>tg way, I think. 
The gravies are very good 
Indeed, but seme parts of the 
gam# behave rather ynraallatt- 
celly^ such as when ^-our bloke 
falls way dowrn thnougfi fifteen 
screens end, on impact, walka 
off with no dsiniAf^e whatacHiver 
Despite this unfortunate aspect, 
the ganM ten't bad at all, end 
unUke Ifiv Amitrad varshorip h I* 
perfectly possible to die. In 
plaiDeSf Nexor Is very like Bar- 
man^ though the latter is 
sup«rforp due to a greater degrea 
of ptayiiiiitv. That aald» Nexor 
hes Its fair shara of both pi aryabtl- 
rty end addfrctivrty. Worth a look, 
If you'ra not yet bored by the 
meg^i milhons of 3D game? that 
hflv^ already appeared on the 
Spectrum, *' 

gaFfws ans gfeat tx^ iAir tfii 
^movftt that i've pto^^d / must 
s&mii !fm ^ if imf the ba$t 30 

game so far Jhen rw aasiiy ^f very 

Bonsd wrsh it NeKor ftas M trm 
pot&nti^ to b& one of the gr&at 3D 
games but ts fef down by the ^ci 
that rt m very unpiByabie — andas 
a fflsutrteeomM Ixinmafrar a tew 
ommB. Thepmblefm maf h&ye to 
Be efwxanmmi am msy to aehe 

ifi (fie spme wss ttw mtMi trudge 
ing mound ffmrmoiB of iOoms^Tm 
mftni of the gwime *-* wary wafi 
drawT} and animated As 3D gamss 
go if i weii implemenied, but unfor- 
turwf&^y I couk^ t findmfyt^ing dft- 
f^fmrt enough to m^e ft sfand 

OCJf. " 

• " I was slightly shockAd when I 
kieded this one up and saw that tt 
was in boring old Filmation. Have 
CKBioH tmmOM gone soft ... are 
these the same people ihai 
brought us such fast and fynous 
games as Dar^f S^arand Ramma^^ 
Mevenge"^ After playing rl for a 
while I was not surpnsed to find 
I that It played in a simHar way to all 
the other Filmation games — there 
IS e nace feature though, some 
tinwa you can wa^k from one room 
to another without a door* Ttie 
graphics aie up ro usual Filmetion 
siandards, excellent, very la^ge 
and wetl detailed and the Nej^or 
conplex has nice wall paper too! 
The aourtd is minimal with no tune 
and only a few rnaudibbe sound 
etfeds Generally if you like this 
sort of game then I recommend it 
to you, however ri Jike me, you are 
bored to tetts with Kn^^t Ictre 
look/plM-atikaa then stay wei 
clear of It aa there is very bttfe here 
that IS new or interestir^. " 


Conffol fceyi: defmaWa 
Joystrck: KtvmpstonXursor. Inter- 
face 2 

Keyt»afd play: pleasantly 

liae of colour: the same €A* 
morK>chromatic Filmaiion mask- 

QrapMoK very good 30. as usual 
in thts sort of game 
Sound: Nke most desioh ocsioii 
gamea, minimal 
Screens: 121 

General rating; If you're mat yet 
bored of F^lmatJon games, then 
ct^eck this of>e out 

Ut* of computer 






Getting started 


Addictive qualrti&s 


Vtalue for mon«y 




CRASH October 1986 33 




Last mgnlti ^w Erite"^ COMMANDO go AWOL from the numb^f ttn^ 

p&^iimn^ but wftti guns bl^a^mg it returns thi^ m on tit to its fornn«f fojth^oto 

»t number ont? With GHOSTS AND GOBUNS taking second in coin- 

mmd with BOMB JACK m third p^ace this mesns that Elite takes the hat - 

trick lor th* top three games thismon^h, Sm climbing this mortm is 

BOBBY BEARING ffomThe Edge as it moves another eight places to th« 

number twtls/e SiOt. Grcrnlm Graphics' JACK THE NIPPER Criawls 

andlher thref* places; to lake f-eventh position. New entrKes thrs month 

Ar0 Ofie — with SPLIT PERSONALITIES from Oomwk showing its face 

In tha 26th pa^itkm. 

Johff C Harris ofL eicestmr win s forty rea^ofis to be cheerful iii the firsf 
a^me out of the HoWne <fr3W t^g this issue. Aunt Aggie wmput £40 
worth of ^ottwm^ tnto i^n eirfra spea^f ifffy^V sesleti wiih p ioving 
Agt^te kiss [ysuvh!} &nd send them off to y^&o p&st h^^t^^ Four runners 
up wiH ir^ch h0v& ta 9har0 h^ ^tfeniton^ — they wiii rffcetve th&tr 
CRASH HMs and TSh*n$, iovingiy in>n^d. folded And sft/ff&d mm thetr 
trm^eUing jitfien. ' 'Lucky otdyi^u^'s ans thi?refar^ du& to: Arr(^ri^w Ma(TA- 
mwM of L^%dim: Chri^ Pugh ofjolfy aid Cambridge; Scon fleich&r from 
ciJU0ryclty: Sheffield end Simon Pi^rker who tiyes m Surrey. 

The HOTLl«E AND ADVENTURE CHART compHed ffom th© 
votes of CRASH readers is the most realistic chart for gauging 
the popularity of Spectfunft games — it is the games that are 
being played that get the ^otes. not the games that are in the 
shops this we«k or month. 

And the votes are fmportant. It'sypto you to let us know what 
you feel, so fiH in the voting forms !hatl^we on the Re suits pages 
and make your voice heard. Well, make your writing readabto — 
there's no longer a phone line voting service, 

tt you don't want to carve up your copy of CRASH . we under- 
stand . Use a photocopy if you like, or copy out the details from 
the voting roums onto a nice clean sheet of paper and send that 
to us instead. 

Apart from the satisfaction of registering your opinion, there's 
atways the chance of winning a rather interesting prize. Orice 
the information has t>een taken from the forms we receive dur- 
ing the course of the month, ten voting slips are drawn out for 
special consideration by Auntie Aggie — five from the Advert* 
ture Ballot Box and five from the Hotline Ballot Box. 

A top prize of E40 worth of software (your choice, not ours J 
find a CRASH T Shtrt is awarded to the first slip out of the draw 
from the Hotline voles , and another £40 worth of goodies and a 
Shirt goes to the Hotline Draw winrier 

FoMr runners up from each ballot collect a CRASH T Shirt and 
a CRASH Hat, so get thiase votes in to the CRASH HOTimE and 



Hotline Top 30 










4 if) 

































^9 ill) 














20 i-) 



21 (10) 



22 (13) 


23 (SO) 



24 (20) 









27 ii4) 













Biggtiac clamlMf this itkkiI*i im •at«;ut«i by toy iHdi* t>ul QD^Fdia. 

SHAtJOwriRE from B«yD*n5l> wNto Hw lilaliMl rt«w *nlry mot is filled 

n estly tnr jty p»rh«ro extrao rd i n a im . RE D H Aw K . t rom M ^Itiour no Hdu 9^ . 

THE VERY BIG CAVE ADVENTURE published by CRL but writtefl by 

lliose wacky ancl zany qaI^ from St Briden mflkoa il* f srst ^f>owan^ at 

numtwr 25. Mennwhilfl ai lii^ lop of ihe cHmn, HEAVY Of* THE MAGICK 

^llKlGa^g^7y^eGamf55 contiriui«lodom»fiffl*,lwNI*LORO OF THE RINGS 

ar>d SPELteOUND ^rgu^ aboift ueoncf and third pliices. Ocean's 

FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLrWOOD vacates the number 17 alot and gon 

knto KmiKi^ outside th« chart — th« highesi i«v«l e«iL 

TTlffy V» Mwff i^lD tro^ny tkmn Dkfc^t wify $n Oxt<mtsh^ — thai 'b v¥hmf^ 
W»wiKWi's mvoctted SOUTHERN B^LLB. amt ciWffCK*wfta% is wHore 
O&vi^ Pa>Tw (tves. Davtd shsjufd i^ &ble to ama^e his chums w^th l>w 
in0nsier prize pAck^&lhM shouid suon b^on the wff}f to him jts wmiwr 
at thts month's Adv&nturm Chmi Draw, Thm four runner^ up a/^. Martin 
John Pag^ of Lowestoft m Suffolk; P^ul Surt^ry af Exmauth m Devon; 
Chris G^^ggas, ^n Essox lad fmm RomtcrtfMnd RaM Rj^shi^oak from Mfff - 


Adventure Top 30 




















12 a 41 








17 /gj REP Moon 















24 f f gj PRAOONTORC 







28 ff 8j SPIPERMAN 










HTe-ve fURBOCHARCCaaeWana'S 

BestSelttngMYSWKK ... 

Qukk^i hot 2 Turbo 










•VIC 20 













Available from: 


. .and other computer stockists. 


A i^hOlli^ Ci^frfiED SyB&Jri|*W> > ft -H 4 7HtA.vHAn LIMITED f 


f55 Garth Roatt.Mordsn, 5urr«y SM4 4LH« England. Telephone ' 01-330 OtOI flOtlnes) TeiAK. 28704 MMH VANQ Facsimile 01-337 5532 


Prodycer: Blagk K night 


Reiail Price: £2.99 

Auttior: Quantum 


An inter^stinQ approach lo 
budg^ ^ottw^re, \hm one 
— it s 3 compilaiiOfi of 
tfirme games Pfotectof, Symx It 

ttfioot em up wtik±t re^rnnp^GyB 
marry features f aml^^af to Defenci$f 
fans, irK:ludiing a scanrref, smarl 
botrh^ Slid demaienafLSing capa- 
Mify. The aliens swoop down from 
ihe skies ify^rig to p<ck up ert^-gy 
ci^lb Ofboe c^tufdd. the ooll 19 
c:arfied by the albn to the top of 
the screen where M regenerates 
The meer^ imo e higher Fife fomi 
That sydd€ftly develops a powerful 
urge ro locale youf exact position 
and blast you oul of th@ $ki^ 

TlTfl green doobnea pounce 
down on the harmless energy cells 
end drag them kickittg and 
screaming inlO ort>it lo produce 
the rf>&^ sophisticated red drovds 
The yetow btook^ lay mines which 
(jreadfijl pfoWems later on 
they're well and tnjiy 
blasted. Maximum points are 
scored for kilUna the magenta 
aMens. If these are hti theyexptacte, 
releasing lots of smatler atane. 
Cyan oblongs locate the shuttle 
with pin poini accuracy and one 
touch speHs destnjctiorp. 

The second game, Synnx It, is 
lUi of ctangers Before you can 
mlJiGflte ymjrseif from an unpieas - 
mt attuatfeon, fiheeri ktys have 10 
be fourxJ These are scatter^Kj 
around the maze-4ik^ tomb oi 
SyrinK and take a bit of hunt i ng oot 
The place i^ lilleci #rth lots of hom- 
bli mi;»nstefs who guard ttie keys. 
arK} make life d Iff icult. 

You stad your mission wnh99% 
enargy, Coiiidrng with monsters 
tOSM energy You have, however, 
bean provided with a mtty lasar . 
attt»oiigh indkacriminate use is 
luriwtoe aifxse H also uses up 
energy, and the game ends when 
eneigy ks nl zero. Collecting a key 
reptoitehes energy. 

me last game In the tno comes 
^)niplete with a separate pf ogram 

of instnjctions ... A survey indi- 
caies that a moon a^ the ed^ of 
tm galaxy contains rich minerat 
cfepoaits Rival m^nlng corpora- 
tior^ despatch teams of mining 
and fighting equjpment to plunder 
this mysterious a4xl weaH hy p^ace 

When IhHH rfcval corporal ions 
an-lve on the moon, the mystery 
deepens. For the moon is ioha- 
bHed by machines and not 
humans, A despeiaie batt&e 
begins between the rtvai groijpe 
and ihe natives of the moon, 

the two-playar game to played 
on a grkl with eac^ pftayer control- 
Imp one of the rrvar mining corpo- 
ral Kms. M^nes must be captured 
and the rival corporal K3n pre- 
vented from capiuring other m mes 
tjy blowing up opponents" Moon- 
Fwer shuttles or taking over mines 
akiaadyuaedbythelocats Andihe 
rot>otic natives aie understanda- 
bly mrffed at having to atwe their 
lucrative moon with a bunch of 
power crazed mining corpoiations 

Three different games, each 
with a differ etit style o1 play and 
action, all rolled ^to one budget 
package — bit like the old da^, 
really. \ . . 


Thia ^p# certeinly offam 
value tor mHMieyi two play- 
arcade games and a 
strategy game for a qukl «acsll* 
None of the gamav mm excel- 
lendp tHJt they are alt good fun for 
a couple of hours or so- The 
graphlqi on the whda araatxiyt 
average. The first game Is a very 
pleyable Defender clone wNh 
small and undetailed charac- 
ters, but they scroll nicety all the 
same; nice spot affects too. The 
second is o fiiirly unonginal 
'fetch the keys' arcade adven- 
ture that plays quite slowly. The 
■ cfean scrplls in quarters so il 
can be quite hard on the eyes. 
Characters are small and they 
move about badly. The third 
floesn 't r^al ty appe al to me p as it 
is very complicated. On the 
who^ t recommend this pac- 
kage as tl will protHiMy entert«in 
you for as long as an eipenslve 
game, without costing so 
much. " 

pe^ from fhv ft»Mt$r liMngmonM t^ coil9^fii*§ kmyBm 
ropp#€r upfMYmHX if fr^m Wmck Atnlfffir 

m '^ " ■Jectof. ihou0loofitmttke 
tfiom tt^ <£wn of ^jec- 

bur / isiifppoee Iftiaf Mb cvwif for 
fitaf OlJpf^f fBBffy to go to the ortgi- 
rtafautnarso/ Defender. That said. 
ProteclOf ts a fm. ft rmf ixitt^ant 
CADOe. Synnjt II t^t partK:tiiaiiy 
stvimtttg, but t^ last Moonraker . 
though oof gr^fihiCaHy anything 
new or eye CNpendng. has c&tainfy 
a gte&t d&m of sccp^ tor play, 
^pacsMy tor non-arcade AmAs. 
Overail fof ihe prioi^ Knight 
Games jl n^praisenfe cjySe good 
\faiue foF mprmy, but ff you buy 
eKpacimg Kp gef (hnae supfwrmiy 

poUshed gamea, you're poing fo 
bedissppoinfed ' 

• " Ttwee games for two pounds 
— oan'l be that bad, I ihougM 
Prot^Otor ^ a not very accurate 
translation of the arcade game, but 
plays supefbJy and extremelv fiatft 
on the higher laWte. Th^s game 
alone is worth I he a^ing pnce. 
Unfortunalety its let down by a 
couple of games Ihal are much 
below the standard. Syrmk U is a 
very bonng arcade adventure 
aggramted tiy quafter screen 
acfdHng Mo&^k& is a very 
con^icated and time consuming 

affair consiBting of very small, 
un^maginailve c^actei^ it may 
be three for the price of one — but 
to my mind, ortly one of ttie gamea 
ts worth it, " 


Oontrtil keyi: vary from game to 

Joyiticta Keiiipston^ Cursor. 

Keytnard play: fairly responsive 
Use of ooloun uttracti ve 
OrapMca: good on the first game 
snd acoeptabte on ihe other two 
Sound; apot effects or^ ail games 
Skill levvMe: 26 on the first game- 
one for each of the others 
Scratna: scrollEng on ^reicltPir 
General rating: intefesting arid 
appeal I rig combination 

Use of compulir 






Qatting »tart9d 


Addlctlvft qual(ti«» 


Virtu* lor inofwy 





Producer Bobble Bus 

Retail Pnce; £7.96 
Author: John Cain 

Another gam^ fiTjm tr^ 
aylhgr of mew^^^Hing 
BoiJty^. The si cry is set in a 
strar^ge iKHise owned tpy a mad 
professor wfio invents ymM and 
wonderful gadgela. His home Is 
f\jiii of them, and some are very 
sinister indeed as o^ hero finds 
out *hen he unsuspectingly pays 
a visit during Bob a Job ^eek . 

Ttie hapless Boy Scout tmts up 
the garden path full oi good mten- 
Uona end rings the njsty t^ell, An 
aki man wearing huge hom -rim- 
med spectacles answers ttw door. 
Jus! as the lad k& eicplaining that 
he s come to do soma ODOd turns, 
the old msn sudden^ stumps to 
the ground whispering. VMy pills. 
mypiis. ^*" 

I tt^ a race aoamst time lo ftnd 
the piiils which are locked away m a 
saf a. Frst , siideen keys have to be 
four^d . . . and fhere^ a lime dimit: if 
you tafce too long then tfw Prof 
might not pull ttvough. 

SeCTBl ^rwentions hidden m ttie 
tKJUse are possessively ^jarded 
by Wtt Of macrKinary; and the aer- 
wMB who help with the upheapol 
vie npuae acm 1 mjil aiemaanMa 
to dolrig tfie hoyaawoilt and a Ut 
ol gmdinlnpa TTie old man^ miv 
tons are highly trained indMduals 
who have been ifiitiiiclad to 
attack anyor^ wt^ enters the 
hoiise. With ail ttkis to contend 
With, the little Scout is going lo 
have qurte a hard lime locating tile 
keys and combination . . . 

Each room in the house is fiUpad 
with strange creatyres and 
gadgets wti ich are se1 on removing 
the yotmg mfFrtrator inxn lt^ pre' 
mises. Three Lives are supplied. 
Contact with the odd-tiaJI staff ^ 

CRASH October 1 966 37 

hj ^Mnttvri 

gonemliy fatal , and jumptng too far 
4lOwri ontQ k»w@r pKatforms also 
vpmB death To get amund tt>ti 
imtatirig pctsblem, Th« Scout muvt 
maatier the nee of motHfe piatf ortna 
ecrt^iroited by btflpMStT«. Sy pres- 
$ij^ t^ ^^pitiprief e bijtton , a ptot- 
iOfrn can be moved into piiiod to 
bffdge an all imponant gap or sum- 
ffiDn a moving plartDrmj to yocr 

Seoet passages Intk aoreera, 
but wfiflfia they read ^ q sufpriet in 
rtseif. PrediciaWy. Ihe keya and 
hmponant ftema irt the game are an 
cfveiyty guarded by the sclentJiSt's 
frtinlims wti C) hgive no idea thai you 
aie aetuaiiy trying to ha^ tfielr 


• "I w*» expActlng Moondghi 
Madness to be a fast all-adiOfi 
are^e adventure/cofna 

^QOf em up, but ofi loadliig kt 
turned out to t» a slightly dl^p^ 
pointing B^oly so^iuel^ Aft^r the 
usual inktial ahifigle to maatar 
the contrdla and laam tfte 
'ishysics* of thegam^i it became 
oulta (un to play and even «jdte* 
wm to a certain txtanl. Ttie 
graphics er^ i#rg# and colourfyl 
but th«r9 in a lot of character 
c^tash whJc^h doea get on ycMir 
nerves after a while. The aound 
la fairly well dofw: there aie 
sofTtQ mce atfecta and a tune 
play^ continuously. Not p bad 

game, ovafalli byl nothing 

remafkabto. '* 

• Booty wm a mat cfasw in its 

arm mm HasotMm Calri Mrw 

ctoMfli in JftewwWMoonl^ht Mad- 
neea isnl an0mg fSce ^ good. 
The dMi women plky$ a mc& tune, 
mnti ftea oof some pwffy antms- 
ison, tKif th^e wer^ some pmity 
bati Ma in ttm gmne. The msin 
otanacfer mo^^^^ at an amaz^ngfy 
whtKf p90e, as ft thorn's a forc-e 
Mn 0«te btomng to th& lafl. Mfien 
amy affsmipr is madtfomotieJiipM, 
a// r/ie moving ctmrns^ra on tfia 
acvMn sk}w right down, mxl the 
ihis powerful 'w*id'. Afl far aa 
drat, bonng, unotmcthm, tmti- 
f&fiQsting, oY^iq^c&d ptatfofm 
gamm go, Moookght Madness t^ 
pmtlygoodL Bynoima^slanftafa^. 
though, fm dim." 

have bemn 
rekfiowied for iheir greet aiMdtt/ 
adventures, bo when ! saw that 
th^ had te^iT)ed up with ihe 
author of Btxffy, I was realty look- 
ir^ forvi^ard to seeing what they 
I had coma up wth— the and result 
4s extmmefy dbappomtH^. The 
pras€Milat^on of Moonitght Mad- 
ness IS well up to scratchy great 
intoy sfofy and picture^ and a good 
l^oadtng and title screen — but Ihe 
game leavea a t)H to be desired. 
Bueati aua seem to have put this 
gama ^n the ¥ffong range. Moon 
hgh! Mi^dne^ should M in 1h»' 

Minibus range — rt has all the 
makkngs of an average budget 
gdme, Ttm graphics are none too 
exCitifigK oxmbting of cotourful 
but nkAef^charactaraLThegarnes 
c^awmg point i& tt^ eound. and 
there ore a few good lunaa — orra 
coritinuoys throughout the game 
— and n&flt spot effects. To my 
fniixl. Moonitght Mxbmas is an 
over-pdced little game that coukj 
be beaten by many a budget 
trtie " 


CcHitnil liaya; redefinable 
Jioyettcfe Kertipalcfi 
Kayboaid frtay: slOMf iml unre- 


Uee of coloyr; lots of colour 
resulting in lots of colour clash 
Orephfcs: smafi and unintetesting 
SiHjr>d: littla tunatte plays through- 
out* good spoi affects 
SkMlevelB: one 

Oeneral rattng: a sequei to 8ooly 
wtiic^i doesn't seem to have ptog- 
ressed from the flrat game by J ohn 

Um of computaf 






Gsttin^ stsrtKt 


Acklictiv« qualities 







Producer: Mtrrorsoft 
RetaN Pnce: £Z95 
Autiiof: David O'Conner 

Into the mystical iands you musl 
wntura m se^ch dl the secr^i 
potion of Zythum. This m a vi^ry 
ancient twpe of beer whicfi grves 
the partarar mysticaj powers amd 
poss^b^y even atamai Ufa. tt has 
been tost fof centuries in this wei nd 
and wonderful landseape and 
many have sewoTied for It before 
you^ but w has neMr lieen found. 
One Ql the main reascsns for Ihis is 
that tl^ country in which it ra hid- 
den IS inhabtted by varkHis guar- 
dtans who poiiaialwaty guard the 

Fdgr separate landscapes have 
to be crossed dunng the |OMiney 
to the potion tacatiori. Thuae i«5 
sf? availeWe, and a life is lost aech 
n me you meka contact with one of 
\ he gikaf dians I hi^l pursue you mar ^ 
aiessly on tf^ loumey — you 
mlum to the stert of the owfent 
tend lAfhen death con>es . . . 

Setting out wrfth abuming desire 
to locate the Zythum you are 
equipped with a fist full of fire crac - 
hers and a limited number of 
bomts. Firecrackers seem to go 
on forever, but use the borntas spar- 
ingly bec^Lfse ofK^e they're gone 
there ain't no mora. A m&QK- stafl 
ttiffl w^da off evil spirits is 
amongst the useful ob^ts that 
can be coiM^ted on the wa^: a 
cheiioe confers tfw poww or levita- 

38 CRASH October 1986 

tion and a crycjiix gtves shon lerm 
rmmunrty Iram the custodians. 
Money begs and treasure cfiests 
are worth bonus points. 

Ttiere'S no t>me to hang about 
--^^ ^"oy the scenery, however, as 
' the lour levels must toe 
cornpi^ted ifi jisi eight minutes. 
Take any longer and iti back to 
square one. Apart from the custo* 
dians and guardians this country 
contains marty natural dangers^ 
Oulcksends suck a hapk^s travel- 
ler to a sticky death while bottom- 
less pdts must be Skillfully jumped 
over or alae — wheeef Dead. 
Marah mud sttoks to your feet and 
temporariy laps luntpmg abilrtres. 
while spring poote send you 
cavorting inio the air. Hiddan laicN 
mines, buried m a i9Aea»<y attempt 
to get rid of unwanted tr»eliem 
also have to t>e avoided^ The vege- 
tation IS also a bit weifd bec^ise 
some bushes make you Im^ncible 
for a Shori whiie 

The action " .1 scrd- 

iing window *' ■ , ., !^«ofthe 
screen. An arrow points to your 
position on a map along the tsa^e 
of the the scrBen. below the status 
ama ltd t>etter be a good brew, 
this Zythum — you'H need * gpod 
dnnk on arrlvatf 


m ''At flr8«« Zythum h«Kd a 
reeeoneWe eppeel for me. After 

pipying for a length of time, 
though, things Started to get 
QTmzitf frustrating. The gam« 
seems to havn lie^n writlQn Kp 
•S to mak<i rt as unjaddictive aa 
ift po&sJbte. If that was the 
author's Qb|€K:tive^ then he's cer- 
tain hy succ&oded, The graph igs 
are p^leasan! enough, bul you 
really stan wanting id t>e[l the 
life eut of your Speetrum when it 

na^ifurf b«iwe«n fft* gumwtH*nt «^d * nrnwiy tooktrr^ tvmti, 
^trV* git r mm0 Hv^m /#rr mn^ lotm of tHimb » tfo yw mi^ht iwfei 

kills you off pixels before the end 
of a ataga and aarKto you right 
back to the beginning p time wid 
again. The Idea for Zytt^um lanH 
the tMst ever corK:etved — but Is 
definitely not the worst — 
though attar playing the game 
you might need some convinc- 
ing of that. Quite good kn alt Its 
facets except addlcttvttyi Thi:s 
tsn't a game t would recom- 

• ^7 fountf tfiai Zythum w^ weH 
pmaented iM lamed a very c^W- 
^engmg or aikMcffm oame The 
cofour to compktefy wfor^. The 
bkje on whUe screen is Msry hard 
Id see and sfreins Ihe eji^es. t fstiff 
that you had to be good at the 
game to really en/oy ir, because ttm 
distance you tiaye ro co\fer to get 
ar^^here in Zyftmrn Js pfurte large^ 
The graphics are the most impres- 
sive part of the game, as they are 
targe and moagmatAe but could 
have had some better animatk>n 
to twing them ai^ve^ The game 
didnt consist of much to mep me 
playing for long — It v^aa just a 
CMe o( )ud^rvg distances aixl 
shooting baddies. Zythum toa wry 
basic 'up and down" game that 
requ^es fWe nwntai alSwy and *s 
v\^y 0my to ^ve. " 

• t>h no Oh nol 1 can'i play tNs 
gama ar^y more; Its jusi 90000000 
frustrating. 1I9 unbeltevabtef A spht 
second of misiudgemeiit, and it^ 
back to the beginning aflfitfn. Okay, 
so some gemei ape equally as 
demandng In thetr neoeisity for 
accuracy, but tf^ don't penalise 
mistakes c|urte as harshly as 
Zyttrum does. The fact thiat it's so 
maddening ts Quite a pity corrskj" 
ering tfie game has go! so muc^ 
potaritial (or ptayabiNty Grapnk:^ 
^e passable, and the scrolling is a 
brt unfodunate, but visually in 
every other respect. ZWhum has 
no sertous downfalls. Raying the 
game soon mtf«ea you realise that 
not everything that kxAs okay 
plays %*eii. axh a ptty, after the 
axoaianl Cynamrre Pan it " 


Control k#ys^ definable 
Joystick! K^>mpston. interface 2 
KeytHHird play: fesponsive 
Use of colour: rnainty monoc- 

OrapMca: large and wiry 
Sound: mWmal effects 
Skill Jevelt: one 
Screens: scnONIng play area 
Qeneretrettng: Zythum rs agame 
wh^ yCHU may find appfi«iling at 
rrst.tHil is frustrating wtien piiyed 
to any great length 

Utta of comput«r 






Getting started 


Addictive qualities 




' Overan 


Unknown perils lurk in the search for the elixir of Zythum, 
Can you outwit them and claim the secret of eternal life? 




Out now on 

" - 1 " -^ ■ 


Maxwell House, 

74 Worship Street 

London EC2A 2EN. 

le\: 01-377 4644/5 

Tete)t 886048 BPCC G 

Fax: 01-377 0022 

Battle for Midway, Battle of Britain, Theatre Europe, AND NOW 


TOBRUK. a key 

port to Medit 


strategy and 

vital to any 

supply in the 

desert war. 

Against all t 

odds, by July 

1942, Field Marshal Rommel 

crashed through the Gazala lid 

taken TobruK and forced the 

British back into Egypt. Are you 

that good? 

£9.95 (C) £14.95 (D) 

Command the Afrika 

Korps vs. Computer 

2 Player game. 

2 Computet 

game using 



(extra c 


^ full ioystid 

comrol. Phased game 

Optionai aicadf 

sequences, Full tanfc 

simulator including 

Driving, Main G 

Machine Guii,Resup 

phase. Mine laying 

^_ /lifttng, Ail phase 

including: Ground attacK 

Aif taAir, Long range Bombing. 

~-^ Engineer phase. Green Screen 

^^ option {Amsirad only}. 

Tank recovery/sabotage, Save gama 





To receive your FREE DEMONSTRATION TAPE of this game and a 

catalogue of our other products, send a self addressed envelope (at least 

llctn X 22cm} with a 17p stamp to : 


COVENTRY. CV6 5DG. Tel (0203) 6675S6 

(Offer only available while stocks last). 





S ^^^^ jfl^H i^^Hl ,H 

■■ -^ '■! 


^^fc "^^ B 


■l^ M^H 



Wilh everyone rciiHmny «««. , ™; ' "7^ 'i^h. .n tKinr hImmi^ •» I 

su^ jrZ b,.n .ruck f'^;V ^'g;,7j^^Jt^^,^rS»\ffr! S i&i 

Hannah in command o( Ihft lieid al ihf_«^ 

weaving our wsry ovinn 

^„ I III IWIM n PM"* -■- 

Sfiisld stand 




h fi^ky to John Pinkrifly* isttsr {psi* 
31)3 must posnt DuriHatt^iQ Rxum 
wi3aid nol be, wtlhoui the so-cail- 
fed 'manners' , OK. so mosi iMwm 
m tfm Forum wf^ moor^ ori«s. 
but wh«n mwt pMplft aro fi^>py 
Sid QQriiiR(«d, thoy dbn^f u^u^k^ 
mate a song and dmp» ebout rt, 
ch) they? Biii whm »metmng 
ij|^i*ith*m, or somflone sa^^ 
iM a Ihiitg tNy (»n|Oy ^$ bad or 
wrOfig (no smutly infmendo 
iniandad}. then fthmi pec^sle f^ 
tfiay ihould moafi about H. I siioukf 
Niitow, it% kv mm naftaofi that I'm 
nvrlna Ma Mad Also, dkwa ih« 
aloiwiiBntiiamd ^LMmOi pem>Fi- 
mraaMathal livis contradicting 
Ntmalf liy moertng abcxil moan- 

Am} m repJy to Mr P fbi^iin] 
SchdWd , wt^ to ^vronii wm> 


Dear Lioyd. 

I am hoptng ttytl yoy pni ihl^ tettaf 
in Mr wrtti no bits edrted a$ if yoy 
don'i n will mar^ a sad episode m 
tiie irfe or CRASH and you dofi'l 
Stem io wani lo pi^ish any cori' 
ttovenial letters {which ftra oflon 
mon irrt^i^ting). 

I h^« Jfust t>a«n naadr^ Sinciair 
l/Sir wtwn, I came across a letter 
wNc*i cntises yowr m^ga^me a 
gnaai deal. ATt&r reading rt I f«ti i 
muslimmediiatety wnte to you and 
pm the recocd straighl . . 

This tettef (in the Septetnb^ 
1986 Issue) mal<e3 many ridiculous 
points. F^r^l iX says Stnct^ff Us&f is 
mora readable and aimadrHi ttian 
CRASH wfiich. itmotlMrtain^ 
i$n^ as all Smctair Usw^ ' Jotos ' 

women in CRASm Where woMfd 
CRASH be wrtliout the ^ubiscnber 
toachtfigs of GURU DeniM 
Robarts, the packaging axperltae 
Dl ' Auntia Agei« ' Carol KidMy or 
thi«duc«tiOMl ra¥ittws of * Bmna' 
RoMtta Mdwd? Ancf , I iHink many 
naadifl woold MTM (mciuding 
Halm and Sara Becteatf. Liaatta 
Manage. Uz Soamei. Sarah Qr«c# 
and sicca Dav^ of Som^iMt) 
that Hannfih ^Eat yout h*6rt out 
Melmsa Smith Is in lact BFTTER 
than Robin ^ Roger Kaan Follower" 

So LkTyd , Ifnep up the moaning 

Sknon 'moan moan' SaNvan, 
Homdearip Nampahir* 

Wfmi! im (Wiiriicief myMfiffm 

te^toallMriftino^ iMaonatf arpiJ^ 
rrianffyitf aena i Wad t a bi i te, ririo^so 
a iofy ri«£?« 0u)^, wf^Qp) rf i^ rm 
0i%ig >4CMJ Ihff £ro mvth ^ 
iOJlhMnp tM morim ftir your aploirr- 


o o o o o o o 

aria just tooftsh and immature 
unlike sorne of yours whicii are 
actually fuhny 

It procee<te to say that Sinclair 
UsBf is mare colourf u I and SfllefWt- 
iiig by I, i must compi^ini and state 
tiiit CRASH has as muchooloura:s 
SfwftpirWffefand is definitely mofe 
inlofiesting witti it, also Easting a 
longer lime to read and re-road 
(liso . hawtng ao or 30 more pagaal 
whjio, Sitincmirl^ar Just gats 
thrown away. 

This tetlw earner on , . Now rt 
say« ttiat Sfncljsir U^% reviews 
are belter than yomv but. as any 
sane person must fUtae yours are 
a lot better. moredescHptivo of ttie 
gama in question, more Oetaiied 
and loniger though you co<3}6 
improve thie by showing the 
reviewi^^' mitiats by the review. 

Thei^^ more yotf Apparentty, 
our tatters are wntten by people 
wrtti lOs less than 75 f not me nor 
mo5t of ouf other readers), all 
printed by teenage tjoy^ (I don't 
think sof) naver say anything 
worthwhtie (somebody's got this 
wrong' Stnc^m i/ser's are ail sEupid 
land ^nciude rubbish by the socAl- 
k)d leader ol ihe Humamitanafi 
Dftnoeratie Communtst Party! 
That says a lat^ CRASH iettera are 
supposed to be unwitty and cocne 
eciross as "" (t\a h^K 

There's more!! Our clear con- 
lente page and oxceHently drawn 
covers (moflt ot them eie gtxxJ) are 
mearn to be unclear and teas read- 
ahte and inlarmaiiv& thai theirs 
which is rubbish as S>/K/ar User 
oows€OiikJ be drawn up by a 
blir>d man in ftve minuteaand !1>0 
corvtents page iS one tied Of a 

Also j1 commants, StoclBifUser 
covers every aspect ot computing, 
but Ihia Is stuped as most of the 
magazina is adverts and PJ^^nQ 
Tips whM^h ramtate on and have 
ancieni pokes which loc^ Irka 
thev re nicked out of back Essuas 
of CRASH I bet I could send en 
August CRASH p<Ae and get it 
published in about November's 
Srnc/air User. One namufess per- 
son even sent the same map oft to 
bo (n magazines. 

CRASH B£ better thftri Sinctmr 
User in these way^: Setter maps 
[fwt indi high ones), Jeiters, cov- 
ers, ravtewft^ contents, decent 
actirenture{even though my classic 
y .sme wasn't reviflwed). Tech Tips 
that work, more cotout, Lunar jet- 
mam, readability, length, value and 
Playing Tips. 

By Vn^ way. good luck to your LM 
magazine whicti I shair buy mid f o 
Hannah Smith m her bah le with 
IntertorCaVG Tapsters. 

Thta gir^ letter-whier to Sindst 
Ussr (her nam-e i am tempted to 
print). IS itie worst traftor s^nce 
Mark Robeils ot EaJino all those 
years ago Sbe says Snctasr User 
IS bener vakie as tt is 2p cheaper. 
Now let"s see - ■ . 

At that rate you'd buy a new 
game m just over 4i years rjot 
counting inflation' She aiso claims 
10 read CRASH sojhope^ieaees 
this and realises her nwy mia- 
takes, rt i was her Td go t>ack and 
crawl in a hovel. 

Finally, tiy and pnnt my Mter 
and not just en uck it m tho bJn as. it 
contains briH^ant valid points and 


name's never been m CRASH. 
Michael Sutton {loyal CRASH 
tonatic), Matpaa. Cheshira 

Mkha^ rmafraW t must confess 
to h&fdfyevmm&dtr^g SU.sot 
hav&ft 't saen this parfKiu^ fsttm 
iltbeiS Udo^n'th&vefUc& 
rms wTTfing in ifike wedo—- t2yi?j^ 
Qkfs mOeiKi. W^l som& no douh t 
ans, but don't to/get the ammg^^ 
m&am^t9BctyaSy175 Th& 
n&x! wsitm Also has a fBwsimiiaf 
potntstomake . . 



f^cenily while rmEfing Sk^CMr 
Us^. I noticed Ihal some ol the 
pokes and cheat poutrne:* which 

r Usef^ uSuaSly a rrKWiin o* 
two iift^f ih.ey appeared in 

CRAS H . A re<^nt esimpte ot this 
' e GrmnaaivfiMngtor^^tiif^ 
ve^ Mrfiich ^3paaiad kn the Juni 
issue ot CRASH pro gr am iiwd by 
Brian Smyih. the same Hsttig 
lurned up m fh@ Sif^^tr U$^ 
August \s${m wilh very si#gh1 
changes (Inemmbera changed, 
prompt messages changed «tcj 
and S Uciaimad that Barry Oeorge 
and hAarH Bell had written it. Also 
fl theaame ^sue of 5 ^appeared 
a itsiing f cr Bombf^k which had 
also been cop^eo straight from 
CRASH They havaaitacopted the 
cok>uf, double paaafeviaws which 
CRASH are famous for. SneWr 
Useft^ ncA the only magadne 
which cop»es bolh style and qheat 
listings. 01 her ofTerKlava art Vbtr 
S^/ict?.Tattd Gort^purtf anaMd^: 
Cames. but (io a la^et exJen*. 
Keep up tfw good wort< and keap 
CRASH the numbar one maoazine 
m fheafrtwe wmkJOie word o^ 
WMfflng, keep CRASH ongrnai &n0 
Thonwfi Conno% Ennlaconhy. 

qppc^re. TTwe are some rndier ^ 
who rato gr^3t dM^r m Jlrfting tnc 
hsnngs fyvm one m^anne anj 
w7^/jj^ in i^anoifiariwfy^juieWy as 
fouiifte M nrngAiktm wehav^ 
vmy htrkt way cf checking up oi? 
mts soft of ttiing untff ttsfw ioo 


CRASH October 1 986 41 



Dear F Of urn. 

Arier th^ Seven Deadly sim of Adver^lur^. hdrdaid my Seven MA^nriiCdfiil 

Dt^adiy Sins of Aicade Wrrtina. 


M^mst^ Madn^x, Kuag Fu mnsler The Comet Gams and. t>e4i#ve it orncj! . 

kVcifJ^ Cmp Camhvf iEfVUH ovefprice<i by a huge amount. Pn iji! least three of 

thfl^e the soond hg bad. th^ gr^p^ics worse . -and the cotour dash wore -still. 

The latter. WotM Cup Csmivai. footed a tot of psople, amd wtioevar I meet 

s^ey^ ii *% even wof ^ ihat tr>e reviews people have c^ven it 


I can 'I say all b^Kigei games are cmp because they aren't. B\A some 

sofiifr^ir^ houses thmk that ihay can saijnch riiiitjjsh game^ 3t low pnce$. 

Ninjii Master. P^e Master ^nti Qipirii and C'Oifi-gi^sl sfe below averoqe to 

say the leasi. And three paundaifi iwl .til Ihal cheap. althcMjgh most ^imes 

m itirs leaqtie are good. C^gara ^ ^KC&&<kngiY crappy c^rapT 


Knight lore. A/*e?i 5. f^nta^^m. Qntfrmn. Sweevo'9. Sptt^diiiy, BBeamg 

etc. W. 0. t.i.F.^ Yte ^ Kung fu. Int^n^itan^fK^sW^n^ SmCcfJ^mt, Gan- 

frighK Pyr^curse .md Nightshade. II goes on and on. CafK'i the sotlwara 

houses rea^se that we want ongmalftv'^ J0t Sei Wiity. Itie game thai lajunchecJ 

^ Ihou^nd copies. Most o( Itiern poor nnntationa, Sh^dowttrc was I he firsi 

game wtth icons to speak of. All of a sudcien tip pops al I Ihe^ games wm 

tccHis Wnai had Ge^ revo^utioriary scxm bec^r^ run of the null. 


Why dQ all 3cint0s &eum to have dCHJMi casseftfl bOM«3 arcHmd tN*m^ 1 have 

only se«n two games wh^chneftd two 0a$»#ttBe. T^e^l^fi^feand Way of she 

TfOBT. Uitirrrate and Ocean are the main culprits. Also, NjQe pacKagmg that 

lalis apari as soon as y«u openit. Thai fneans Beyoodt 


R^fnember Hijncht}^Kk th& Aavmtarer Sfrmi H&wk qmv^ Kr^ht Ht^et^ 

Gos*h. do^sn"! it^i^^rn iihiealongtimesinceiidven^ftrst.Tppeared tor tti^m. 

About a yt»ar ago, if you must know . ActuaHy, a vflt SMlh of Slroes Ha wk Came 

out . but was withdrawn belore ainybody could pari paiti tor it 03 her hekJ-up 

d d A/tTt s were the Awwe and Swofd& mnd Sorcery. 


Why ar*? so mtany gam«» proiaCteiJ"^ Noi e^vwyqn^ in this world is a pirai^. 

L@n»k)k i«^ a pain up the tHJtl and K dnc:« nmcled to r&- Icia4 ^^r.^ thr^ tim«$, 

JSW} t cd^out i^xtaa Aiiea detefrent, but ft ordy took me one mglil &^sbi 

t>en3 10 copy them out, while my friend used acotour phoiooopter. T!» 

nurrttK-r codes on Or^^ontoiv were photocopied ftycOessfyHy lirsi iry. 


T "11^ 1^ only a m^nor complains, bul why do so many gam«s ha^ crap end- 

yigs? 0a//7W?. most tHiimwe gi^me^ Stm^tnk0 f t and others all hav^ end- 

irtp along tfwcia^sK: hoea of 'ConprMLiaiikMm, you have tompieif^ Utis 

9Bm^\ Can1 houses L«ave some space m memory for an annnatedi er^mg, 

Of ftomething intefestir^^ 

Thow iH-fi my seven de^ly sjris. Mope you agr&e with rhom, 
Andmw, Ivl* ^r Lewis, Scol^nd 

Thdl seems Me# f^ffya^ids&^st of a^ss, A/Td'sw^ Anyonee^se ^/^re ihem 

GDDaaanDDDDaGaDann dod 


Dear JJayd. 

Firat ot all I have a confession lo 
make, I actually buy compyter 
magazirtes ottwc than CRASH. 
Mow before you screw ihis letter 
up and thraw rt in ttw bin please 
read on. 

1 hm^ tieen buying CRASH ami 
StnclBir User f of over two yea^ 
now, and If om trme to lime I have 
aJso purchased other maqs such 
(15 ChfTipuiar i Vtd&o Gama^ and 
vtN/f SwK:i&ifr What h&a Mmpelted 
mie to M^ite to you is a letter that I 
rg^ad Frt Srnc/ar Usef conce#r^ng its 
new look. It states that SindBir 
User i$ becoming more colourful 
and interesting lo read and is over- 
taking CRASH in these respects. 
Whilst [ accept that the rnagazme 
has improved vastly over the past 
lew months. Ktind the statement 
that Sinciaif User is actually better 
Ihan CRASH yery had to digest. 

The 'New Look ' that so many 
m R gazines have adopted of lat§ — 
le much mor^ colour, bigger 
fWiaws, pfayirtg fips, greatef 
eni0iasi s on games tisvi^ws than 
tiardware reviewa ~ is not new at 
ciil. 1 nave seen it tn CRASH 


magaztne lor years no*. 

It seems very i ronic that maga 
wh ich used to boasi that they mem 
not pst comics „ and treat t^wiv 
selves ^ery seriously have now 
adopted the CRASH Look' H 
would appear that these mags 
h^ve a! Last realised that aJthough 
Ihthtjfnbte Spectrum can be us^ 
lof many senous appircati-ixts. ilie 
principal u^ ot ttie computer is in 
g^mee piffying. 

Keep up thhe good wofi< CRASH , 
^nd altt>ough \ will continue to buy 
other compvief mags yours ts si ill 
Ait^mw Thorpe, Sheffield, S 

Thank you ftw the kind cofnm&ftts, 
Andrew, if has bo^ ini0resting /or 
us up /wfe m the wHds of Shiop- 
^hfr& to watch Giher put^icstfons 
fofk)w CRASH'S tmd rm noi try- 
titg io suggest that wenm^itmi- 
ir^r^fiyciey^ofanythingfcos we're 
not rBBfiyl M w& did at the outset 
wrnkfok at the marHet and realise 
AO-OW W^ taktng games as sen- 


Dear Lloyd, 

I wish Candy would return from his 
new pastures and come tjack to 
his old Job, because I hate Hannah 
Smi^th. The thought of a woman 
j taking over a man's )ob embaiTBS- 
ses us readers as we ihlnk thai 
CRASH ts such a brkfciiant 
nnagazine, but the thing tJiat bugs 
me IS thet us tfabuloua] readers 
never get to see nnanv pStxAM of 
you Of anyor« else wno writes for 

If yo<i make any stupid remarks 
about thfis letter vn personally Ki^^ 

Daniel Kydd^ Spliworthi; Hor* 

Hanrmh's ^^^ ksm t&g§t h§r 
rmrds on your fuS^Mmm, DmMf 
After sev&raf £i«OLrf» tt#fr MMSM 
fiBvenifame, shecoufdlBkeyouon 
With iK>fh hands ftedbehmd her 
back. Marj'^tob mdeedtRobir^ 
Cm^saSpops Into cte omem 
a^Bfcolloge wofTfasttemoon^y. but 
he's t^ing a lomsatNtolica/ 
(LMLy\^}ffomChA$mig, ffrid- 
dbnra/jy, he thinks Hs^n^i doity 

42 CRASH October 1986 


Deaf Uoyd. 

What has happened to dear 
CRASH? I am talkmg about that 
very diagysting letter YOU 
pnflsrTED (gasp) by MrPSchqfieW 
sayirvg that women are only heralo 
clear up after men. Warn not 
machines you KrK)w, we do have a 
mind of our own. 

I wear peweliery. m^e-up and 
do other feminine things but have 
never picked up a pair Of knitting 
needles m my iife. Mr P is Ikvmg m 
th^ 19th century; and if he thinks 
women would like to Clean up after 
h I s d isgusi I ng se^f he's got a shoe k 
coming. Has he ever noticed the 
$c|uilhons of woman authors 
around? Judging by hts latter he 
isn't too mtelJeetual himself. He is 
also very bqnng as w&W as a very 
disQuating ma^ect^auv^n(St pig 
Ctfltr Ritchie. Datkwth, Mkllot- 

i coufdn't ^ree wtih you mom^ 
Qfl/n tHJtyou musfn r t^ Bf^ofy with 
me forpnnttng hi$ iettar. Anetatf, 
it 's got your dander up erK>ugh to 
write and refute hm chauvtnist non 


After rmeitng A Neithms toftof on 1^ ^vm d^afy sf«s of advanturms, tfp 

mtt^rrg ^t^ul Ifte 5 daadfy $im ot Arcade ^mm. 


Whm A gar7>ett&s no aim it ioaaa soma of ftsackctfvarmsa because time fS 
no ultimata aim. ftafthe('k>of^rour\dto the startorcameson at thesame 
dftffCtitty, Somaamarr^p^are^frnt, SpyHutner. Bcmbfi^mrvA Yieaf Kyng 
fu Many say ihaTsomegami^ couldn'i taeaimtul/tiut I would dis^groeeven 
shool efri ^jp* can be made aimfui 09, StMf^tnks. €ifass. Atoon Cws^a. Bui 
maytscr not S^n;?^ tnvadsfs. When yoo sot out lo cofnpiele a gomg ratrser Itiai » 
lust go! n bic; score it has you comtrig back to il see ttie mt^ ef 1^1 adding lo 
(he games excitement 

A game ni usi i^vwjusJy npt tie m^de log easy, bul ShoUd b« COfri0etal:alfl by 
an awetage game player wiih pi^ty oi pracSK^ M#iy good aanies<H>ijki 
only tm compkiim^ by game playing wHardsag, MCME, lOiigmore, A^en B. 
Spmdizry, SL^sSnke i; Pym&jtse and Oyr^mite Dar^. Oksy you could 
always cheat, but it's not Itwaame wfien you have 10 chent When 1 gama is 
over-dffficult peopte tend to leltteH by 1 he w.iy^^e beopuse ttiey know rt iS 
out ol Iheir reach wtiK:h is a thdriie If ihe ganw li a go^ 
doe^H have 1 o be ^low^cJ down or madaiifeilaf , to moka it aaslar ycucoyld 
give ihopHiiyBr more lives, or ma^te the ruetta les nasty. 

Thi^ occurs more with arcade adveiHur^ than anyihng. Generadly. if the 
i jifle ^stoo smal I H s Jtelfc theN^pet. 3 Weeks m Par^drae, H^ 
U^ "a Dummy R^m With these gam^ it'* jusi a case o( ejcpcif irrMmlang wrth 
Objects and kxAmg lor ^gnilicanl luiks I boughl 3 Week^ and completed n 
1^ two ttays wnhgNJt>i0ip. hints or pokes My mate did il m orte and tiait hours 
i ! .- - cre^m ot the ofcade advsmuros are ine massive ones, eg tkagontotc. 
tAir^off, Dun Oarach, fmr^t^ 

A Qood aicacte garne should have you using yow reftejies most Ol 1^ 
Linci your trail Some ot Itie lime. A big mislake d! soAwaie iKWses ts lo tHji 
in lots oi knsjkgnrthcani screens wt^ich are Qfnply andadlonleBS, eg Gitt tfOft\ 
fho Gods. Robth O th& Wbod, Enigma fotca, mam are but a tow oulpfitt. 
irif;i«^inil ic.^ni sctoffivs are ,1 waste of memory 

T hc+o \% nothing mt^e trystrol^ than spetidtng houis 0( enataaaeflon . bFii*T^ 
Hogg^pig and eyes«ia**»g|UllltOs£M! some onjmmy fne^sage Of daft elfect 
TTie least ^o^tware houees could do ^ to mw^d our enom wim a viunnnig 
arid eftoci . The lop Saitkiia bad erKl eftecta ^my opif^^ 

Thebe3*3afe^ EmryonesaWt^. Mast Haadmom&idHmtxrt's Dummy 

So coil* on 90*lwafe houses, rnafce our eitcsrts woilh wtMie a^ 
some good emi eflgctsfcv u-s 
RM W Verlcs. Cimingley. Bingley, W Yortta 
PS ^lu s iriai iKjIy t^k[^ cni ctio back issues pagi? 

you seefTi fo agree on tita andeftects tmng gener^poor, 8ui most ptog 
rarrmmrstkn^/itarebaHladas to how rq hi them tn when so many garner ust^ 
etrery spare tytaavaMf^and tcan t qntf^ sm you wmifi^ tor^ i^w nwhitm^ 
wh^Brv?ih^ kimiOtcodagaf$i^jmp^mto the Spectrum toprovtdeart ertd 

Living on rhe edge of an 
eternal gaioxy, boitling with 
opponents who seem to be 
reading your mind, you are 
about to CQptQin your ship 
tnrougti one of the great 
edge-of-vQur seal adven- 
tures of the 35th Century. 

Sitting on a mother lode of 
rich mining c(eposits,a new 
quQdront called the Porvin 
Frontier js a mecco for sett- 
ters;emrepreneurson both 
sides of the low; and some 
of the worst scum in the 

Tliese space corrians hove 
been the scourge o( the 
shipping lanes: and as 
things stand now ttiey ore 
on the brink of starving out 
the entire quodront and 
holding it hostage. 
No wonder the inhabitants 

of the Porvin Frontier will 
poyolmoslonylhingto any- 
one who con get through to 
themwitho freight shipfull 
of supplies from theoulside 

But irs a tall order to fill, 
even for the experienced 

captain of the Psi-5 Trading 
Company, because, need- 
less to soy. these maraud- 
ers ore not going to take 
too kindly to any lost ditch 
etforts to spoil their little 

llAl*liU4ll >I4i*iM> A^uJ 

Choi lengeotid feel comfort- 
Qble in rhe role ai Snnce 

Freighter Coptoin.your ship 
[ust came in. 

Choose your crew core- 

SPECTRUM48K £7.95 



fully For 10 years Al Zott the hear of the battle? 
has been stiooting enemy As coptoin of the Space 
attack cruisers to smither* Freighter, you must cons- 

be your final undoing? Your throughout the mission. 

i;riwii;tj lui wy upvi i^ c^ptfi i ^ wiin space ouTiows on ine 

is chttcol You have a wealth ' horizon, what do you repair 

of talent to choose from; j firs! -the defence shields 

but witl your pick hold up in I or your weapons? 

Keyboard or 
JoysticK Controlled 
Choice of 
Specialist Crew 
Inter-ship video link 
External view port 
On board Computer 



us OoW Anwticarn Softwflr* 


S'*)*e^?''iSS^2™»rtv m the liuiTHtwf oi 1 WS- Ou »ii*»>tw was 
US Gc« licen««J Bw P<_0P^i:^™ ^^l comptiler «tterta«fln»nt but 



4 Nf Cf ORAWIVr WRITES . . . 

Dear Lk>yd ^Aangn^m, 

The JLme ts3u« of CRASH Forum conm^ned a tatter from a lady and yov 
«s^ed for any oth$r iadios to wnt& ^n to you. WqH I am a Gf anny and oriioy 
CRASH mag and of course Forum My chibdren are much quicker than I am, 
but my gre/idctiJidren 1 0, »n all . aVso en^y Irymg lo do the games which leact^ 
l^wm patienca m}4 fkiH 

A$ a wwdan of oktorly peap>9 1 found i steytd tfl home mucti more, so 
d^ctdfld I would tftiich mysari the Computer and it hn Qtv&n many hour^ Qf 
run My 1^ to 51 and though noi oy yel . ti cioes surpriMfmny people vyt^en 
I say I 'm fo«ng lo p4ay with Mpf^Mohr Pop^ty^ ^ my favmjf ito Chuckie Bgg. 

mnk you fof your newa paQM kn CRASh„ iKs a super mag and a^cplains 
so we^i thai you seem to know what you ate buying. 

Cheers for now 
Jcpyce Smjr^, Upton, Poole, DofMl 

Nksfi to mdfiwnywJGyoe (<iidyoifknow fheynammtu oorf ^ HM rM Bm you 
— ii«f fft^ didl iMff dme/. PerAiips y^(^ 

5. you mighi find you'm Qucifef fhafi youtgfmxi^kitm on fhsttif 


Lance a> - - 


ir io the foiear 


Our rMKrtflHon m deiHinfl «'ih our_ 

mended p»«ce 

fhod««Bona»**y*b*nomUSG*i 9* 


e>*ftitton& and timing wou'on i j' '"^.'tl'r^nTiu i^j inat if tt* purcrai^ 

0*mm%^ ■ 



Dea? Lk/yd, 

The rtaSion irs in e State of Panic 
and why? (As if you didn't know). 
Yes its tfye Sir Oive SJnc^air is out 
of tne home computer market (in- 
dustry). And no one cares. Wefl lei 
me ju^t tail you ^xxjL Ur^le Clive- 
\f\ t&SO the world saw ihe launch 
of S«nctatr's firsl compuief — the 
2X80. Then within 12 months of Ihe 
happy event the ZXfli was 
laun<:hed. but this was only The 
beginning of a great era. Wiltii Ihts 
Clpve produced his ace kn I9fl2 and 
what an ace the Spec! rym is. By 
dcNng this he had created the 
Bntiah horr^e computer rrtarkel. 
JiAl thiiiJc. if C^ive hadn t made his 
move Commodore S4s would ttA 
be tellbg for £350.00. Amstr^ 
miglht sail have been muckjr^a 
ibiiit wtth Hi-R and I would We 
Ml »ound watting for a miracle lo 

44 CRASH Octoberl 966 


happen. Evm good old CRASH 
wouldn't be arouAd. Sir Ciive 
Sinclair may not hew been a giBat 
buaftma man bol he is a compijtef 
genhia and no one can qu^tior^ 
that . Sir Oti ve SJfKrJajr may be gone 
for good . but he will Irve on for ever 
in the heart of my Spectrum. 

There will never be another comr 
puter like! the Spectrum. 
Rlchaftl Her greavei, Owttinoon 

fib be spokrni to the sfmir^ of 
L&nd of Hops md Qtofy') i 

; dont think dn>wte WOUktdOity^ 
thetnjfhot¥¥tMyoun^ftlchatd. i 
Mto whe^^mSlF CSwhgofmtof 
goodissnoOmrmstlQf*^tm'B | 
Boy noerf fcw* ifrne antf /*fie 
agaf/T. pefhaps heS got ar^^h^r { 
Bceuphis^^eem, Whoknows?^ , 
LM 9 ( 


No I'm not wfitino \o complain 
abom th^ fall ard ri$e of Ultimate, 
or to winge about the price of 
sofEwa/e. or rabbrt on ^>out 
software piracy And no Tm nol 
going tO moan about my CRASH 
amving in like second post (or evert 
later^U), or try and slop poor garnet 
being reviewed, or com plain about 
gamea t>eing late for release, or 
atbOUt Or$ aJlwork. And Im not 
going lo wnte a dtupid mate- 
chaijvankst letter. Tm not ev^ 
going to complain about the dis- 
gusting' pictures scattered 
thftiugn CRASH and from now om 
it everyone thought this before 
they wrote a leitet to the Forum tt 

would bnghter* up wtlhout the 
nwd for bug box (yucf). Stop using 
Forum as a moaning column. 
Jo D'Oonown^ Ora^don, Surrey 

tea J1J9W. Jo. ybu Ml em. How 
aboiif Xfm&maffy construcifVB ief- 
ferstorMChanoefM thts moanmg 
mdgmaningm b^mmng to 0¥e 
^mppmm whon lama corT^)tm, t 
gef rrmd antf /u<* and (whst was 

months feacJt, ah y&s —} fUP- 
BWT And Bit tha! c^oss ts cau$e 
more moan^ Ah welt su^/j i$ tii^ 




Dear CRASH. 

I am one of the unfortunate leenaofln whohave just taken their O LeveE/CSE 
exams this summer wilh whom BoMi Qmit SO kindly s^ymp^ithised in the 
August Issue. 

Anyway, 3 lew days ago I was playing Penrapum when *t suddenly 
dawned on me thai my iifa te slowly t ga na form irig imo a pkit devned b^ UHi- 
rnate m 3 typicaJ edvennre ganwol ttrfra. You foww Ihe plot— evi^ 
over a kingdom and poor old Sabre Man has to mk life and limb trying io 
pieoe a Pentagram or a similer tierti togethar in order to bnfig haippines^ and 

y back to the ill f onuned kingdom which darXness and evil has possessed 
Of the time bein^g. 

This plot roughly resembles the unfortunate Situation iha! I have tourid 
myseH in. My mum has warned me thai if i don't gel a certajn amounl ol O 
Level passes then my faithM Speccy wHi be banished To tha toh while l am 
lorced to do retakes* What'a rnor^ ait my cop#^ ot CRASH . plus my fiitue 
subMribedlliiuiii wl Im fohwJng my iii- fated Speccy mi o ihe dark raalmi 
of Ihe ton as iirai ITiis, ol ooM^ie . wfil bririg g^ 

So you see, in my case, a number of good e^cam results have id be co^ 
lected in order to ensure future happiness and joy m my lele otherwise evi 
con&equarx^a wM prav^. Sabre Men doen have an edranttge over me 
becaupetie can hswoa many goes tt he bkes m order teacMeve hcs large! 
bul as for me J only hai^ Ihe or^ chance. Hannah Smith's Play^ 
probably he^ Bttre Mem out, if his i jte gels i hat Eittie bii loo dflng wi oy s m fm 
adwrnttinrig. but ih^m t^ no w^y $he cotid he^ me out on this one. 

So tb ' cheerio " froni me fo^ks. pI my luck runs out which thwe is a pretty 
good Chance that it wni fct wqmW probaWy be of aome consolalion lo me to 
$ee thi^ kstler printed m your great macpzme because the September Itsue 
of CRASH coukJ be my (ast CRASH for quite a long tljue and it wouM be 
pieaair^ to sea this lenar printed somewhere in its Forum. 
^Andrew Caieghen (16)» Fofvet NW, Loftdon 

WhatanmbsokJtBfyhotfUkiWd- Teiiywrmum thailfstmdom^nythkiQ<^ 
me sorr r// uae aff my AniMuwioe m^ 

fyofrmnd Imsiif^ you' vehsd your mmMkX^MgobyfWIt,^ 
th^ywamgood. tnctd&ntMy. Robin Gmxfypmmdiot&afmlde^eirtGots 
by getting k>mds oT O tovete, J always kn&w fh&ftx^ywQiMgQ a long ii^^nd 
d>i4?ti0$Siy^ofHdcn^fnbiU.* _ _ _ _ 


ichmnHfi;^,"'' ""'" " "" " ^Of'^ti. Who I, 
-i,.s ftp, worth the space. 


InQ future 

• youftHthBWify&esfjor 




Deifcf Uoyd, 

ia thiQf^ a Welsh CRASH ? HavulQ 
b04j^tii the August edition in 
Oertjy. [ look il txi hoiicliEy. 

When I relurfhed rny f nbnd had 
bough! I he san^e edition but he 
had bought his copy when, 'Gad- 
zooKsr €f nkJ niy fnefid. as w$ 
hjf ned 1 pag© 83 ■ On The Scf wn" . 
In the bonom ten-hand corfw of 
the pa9e was the scrMn dump of 
thacasOe coyrtywd. This wu col- 
oofled pMc afKt pwpia. So what? 
you cry- 
Wall, after a quick cycle rtMjr>d to 
my !r!^8id"s house, he prodyced hi^ 
ChASH and t^ The easlle cour- 
lyard ID hmedftion was indeed y^- 
Idw and gfeeri! 

So, IS iNsrea Wo^sh CRASm Wa 
demarKJ an e^p^anot^on* 
M idw«rdis and R Pdwi^ill, Bat- 
iwiMJn-T^atii. D«rby 

¥mf f fhtnk you 'mjolfy kicky, it's m 
hs¥tng a rare, wrongty pfinted 
St&^Tip * No. fhof&s no Weisti edh 
Hon of CRASH, what 's f^x^ssbty 
happened mtha^ you hmmon^i^ 
thom ¥myf»wc(i:t(ea thaigei ouf 
wfmn theptinfetdmygmpap^ 
fofts in rmt-run. A few gel sHghtfy 
mte thepfinSngpimm to gm tf^ 
ink batance correct agatn re&uft- 
ing, harp and them, m some odd 

LM (J 




What's hnpp€riinii at CRASH TmF&f^'^ H,is Qt^bw^ Kidd s BO got loo much 
tat you ail First Robm Cafidy thflo <iarv LK3kSon and naw yoy^ ^iyw yDU leaving 
CRASH f Of LM *X what? 

WiHi it aik the n&m slaM are !M Hafiriah Sm^th you won't hacir any qqin^ 
-'-"'- 'rom mtt^he^an wieatle wirth me any iTme kng* whai ( mm^)* Less 
■ ^ ^t (Fnt» tesdat MA} wnams, onto someitung mote qortstiiicttve 

MiFFwH tt^reai, hta H^arm 'fern em* Loathing' is aqa, even ri Km none ttU" 
wraer after reading ii 

I miat ODfigral yiate CRASH qn infaroducirrg a PBM g^ime seciion to Ifhq- 
mikgarine 6 wm. ifi dan^i^r of dymg of t>o*&chxn as my Spednjm had bJcwr 
a tu»iA IN4 1 4B diDda aiTid a A 7a0f5 1 6 f e9U<*it£?r to l^e e™^ 
con Wir«.. Bnsi" ' lanv pi ayers on Vprcon efl few?tt^ waich out coa FfHOGFH w < 
seilie tot noihimi less ifwi total donmaii£>n) 

" ^ ^ a & also n dedrt tor Seen fctestaiton lot hav^^ lopu t up with 

js (new wqfd fof you) ptamars iifct Peter Shields (FramSine 
Fmim No 3!} he'd nccsd riiore than shiiHds j1 I giot hold o« brni Jusi cos 
riontlifwsafe in the minofity thare is no noi*d lo sciaiJ tronf lifw 

Othin*«a yOM'te QGOfia have e revolution ofivou* Khpk^ matoy (softy 
{ttiOut thai ombiirsf but people raallly pi^ ni« d^ 

MvoiA haveto do to rrwk^ CRASH parfect lor me rs lo c^Kpand P6M Mail 
&OK . Ff onllme artd pi,it ttie reviewers milais aflef ihe reviews A pm up poller 
ot hiarmj^ Smrth wouldn t be a bad tdei Isimple te pleB*« arao 1 1)? 
i MaiitFi^wMia,S9iiglfiofitllolli 

rmf^gomgmsywhamMmk. Theymiusttxiff&A/edmymii^a^f&mermw 
majj fonfy mw they"mpr^0ndiM they have nothing to do with fny m^^ 
Kmlhtng fo do li^ e&ik^ ft a livafy Maga^ne t thtnh. of Lazy Mofty 
I u?f Mnu r^ ^ th^ wuty ft gets dorm no doubi) T^ie- M/ge^ chin» m ttmt 
a &g Ktddmdfm'^ng Muin^e gait^ >nio htsO&Q MtFtms funny thtngitfe, 




I am ^ck aiKJ lifad of raodlnii MOfMa imiaa ttid tti^ 

riKimh J myaair woA 1 ttja llwriaia Iwi 19 u^ 

Thla fame waa a compMe waaie ol moriay ii'a axKily 1^ 

thjno elaaarourxl oi Ihe rriCNnani I4e»^^ 

and ws^aha«KS of me rM, they have faNan Moa A^fip. and rf iMy %idly aira 


1 1 hink people should mo^ ^oing on about Utlmeie end tafce moi^e nottoa 
of Odin tor In my view ihey eetheteadifis eofhiiirt houee In the country, 

t rriuM however p IhinhyoM tor ttfing ua iixM 
for Ihit is one relieved izBK Wffiif. 

Hj wm. RalnbMfn, Kant 

PS YcKj had tatter publlah thia Of rn keep wfimn yntil you do. 

r«pnttiadlf — so stop wri^ng, to/don '^nmm rtaf — - honeer . i'mnot mre 


from e & J SOFTWARE 


1 ^/JMtai^ looibia ppiw ■ ■ faff — tiau ■ ffen^JM^ i*cii gpm* u*p» ew hja 1 

IBttnoryof VQur a^wctrym or ep«ctnjm+ «n4 !• pw^*^ wtlh giHHiitn* faMuftt*. 


OUR O0liPAD€N8»VC AND £xClT«^ LE^tOUE OA^^ - f^rW& HQUJOE: 
aelnma Itaam ShiiKlkin. Sut»litxilm HAli-T^n* Sooni, KjK ^quad Datata; ffwiwd 

MvtHi. IhiurfH, Comimilfike SaaKn. PilMtOpieh. P1.US MANV MOfl£i 


« J^My UOi. Jbi^ eio^ C«w4 DwM. S Si4ii»UlH 

SiHl-dula ttm auM*n *«^. fcWcft mMM, ipfury Tim.. Man^ f^tA^llML £W 

Qptivi. PLU^ lUUV^ MOHE^ 

• • # «P»CIAi. WMTUIW* • • 

lBw%f bwr PREMf£.f^ LEAGUE wviwv i?d»«iiO 

Bom th««« SHTWt can b* pi«y«d Hpvpivty qf *i C^HM^ 
^ * # fl fc— i t i j a aa cft * « * 
SPfCWL TWm Pin£fi£HT:ATlQ*l WCK Of ao™ GAIKB^^ 

amfncnvf WORLD CHAMPlOPtS 


^«a itwQutfi t«qMlMi^ *VB«^ ^^^ HiAciwt and onto trtt fentl* LOOKM 
liai»L Ita HaauHi Uit, lotatch $tfiwiiiQfi». CtUAaa PVm orlkafPi iMinth LaaQua 

WORLDa4«ylPtOWStit*tiJ**ai*^*i^ o om pf i' w^ 

iM t« Nrildwina: Uaicri Tiinv, Nvnad Q«l SoTiTm. aN:ttfr«'rM^Corfiei^ FraaftMa, 

^ ^TMLrwa/mMOMaiMmMmwammjmw 

Att ^H PPM -PHllv Ipt AtO<&ll' W*' IfffcffwiaBf* (iiiapicftan ■-■ sn^Fj^tw 

QAM& FOR Omy £19.98 

aMi le^ Hiaif ef^<»^#«^- 
S A J SQFTWARC, Rooin d. 

4abi Sf'ECTftUM 

Fed up wtth Drdlnairy fnilt ipiicfiln* BAm#af 


Afniit mactiifie ejfnuletion with the ifiost lip-to^data fealurM, 

eound ar>d graphice 

FRUIT 2010 

ip fet inMt mmcMne 

to ton pimy^tt 

FlAlUlllli f^e^ reets - Ootd Rueh - Reutette stys« ^ajn&lia - CIPO iKicpot 
- Holds - m%^ kf^i. - NiKliie« - HEGK^ipeed Spinning Reati - San Down- 
Larcw Graphics - hty^ery Boii - USES A4.L 4SK - t2 diflafoni Tnilt*- *ifar 
sound - Cash Hiin - MULJtPLE ODDS - mufti-coloyr - MAX fiUOOEl - 

NurnbeF Ooard 

Pla«M a#nd £f».Ott which tndudaa P & P 

MMawaHI (CKlt fl4a Londom Road. WeateUfr. £aaax SSO eNW 

Software fnom ROSSWARE 

CRASH October 1986 4S 



U* me irrtFcjduoe myw«- My rmrm 
is Gerai^t Jones Bfid 3 am PrM- 
denl of the Huntef S Mirffloofin 
cjub . Our sota Slim in Fife m to pforn^ 
pts th^ g^^ mcirii himself, Ni 
dnnkrrbg habits and to dflslroy all 
(hD^ wtio oppose hMTi So. J A 
AttwQod , ouf Nt g^JiQ t^ already oci 
Us way 10 NodcHk to seek you osil 
Evan DOW iwo urelched 
liiTieiiSjne* ftscoftod by a nsei of 
Ferraris and Lamborgh^nls may be 
doting m on your abocte. tf you 
ctoffc't sm^ ategterice id Mr Mm- 
ftdnlFiey ivill give you i pair of con - 
crate sno^a ofid drop yoiur rolting 
lor«o imo « vii of &loo<ty Mary'a. 

Sucti IS Ihfi fftte ol those wtio 
blii4f?h«fne aa^st Humef S Min- 
iOrt , f^dObody Bfti ever sai d tn^t our 
^cM^ dceent give iti "M^cthms f arr 
wemrrig (none ibat liave lived long 
mvoudnmr^w^h so btopbefnefs, 
naxi time ybu see homebody me , 
ftteweainn styfe shift, watcri tbf itie 
burst of tii^ect r^peN^n \ (as 
demonstreled by the eimiahiy 
M#fW^n in Essue 2 7, pdge 14} it may 
^peM your end. 

I also bBve a wammg for you 
Mengram. Aim any more anti- 
M iniM>n mtmt end yoij w/iii f«nd a 
lony Urnourtii mrtalde your col- 
legv^ untai Of (XHiflt you iend 
the squftd MMfMa^and Cdu^lfon 
E Dmi try to gel the Ludlow mafia 
onto Lis as we Have mf l^treted ttal 
ouny esttu 5© for B pfOtecfiOfl fW- 
ket . Bui we Know that thit Ihought 
n0v«r oroteed your mrnd aa you're 
a nic^ Qijy iMily end wouidni liM 
your ^neec^ps broken . 

Otrelnt Jon#«p ie B^oodymery 
floeii, hkin^ef^vHlSr Lasth^ng- 


I wouMli 1 dM[/n Qfpfmttng 
m^iiher Bnti-Mmson l&Hm war 
jpria, «s /j^u^/^ niyi:nee«pe tor 

fteven Y eieen AM ro OMnni^fM^ 
. . . {sorry}fmnnkig^ins Stiil, y^ 

^llfwootfr£jd#. . 


I thtnk the op^rHon voiced »n the lei - 
lef wrmen by JA All wood. Irom 
Norwich was In ii^K excessfve 

HunTer S Ml nson ts paid fof 
doing ft iob, a Job he do^ wtf i A4 
A totirttfM he FHilnts a ootourfut 
pictynt of lita b«h4nd the soenes jn 

the com|>uter woirld. 

If JA AltwoDd thinks thai Huiler 
S Min^pn^ t>ahaiviOMf is nKghtky 
bek>w par &i leurKties I i3in essunt 
hkn thai he is not ihe only one 10 
beha!y>e in ihi$ mannof 1 know two 
or IhrM lourri^stsand Iroin what I 
have gidaned Itoiti ttiem Hunter 
MInscn Is a krtian compared to 

The ofVef of a Itee mttOi and free 
boozeto the lagging mmes oreahs 
a txiat of ei^criement. and why 
ahouwm rt? Epojraaritom (loblii It 

Asonse of humour $hOu^ be 
exercised, and the arllcles of meri 
Ilka Hunlof should be read in a 
loviad, lightheari&d way 

More power to your drhfeins arm 
Hum er. from a Scyal fan* 
Ber^ Jemeai CWtOfi, Brielol 

tfftfrk CP^^H f^ma^rs w^nt to $m 
boNnd tfw scenes^ Some wotM 
^rgi^ nof *fc<if from my expert- 
ence. rnosf d&. tf/id Mtfisorr dioe^ rf 
w^ (kn&sc^f^, ptAsase of cp f e^^r?g 
me wh0t fa wnt0 . . .j. Spmeone 
eiiit wfH^ BiBC^nfoy^ im&e^in 
comfoft has this ioMsy. . . 


Here ft mf view on Minson'i Col- 
umn. \x\ dtfterent, -funny and good 
TO rmd beoause he goes into deiaU 
wneww he govt (^mei 
iauncheeetclorgemei lunches ei 
he w^uld preterf 

There ie noitiing else like iNs to4 - 
umn irfi oiher ngssOt weU done 
CRASH rorp«cilng«o irany diffe- 
rent things into the megazir^ 
CAN, Wood Green, London 

. .^arKl. .« 

Don't sack John MIf^Khi. 
Ale I Marsh p Bilterfcay^ EaaeM 

Dear Lloyd 

Mr Min^qn can rela^ bec^iiia I 
am cenamly a Un of his. His co*- 
umn Is entertain Ing^ h musing 
and a piece of prof esstDnelJjcHjr- 
rvalism- rrn sure his. column Is 
not going to ef^courage any 
youfiger rvaderv to go out and 
*thfow up CHI Volvos' . Oorne on, 
after ail It's only a btt of iun and 
fisnl that what compNjtera are all 


Artd look atT'ier tn VS. Her coJ- 
umn 'i written in slmiiBr Style and 
rKkibody complaikie abotft hm* 

l4Tida Melthlaa I Uegh, Lanes 

t^ear Uoyd. 

I happened lo read JA Aitwood"^ 
letter on itieeiicetont ooiumn by 
Hunter S Miraan. I conl tetr you 
how utlarty ambafTa^s^ I ^n to 
Iiv9 rn f^rwich. I fiTKi it emba^BS- 
Bing tfiat siA Atiwood shoukJ be sd 
unoultL^ied and not have heard of 
or lead w^ HufHer STbomnson. I 
mywelf Hvid Nm highty amusir^g 
and have a bcffik whidi ho^jwee 
»uch greets M *The (keel Starts 
Hunf\ 'F«r and Loathinq at Che 
Supar Bowtv 'Jmmy Carter and 
the QtbM Heap of Faith ' and many 
more. I do hope you will continue 
with if)e column and not be pui off 
by nv^rons au€h aa JA who do noi 
thIfiK befoiv they apeak. Ptease 
don't st^?po«erfi*t»lhlorfolk 
Oympiiogs ^% uncuttur^. coun- ^ 
YMf Btoof. Nofw^oh. Norfolli 

Dear Stereogram, 
To JA Attwt^ a™3 CH Evans- 
Paws off Hunter S MinsonFTha 
F^ear and loatiing page in CRASH 
(ft the page I first tum to on buying 
ttw maootine, being vefy hurvKKjr- 
OUSeMWeHwnltefi ToihOftSC^- 
tics, M^MJ want to ivad oanDua 
news turn 10 the newi pegee of 
CRASH. MrMHiMnteotyvloueiy 
CRASH s answer to Nigel Demps- 
ter, wftii Fear and LoathKng beiig 
tlie CRASH Diafy More free 
iunchee and Hquid ones too to his 
Ftillip Graan of Sudbury — righrt 

... bur whMti ftiisf? 


I wflS put my point of view on Hunier 
S Minson'a 'Fear and Loathing", as 
you requested. After reading m 
oolunDn I tfiought to ntysetf . wfiat 
was al thtA about? RMding i\ 
agairt it dawned on me . . , Abso- 
lutely ^4otNrr>gir ft had hardV wpf* 
ming rqlsvanl tO hofm coni^XJterl 
^in^ was as boring as A was Jor^ 
Please remove Hunter S Mmson 
from ihis oo^urm or try a^H] get him 
to wriie more relevsnttyi' 
Richard Popp4«slon, BanwatL 

BMter w&fdi out for ^>os#iap Vof' 


[>eaj Lloyd. 

I wfiie Ehis leiter bacause r)0-one 
else has done 1I SornTOf^'^gotto 
be tirst. 1 1 mighl as weJI be me. 

Vbii see I am add ic led to compu- 
ler magazines. Wall thatls not loo 
senoiis you might thmk. but it i^ 
dnving me nuts. I read CRASH, 
Sincimr User. Vbtjr Computer, 
Computer £ Vrdeo Garrtes and 
atwul »K Dutch magazines you 
have rwver heard of I hardly aver 
read anythin-g else There isn't 
timel As soon as I have finished 
readinjg througl^ one load of 
magszioas the next k?ad appears. 
My gneateat fear m life 1 s that 1 m^ss 
Ohio issue of a maga^jn^^ I read 
tfiem h>ng before Jev^n own^ a 
Spectrum, yes I do own one now. 
but playing games? H^h\ Even ^f \ 
would have a^ny money left to buy 
programs 4 probably wouidnl 
know what to buy: I am spotted for 
Chotoo: Smasties. Star Ganges, 
Classics etc. all ol them programs 
no self-respeclintg Spacl/um 
owner aliould be without. WatI, I 

My f am i |y have been vi^r y under- 
standing, but right ROW they are 
trying to get me !o talk to a 'very 
rvice gehiteman'/Vbu've guessad 
It: a Shrink. 

So here's some advice to all of 
y04;r readers out there sticKloone 
magazEne (CRASH is nol a i:>ad 
choice), or you coukJ end up i4k« 
me Vdu wouldn't warrt that to hap- 
pen, would you? 
Michel van Staventn, T012VH 
Amsterdam, The Netherlands 



Perhaps you shoukilook at ri the 
other way. MfCh&S. fh^t it ts the 
others who am mad and you who 
is sane. The Dutch aiw enofmotJ^ 
magaztne reacfers anyway (pfty the 
Bnttsh arer^l fhe sariTa*) ami you 
may jimi be suffermg a si*ghiy 
ad^rmced cottdtttor^ of bemg 
Dutch, it you wsnf to put yOiw 
'ShrirtH ' Off, ju$ t ask him tor a read- 
ing am (aint&fnattonas fisychofogy 
ffis^gaztt^ias - 



[>^rir Lloyd. 

Ooe^ Hannah Smith have breasts 

the sijre of Sarnantha Fox 's, a wa»$t 

.IS Ihjn as [>uch^s Fergies and 

buttocks the sine of Annaka 


tf not then why is this beautiful 
body disptiyed on tfie cover nf 

46 CRASH Octob 

Peter Raid 


L Dunrermllne, Fife 

it S aW true, P^m and she^ much 
TTWfe stunrmg 3f hdn CSVG's 
MeHssa Ravenf^anw.Jf you 

Otympia. you rmyha^ 
bflrtte ot f^e sU^kms^ C&¥G 
started it by plastering th0 News- 

ttefd sfami m on0s my^ng Hem^ 
Mud m yot*r £y^ J^annafi Smtth \ 
I'm ((M the Newstieia i^^m 
retaliated funou^iyof} theSafwday 
with$tit:;kar^s<iytr}g, Sii^Ravtng 
Dam#, stand up Melissa md 
mcc^ th0Chailmge " Tliera was 
ever^apmMir ' ^^" 

the two tipstfe$9m to wrw^mm -=- 
but t^^t^^rmBTshomdup . . . 
LM " 



AREA? 1 

Dear (U rgh !( Lkjydy Poos. 

Don't read this smcHly old piece of I 

paper cos it's tolally meaningless, | 

Moan 1. Don't let puffs like Mr P _ 

Schof lekl write a load of gextst I 

crap Ihke the stuff you printed on I 

page 3S of August Essue. Most m 

fefnaias are humain except lor my I 

34ster (Helb bndsey} and her ■ 

Mend (HaQo Batiej wtto Is a distant m 

Illative of the cherry (her mMi tea I 

ctwrryV ■ 

Moan 2 , Th IS n^% notNng to do ■ 

wri h computers Or CRASH . Woiiki I 

youpiMaataJlnKycailousettie ^ 

garden and not my bed tor a CTis ■ 

duties I 

Moan 3. Have tof^ger nrv^ews 

arid the rev»ewefs name attef every ■ 

comment. | 

Moan 4 . Ki II the Ed , Q/aeme 

Kkld. Robin CarKtyvid yourself ^ 
arel MHid me Hannah Smilh's 
(btssy kissy) address. AJso Kill the A 
pervy whq only gave P^^ritciirse a 
anepBgeinevwwand68%ifDr A 
grapiiics. It deserves at Ie95l 96%. . 
husr lurve thefn zCHUblM wtv the * 
slakes dUvftn through thair heemL. a 
Moan S. Don t print my address * 
cosi dOnU wani Mf P Schofin^&k^ 
wruting to me to compilajn. 
R«m6fi4Mf to MOd me Smitti«e'a 
Skddpe^- ftfid <^ive ht&F mine. 
PmA RocbaM' East Ham, LcHidon 

Nemrifl^i^: fared ^oii w^anf ■ 

wts^youhs right Irmvefsnoukl 





I arn ^ 16 year old Span^ l>ovdnd 
I hav^ been reading CRASH for IS 
months, I have many rrt^nds who 
r«ad CRASH end we tNnk its very _ 
good. I $aw ihe tss4j« 31 wtikti my I 
Er^ish p^frf nend buys Mid I have ■ 
some pQint$ to makB. 


1 Minorttic». 

Petef Shields tn the FrontHn© 
Forum says I he Frontline and OlJ'^ef 
mmonties should be tiriished. This 
is rwt good. The ditferent pltfts of 
the mmsi^km m wh^l matos H 
interesArig. FM$hlng tham wouki 
make lit M Una sttme am} mak@ a 
bonng fragazlna. si? 

3. Budiaat Gamaa 

Ttie mievra of biidgiet gamei^ IS 
sti<)«do> Why does the pnce of th« 
game fwdiy ^flfed tlie 'Valine tof 
Money' scots? Example- ftJcMar. 
99|i, owerall 54 % . v^ue only 58% . 

3. Manngramm 

What ddes he iNnk he is n^iak- 
(ng?? He never answefs ttie ser i- 
oiis letters seriously but is getting 
angry on ttiB losing fellers , eg I he 
Girlie Ikkeover teHer, msu& 3t . 
Some CRASH people are saying 
ho dO€«i nol escisl , I am thinking it * 
better It he did not 

4. Fear and LoatNng 

What is Ai Ihis moeining abOLFt 
Minson? He is the bast thrr^g in 

La saiu*k atwi^meaiie, 
hl{gu#l MartinaXt Qfronflp 

P(^t 3 nesify got your Settef m the 
wast^pa^i^bm, young Sf>an^sh 
gent. Hpw dxB mi cas r ^spoF 
stonsan myatmtms. I Uoyd M^ft- 
iingi ^m wAof matoff CfUSN what 
if is, ifyoudOf^yfT^nd. As foe th^t 
M0mycokiur0dH^wamn bur- 
mmy i^Brov$f}gioi^n&i^t csii^d 
Mtftson ^ iMaM you can ha^m th& 
kneecaps badic — bp Stotb. 



Have no fear. Uoyd. I am not writing to $ey that Tm a male chauvine$t p«g 

(cause rmnot}. 

No indeed, I wnte to oonoraiulate you and Wafik you for an e?(oeiient 
magodnep thai has k^ ftiv9iihrQjled onoMgh to pay a pound each month 
for me last two years and to wfiietNs letter 

Yel I am sadderwd at ttw loss of Robin Candy and Robin Camly ' 5 Raying 
Tips., which he brought Irom pufcd to pofcas<» tie Saying gooB^ But wiM, let 
us not lalk aboot thi^ young atlmcth^ newtiipelarby Ine name ol Kanrah 
Smith who h^ saved Playing Tips ^r>d wtiatai|raaC|obshehttdbnedf Mas 
weil an€l hopefliNy she wdl bnng rl to tha Nghest iftandard k% ttie Mue. 

I atoo CDngratul^a you on ttie P6M maltiox ^id what a great job Srendon 
Karanagh has don« ol it 

All trie other re^ulmrs aio Bnll as well, Meraty MW(pwn, SM's Froni!if^F:' 
DB^£ Adventure u^i, Foriim. Tech Niche, Ujrm Jebrnan (how ^bout Termi 
nal Mffli II) to name but a ffl?w And every ona deserves a round ol applause 
Oh Ve^^ Andaspeoahtiank^toGraerneKkld (May NsOoctt^ Marten Boot^ 
rewn the carpels of CRASH tor many a y^ to corne). 

toft Cameron Pound to k^^ up ttm good work because Ns photos com- 
pliment ttie reviews like L^iurel ard Hardy complimeni each other. 
8 DevieSp Rhondda, Mid Qlainorgaft 

Gfaeme 's boots ^lave cariwri^ ruinad cnw t^ 

iim»rii^w.H&t& to mink wfmNs bigger or^ 

hoief-^}ijiaiiTyi^ Acftial^J'if IM^ 

anotfwApwer IhaTtoliL p^m^yo^rH^k^howtTm^tim&$i'vet>emp^- 

^etfover In fhepromcftion sfMes^ Jijsf as wsWI'm nof f/ie sort fo moan and 




I tll0lj«ht Id wriila to l«t you Imqw how I f«ii abmlC soffwn (homb««) NJUBSii! 
Oil 'pfopn' I hear you cry but it g«rts mft n^aiy an^ry tp thtntfc how llnsy s^a 
haMng back the homa ^Mnpu^fr Indbst^ and they're anrt LMie towards it 

Only iBit weak I iMird thai Enferpriaa Compulsrm hii^ 
Wa4i thaanswir ^simple, piopio dkti't buy it Oh Wowf fhsar yoy mmik, 
IM teton, tfw f nterpriae had hardlv »ny Sonware avajlflble lor it, whyl 
beoauge ra damn solNrar^ hOMse wotJd prtxfcioe«oltw«ra f^ it becauaek 
ouced s^twnra vor itp pHoplm wq^M tmy H and weiyCma would be happy. 

It has ^ (0 tfmmtom whmv no ctxr^mr^ wit pfOdiyOe aggw iffa far any 
otfw £OfTipiitif9 twAda SpactruFtii, Commodore 64 and Amatfad CPCi. 
Whan you think abotgjtitia Spaocy 4S haa baan pushed io i^ Hnnts, tho 
Cornmodm M reaohad Its UmJls veers ago and ineAmai^sd ^haidiy s 
ciysHum tap^ 6i/l untH <ioti ware houeae char^ga tha^ aHhuda vi Itia f fiBM 
vi« vvi be stuck wfth BOs c omputflfS whan we ihoJd be having super Ngti 
lech ^Ornputert and irmnv mcTQ compeMe wMand^^ 
ihay tod a marv^youd computBr. (sofna already have). 
SInven JonaSt Klfi^ Norton, ekmlFiQlwTi 

You Siiamarigry and surpnsada&ouf trm£snivpm», ym fmnfiymsyofm^im 
Hi'Mvifc ifnen tfiASpt^h laj i a^lS rSMesedl 0hallad|MiirigsdChHVVJViCb8#y 

coiwtnmg ttt6m$£migtiiioihaSp«(^in0n. D^^^ ^o fit n ^ i of sorrwvv was 
ohaiv? b^cauAtf rhe puTHin dia»t t ac^u^ 

ho uses ooytoinato monov, smfw ancf pm^par io dp bafiar rihir^gai Hffian 
fhsAm^ac/mf Caunchacf, fto con^parij^hiadlaisin can toanaurts a naasorh 
^jff g»Sff6l^oi' ullitte arid gftwaw wig aieac^ a w^ifalaantf baefcad i|p 
eiatriwilMrv by atev taoopiiva fngrr ido suCMsrtjf aartim housa 
AenwiMii /fen^Sj^ac^iirn hoiiM fo^omwf auMI'v^ainast^ ii^ /lurt- 
dMIiftieftoGTCm. Tim Commo0ot^9tmiayMmmtiimimridwkS&3tJi^ 
oaa^ccsLie^ciiaivhaa^on^^i^^^ c^>fi^Vy 4^£llr^ 

rvafbso^ up at ^ 

ypu c^an T a^p^ctf 9ofhv«^ hoi^^as 4*^4^ haw 
IP speml ihatis^f^fis ofpopndis paying for prppamrriars^ promoborts and 
ad^^arbiirig IP cierfetf^ 

ihnaeito ftxjr tfrfTf i?MfPff flffla^iftfri'in tckffffiwf f Anoni tfmfaffliaf^jrifiWilf n iM^uk^ 
main aeilrv? hwiiy arir^ copiif o^ 1^ oarnaiL Eqe^^ 
corvipfjier wiifh no soiiwarelo run on ^A 1^^ 
fyv'ttifl hi^NP inaraigad Itl ciacA. cnfaipriia dUdh Y, 

And talking o« racharging bffttefias, it's lima to raptnce th* cfuckad 
kratt>Brdiii Hi)UMe iof my H*fmw, unlock the chaina from the oidbicycte. 
artd wend w a af % off up ihfl hill Id Mangrdm Vi<»wCDitage whilo ihe row 
dJer elements of ttro Fikc Michaol 'Skimpy' E^ynn and &cn (j clidn t 
g^t 10 bn6 untjl S m I ho m-ommg last nighiy Siqcw Join &eyboQtfi Kidd. 
carp«t scourge a rnj bigger \han ever bosiy boala and Hsnnih ^F^am«d 
OUT th& R»^»ng Dami?} Smith i n the loc n I hostel ry they re f^f to &v the Pig 
and BalLb«aringK (wmjld yoy d^mk in a place with a nam» lik* lhat|7 4 
wouldn't — ttiafm why Vm oft hom*. se* you neit mqnth . . , 

CRASH October 1986 47 

[ 0( 

' ^^jVc. 

i * 

by Rosetta McLeod 


K is interesting to see that my favourite programs this month 
were despf n&d. writteii and produced by practising teachers. 
Andy Watson in Aberdeen and BiN Elliot in Plymouth, have 
both become aware that much of the educatiofial software 
cm tt\e market is not really wtiat teachers in schools are look- 
k\g for and so have come up with their own produets. If you 
txpect these lo be amateurish, you'd be wrong — Expose 
alld^l^9hlmare/Pothotef are both extremely professional pac* 
kagea which have b^en thoroughty tested m the classroom. 

Andy Watson has been interested for many years in the 
potential of the computer in the classroom, and as a teacher 
of English, and more recently, working with remedial chiU 
dren, he has bujit up tremendous experlise in his field. Bill 
Elliot atao, has reaped the benefits of his computifvg know- 
ledge. Seventeen out of his class of twenty-eight children at 
Southwsy Junior School own SpecltumSr and indeed, are 
avid readers of CRASH. Over to them for their commefits on 
Poiholer and ^^ightma^e: ^-. 

''ltltmHii*mm& becau^ ofM l/re diftewn fwnst&rs in rf Jito the '1^thol» ^a pvnelbrM tfwtenri^ iPtt woipuf togeVmrmndm a k>ng 

B«fi paviy aartfi Qfmn 

'£ymfyUffi^youao^kriimibymQnsf€myvufusicQu^ It&goodhowi^ouhaimtowOiktM^ptm&tiagfft&mrmr^ 

nam go to fif^&ut what wQukif\app6f}n^xt.' * Simon R9^ rmcveyoi^fn&nds.'* 

Stiven Hofrti 

ts vary mt^msting torp&c^M mm an tma^wtion. ' ' litke n when tn&comp^Mf0mB you ftjrtny mmarfcs- tfWJ whmyougm 

Cari Bat«s clues, thst is v^h^n j^^r btWfi h&K to m^. '' 

Jason Row* 


Prgducer: South way 
Retail Price: £6 
Age range: 7 

Both of the pfOflfams on iNs cas* 
Sdtte were wntten i^ W H Bthox. a 
leacfier at Souitiway Junior 
School m Plymouth To scaw Itie 
pfobiem ol lack o1 lundi fof 

prof JTs from the sa^e oi Nt^tmme 
and Potho^ef go stfa^Q-ht rnio 
s^ch'TOi lynds. The progfams a*e 
specially structured for classfoom 
^ae With groups oT ch*ldf©f^. and 
the scr&ofi t^Jtt d-recis thech^idrtn 
lo^af ds a vaf H&ly ol activities 

NtgMmafei^ an aaveniuftgame 
m which the chfcidien have lo 
rescue Princess Pm who is being 
hetd capU^e bv Naughty Nora. 
After viSjtfng a tew locations the 


^ e. Tksks irciude crtaiive writ- 
ing — descript^or^s of the CMtie 
us^ng words such as tjattiements, 

SfcHtstflf, portcuiits and drawbridge. 

art wcHk! solving codes, numlSef 
aci I Allies, ami ev^ research to 

48 CRASH October 1986 

I 1 ifid QUI the cap'! al c ■ i les o» France. 
Turkey and Portugal The idea is 
that each group ot children will 
work at Its own pace and wj«i 
spend a re^liveiy stiori time at the 
' compiler t?e!or^ gChnfl oH lo com- 
plete an assignment 
^ The q^fne is esctrefnely ©ftioy- 
I aWe. and ttie colourlyi graphics 
; hold the players' atteniion In both 
ol the games no^c^'tak™ skiHs 

fo^ instance, ihe adventuief shave 
to rescue thetr It sends who a re long 
overdkje from a caving expedition, 

I using ith ihe following eau>pmi&nt 
a rucksack coniaining Kood. bat- 

teiries. cioihes and a !irst-aid krt: ^ 
icnrfe with many t>iades: ane^ectnc 
tamp, a 2 Dm rope: a bte jacket : and 
a small ^pade One ot tl^ lirst 
tas^ in thi$ game m to work out 
how lo cross over a slieam without 
goihng the rucksacks wet. and a 

, now 10 get throu^ a long pa ssage 

whic)i f§ too fiaifow to crawl 
through wearing Jihem Pfofcriams 
such as ttese are superb for get^ 
ting ctiildren to ihi^nin and W d*^- 
cuss th^ir ideas wMh each oth&r. 

vou can go eithmr i*ft CLJ or 
1 r I g h t I R I , 

- ^ " h 1 ^ r 2 • r r € := 

^ V P 

= J a 

Tifiw f0 i:hav«#; ra ^0 r#lt or i^ ^o ri^HU ihmfim ihe nummiion In 

This adventure offers a wide 
scope foe art wocic as the groups 
have to produce, for e^ampJe. 
ca^ painjings of Strange animals. 
If the players €omp^ele their mis- 
sion succe^ulsy they are mviied 
to appear on telewfsion to teii their 

\ thought tnat both Wg^imane 
afxJ pQthoi&r were marwltow 
programs fw use boiti in the clas- 
sfoom and al horw The only rever- 

ing enth task away li^om ttie com^ 
puief the players have lo Stan ai 
the beginrnrtg ol \^ g^m again 

and worK Quickly hrcKjgh until they 
reach ttie pomt where tbey lefi off 
This could have been avoided by 

\fm inclusion of a code qbtamatsle 
from the teacher on sycce^sfu^ 
comptation of an assignmeni 

which wouJd allow the chridren 
ifnmedfate access io the apprap- 
f iaie po«nt m the game 


Opfilrol keys: kepi simpJe Jot 
voung children to operate 

Or^Jhtes: e'tceiseni 

Use of colour: eye-catclung 

Qemral rating;: Both games are 

outstandirKj eKamples'^of educa- 

iional adve^nure programs. Don't 




Producer: Key Software 
fielail Price £4 
Age Range: Designed with 
Vtm 10-14 age group in 

mind, but can be adapted 


E¥ery primary SdxxH and every 
secondary EnglisTi d^parlrrwii 
au9ht to mve^t iri a copy of thws 
pfogfam. The wntef. And/Walson. 
i& ditcher ol ohilc^reri with Spoam 
teaming rimtt and he has dav^sed 

'- program eapeciaLiy to help 
dren wi1h thflir iBngyage 
development, padiculajiy with \he 
aJuD^ which are essential Tor t\imnt 
i«pcNn§ and comprehenaigfi. 

The program conioins a wide 
MtoCrtKin of passagea m wh(ch all 
ttW bwer case letters have been 
nfiaced by blank s The player can 
uM a v^iety or methods to recon- 
Struct the whole text usif>g know- 
ledge of speltmrg and comprehen- 
SI041 1o predicl words and phrases. 
Th^e are 36 passages !0 chose 
trom, loaded m groups of nine, and 
these cover a variety of interest mg 

fippears. the user can4 choose 
Instructions. Piay game, create 
text, or End 

Tfte inslructiors detail ttie keys 
10 use. ouliining I he diWefences 
belween those Tor ihe Specif urn 
and for the Specif um Plus A very 

njce feature is IJiat the playef «in 
seled the normal Spectrum 
typelace or a cle^mr redesigned 
tvpelace. Wheo playing the game, 
the pft^age witt^ blanks ^s dii- 
plo^p together with a starting 
score of 20 and a bonus wh^h cm 
Tne player then has A options 
, . Buy a tetter, which reduces the 
scoffi and bonus but has the 
ai^Mitagt o1 revealing aW 
mstflnces of a given tetter Gtj^fss 
allows the player to type in a letter 
Of grwp ol letters which cannoi 
include any existing displayed let^ 

lefs — li the Gtj^e^ li oarrea, all 
ihe instances ol the lettefs in the 
ftjew ate displayed and iha score 
is Inqr^i^aed. Type is similar io 
Giiass, but th<s tim^ if ihe playi&r \^ 
correct. Ihe ohh&r matances of the 
letiets are noi displayed, bU the 
advantage of this option vs thai, 
unlike Gues^. the bonus is M 
reduced. In order to obtmn a h»Qh 
$coce. tne user has to batam:© the 
advantages and disadvantages <ri 
trie "various optkina. The Help 
option re'kfeals Ihe Mters that have 
prewHisSy been bowgW or cor- 
fecily guessed. This game lormat 
makes \m program mteresting 
and enpoyaWe lor children, work- 
ing either individually or in small 

The Create Text opipon \% invalu- 
able for teachers who can entief 
alter an eictstrng ^^ssage, or can 
create an etitirely new one. The 
inrstruciK^ns are to dear m lad, 
thai pupife themselves could 
create passages tor others lo try 
The need ior correct spelling 
wouW then be immediaieiy retev- 
am tar them, fj^pose corner com- 
plete With a detarted manual outlm- 
if*9 ilie aims and obiectives ol the 
gjvne. ai^ a tuH program descnp- 
lion There aie a number of prog- 
rams on the ffwioef based on ihe 
same idea, but this is by far ihe 

10 Andy Watson. K^ 
Software. 33 Hilton Street. Aber^ 


ConiTOl h^ys: dearly de^cnbsd 
on ttie screen and easy tor ctiildien 
to operate 

Graphicm: none 

Use of colour: kept sjmpte so as 
not to distract 

General ratir^: An exceltent, pro- 
fess lOf^ai program with a number 
of u^er-f nendly features such as 
extensive error- irapping and dear 
screen layout with a ctioice of 
typefaces. U has been thorougNy 
tried otH in schools, andai only w 
this is a program which everyone 
can aflord. Highly recOTi mended! 

T^rlftg ^0 buifit irp ■ fMtrptw pau^^ of prom* by ^uoMwin^ or 
btiyin^ t9Hwrm to fiif tho ^mpm. MMpomo Is r^# n»mo of thm ewn* 


Pfodycer: Sulis 
Retail Price: £195 each 
Age Range: Starter 
Wbrctspfits 4-8 years; 
Junior Wordsptits 8-11 

Both of these I 
al improving IN 

prams aieairmd 
irecofpiMion and 

spellins by matching up two 
halv« of words, Tn Sian&r 
V\tofcbQftfs. there are 14 different 
categories to choose from, such 
as Sounds. Movement. ArtmaiSp 
feature and People, Each category 
h^ ia words to be cofupieted — 
nnofe than enough to hold a young 
child's interest The word ending 
appears on the right of the screen, 
and can be broughi in line wnh its 
beginnrng by using keys 7 (up) and 

■ ■*Ji I M 1*11 M ■ -^ [ ■ ["Wrrt IM l*m i i nl ITaM I ■ T a tVfi ■ iTi 1 l¥aj 

join up. the child must ptess 5, 

Jynw Wofdspttts IS a more 
drffHCuli version of ttAsanie game, 
and you can ctfx>ose to practise 

beginntngs such as for-lofe^loyr 
and des^'dES or endings like — ar y/- 
ery/-ory and -anDeZ-encez-flnie!. 
El^ garne t>egtns in tylack ar>d 
wtiite. wAh colour being intro- 
duced for each correct answer. 
With each con^etw^ of a section 
the tifne taken is given The prog- 
rams are easy to operate and use- 
ful in their own way. thJt I woukJ liki 
to have seen a more imaginative 
use of graphics in Starrer 
Wofdspfiis to motivale the 
youngef children. 


Control keyi: 7 to move up« 6 to 

move down. 5 to make ttie *ord 
Keyboard play^ good 

Uftf w colourt builda up from 
blacic and w^iits at the start 
General rating: Useful m a limited 
way,. t>ui rather ummaginalive. 

SpfiiUnw wordM to do wffh mov^mwrti in Wor^vpiitm. Com, our 
§^otoQrmph*f^ iM rt«H tamed fitf him movomont — wond*r why 
h* clre<«# itriit p^rtftQuimr mcf9*n to Mtt^f 



Verbs and Adverbs 

Producer: Sulis 
Retail Price; eiO.S5 
Age Range: 13 

l^srbs andAdiwbs is the second 
ol a trilogy of Gmmm&r Tree prog- 
rams, the others being Wdc/w^id 
Ac4«cfh«s and Sanrenoes. Ail 
three aie iniended aa a popular 
(earning kit for ^*anfVOf>e who 
w;inis to organise an thtj&e half ior- 
gotten txt^ ot infofrnalxsn a^bout 

base tirammar mto a straight lof- 
ward, cohesive system ot gram- 

Although the accompanying 
tJoo*(3et gives knformation about 
'coirectness'. the screen t^Jtt rms- 
speUE the word 'tiegann^ng', and 
the bookie includes a sentence 
which IS grammatically inccurecl? 
When the program tias loaded, the 
following profound sentences 
appear on the screen: "In the 
t3eginnir>g was Ihe sentence (the 

CRASH Octotoecl 986 49 








a f ».e^ 
c I f c u a 

mmti H^vm » mm ckvmf 

, Bibl€ calls it the Wordi- T" 
lence i^ divM^d mio the subject 
and the predicate " An ©Jrtrenieiy 
iiTilalirtg bleep fisrces you 10 rush 
through 9II the Lfitomiation givw. 
which of cotjrse means that now 
of i ig ab^^fOed Tm Mm«ncM 
uwd lor e)^mpi€S. siKti as 
' " PM^ »wiQs sHeepish sonfts" '. ate 

Thg nK*nu on Itie (irst c^s^mB 

\ otfers a range of Options from Verb 
and Noun pivaaes to Au^ilianes 
and Suppr^sed S/Mss. The sec- 
ond cais^le certains eK^rctamlo 
t&^ ynderstand^ng or \\^ theory 
Sentences appear on the screen, 
and the taah ls to sertect the correct 
flrotjp of wo^ds to fiil the Ol^nK 
One of t he sentences to leaf hinow - 
tedge of noun phrases la " 
.,. was standing by Itie 

' lamppcst" . and thfi crioict* is from 

' Msnfy ^nkM ap tfhm mmy 

h«. Cenaimy Migg^ns. of Higgms 

The scoring aysieni is rathef odd 
as. after ans¥iwing Tour qoi^tioos. 
I wira niformed thai I hiid scored \2 
out o< 12 — one ol i\\e quesitons 
was repeated throe im&^. \m 
af/aid Ihat this pro^atn is rto better 
than ttT^ worst son oi grammar 
text boo4(. and at least the lali#r 
doesnt mal^e si»y nofsas 


Con^ol heys: cwie +iey co m mafKls 
K^yteafd ploy: good 
l^spiMCi: ncme. apart from a Sim- 
ple diaira^ 
Use of cokMjr limited 
Qene r al f attng; A tjood way to put 
the user ot! studying grammar for 


Producer: Atlantis 
Retail Price: C1.99 
Age Range: 12-Adult 

AJthougti nor a *p«if realty educa- 
tional program ihts aame wou^d 
certarniy be ot use wrth children lo 
encourage iheir thinking und note- 
tatkingskrlls The storyh to iS as fol- 
lows tte gov^fnment has tatted t^ 
track down the criminal master^ 
nirnd who is holding tP>^ country tO 

ransom with a cotnput^-ac^ivated 
: nuclear Wiifhead. No-one knows 
where the cornputet or warhead is 
located Tl^e onfy information you. 
the r^ackef, are given is an rncom- 
p«ele telephone niimber supplied 
by a CtS agcni who wits lermi' 
naied' whii^ transmitimg wriat he 
had discovered 

When I he program has loaded, 
the menu displays 5 options you 
can telephone oiher computefs: 
opt (or an ana^FS of the phone 
IMt; read the data whch tfiie 
an#ys£S sands 10 the irriofmation 
bo^d. di^iay your ptx)r^ bjik. or 
Load/Save y'Dur data, Each t^me 
Siwwpom IS loaded, it contains 
new cocles. so no Jwo games 

50 CRASH Oclobef 1986 

should ever be tf ie same 

I found this an absortHng, rf 
rather frustrating, challenge and 
the game certainly tjecomes 
acidiclive ah€f ^ wTiite It ts impof- 
lant throughout to jot down alf the 
clLies and code numbers gtwn 
ajMl. tiy a pfocess of iriaJ and error, 
fry to hack ttie system . Oisappoml - 
ir^, i found a spelling error recur- 
rmg in the screen tenets, bmt in spite 
of thai, Iti4s m a nice hitie pfOgriim 
tor ^if^kjrBging logical ihoughi 



Producer: GCE Tytoring 

Retail Price: C5 

Age Range: O level pupils 

There are e^ght program;^ on thi^ 
tape eovermg aritfimelic, ^gebra. 
trigonometry, seis. stalistcs. 
transformaiionai geomeiry, mal- 
rices and catcukus. When each 
program has loaded, a list of the 
topics rt coviers is displayed on ihe 
9Cfeen for section. 

The fffst program olfecsinlQrrtia- 
tton on fractions, decimal's, found- 
irvg, accuiacy. indices, square 
roots, and so on Abr«ef explana- 
tion of the loppc 13 pven, together 
wilh a tew exsTiple!i, then the slu- 

rathar sNetchy. hut I suppose that 
\\ ifie program is used only for revi- 
sion in conjunction with ib%\ 
books, studenis may r^nd n qyiie 
iimlirf^ The troubte is. there are 
almidy a tairfy large numbet of 

study aid pfograma for O tevel 

Matns fwtston on the market, and 
ttiese are of such a high standaid 
Thai: a pifc«jpam like is made 10 look 
-vO me what amateur Jsli It doesn't 
tielp Ihat words are splil m oOd 
places at the end oJ a ime, o* thai 
sp&llmg mistakes occuf rather loo 
often to t>e overlooked. The prog- 
fmt\, however, is quite cheap -— 
welj within the bui^t ol a fixteen 


Control keys: C lo move on. 

together with all letlef and numbet 


Keyboard play^ reasonable. 

Graphics^ limited 

Use of coloi^ simpiy black letter* 

«nfl on a yelio* background 

General rating: Co^^^t^s a M of 

gtound in raihi^ a staichy way 


If imn9 It 

s p h « r c 

1/2 b M h 

h K ^ 

PI K r 5* r 

4. p I ■ r ¥ 

vo iu««$ 


cy I i ndc r 

CU bo i d 

A^3 pt J€ r K r ?< f 

Pi ^ r » r « h 

1 / 3 » p I K r IX r X h 

I, ^ b X h 

Hsni iprtf* m#<fv 0««jrf IMbII. ttMni mumw t'Mplminmd in & Lmvml Mjpl^fl * * . 





SO cone on th and sc£ us pt 

'"= *^-..^-- s->oc- LONDON 

*•** THflMKS FOR RINCIMC ORlQf^ . . . 


&?nf ro* keys: numtw and lettet 
keys are used to input thecodea, Z 
rr^kims vmj tc Xh9 menu 
H«yt>oard play; gcfofi. though fl 
impossiDie tq delate if you make a 

Graphics; none 
Use ot colour: reasonable 
Central raUnn: This is a very 
cneap irttie program wh«:h repte- 
ttnts ver y good value for money- It 
would be enioyed by rtder chiWren 





Amstrad 464 664 6198 
CBM 64 198 

£8 95 

^^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^^ Mdrtech ts Bw reftstercd trade mark of 

f^ft |H^ m W ^^ ^r ^^ Software CommunJcattons Umtted, Manech House, 

■ ■ %l ■ ^ Vft m ■ ■ Bdv Terrace, Pevcns^ Bay, East Susse^c BN^4 6EE 

TRADE EMQUiRltS WELCOME. PHQHl (0393^ 768456 TELEX: 87fl373 Martec G 



EA.95 £ 


Q^S i^^ 

Ufit 10, Thi FMiMPr Intetrtil Cci«»« 



ni' MD fm^ 'K4P'-- ^^^ iMKli iMt^thrQWint^iKBffi 

diflnfid- i m QHt m loi Hlvi i ^piR potif jioat ta 
vwfkid 4iiilpt prticop itBdl bHi gf lb fCH dtorp bi on llii 

■iito tf U i«ln «i)r ndv 

rla ifinf All iR^lai|»tei»EFllM 





THE riRST AurncNTic 




wrth Sean Masterson 



Several people wrote to defend FRONTLINE from the ravages of a letter from Peter Shields a coy pie of months 
ago I which suggested Rosetla and yours truly went to join the dole queue. 

There is only one game to have a look at this month, so there's plenty of space to devote to tf>e Fomm. Keep 
writing in. Most of the letters were full of interesting suggestions but unfortunately, these were unprintable, 
Thankyou. I'm one year old this issue and it's good to be here and know people enjoy the column. 

As I prepare this Intro we're coming to the end of a fairly miserable summer. The PCW Show looms on the 
horizon (once I finish this column, it's off to Olympia for me}. Next month, I'll give you a full run down on the 
goodies you can expect for Christmas. See you then . . . 


Producer: MC Lothlorien 
Retail Price: E9.95 

TNs IS the first oflen ng from i 
mm ^or some time and is a fcMldw 
up to one of thw otdiest and rtiosi 
fijcoesaful tfthis. Baasd on th« 
Armrtcai^ Civtr Wiar. Johnny H^i} tf 
ta • orp& or two ptayer strategy pr^- 

Ctl' aolion ralh^r than a Focronlkpn 
d om of the rtiany nistodc batUM 
such as Bull Run or Gettyaburg. 

Fof lhos# ir^ rid«d erf a qi^vck his- 
tory iQs&on. the ACW was the 
Tisuit of dtfTofenooa botwoon ihe 
Northern sfcmf Southern states of 
the USA mawily (tM not ^nlireluj 
over legalised slavery, ^4flitin«rakfe 
actually wanted thg oonlrQntitlQn 
whbdi lasted tfum idBt-65 bu\ 
both weipe caught wp in unavoida- 
b^ cantHa in a war so Miec and 

txmpkmiL, ft lilerally s^t brutfier 
sgrnm Imther tt ticsids mterwt 
from Hia iif»t©Qts(s' poifti of view 
bm^m [t has bmn caJtod the l^rsi 

Thi$ terminology is used mor^ in 
iheconfaxt of ne^ wvaponry than 
Bi>ythm9 else. Repeating nfles 
were rare dunng the war, but 
gained m numbers towards the 
eriid Gaitling guns. I ha lorunnoi^ 
of the modem machirm gun were 
sl^ usad Dccasionalty itkI 
t^avalfy. whHsl stiit ma^nta^ifaig an 
alf ecii ve ro^a in combat was armed 
rrwG wilh $Jug throwing weapons 
ttian swofds The war was turthet 
CDmpiicalfid by the fact that whiM 
the Nonh possessed the indu^lrial 
mighi and numefical aupedohty. 
Itie South was better organised 
amltraiiried and t^d fewer commfl- 
mems. All ihis eKpla»ned Lothlo- 
non^ iim iway into this era. Thaif 
exoisa this time was increased 

aophis^ication and tMrtt«f gfflne(>- 
lay. SOp how have ihey done"? 

W&I1 , the most Cfbviousty notati^e 
featijre of the new ^rrm i$ that rt is 
apparentty 100% machine code 
(somethirig unheard of in the pre- 
Cembnan day$ of tt^ eailier vef- 
scon's r^k^so) and it toads very 
qutokfy indeed- A payable trtle 
soeen is then su^^aeded by a 
menu tt^at allows limited modtfica- 
Bon of the same's parammefs 
Jusi about evey4tw>g is user defin- 

able fixvn the control keys (or 
Kempstofi foystick option) to the 
balance of fofcirs, the terrain fea- 
tures o1 the t^tthalield, where and 
when the various remta^cementa 
arttve. game streng^ (on the one 
pteyer versioni and screw colours 
I was mosi impressed with the 
choices available lo the player. 
When p4aying solrtairep the playef 
may choose eittter side thafiks to a 
flexible computer opponent 
(ttKHiglh I latef discovered thai the 
opponertt IS not actually that hard 
to beat on the lirst two levels). 
Safety featiifes ensure trial you 
canrrol atler the force played by 
ihe computiM to make things 
easier ort youTBalf . tf^ poesiMe to 

have hidden movemer^l on the 
singke player game but al imte are 
always visibis In two player imde. 
Once the game begins^ play t& 
very straightlorwird. feain ihts b 
due to attention to detaFki pf«san- 
tation Unde* joystick contiol. a 
cursor is simply ptas^ over the 
unit lo be ordered before pressing 
the fim tMton. inFormation about 
the unH IS ttxm presented on the 
screen ki a colour code to show 
levete of ammunition, rnorale, 
strength and efficiency. This dte- 
play appears bekiw tfie 'action' 
screen . to tti« ri(^ of the scieer^, a 
series of icor^ appear, each indi- 
cating a posaisle action such as 
dig in , advance, ctiarge or firs (not 

TURN s~^ 


Z — I 



CRASH Octobef 1986 53 



H I 

m tntss options m& av^f abl^ to ail 
units, as you will see}, Joystick 
fnovament alBows saJection of the 
reqyifod ot^lm with confinrnation 
oorning Wn a seoond press of the 
fife button. Some ofdeis may be 
^tabc^raii^ upon. For instance, 
wh9n advancing, yoa are asked 
whether the unn is to advanice 
firing oi r*ot. As units carry out their 
orders on the main scfeen at the 
end of a turn, the unit symbols 
themselves will change to show 
Ihe current status o1 Ihose unfls. 

Limited sourxj effects are 
empkiryed durina combat. Th^s ia 
normafly rangeo combat thouj^ 
melee ^s possfb4e t^etween ad|ft~ 
cent units Unrta mafy retreal, 
become routed of bs destroy^ 
detJefT'dang on tbmf pertormance «n 
comtxat. The unit types are mfan- 
try, cavalry, artillery and sm^ply 
(ttiese unrts cannol figtit). The 
exact scaSe o1 tfw units is never 
really e?cpisuned throughout the 
game or majujsl but by the nature 
Ol rnrov^rrmnt, I would SiiSpdCl i1 
lies somewhere between platoon 

There fe a stendard scenario- A 
Confederaie lorca to approachiru 
a ^kstly outmjoitm^ Uniori outm 
which must defend its side of the 
map white reinforcefrwois arrive 
during the course of the game. \Vb 
■ bewc biA flexft>le arrangement 
which sliould present plenty of 
challenge in e two player gaim. 
The one player version only rsely 
comes ir^o its own on the t^rdttSt 
tovel^ The on screen pmenrtetlon 
^ both k^gloel and dear but the 
liny instruction booklet is both 
champed and badly laid out. TTioFe 
i& no key reference so settir^ x^ 
can be slow until you become 
accustomed tothie procedures. 

Johnny flW? W is definitely a 
worthy successor to ttre orlginai 
but ^ Cd.95, 1 can't say I'm overly 




107 i 

impressed, especially cor^klertng 
Retmis^Bf was only t\M ard thai 
was A better gam*. The best 
advice is to buy f^tMsfar first \i 
you hSH^ that And ms JooKing for a 
nexjble. wed presented and 
intereeting game ... get this. 


Ciampa<i and badly laid out book- 
let bui wonderful on screen pre- 

RULES 85% 

Some ommisions but otherwise 
well surled to the game 


The ufiobirusive icons are useful 

and fast, espeoa^ly wrth a Joystick 


Simple but effect jve ^nd* colourful 


The variou?^ unit strengths and 
proportiofTs capture the e^enoe 
of mid -war skimiishe^ 


Floxihio hut npi loo demanding 


The most you could ask for thi.s 


Vmy riieoneble m most respects, 
a dmi r able In some What a shame 
though, that in the waH& of a 
couple of good txidget games, 
people sei^m to i>e putting up (he^r 
prices rather than bringing them 





IfT which Peter Shields is well and Injty hammered by 
raONTLINE readeris on th^ offensive; tips for ChBOS and 
MMst^f and the great computer oppoiwnt deb^e am all 
dealt with m mimtteble rashion. Roll up, roll upl 

Pear Ssan. 

RjTiing aril -strategy garrie letters 
m your Fofum ts umloybiedly 
stmtagic Itsett because H prom* 
Gt«s hifther Letters of anger/ 
detoice etc! A few notes themiye 
follow which \ feel are r^evant to 
the pm/oon debate. 

Finst, I sub^ribe to CRASH orJy 
becaiiw tt reviews and takes senh 
owBly strategy games, 

I wonder how many peopfe read- 
ing CRASH have ever aotually had 
s chance to becoffia involve wiih 
good stfateoy? TWo play^/multi 
piayftr cohtem is wfiat the v&5l 
m^lorhy of computsf games lack 
and 1 can thef^ore only determine 
thai if CRASH readefs a/ent 
kj^octabte or <iv\^ th^ simply 
hwenl yet expefiianced the far 
g^Mler perrngtutions and chel- 
lef^ that having a human oppo- 
rwit piovides. 

To aftyone iniefested. the major 
vaiuo that a game ^uch as 
fliet)ei'5?arfleiictefs provides, is that 
while the computer do^ss what it is 
tffist at (!h© donkey work and rip- 
fe&en^tion), the fyn stc»ms t^om 
out-thinking another mind — far 
mtQre ufifmdicttf^ and ^motional 
Hhdn even the beat compuler 
oppooeni can provide. Try bluffing 
Ihfl computer or ea^pcicting it to 
learn fiom your decfskmal (One 

A second major potnt hi 
iftratagy/lacticei garner rs Itist 
1#W hsve a (ar tess liiftearpjol than 
awn the mwt (lej^ible q* ady'in- 
lures. because you lend to b^in 
with Iha whoia itory and wod( 

ThSfe can be taverai patti8 to 
success kh a ^Ifigte game. It mu^ 
be admitted that xfwse la not. at 
piasem, much good rnateraJ 
arotjrKJ but I iw^ sur^ thai we are 
d«4y talking about a matter of time, 
(mil dons ^ata^ftf)!) Which brmg-s 
fne to the mQst impoiiant poinf. 
WtKji can say wtiat the ttltura Of 

Domputer. (or other) gafnes ma|^ 

be? The most certBifT fact is that 
the escisting situation will change 
and today's fninonty, (as was 
suggested last nvontn), may y&t 
become a maionty. I thmfc this is 
particularly rolevani to the murts 
player aspect of game interaction. 

Well dor>^ CRASH for slaying at 
the front, andfuN marKs for printing 
ttie artk:les about other game 
amas. fts only a matter of time 
before they merge. 

And to any who sTfH doybt the 
wisdom of CRASH Towers. I pre- 
dict when the compgt^f game 
world chaniges, it they keep up ih^s 
soperb diverse approach, what 
ever happsfns, the magazine wilJ 
be the leader Don"( kwc^ the 
games if you haven't fviilly tried 
them. I bet Oerelt B didn'i play 
Chaos with some merry friends or 
he would have sune^ baen won 
over by the fun 

Andrew Hugitrfum, CaHord, Um- 

PS Do aeareh for red shift expan- 

Tha/rt you for the kind worefo 
Aridnsw. I t^ndfQhofdstmMrv^ws 
abouf fte mcmasing importBnc& 
of s!rat0gy games for M-f^afever 
m&chinoyOucBre to nyeotion The 
miHthpiffyef aspect at gamess Pie 
thesf^ fs rmv&f feaffy cotmk^md 
tulfy, tw/r rr ja rheeiiemenr thafnrost 
ckH^y links tha genre with con- 
vkk^ by f&r ifm mo^l eofoymwf 
Wh&n playing a game. As kif rcd 
awPT wipkrKi&^ tm homing, hon* 


Dear Seen 

Having reed ttie .FR(WrryNE 
Fbnjm in l^^aa 31. d appears Ctal 
womeor^ e^se has discovered tfw 
sup<^ fantasy wargame Ch&a^tfi 
Hevenhandls (etfei). I fee! that if ie 
Linlqtie amongst wargamea in ifa 
spectacular pr^ariiEation and 

MSer-friendtlrMias and it has not 
spared oomplexity at the cost of 
the^. The smaU graphics are ani- 
mated beeiiWijily. and the sound 
is better than in most arcade 
garner. The computer opponent 
handles its loroes very skill yfry, 
and It IS a |0y tust to watch eight 
cpmptrLer players stuqgiAg i1 out 
between themselves. Many more 
p^ple could gain from Chaos, 
and so i urge you to give «t s proper 
review m FRONTLtNt af>d award ifi 
the Smasl^ that it deserves^ 

Here are some tipe for er^ new 
pLay6r$: early players fthe 1st or 
2nd in a large game) have the 
attacking and sp@li casting inrtiar 
tive. bul later ones oan cast an ilu- 
sion wi:th less chance of loltowfng 
players disbelieving in M. Illu^ons 
are no good towardithe end of the 
garrw, since wiitard^ caat disbelief 
often, when they have few oth^ 
^te. Pfotaet your wizareJ with 
amiour and a shield .^ or shadow 
form and a caatle. since ttvey are 
wry weak at ttw 5tart The compu- 
te 1^ ^^ery cautioys with rts 
wizards, and they do slay alive for 
a long time! 

Also, ify to get a magic weapon 
so you can bUbc^^ undead craa- 
tunes. If yoii have no magic 
weapon and wish to disengage 
combat with the undeod^ try pres- 
sing I for into and \hm aniar a 
direction. You will attad< that 
empty square and move onto it. 

Magic woods allow you to get 
some new and powerful spells twjt 
remember they am not an^aody^ 
property and any wizard can use 
one. Fire arKl Gooey Blob can win 
(or at leasst save) the game H they 
are used propo^. mils can be 
used to bulk) toftre^es to hkle In, 
but can be flown over. A good way 
to start is to magic bolt another 
wizard, or to cast something next 
to h^m. Piayeraa ard 7 can have an 
attack on ftve pliers by casl^ a 
shadow wood tree neict to them. 

The final irick, dtscovi^^d by a 
fnend of mine, is how to gel an 
ur»dead wizard. If you can become 
ur>dead, you stand a gcx>d chance 
of winning . Vbu must raise a mount 
of some kind from the daad (a 
horse ts aasilesi], then get on il. If 
your mount is sfain or v^^eanoed 
then you yourself are undead! 

I would also like to start a new 
argum^i in your pages. How 
important is the computer oppo- 
nent anyway? Because of mpemory 
pfoWems, it the opponent is not to 
be a dumbo then 9m 9ime must 
have sevena le^rtctlor^ Imposed 
upon it. A game wh^ch ra ultra-corn* 
ple^E would need a!x>yt 20K of 
AnifiaaJ Intelligence for the com- 
puter to team and im^prove en<xjgh 
to keep ttre challenge lo a player. 
" ■ .^bout some games which 
jmans only, with the com- 
put€^ ai^SrQ as a rule-book. It 

dEiCtion. if the sifuatkyn w&rrmnts it, 
I 'W prepare a fu^i review of the game 
imrrmdiBteiy a/farwards One of 
the a^¥&nfages of compijtar war- 
gaming i$ me optto^ to piay sot* 
t^ife. P&f^aps the best option it 
iha kind ysecT m Re^^elstar mhem 
Ofm side of the tape has m afr^ 
play^f optiiorr whifs tha ofh#f Js a 

would meta for more 
ptey, would It r>Qt? I 
wa^^ame will 


i have got io r^ly to the stupid 
letter wntten by F^ter Shialds in 
lasl months issue. U annoys rne so 
much that he can be so single 
minded, and it also surprises me 
that you shouki pnnt such trash, or 
is It thai you want lo recarwe a 
whole lot of angry letters ike this, 
then ask for a pay rise becauaa of 
all the eidra workkMri? ift^ a ^ 
cpp.guv— Sftfl 

Pater Shieids seems to wartt 
Bveryihing arranged for him and 
has no consideration for other 
people. Even humble me. who 
hartily ever reada ^ly of your Sec- 
tion or CRASH COURSE cai^ sea 
the ii«efi*wia of ti>eae to people 
wtip play wargames or are pareriia. 

But wile t"rn here I might m well 
gfve you some aggro. Don'i worfy. 
It's only a bit of constructive CrNi- 
€l$m. Ttie main reason for peopla 
dbmgm^^ your meealy thraa or 
four pages Is ttie appearance, tt la 
too grey and drab. Why dont you 
press for a cotour page or two, or 
even a few cotour photcm, I rnean, 
Derek Brew^er dM It, why not 

For inslanoe |uat taiie a qtiic^ 
look at last rssue and compare the 
CRASH Smash flatwrfSrarvrtlli the 
CR^H Smash Bobby Seining 
Vbu have to agree ttiere is a b^g 
diftorenoe in colour and raz^ 

I thinii if s time to revpn.Ttie only 
way to get more readers ts to 
atiract ttiem. and if the other gJime 
erieie m the CRASH Tower wy 
you dont have enough readeira to 
warrant spending a little cash, then 
i^fther kich theif feet away or st»ck 
your fingers up lt>eir noses. 
Stuart B#dfordf Therwiew 
Wakefield, Weatltorfcalike 
PS Do you reaJly look like Don 
Johnalon of Miami Vice as your 
pgrlrelt by Oli suggests? 

imamstmo I 

inop very 
a^ai^ab^Hiy Qf 

aw ha^pu^nj out of^}t!wam ptt> 

L0t^ ma^e a di^ sh^ we? t won^t 
menfKsn ck}th&s pegs agfain ap 
fong as everybody ha^ptf that 
mouths sbut aiwut that drawing. 
/Vs be&i cofT^pared with mfsry- 
body trofn Jesus Chr^t to Don 
Johnston, and I'm not pa^Ef fhal 

As for ttm premntatkm ot 
FfiONTUNE, it always oomaa 
down to wMt afia<:^ s avaHat^ 
wfian I get gamae kt to revfew If a 
good gama atri^aa wMIe 1ham% 
cokxjt 4pace l^ee, nobody minda 

ma gfti^t^ soim of iL t-^isiimm 
as wi9 Ehe ^as§ w#i Rebehitar, 9IV 
tha €ok}Uf /lad gprw. M^T^sr? this 
ocoirs. 1^ h0^ a c^hofce. Do i hoki 
^m rmfiew far a month 10 enswa 
eofour bijt fisk baing iafe rmmwing 
tne game, or do I get the ra\^w to 
yois as fast as posstbie and make 
do wfthmanochrmnepagMfioot- 
matfy piurnp for the tatPar qprkvi. 
rIpHWffiC r do hopa to t!)nghtan 
ftmae f»gm o¥&r the next faw 
tSitaifm y jji p j f t i mMM ao ati^ tunad. The c^aa 
''"" /ortfiedeftif«»flfl»is. 


gcime no^f^hal 




I if 

B I fl 






ytlA X; J 

n«£wiHy. I boughl ApM St^ by 
nMMe, rkivina «itoy«d ptayin|i 

C190* (t to om od my bm «w 

How*w»r, hw/ing ptoyed it m 
vtmv^jKjJ^9jL I CS1 now bftBt tfto 
oempyltr ion 1 ptt^mi #v«ry time 

One wary to do this Ift! 

1) Movo M the R8id«fft«nd <lro4d^ 
up the Nfft hand sidB (OUTSiD€ 
THE B^Eii to tN> top ^dck. Arm- 
ing th«7i as they go. Us© onrfy 1 
dvoid to bTAak £Mx>ugih th« nn.1 
bisst door and gel all your man 
tnsida AFTER th* dfO*d«t. Do nofl 
bfttit thft innar door vat . . 
3) WMIa doing thti. Imak m ii»tth 
your dttMr {|rtiif> il tha bottom of 
th^ map ano wsrf! for ttv^ cotipu- 

tar% rMCtkMif \tory qukukh^, naaity 
an the dnolda wtfli msh down lo 
attadL Wbit Inside 1h« aiitoefc dnd 
OGMT ita diQdrs. Thfi idoft It to di»^ 
mm tti« defend«fa. ard m hokt 
oyt to yoiir taM rriariAwomark^dioM^ 
Oo not bfsa k in ai Eha lop^igfr untl 
yOtiT Vofca s coinplottply lAHfi^iid oirt 

3) By now, tiiere shoiM bi no 
de4anctfig droic^ laft near Iha lop- 
lah airiodc: iotilMt Itia mrw door 
(oniy onoa} »id fMii yoif 3 ditilda 
aoiDss ^ibow the cDmaygr ban} 
and to^H^ds Iha iNn eorridor fad- 
ing to the compuler room. Ignoi^ 
any atladia — they can take i lot 
of punlrtmand Biaak through the 
yaHow btei door sr^ wno the com- 
pLilar rooms. Go siraight for the 
oon^putar and ehool ft. igmrlng 
4» While dashing the drokJa t 

uea ^ m«VM<ornen fiom the alr^ 
lock to ODvar thefn. IJia the aoan*^ 
ary tor csmw and se4 up lots of 

opportunity itmfts , . . 

li make the fafna mora chaiartg- 
ing. I hava hacked t^ pasgram to 
provMa the IbHpwing rnodWca~ 
torote th e I -jpla yr ww atofi. It 
maana thai Riidara MUST ^laalroy 
the 3 laterHoompufart AND the 
raaetor, as wall aa ttv laaac-corrh 

ear, 1)0 win: 
a M najnai* riwTugaia^ norm 

M wwld mt go mnfss. far yput 
— flwice.. ar swry £30 of 


Dear Sean 

I can't help byt write to you comp- 
Iai4itr>g nbout the tetter from a Mr 
Pater Shields of Manchwtar. Me 
aakad whether war/Uraltgy 
games are worthy ol their owfi reg- 
ular column in CRASH. I lay yes, 
very much so in f ^t rd iifhar have 
a spaciallsed person who knows 
Ma pb wal jMrig Ns cftticiarfiB o^^ 
oommania wout a waf^s^mai than 
an arcade fraak doing 80 amofigit 
tt>a dhef arcada gainaa. I know 
ti^i wargamaa don't appeal to 
everyorw; nor mm ttwy at wfdety 
procLcad as armda aames (p% 
though"), txit H^ |u^ no reason to 
h&ve thwr column ^aboAstiad'. 
Although the co4umn may be bare 
at times or mightn't hamaCRASH 
Smash ev^ry nxHiih, ti still shcokj 
OKjst, affer all i& CRASH always 

56 CRASH Ctatober 1986 

absdute^ packed to the brim with 
CRASH Srr^^ias every month. 

He also said aboirt wargarrias 
beinq far inferior to apcada games. 
Yes. T admti That too fdr a ffialDrtty 
of them but not so tor such games 
m &3&pkfwfin&. UxKis of Midni^f 
arKJ so on, which wore highly 
acx^laimed and got imo the CRASH 
Raadars Awards. 

Having de^^ that up, I'll put 
forward some of my views Oft the 
Forum. I was very ^ad to see yoiii 
take aver from Aruus. as yon^ 
nfviewSnQ system is far better, and 
( very mtjch liked the KJea ot Ihe 
Forum. 1 tNrif the FonMi la gyst roo 
smaM. aixl atthough $pac:« is a Nmi- 
tailofi It CDutd baanlaiged t^ us^ng 
up ttia wasted space thai a Mr Mm - 
son wtMiahis gobUadtgook on fno 

Qariaraliy wargames on the 
Spectrum are impnoving. but agre- 
#^ with Steven Cooks poini that 
they are generally skw. For 
instance in lothlomm^ Ttm 
S^ja, I fifxl that tt^ oomputer is 
sk>w to respond to the order key. 
etc. Anottwf point I wouM Kka to 
make <s that so^e people wara 
complaining about the SSS sys- 
tem being very simitar to D&D or 
ADi&D, ye* nobody has com- 
plainad about HofWfHaai^ on ftw 
Msgic\ using the FF book^' 
fighting and requisrie system, ttiai 

Final^, I woutd Itke to asit you a 
few Questions. What type of mm- 
games, RPG'a etc cto you like/ 

Is there any news ot any other 
gam» ooming out hwn X QOL- 


Will you be neviewing Dafk 
SC0ptm} and Do you PBM^ 

DavJd Kally. BaHa^t 

Oott my he&d js gefthntg ao niuoh 
btgg^i^ in answer to yocr guaa- 
(Ktns. Traveller. SHyraalms d 
Jorur^, Call of Cthulhu. Roiemaa* 
tar, ADAD are my fa^ou^ RPCJs in 
thai otdef. thou^j tpt€ty and oofim:^ 
fTh^f^y mom. Convertfion&l war- 
games inciud& SPis StaHof^e TnJ 
ogy. Star Fleet Batttes. WRG mod- 
ern miniatuiM niaa, IMrhainmier 
^fid my AAfOurAa gamv 0%«ra AT is 
Qo. Vb^ (do P8M hiif the gam&s f 
pfifly am my bustnBSB. / newer teitn 
aKianc&s Of make nrty praMnca 
knoym when rf can be awofctod. At 
pf&sefif ft wouia ^ppaar (fiat fm 
r!K?t revi^iiwia Darit Sceptre eho^gh 
rhar isnt denmte, 

Dear Sean 

I have long held the opMon ttiat 
paopte WHO diamiaa wafgamlr^ 
and RPQa as boring mus^ be ixin- 
teiligent endi^or unimaginaittva. 
F^ter Shi^ds sounds iika one of 
this Qurs#d kjnd, Hq ioy-rvdi iis if 
he cflnnol enjoy corrifsutef garnet 
unless tiair the univ^^e is 
d^rstroyed by hhm in the firsi frva 

I am not knodfing Afcada 
games indeed I en^a^H>d mwiy; 
but ( do Wva to haM soma niaaat^a 
ol InlaHgence in my gamea, I am 
Ivppy lo set a new houi« bi^ it 
O^miatFon. hu\ m{}dh more 
ar^oyed winning Ai-nhem against 
the C43mputar 

Point 2 Swof^ A Sor^Gfy can 
ngt be a true RPG t>0C3u^<? you 
can fvoi use the sliUKiard Hole play 
techniqiit of tying your way out of 
trouble An example of thisfoJIows: 

In one game a friend and I were 
caught searching the baggage car - 
fiage of a circus traan. Two guards 
came in . . . in a cornputar game 
wa wqukl have had to Ml mto a 
dangarou^ figlht arxl kfiT them to 
atop th«m aoundirig ihe alanm. 

In lh« PtPG we explained we 
wera the flying Kararnazor 
Bfolhers. and wer^ checking over 
trapezes for that nighCs perfor- 
mance Computer games just can- 
not ti^idla the aspects of ai) con- 
varaatton and b) alfthanaturallaws 
sych as Qravity. 

Ian Hdpplrfgp Wast on, Herts. 

t ^m» that eufrani comptftars 
cannot possibfy ever cmate a inje 
RPG Thepoiot fs thai com- 
pirfanwd RPS dmmk>pm&fit isnf 
t)0ing cagfiad out on Grays, n^ 
baing hamSad on machmes of 
ccrrpavubte po««^ to the Spec 
frvm. rt wiff hmt a vafy irrjportrmt 
foia m ^^yf^ Ete bsti^ of f>ome 
anHrtarVTMnf #s ff^n&s t?acome 
awr mora maisfifc R^e P^aytna rs 
tha most xphistiemad fofm ofte*^ 
sum trrmmad by man^ its £wrf h m 
tha homa computer few (wh*ch 
wMf a^fWMip iB aurafy wcfthy ct 

FinA^ mis €k)aaa the cue tor 
FROmJNe. Patar Shiak/a' opin- 
ion w^ not bKAad 14? ty any of 
fha corra^xmlama. »i wt /"w 
fww had aucAi an anWiuaftatfr 
mspof^w to the cokumn. Thank 
you to everyone who wfota I 
guess n was the add Mat 
FRONTUNE mU confiwe to grow 
and improw wh^ I 'm writing st. As 
a f^neM^ VMc^n of>oa said. 'Uv^ 



^ .« 


TT Racer is a speciaeular moior 
cycle facing simylataon \ha\ puis 
vQu on the hot seal of a GramJ 
Prix bike Experience the uniqiie 
thnll o1 racing with Us Stunning 
ov@f-i he -handlebars 3D view and 
state o1 Ih^ art &oiid graphics 
Sei-yp your bike and practice 
hard on Ih© 12 famous tracks. 
unlit you re ready lor the 
chatienge. . . To race agamsl me 
other cool prcitessional riders lof 
ihe winning Hag and the world 

Even I he top Suzuki nders like 
Paul Lewis and Kevin Schwantz 
have t>een amazed ai the 
accuracy of the tracks and Ihe 
authentic feef of the bike 

^ Spectacular over-the- 

handlebars 3D display 
All 12 Grand PriK tracks 
m- All 4 solo Grand Prii 

■ Challenge the computer 
and race against 1 5 other 
bikes or with networking 
7 of your friends 

■ 4 different levels of 

Fulf Grand Prix season 
points scoring 

^ S" 







^'^y w 


n Racer 48/1 2BK C E9.95 

Tomahawk 48/1 28K □ £9.95 

Fighier Pilot 48K O 7.95 

NigN Gunner 4aK P £6. 95 


Fighter Pitot Disk D £14.95 

Fighter PikJl - £9 95 

AM&TRAD PCW 8256/6512 

Tomahawk Disk D £19.95 

AM5TRAD CPC 464, 684, 6128 

Night Gunner U £7.95 

Night Gunner Disk n £13.95 

Tomahawk D £9,95 

Tomahawk Disk D £14,95 

Fighter Pitoi D £8,95 

Fighter Pikjt Disk □ £13,95 

Fighter Pilot Disk P £12.95 

Fighter Piloi D £9.95 

VAT tnti p. 1^. inchj«ive «4tfMn W 
(ower9«« inc. SSp pw usaatta) 

Tsta Sates 

f>l«as« debd rtiy Ace««S'Vcsa cArd fto 

M I I I I 1 t 1 I i I I I [ I 

ExE^ry dale . 

[ 9ncio«9 a dh9QLn/P O lor .^ Tcilii 

"""•«• DIGITAL 

Walctwnoaf TradB Centre, 

Wak^hmoof Road, 

Camt»erl«y. Surrey 

QUI5 34J 

Tndm mud Export *rtquliil«ft 


Address . 



SCqObY cOmp • 

50 C 


ies Of ELITE'S 

Latest Smash Up For Grabs 













If* ff 

58 CRASH October 1986 



'^■^ n:r JKf i'^'5 

people we \f\\m Tnake th* besr yse 
of thair coksurfng sat ^ we're ncT 
bokkr^ for Ptcassos. Morols or 
even Olifver Freys. Jusl good old 
tegtiloned caDtoyrecHnners. When 
yoti'vfs cok3tired -Ir^ tHe plctom post 


2S?K ^«"» lo UK. aiMKU 


This month our pfay by 
mail expert fights for 
and wins two pages — 
it's PBM FORUM time 
againl Brendan also 
takes a peek at 
Amateur PBM games, 
looks at CONQUEST 
and gets on the 
touch line for a new 
league in SOCCER STAR 


Amateur gan^w m^ oi a br&ed itiat 
I hav9 ewkl^ menlionicbg^ marinty 
boapuse Ihey lend to be human 
modarflted gomo^ qI a sdnple 
Mture. These gmtms are aftmmlPy 
run by PSM fanatkcs wim a (ittle 
spaf]^ lime and money. 

Jh& pHfKipai Of amateur oamirtg 
Is t)>e same as in 'prof^^ss^onar 
PBM, v^+iiCh «n«f att. daveioped 
from amateur PBM — the only d^f - 
leftmon m ihai it^ resutis of ml the 
players' orders are pubtohed 
together in a ' ;ine (norfnuily in ttie 
form of a laWe of timif^ tor the 
p^ayir* to iriteipieil Tbe^ (prnee 
are very cheep to pley — the onry 
chargM being a couple of pounds 
startup and a few more pounds % 
Q 'zinfi subscnpuofi. Turnafourid 
vanes rram erory three weeks lo 
every Iwq montt^, depending 
upon the 'line. 

(f you are intef&sti^ m pl^ng 
any of the variety of amateur PBM 
games avateb4e (many ol them 
derrmd tom board asmeafucli as 
Daplofrmcy, Sopmm and Aa#wiiy 
mali}, ot ff ybu wouhJ Ike eny 
fwrther infomwlion ebOMt amateur 
Barrnrng. ih«en t eume^t ihai you 
send an SAE to Merdn L« Fevr^p 1 
WMllesley Nautfccarf School Lyili, 
Nofthumbefland NE24 3**F 
along wilh a teller asking hirri fdi 
details of the anateuf PB M gam# 
directcsry which he edi!s. 

And LiGyd has passed a lener 
from OavJd arvd Micha«l Bradley 
on to me — they ve gol Ihree 
ownes on offers a cowboy game, a 
football game and a spacs game 
wh^h are apparently free to play 
so 1or>g as yo^j send SA£s aJofig 

with your turna^keet:^. The game^ 
are mMnt for beginners and 
people VMfio went to fmy by maihn 
a Sin^ way, so H youre 
InieT^sted. sefid a SAE to Qavid 
ar>d Mhchael ai IT l^mpM ftoad, 
Hounelow, Middlesex tW3 IXS 
for details 


Saccmf Star Is tlw 
game to be nliantf^ 
QMiiai sopmiiM q4 M^Wnflhem^ As 
IMt la a new game, a f a^ appiiiaal 
cannot be fgveri so oN miit c^n be 
sakJ Is tho! SdCipar S£ir ippears to 
be a fsirV dstailM profeaslodtf 
PBM same of Fdotbaa Manmt- 

The gevne offiars e lee^pje atruc^ 
turn* payer aluii rBiinu (rviglng 
from Paili Player to V^dd Ci«a|^ 
team eelectkone, p legr t ranilBii, 
iiieenty ma^Tiei^p a^gms'on fac- 
torn IdefMng how your team 
plpyst}. gvna attendance figures, 
hnainaer rrwiagernent, protto- 
sienatchealmgandsoofi . . AH in 
a d&y^ wofk for ygur average 
Bobby Chertton! 

Soccer Star n ckie to be 
biuriQhed lii^ montt^, Goatino O to 
swt up, wtth psifie ccMs dft\2^ 
per turn (whicn can |» as ollen n 
wmMf if you Wish) Send en SAE 
lor fiirfher dffiatis to CfUUH Soc- 
Mr Slait Mcf ^AHEi murrmj^ 
it* AfabQialDrd [Mv«. St Amrm, 

Conquest iA a human modeatod 
garne ol. well, coThquest, Tlw lend 
of RaH upon which the game is 
played ss mapped out ortto well 
over 10 A4 sheets, eech ^leel con- 
taining 2i he)ces of land and sra. 
In^ial^. the playw to tfven a mi ion 
compromising of e tew hekes, and 
is told the type of nation ruled, the 
'Persor^afcitJM owned* the notion's 
reiigloya and migtcel terwiendea 
arvj ifoop strengftis, along wtth 
infcvmaiion regarding tM het^m 
artd cities governed. The piayer is 

Comb^ in ConqoeiSf is a well 
thoughi out affair — victory do-ff$ 
f>ot nec^sahly go to the ta/gest 

The player's hexas and ctTies ar 
lefmed PROVINCES in the pro- 
vinces, loyatty-Cfushing fajteg can 
be enforced to rajise the gold 
nee<^ for economic develop- 
rnent smd inv^tmem in infrastf uc- 
ture and armies. Economics, is the 
strongesi featyre of Conguasl. 
and mterr^alional trade is ^^iimpor- 
tant key to ^cc^ssful play, 

Amw^frwn CONQUEST in wAteh ih^mimofth^^mmmim. . . ecifi- 

ateo given acopy of tt^tsomewfiat 
daunting) rulebooh, 

Thiy mam tmkm types are: bar- 
barian: nomad: sufM^barbartart 
m0 cjv^iised. Eadi type of nation 
has iis own atf^wrtages and dtaad- 
vantagiee. foF e^nvf^te, a st4>erlor 
bartwian naik^i can rarsa dviHan 
population ai 90% of the rKXirml 
economic co$ts. while its prosper- 
Hy IS low compared to that of a 

The persorialn Has are the teaders 
of riations and armies, and Ihey are 
used by ttie pl^yefstq actually 'do' 
thin^gs m the game — conducting 
EHiyJng or espionaoe missions. 
trading and so on. NocmaJly the 
playef has about lO personalities, 
but thes figure can vary Tfiey all 
have Dungeons and DfMons' 
&tyleartril:HJtaawhidigfva diflerent 
Personalitkes dHfefem uses. 

Nations' trw)ps general^ come 
uncler two f^eadings: INFANTRY 
arcfws end mannm tor in^ance, 
and GAVAUW which may rom- 
prise chariots, elephants and so 
on The nation type andgeogr^shl^ 
cai descrtption decides the troop 
Type of the naljon. Fleets of ships 
such asgaHeys and coastal raiders 
are available tor rfiarrlime tiattles. 


Corxfueslis a well rungwie whrch 
requla^as a tot of carmJ plamfng 
arKi d-pioma'Cy to win Tne flame is 
qmte dtflicuit to urK^standaillrti, 
but after a tew rnomtis pl^ and a 
bit of diplomacy with Sjcpenenced 
players vou should get used to ttie 
game^ A word of warning if you 
cfiooee to pin: don't expect ite 
world to tm easy ^ 

Conquest IS played on a 
monthly turnaround and each turn 
costs only Ct Startup co^ts C3. 
and as a special offer to CRASH 
readers Ihis fee includes an extia 
free turn nol normaJiy *nclu«ded tn 
the startup pac^yige (ru^ebooit and 
firs! turn free). Matthew Bmnt 
who GMs Conqimst also pro- 
duces an informative game news- 
leitef called THE CONQUEROR — 
Weill womh reading and why nor 
contribute articles too? 

rt you would (ite to play Con- 
quest then send a cf>eQue/postal 
order peyable to M Brunt for E3 to : 
CX}NOUEST GAwes, The Fnf^, Wig 
Lane, Boxted, Nr Colchaater, 

CRASH October! 986 59 


Oear Brendon 

My int^f^t 1^ PBMing has grown 
immonBefy since your cokimn 
spurted a f«w months ago How- 
ewf . there am b low ihims Bbout 
the hobby That ( do nol ffylfv under- 
stand , When you use the pnrase ' a 
turn', what cJoes a turn comprtse? 
WhBfi a tufn costs over £l then 
suraty rt m more th^fln. say, '1 wi 

■ ■■■^■^ ihe door to my tefl*' — <5f 
i ^ ptay«f go inio greatw 
^ris to descfibe a Ti^t of 

Secondly. whiSst reading WHITE 
DWARF magazine i came across 
several advarls for PQhA games. 
One that caught my eye was for a 
game calKed Captfo^ by m jc oawcs 
The adven reads ' Capttot i» fftst 
IsQcoming I he standard agonal 
which oltief space wartant games 
am compared' The advert 
jnclucJes other commeni praising 
the game no end. 

I read yotjr review of St^§tobe 

in CRASH 33 end found ft intereet- 
»ng; \ even thought of pnir^g the 
game But f Ifien noticed that 
Gapitoi% turn pricet are cheaper 
and the ge/ne scxinds as exciting 
and as playable as Sf&tgksiMr 
Could you. if po^ible. advise me 
a^ to whioh game is the moei 
stilted lor me — a gamer wrth e 
little PflM e?tpenence. 
Steven Vlcken, Carstiattonn Syr- 

Dependrng upon the g^me in 
^hi&tton^ one can do a numtw of 
BCiions dunng any one turn — a? 
tihsmrBtm^ tiritmwtM^obe action 

Staiglobe arid Capttol sm 

am both Qoottgaffmstmf they ap& 
very dmrenf to ptoj^ Capitol 
mqibinse « tor of d^pioifmqf «nd 
sbMBgy if /on msh to enjoy the 
game, wfule Ste^lobe /tjsst 
reQUim$ e bit ot imaging wi and 
parse^^i^WKe — rfpfcmacy and 
^f^ar^)^ ^H?^p, £>ur rhey jw non- 
essefiu^f to en/oy f^ gmrm- 
Capiiol was discussed imi month 
— / Siiggest ihatymj reread what / 
wfore then behm you decide 
which gm^efff myt to l^fL Bmrtf 
mind, t}owm¥ef, thaithemm^some 
t»dden ch^ues to Cepitot . . 


A irpi c# J S TA RCtJOBE *cf ic n rhr^t - « w j f ra Un^ m m^^e* ei 

DCttOK €H€CT - l€tArf1li3Hti - FILL IN At4Q RETUm 

N«ritwicn flie*o 

Mr CWESTEm Ch3 9Jh 

CriKait bJ**nc# BCFOftS tDd«r'm rvportiik U2* Btatuv Stand»ril 

AclLioni. povftitil* in tttArflt^tp Thv«* Drdvr« dfttvd ^C / ^ /i V. 

HcMff on »t*r* n«A«d 3^]ii^\)f on «m^«1 orbtt itl*n#t nanwd* *6lv» NiAld rvui«»r Mtll not da* ^ f £ jlf>i_f j M 

*nd *ft»r c:io«# fiy^^Y t^tad Ifi d|i»«Ction of fctiT p1«n»t nnoiB^ ,^ 

01^ iFtH^ Adviinc«d pt*y«rt ^tly^ 

R»««^ thru«t coiHi*nd«» 

Si^v yp to 3 pariDcft of «<c*l«r#ticM-i . 

fltut* «cc#1«r«tlQn ¥»dt6ii^^ w^y^s *nd nu»t>»r ot iihtp v»«rft . 

Null vector- «#i^e,9fy*Ar-«i 4cpr vriiin** sii^ 

•I* V" i* . y»ftn" 

«- _ _ 1- Zp K**^*- i Intent ion !■ to #1y tQ •t«#- . S 

P'l*^** Mne tnlf»rft#tton 

« oni- 

Bro«dc4«t opw lM*l •#•*«* Cvudi^l* up to t* 1 liiht r*ar^ witHout tpKlal r*c riving itqu)pii«fttl i- 


^•qu««t mfdr^lttisn oci * |jii£/mtai^ vym^M/wt o4 ^*.mm *ntltiH 


k'^ C/Ui- 1' 



III tit< ' *^^ i' ^'i t^^' *♦«/ 

iw^iVM«^newn P^4r>a# |f <l^J, «AQn]fTc4tion 3 Ut p J ^t 1 

Ai«i»t •t4ty« t« on 4ii^tDa«tic, Ord«r «p#c4«i •ivrt kt#iiMm k ^i:f Hirlr 
Po»t to- 

97 l>irwonch|i-# iSo^d 

Dear Brendon 

Sr- -"--f-Thmgof aPBMfanailc 
I -fi oiased 10 see the grow ^ 

ing imerBst ^n the hobby initiated 
m CftASH. I play )^?fcon W^ 
(games 35. 43. and 53). Super Vbr~ 
Dpn 68. Sia^gtobe T>Kee. ^prfra^ 
Afm 2\ Where Ues The Power, 
mxid Of \^angeance, Satutnafm. 

60 CRASH October 1986 

/fls A QmwK £xpH>refS ot Orion 
and WtHmgofd, Tve also played 
Staim^leK Sterwet. S/ariordwd 
^.irs^ Ugftr If anyone would l^e to 

Kt in touch with me then I woyid 
pleMftd K) pws on my TOwa of 
fhMe games (5A£ ptei^i) 

As for PBM footit^all, I m^ggiBBX 
writing 10 RBy Morlen at 7ftBrlfitol 
DHve, Battle H^ti, Wanaend.iym 
and Wear, N£2a fiRG who m Start - 
ling a new Urntad^e/egM. 
Ptiil Shaking p 58 Hempstead 
Road,Dor|«ingRH4 3AH 

Ptaymg a^( mpse games, ("m sur- 

prised ^t gra/efui^ thai yOu fOuM 
time to mjte m' !'m ai$0 in Super 
W>rcon 68 — perhaps an aifiance 



Dear Brendon 

I read youf coluiTin with great 
miereal. Not ptoyrng any PBM 
ganias myself. I woula f ito I o know 

ft rher^ are aity bw budget gaifiea 
su^able fof beginnera — and, H 
possi:ble, Ihe addreeam and 
pnoea. I woufd gfeetty appredala 

Michael Pacey,Gor#bridgeH Mid- 

tn my vfew ($r^ ^ixofifing to the 
FLAGSHtP factors}, \torcon Wa/s 
*s the tmst v»be *km budget' 

Srm a¥ail^^ — see CRASH 30 
fuFther deiBi^$ Conquesl i? 
BTK^ttiet goodfow budget grnie — 
see ttiiS months gmne overview. 




Smash your way ttirough an immense, hostile world wiiere Ninja$ and Shoguns lie in ambush 
ud wiU anlmais crouch ready i« sirllie! Take Ihe challenge - cnly you a true RST master 
jai lurvive to the tap! C64 Cassette £9.95, Disk £14.9$. 

Jean available lof . il n Spectrum and Amstrad. 










1^ H'O**^ 4 tU H'^l 



— ^ 


Vlelcourr^e tiouu (PubKSMrS} Ltd Melbourne Mouci 60 Hion Slrnl HuTVOlon WcK K^nQSIOfl aoon Tham«£ Surrev KTI 4D6. 

(Ot 19433911 l^r. 935425 UELflSOFacs: 10! 19432661 



UidiMyt my e^cild hMi now c:l*if9d up thankyouvvrymucti, Stli fm 
woftf from tfwt Ravwfama pttudofryin — »lthmi$|h I dki ni4d a wcm* 
tMb0 l«tt«r about jtm In th* pagftft of CftVQ a mofilh or two ago. 
Protobly wrtttan try ttwlr vlfftf wrttsr. 

SHl^. I don't imA M If l'v« Nad ar^ sumnwr thii yaor vt alL W*V» 
probatoty had ail of tfrnH wnny dayi htf* in Uidtoiv. Ifi teet Ita 
riMfMl rv« go! to itttlng off to *xotic, p a l l i<fi a idt»iCi iiiww an 
aflafiioon af»»nt at BionlfighBm airporl wstd^lnf «v#ryDfNi «!•• 
zoofnlng off on tJiaif hol». What fun, ah? Anifway, enough ol thi* 
wilfta (T aiipscl yDu'v« m\\ had your &uimm«f holklaiy* in far riyng 
f>lac»a alraady) and on wrth ttv« tipa^ 

Tb* good rwwv ttiis month 19 that there ar« two Top Upstata 
bvcsuH I rv^l^y couldn't maNd my mind up wfw ffioct dnervvd Itii 
tiM. Tha bad newm however, ts the! youll only b« fSiOaMng £10 of 
SofliW* «ach. W« <lo run 00 Birtram < i yH# it budgvts har« you know. 
HitM two tadEy Mop^e are Paul PhHlipson-lwlaslefS from Thombury 
If) Bfittol for Mft Cqi/^wx Tips and Ctvis SmWl Md Jasor> Bean fTTw 
Indusbiouft H#^»r« from Ha Kt>y and PoeUingtoii} for tfwH- K>K£« 
on Sf^im^ft^ Sfaa/ and 5p/rf Pi^rsonal/tla-a. 

CattM£«p4>#f of th# month fcs Garv Oi q^en for his map of Ofnrnntim 
Otn H OMiW nwpparg tlii^ mqcith who demnrve Credrt ara HOwcird 
Ooan f^Hii Uttl#ovttr in Dittpy for h^s C&ukiroa f^ m^. (mt ^^urrf froffi 
Puiiay it^apitd another part of the huga Corg^ map arvd ChfMimf 
MofriM from Luton sent in one of the flrvt UtmmbM Hofomapa. Qulofc 
woflc th^a, indeed . . . 




Sicioa I 







62 CRASH October 1 986 

G* FbOOA auM 

mf ' •' Anno 



fcicTOB ..Avourr 


CRASH October 1986 63 



1 /iriAv ( 


LiGHTrpHCCisthe Punishmenr Armor 
Galactic Fighter Command. 
When a Terran-settled system at the edge of 
the galaxy is seized by an alien force.revenge 
comes in the form of a lone 
LIGHTFORCE confronts alien in a dazzling 
battle above the strange landi^capes of the 
lcePlanel,lhe Jungle Planet. Alien factories 
and the impassable Asteroid Bell. « 
LIGHTFORCE — a1 the speed of Light 
fiom FTL. 

SHOCKWAY RIDERS are the pick Of the 
street gangs ATHLETIC, AGGRESSIVE & 
ARROGANT - as they cruise along the 
mple-speed moving walkways that circle 
the great MEGACITYS of ihe 21st Century 
is to go "FULL CIRCLE'* - lo do that, he must 
fight off the Block Boys. the Cops and the 
Vigilantes - as wel^ as negotiatmg the Speed 
Traps and Rider Ramps erected by the angry 

local tesidenis! 

SHOCKWAY RIDER is the most original 

arcade gam^ of the y^r - 



SPECTRUM £7. 9 5 

FASTflt THAN -UGHT f'TJ fasterthan light, carter fOLns group of companies, 

— — , SEDGLEY ROAD EAST, TIPTON. WEST MlDLAISiDS DY4 7UJ. Tel: 021 520 2981 (4 %nts,\ 



4f^f mi%4 mi¥tt>r tn thm t>iff0»^iimito mmkm mum you tot^ jfiotir 
bmmt Hmnnmh gmtm /««^F f O «■ ■ ■# ft*f ^utiic — bi/f ¥i/h*rm'$ 
MmffMmm? Fitwdwin^ thmt ffttif* eMtk^ ii# di^MAt ^ ^ ^ 


Inflniim Simminm 

100 ruUSIDOMiZE USR 23296 

Loti of pvopta aawn to hwa 


Gfacfcatf St l«Mt en* of lh« viit* 


tn OAAOOYif'* MMtTK or» Bm 

0.23T , 1 7e,33,14Sj2S4,34.23 

Magick, It anyone's still havfeig • 

130 DATA 

faw problamv wttfi luiptng AjtA 

264 , M .60.2S4.34,70.2S4.^ 

' «itv*, than hors'm aonw laahil 

140 DATA 

POKES fr^m Oavid McCandl#s», 


Typ* In Hw rmrtIrM and then 
nUN a« uatial and wtwr tha 


M.49.JS4,34, 1 1 7,34,33.1 1 » 

OMM hM loadad you will rtotica 
Iwt «rttan AxM'o itafniiu Vewal 

160 DATA 

2&4,34, 1 2a.3M,e2,J30S^W,1 1 3 

■wcJtM K#r« h* d0«9n1 (fwl 

170 DATA 

This is v«ry UMful wh«n BLAST- 

254,62.220,60,1 21 JO^JtH^Oi 

ING «n>onst«ri who iMva much 


MgharnUnfls than you do.^.60.254 
33.230.248,34,74.254.33,84.01 ' 

5 REM Huvy on ths Magicic 

10 PAI>eR 0; INK 7: BORDER 0: 


CLEAR 66635 

17.176,2M>1 . 

20 PWINT AT 10.10; "STAftT 



10S.1TS.25«.49,255^1 ^ 


220 DATA 

' *0 PfllMT AT 10.10; "STOP 

32^,1 7,S24,t01 ,62.163.56 


230 DATA 


306.04»4>,0 ' 

60 FOR k - 23296 TO 23«3t 

240 DATA 

i 70 READ ■: POKE U: LET t - 

64, 1 .22.0.23T«17A,1ft&,0.64 


250 DATA 

« tF t< > 16474 IHBH f^niNT 

33,256,247, 1 7.25S.25S. 1 ,0 



90CLS: PRtNT AT tO.lO: "RE 



270 DtATA 4«^.M,1»6,3S,MtO 


OoBhi 1^ «oori^ hMt W« All Ut 
down to ttY And get Rickv Stwl 
through lh« various pamt tlwf 
«watt him in StmM^M 5TM/ 
wh«n th«9« POKEs arrived from 
th« iiK^rftdlbly sludioufl Hackof s 
from Haxby and Pocklmgton. 
Ghm SmMh and Jason ao<Tn h&va 
dmiMd a way to g«t infinite f u«4. 
InnnJte lives and infmrte $hi«4d» 
for Ricky and his car. TW» 
nwafis that Ricky can n«v«r dl« 
and can continus hn th« gan^ 
until kt *a finished. Gol^M. 




30 LET TOT -« 


SO FOR I ^ 33768 TO ^^14 

60 READ a: LET TOT - 




00 NEXT I 

m I F TOT< > 1 2SM2 THEN 



100 CLEAR 24009 

110 PRINT - 1; AT 1,3; ''START 



130 POKE 00ei32,3240 

140 POKE 60033,255 

150 RANDOMIZE U5R 32760 

1000 DAT A 33.1 20, 1,33 

1010 DATA 0.1 7,228,236,^17 

1 0M DATA 1 76,1 95.21 3,236,175 

1 030 DATA 50.1 5,1 90.50.16 

1040 DATA 190,50.1 7, 130,33 

1060 DATA 0,034,98.1*7 

1060 DATA S0.100.l8T,34j3a 

1070 DATA 167,50.134,187,82 

1 0eo DATA 1 95,50. 1 03, 1 83,1 OS 

1090 DATA 66,97 


Apsft from ha¥ing a program for 
tnfknrto ftvifylfiin^, Stmni^^s 
Sm^ nai Mwral cdiHt hayi 
wtilch do mof« or l«sa ttw aaiM 
tf>ing, Phti Churctiyard dtKo- 
v«rvd tfitt tff typing LOIS onc« 
th« gams hms tflarltd glv«9i you 
finfinit* l(v*«. RiC^^d Drft>A from 
Tyn« and W«w wrote to say thai 
Dnc« th« gsafiw ham bpgun, hoki 
down th« fotowblf heyi before 
you looas eny i^ei: 
S T A I N L Z It You will now 
haw an Infkntte number of itves 
and b« able to u^a your shields 
as mamy |ime« as you itke. Typ- 
ing S I L K all together at the 
tttrl of the geme does the same 
tMng. as WtHmm Miictieil hum 
BMWiIre In Scotland soon dis- 
covered, w*tlle Jason Kttchen 
reckons that If yoti pnas km^ 
O A i K L r O P endENTERaNat 
one e wtien the game ties k>eded 
then you get Inlirilte Itwst und hy 
presAin^ your shWd key you get 
kTts of shiefds us wsIL How L»n1 

Infinite Lh/mm 

Thle shoiitel oome kn hatid¥ for 
ei tf^s* people who haven t yet 
lied the pii¥ii*g« of seetJig 
Ptince An^ew end Fergie 
logelhan wtio can't ptaoe 
logettief ' Mick Jaggef» and Iwe 
no IdM wtie's ptetMn Is 
enonynuiusly assefnbled a1 the 
very end of the game^ Those For - 
mMiMe Hackefe fNvm HaxAiy 
{«d Pocfcingliinh Chrts Sm^lh 
«nd Jsdon Been tmm oome i4p 
wHIi wi IniMie Uvea niiillpiaifor 
Spt^ AprWMwWiMt tt# ACMMflK 

ssme w/hitM^ daffiedf MnsaM Spmf- 
Ing InMpes and had lo re-chfte- 
lanftd. Smpty type hi and RUN 
before stairtifig your SfiiH P^- 
m mm Mm tap* end you ^m^ 
fiHfip through the gafne forever 
WiUMJifi nawing id nan 

30 CLEAR 40000 



iO KmE U: IfT wftlglvt - 

weight 4 1 

too NEXT I 

1 1 IF TOT-- * 3aaio$ mm 

PRINT - ' en^or fcn dele": B EEP tjt 

120 PRIWT - 1; AT 1 J^ -*STAHT 
tOOO DATA «,2W,55.22 i .33 
101 OATA 203,92. 1 7 ,223^1 
toeo DATA 206,06 A4i,241 
1030 OAT A t7i^,27;M^ 
tO40 DATA O,0,;»44S.ft4 
lOiO OAT A 49 JE50.255;S3^1 8 
1060 OATA,1 91 
tO70 DATA 34j64.94.62.l95 
1060 DATA 50,60^94,33,137 
1090 OATA 196,17^836.1 
1 1 00 &AT A 23,0,237. 1 Tfcl 96 
1 1 20 OATA 34,1 27.21^^4.1 29 
1 1 30 DAT A 21 2 J3. 1 60 j 1 2,34 
1 140 DATA 140^ 1 2.62, 1 ^,50 
1150 DATA 139^12,193,170.209 

CRASH October 1986 65 




rm Mft yoy til know by now 
th«t Phil CbuFChyard wrolS Spin- 
iUtzyfQf th« Sf>«ctmm. H« cl«¥- 
«f1y In^orpdf Al«d s cH^at mod« 

in the Qflffk*. If you prMti 
PAT (Ptill'i Inltttb) onn 

onc« ttw 
gwns hai kwted th«n you get 
Ififlnlto tinw. 6ood iih7 

As pfoml»«f, li«f«'» th# r»»t <rf 
ttt« tjp« on Pymmifwe 
|upp4k»d try M J Brock from 
PeterbQrough. Unt mofitti I toM 
you how to 9#t through Htm 
Anifrchamta#r and tha ^hr^ne. 
This l«iu« th«r«'s th« Mlutlon to 

rt you Into th* San^^rn *nd on 
finlfth th« gan^i. 


This is natural^ th« hard*At 9«o- 
tiofi. Qo straight ah«ad to f^nd a 
kay guardad by a naw lypa of 
fkoM which Is vary nifty on ft'm 
Lura this droid 

Pkdi up tha l^ay with Pn 
and antf up and laft to a saal«d 
compound. Open tha door by 
using tha Key/key plate, Insida 
you will tind a static headless 

fuardian and a spinning globe, 
his globe is nol a weapon. Pick 
H up with O'DpnnaU and ttie 
guardian will follow hin^. Lead 
this guardian Into tha new sort 
Ol drold which you have lu^t 
found and he will kill up to a cer- 
tain number of them and then 
disappear. Le^d all the charac- 
tars law and down to an entr- 
ance guarded by a '^slow'' droM. 

Folkrw downwards to find a 
crystal guarded by three drolds. 
By using the ''ture" rr^athod 
manipulate D'Donnell to pick up 
Vis cr^tal and escapa. Return 
to ttila entrance. 

Eidt tha Ih^assor and O' Don^ 
nell r^t and downwards to a 
compound oontainiing a key and 
another crystal. Lead O'Donnoll 
In to pick up tha kay and ttw 
crystaU Both Inner and outer 
doors wilt now close and dro^'ds 
will be activated to pursue and 
kilt Use the Professor to open 
the Inner dooc by use of a lever 
found on the outside. 

Using O'Oonnelli, manipulate 
key in Bf^ around ttw key pi^te 
to gain esUtiMi wHh the second 
crystal Ektt both characters 
tfown and to the right to find a 
floor guarded by b fast drokd. By 
"bura" method get tha Prof em- 
sor aalely Inside using Urn key/ 
key plate. 

Nwtt yoti will ^nd five spfnnifig 
globe weapons to be pickad up 
by ttie Ptofassor and O'Donnell. 
Return to tha other characters. 
Lead all four chanctars up and 
left to find a door guarded by t¥ra 
skullrs. I^ass tt>a c^aractare 
through safety as the skulls rise. 
Here you will find a static akuil 
guarding a compound. PutUng 
Frosbto over tfm akuU removes 
the compound. 

Lead O'Donnall through and 
H g ht past sh ul is to pic k up prism 
{facing up). Lead Profaesor^ 

66 CRASH October 1986 

(having picked up emblem) Into 
the room on the right guartiad 
by ikulls^ Touch the pulsjitor 
with the arr^blam. This pro^yces 
a sphehcal ball. Pick this up. 
tha Pi ofesAor out and you 
0ia lever on the rigtit 

Before 0*Deinneli leav^as make 
him him touch the prism on the 
floor with tha one he already has 
In hi* possession. This pro- 
Aices three faat droids but also 
dfops the door bsick into the 
main compound. 

The Professor, possesslf^ 
tlia 0lObe. can now lead the acti- 
vated droid in the mam are^ to 
the pnam on the left which drops 
the door mto the final room. The 
Professor touches the pdsm In 
here to reveal the ttiM orysteL 

To find the fourth eryitati lead 
the htrfee^or back to fhm aree 
cofvlirinfrig the lever Juat uaed to 
raiease O^DonrwII. Here you will 
f^nd two keys, Lead O'Donneil to 
area adjacent to find a moving 
droid guarding a Nay and a 
transmitter. Bring these to tt>a 
Frofassor. Lead O'DonnaU to 
take Hm Irammitler and the key. 
The droid is now activated. 
Using the Professor and nearby 
key plates release O'Oonnell. 
Ignore first room. Activating this 
droid simply produces enemlers. 
Lead O' Donne II ^nto Hie second 
room^ taking ttie two traJismlt- 
ters. Touching the droid wHti tha 
first transmitter ecltvates it 
Touching the droJd wtth the sec- 
ond tranamitter reveaia a third 

Uelng key/key plata with the 
Professor, gain entry lo t^e last 
rcxim. Touch ttie droid in the 
Hikd room with ttie third trana^ 
mltter to reveal \he fourth and 
final crystal. Lead all ttte charao- 
tars safely to tha final sat of 
locations which are to tha right. 


Find the three corrtd4M^. One 
leads to a cup and a splwa. Pick 
up both. The cup is the final ctjp 
which ravivea Perickss, Onecor^ 
ridor leeds to a transmitfer 
guarded by four (aat droids. 
a^fely pick the transmitter up. 
Lead Daphne, the Professor and 
O'Donnell down this last cor- 
ridor past moving s^ow droida lo 
find a door patrolled by a slow 
droid. Using the Profeftsof, 
touch this droid with the trans- 
mltier to lower the door. Qo 
through^ dociging a scorpion to 
find a ehtrif guarding an antr^^ 
anca. Pass thnugh m$ the skull 
rlsea to find a room containing 
four static haadtoss guardians 
and a static crystol pnd a Jevar 
which is down. Lead aN three 
characters eel ely Into tfiia room. 






The four Crystals already 
found, wtien placed in the cor- 
rect order on th@ static crystal 
on tha f)oor, eauM the lever to 
turti up. Unfortunately I as e»ch 
crystel laptaced correctfy oom of 
the heMWese guardlafis comes 
t3o Nfe, A sale mattvod is to act!- 
vale two guardJwia and ture 
them down tha oonldor w^ 
O'DonnelL Activate two more 
guardians and lure them down 

the corridor with Oaphn«. The 
ProfasHT Mn than pick up the 
final Clip and pulLthe iever down 
wtiich drops the wpHa giving 
access to ttie final room. Here 
the rannains of Sk PerJ^^lee ere 
guarded b^ a large aaaortmenA 
of pravtousV ancouiTtered foes. 
Dodge these and reincarnate 
Pericles by using tt^ Professor 
end the Last cup and voila, you 
have finished ttie gameL 



Daringly Original Arcade Adventure. It's What You've Come 




AvaifaWe novv for CDrTimodofie 64 and 
available soon for Spec If um 4B 12B and 


t«Hm II I Pteyuipvd fiadi UHt m §rmm imcfitmiwmmem^ 


HAL ofsmm 

HAL MODt AjWiilUv. ' fueepost FmEB4RS ^_ 



H#rB ir* fl^HTY* biioHJ mkak tipt for 
C^^nwnUi |i«fv If «• Mfrt in by 
P^ M«h«M frMi WoltaftL 

Th«^ go v«fv nic«ly wttti tta map 
wfilch Ian has v«fv hin#y bMfi 
working ori "up in Art'' with th« 
Iwlp of Gary Orgwi who sent Iha 

mop in to me. 

tilantf Oft* 
THq lorfi^h I«t9 yog 
immun# to \h^t% f of A $^ori tjm«. 
Th« drilE unc^Qv^rfi Eft l«her«t pa«* 
Mgt tNaoh to your air^ip indj- 

TiM food mix«f o(VM you •fi 

mudtmm supply of tood. 

Soi¥A»li4ow away Mfe doom. 

M»g«ffia monstflfi itool 
maQontB cfiiourftff objacta afid 
rad mofUFtara ataal red obiaeta. 

Tiia torch^ drill, dlak and food 

island One 


68 CRASH Ctetober 1 966 

miM«r t^sn fiflVftrJH stolen, Wh#n 
you H^v« found the diftk, go up 
lo th9 juke boi ami a liJiw «rlH 
p^f. Thim ffnd th* ftwl Mnd^ 
u«in9 th^ weret fHiAaga r«tum 
to your slniiip. Walk towards 
th^ Hght and youll be magteked 

^O tbe ncKt ^$l«iid^ 

l»Laild Two 

TTia ruby uficovtfs a a cfi t p^i- 

•agM on thin iftondr pne of 

wtwh laadA to th« |uk« boi^. 

Tha akuU mak«ft you iiivi»ib^ 
for a iliort tJma. 

Oxygan atopt yc>u from tfying 
whafi you laH Into thft w^taf . You 
will, Mwawar, ratym to th« 
acrMii yndafnaath your airship. 

S«^r$t paaaagas are quita 
««9y to Umi. Just walcti out to 
saa wivithar a Nasty vnyvtart* 

ously walks througti a aoMd wall 
and th«n yioull know ttut Lara's 

Tip? drid rnapa of the rast of 
^^ kflar^i would b« gnaatly 
apfiraciaiad ft^r iha naxt Isauaof 
CRASK. f ri»tty pl^aw. 

/^JPgW JjJMy * y Will i,f.n.i 


CRASH October 1 9S6 69 




Lsa^t month 1 9«n fdy th* routa 
to get itp to l!#v«l four ki E<^iirmx* 
ThiB bsue, hovrtw^ I thought It 
wQyM tw nice )f I pMJbtlshvd 
%4;»me tips that had bean i«ftt (n 
by readffrm. Pauk PhillipscMi — 
Minsters from Thombufy In Brtar- 
tol Mfit ^n the Bohftkm to th« 
final four lov^li* Now thai the 
Equinox POKE hat been cor- 
rected there's absolutely no 
ejtcy^ for not get the Irft. Go up 
twjcti ar»d go yp in the Irft- Go 
ML do^Kft, get %pade, Hgm, 
Hflflvt, dut of lift^ dowm twkcep tele- 
poft Go right, fitghl oul of left. 
Ute %p$tdlm on rocks. G#t inter- 
fee* 7 end fci yp in i^. Oo up u 
^ SB poBslble then go l«ft» up in 
IHt^ rtght^ up and yoyre lhef«! 


Get t^e cr^dh and go left twlc«, 
MP find right twke. Uu crftdft 
and go left twice ta get the dyne* 
mrte^ Oo right twice end tei^ 
port Go up end use th« dyn«* 
mite on the rocks . Go riglit three 
times arHJ go up In the lift and go 
Kip. Get the cloister end go left 
untii you re^ch the chute. Ots* 
pose o^ the oanj $ter erHd go rigttt 
to get the fuW- Go right again 
an<] leleport. Go upi right three 
timef and out nf the lift to the 
right. Use the fu^e wheti you go 
up and right Go down and gel 
MwiHe g. Go up, left, left, 
<hmm til* one-way pauege ■nd 
right for accflfts to level 0. 


Qo left dowfi, pk;k up credit and 
go down. Um the credrt go up 
twice to g*t the dynamite. Go 
down twice Srigain and telefiort. 
Go left, down, right mnd u&e the 
dynamite on the fdck$- Go u|S 
and ge! the credit. Go dowr), 
right, use the cred^. Go iett, get 
tti* tu«e^ right ar^ teleport. Go 

?0 CRASH Ociobof 1986 





mmii Han te ■ cIom c4;ifitafK|«r 
to lli»lr tevt «pk: budget g«ina. 
Kfii^ ryfMv If yoy'ra tuviriQ 
tniiriilt siiffllnQ iwir Htti« «|MK#- 
ffym off «ii Miwtild ttan 
ptiitiipv HwM tip! ftwn S4mori 
Austin wtia Uf)#M In Esmk wUI 
IMp you on your wfty . Simon hii« 
•Im Ineiiidtci a mapi wliict) it 
^btr MMrtltoJ whon it coimftft to 
MMJ^ rtwdliiig Ml tipft. T«k« it 
I^Pvsy 8wiiofi» # k . 


5) Tftk* pkinQttr 

6) Ttko dyfwnlto 

7) Talto ID card 

6) Till* w1r« afKl plug 

9) Oo to tho rock roofti 
rot Um p(uh9«r, drop plunge 
1 ^ ) Go to Iha oomputof foom 

i 3l Type Stirtflwitfnl (check 
k*y fMIMMt M «ufo rvpMt Im 

t4| Oo Md tBk« the oil IQo hghl 


16) Go to w«^«ini t»w wvtof 1 

ond go ItfllD tfwi oumo ro^m 

2 VI Oo to Chi 9»yfl (rriMe suni yoiu 
fmym Hm id OMd) 

vnnooooMMiyL Ypy iv« 

now off tho Anifioki 

»i««t !»!»• I tii«ll b* pr^^ing m« 
sohiiiofirofth«PlttrMis#oflori< ^ 
tiw gwmo, to Mfbd thM* tipt i 

Ififfnlf f vefytff Ift0 

Thero I wa& aliout to »it down 
and eat my corned ba«f roll from 
Dunnbs (the mwly adopted 
CRASH ''canteen''), wtien the 
phone rai>g. Unfoitun^ely ell 

the eitten^ion^ have recentty 
been changed herp et CRASH 
Towers so making or receMng 
a telephone call is no meen f «et 
anyn^ore. Anyway, H turned 
out to be none other Hian nrve or 
mate, Phil Churchyard with a 
rtvettlng routine for MinaoASOfr's 

Dynamitm Dan tL Being a decent 
lort of person I decided lo put 
away mry lunch and type all this 
in. just for you, deer compyter 
games POKEer. 

10 CLEAR 2600 

20 eOll DE 1^ 0: IN K 0: PAPER 0: 

Mti up, left, down and use the 
(t»e, Qo left, get the canister 
Mud go rtght, up* righti down, 
rightp and teleport. Go down^ get 
the dynamM. go up, left, up, 
right and lelefioil. Go up, get rid 
of the rocks, then go left. Get e 
credit ffrofn the diapemer. Go 

dowri, use credH and tel«porL 
Go left, down, right, down^ gel 
canister, up, left, up, right, tfl4e- 
port, ifp and 90 rMit Go up In 
tha 1^ and diifnp» the cani star in 
the chirte. You win now be pre- 
Mnled by the ait important mes- 

Phew . . . didn't even have 
Ume to draw bteath whie I was 
wrttifig Itfiai. It was sooo exch- 

■v^^ipv ■n^'^^s^H' '^^^^BiWii^^^^BN 

fl^F 'I^^H 

I I 


30 PRIMT - 1; AT 0.3; ^^START 


40 MERGE-''' 


ao 100 LET prg^- PEEK 

23638- 2M-PEEK OF ZM36 

110 POKE prog - 1W,2CM 

120 RANDOMIZE USR (prog - 


130 POKE 40077,201 

140 RANDOMIZE USR 40000 

1 50 FOR I - 23206 TO 23301 

160 READ a: POKE i,a:NEXT I 

1 70 POKE 29944,201 : REM If O 


100 POKE 29002,ia2: REM INFI- 


too POKE 3ai704»1 HEM NO 



iOO DATA 49,36,94, 1&5p1 44,10s 

Mr Churchyard atso tall$ me ihet 
wtien Dan pteNs up a pair of 
Magenta tK>otstt #UI onabi^ him 
to walk on walar, Wrth a bit of 
fancy side stepping il is also 
possibte to wt\k from one island 
to another without havimg to 
sotve all tha problems first 

Infinite Uwem 

Oerek BreMiar, our 
tiaie peraon^ latest game, C^ 
Oweer to e Hi ot e bnHa ki 9it 
through Theee MMle ttpee 
POKE4 kindty aenf in by Ptfbpr 
Baktwin from WIrnbome li Dor- 
set might help you get kirllier 
irvto the ^enie:. Type theprograrn 
k\ mttd RUN. Then deMe it line 
byilneb yt||ilBJ|h tfcelhieMBH 
Im^sAo piWMnQ EMTnWt Vrhd 
irou'v* gofW Virough tM tfM 1km 
numbWB lip l9 1 TO tfMn typa tlw 

■n^ Vivi) vlsft 9t9 Ont outtt 

1 LET c . 0: eODOER Oc PAPER 
0- INK 7: CLS 

20 FOfl B ='2a2MTOaSSt 
30 REAO be PdKE a^bi l£T C - 


SO IF c- >seaeTHEN prwt 

■EflflOR IN DATA" 

00 DATA 221 .03a.OOO.atH^ 7 
70 DATA OO0jQg7,O6Z2SSj0gS 

90 DATA OOOjOMj0Tr.0Cn.OQ7 

1 QO DATA oeijS6joss,zosjon 

110 DATA 006a2l.lda,ia2.0S3 
120 DATA 017,IBt,|imM2,2S5 

i3o DATA wejasMsjao&Mt 

140 DATA 033,2H171 J0irj»1 

1 50 DATA m*joaussjos&siA 

t« DATA WC ,tWB. WJ . e0j060 
170 DATA 177.150,iK,137j32 

Ty^ RUN ttwn <M«to noh toM 


■tvt tha Con Quvit 


CRASH October 1 986 71 





Tha M«kon in Oauri D&m is 
trvaatenlng all aorta of naaty 
things again. And poor ohd Dan 
ia all on hia Qwr\, wlihoui #v«n 
hie tnnity (ri4$nd Digby to help 
hlin. If you'ra going to stand any 
Chancd of stopping thaia^^oid 
colliding with moUiar Earth then 

Ku'll certainly naad 1h*a« 
}K£a from my fshum Phil Chuf - 

10 BORDER 0: INK 0: PAPER tt 



30 FOR h - 23296 TO 23311 

40 READ a: POKE i,a 


M PRINT - 1 ; AT 0,6; ^'START 



BO POKE 65326.201 

90 lUNDOMIZE USR 650% 

100 POKE 47710,201 

110 POKE 46aa5^t 

120 POKE 43526p0 

130 POKE 4^63.0 

140 POKE 42111.0 


BOO DATA 221 ,33,171 ,253,17.9,3 

510 DATA 62p255p5Sp205pa6,S 

620 DATA 48.241^1 

Una too givai you InflfiMo 
•fwrgy. tine 110 gives you 
trtflnlte lim#, Ikna 120 gives you 
infinite ammunition, line 1 30 lets 
you iA\\ a^ far as you llke^ and 
(|rk« 140 Stdpa you b^lng put In 

prfaon in Mctor thre* wli^n a 


Aflar iait mon^'a Absolute No 
Qul3i>iing Solution for 

Sp^H^MHindt I've racaived m 
couple of ptiona calls informing 
me that after ajl ttia trouble Tve 
gona to, people are atili puuling 
over how to get past tha tower. 

Luckily Chrts Edg<i from Wal- 
lasy In Marseyside wrote in with 
tha way to gat around It^ 

In ofdar to get pa^t the tower 
On level four you mu^t have the 
twq lumps of biickwDrk. To get 
the bncks take Ekirond to D6 
and after he haa destroyed th^ 
Wall two lump$ of brickwork will 
be created, one on oJther sida of 
the hole. Take th«m both to B2 
»nd drop them both. Pick up tha 
lower brick and leave the other 
one where it ia. Tha bdck which 
you've ppcked up can ba iiaad to 
CI03S tha pit in ^7 along w4#i the 
platfofTTi wtiidi Samsun Ihrowa. 

C^ria also goas on to may ttiat 
jumping at the pictures In the 
gallery will give you an extra 1 % 
of score and witttout coliecting 
these airtra poinU it is imf>oa3l- 
bla to gel 100% ^ tha game. 




— 1 




— 1 


'-■.ii^ mui^ 


*U,frP if^ 


' «-l 



1 **w 

i. ,- - 

T' ^ " 




I . 

! '"» 


ihii*4t II 4^1 ^ J 

iiiR« Ljti 

idim Uh 






iu^ . 14, 






1 1^^ 


Ai 1 






fm.-r, ^_ 







i '^ 




VI «? 


«- 1 


. ^ "' 




•«^ firt 

1 - 1 

rt^«cr ntut mnf-i 

Let's hope that thai really la the 
last HI hear of Sp&flbouiHi. Ever 

Hope ttta tips and POKEs ^tla mofrth w«fv of help to 
usual all contributions g/aatly received. How at^oul sofne «t^ft on 
ScQoby &&0, NrnxoTy Paperboy, nnd Trmp Do<if. In fact anything yqy 
ilea, Thare wlH tM the usual rewards up for gmbsK you \uckY TtpptF^). 
Mapping and POXEIng paoipte. Also if P^t^r Roe whodrn^v me Actkm 
P*ft0M and Ghoms m^QotHmm^^ ia»t iasub feuds this coiM ha 
ptaa4^ get in touch with me as Tve losl his address and nqed H 

As always sand yoyr maH for my attention to HANNAH ^MITH 

72 CRASH October 1986 






Not only can you get your hands on these amazing all-time classics at a new super low 
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£vwy month £UT£ SYS' 
ftHSmn rwte^ing four 
budfft $sm€* under 
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i?fiCMua€intt»d»yH wm 
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ken. 4inI ttidt montii 
thwrw wmbeMfimclM- 

month's iff^ J 

TMt i» m twrniXV'tw^ tOTMvi arc»€l« adventy f« 
which lnckftd«« piptfofms atuJ Jet $&( mify 
typ« ftipM at M«ll 39 a host of n^st^s to 
avoid. >feu play th« part of J»ftp«r supar 
mcHj«« axtraortiir%aifv anrcf hav^ to scamper 
myrtd collading mnd using obJ»et& In order to 
complete tKe game and travel through all ih# 
screens. Awarded a CI=LASH Smash back m 
Nov^mtwr 1984. thia ^ame was written by 
Derek Brewster . , . you krityw. ttw fe^law who 
writes about advefituritrg tor usi 


The trio b#hind PeEJuJiMf be^an to make thetr 
rtmtk 0t maftter^ of 3D techniques wrth this 
Settle Zoii0 clOTfe. Arriving after Bomm&t^ 
Aavensa and 3D Cdmb^f Zqh^ tii is version at 
the arcad# qla&sjc was adjudged ttie best of 
ail by tfve CRASH reviewing teltm in August 
*S4. Wlm-frame 9^0 p hies on (he Spectnirn 
haver^'t b#en Qurto the same sinpe tfikm gdm# 
was launched -^ rated 83% Overall l^n^ 
Du&hs a game no seif-rfrapectii>s &«ttJe lone 
arcade master sl"iouk] be witliotii 



Orie of Co^ta Psnayt's (erf Highway Encotmtw 
and R&vQiiifton fame) eaHisf work*, this last 
Mtiofi ftcrolUng 3D gsfTi« pulft vqu in tti« 
CKkpIt otalbfTwdo. Th«tand»Mp« k» viowed 
frdfTi 9 atwi* Wfd'i «ye iJW^pective am! Itw 
aim of tti» a*fl** 1**0 ^^^^^"^ round shoolinQ up 
tirgMs. TOu CMI fly undflf or over iiddges and 
p<iiMr c«iil*«t V)d morv p^Snti ara awardod 
fw d»ttfW<r*ll» ^^i^Q^* *^* i™'^ ^^" **^ Rated 
at 81% overaH in the Augusl 1M4 isiHi# -- m 
w«|l pl^abiQ g«in«. 


A little Mrebral * wrelse on offer in th* f Ofwi 
of # ciassfc chws game ttiat utilises ^tw 
«ilg«braic notation for inputting moves. Writ- 
ten by Deep Thoug ht i^ir cp sOfTwAJii tti is profl- 
r*m pi 8/5 a eood game o« ^te»m, And fthouid 
prove a worthy opfionartt to moet hutnao*! 
Seven levels of play are availab^ efid Hie 
ch0ss board is di^layed on screeti durif^f 
play from a schematic view 









QfMl Sbjfll P(mh« n»b me my cboJc* of Sfwctal 2.99 Clat*)c«, tMdees and aticken. ]*¥• 
ttOMM tfw appnaprtot* tKHWs and th« QftM I want am: 

OJ«*P«f 11 Tornado LOW Lmf "-lO Tank Due! n&VWctats 

l%« onl«f«tf AIX roun tHM«, M p»UM ««nd m* thte nnnlh^ FREEBtC CU^SStC whte^ 


Unclose a ch«Qu«/|>oatalonl«rfleR Q £2J8 H ES-Sa ; 1 CeJ7 n C114W 
pjVftN* to OWlSH MICRO. ' lj 

HmmB ........„™™h,^.-^„.._™,™„„„„„_„ — »„,™«„,.„., -.. .■.■„■■....■„■.....„.,». 


'"O'^?* ■■■■-m ■..«■ ■■■■^ ■ f n n irK!.!*******^—— ——- — — ,;■ .^ ■ . r ■ if. - ^ PT ITIl 

. L,..4..«4 ■+l+l-i-4-l#k-.i-kr.-<-.i. .,r. .. ........ ... ...^Vl ■■ 1*1 I I IJJUta IHhl*.-.. .. — ■ ■■'U4.|i,.HM4-h.,...^....m. KO fll C OCW --"-■ [1 .-TTiril I ll 


you frUghf WMitp biit A it » wifft^iin our pcnwr to g«t 

it t«r yw. CKan MM wtJL AMY of tli« Mf?iHpr* 

rw v tow d rn thit Off ANT ItftM «f CRAIM un bfl 

ord«^r*d by mlrfg rh* form b«l«iAf . 

•M w ovolff (|i«4^p0irtCfn«ttf ^ pic AHi rtn9 flnt Co 
ctecii rvjiltfltJlllty of unutual lt«inl 

CRAS K NU 1 1 Ord*f 1 1 iMdcotf fev dw #v»Ciwn^ of 
Mi'^nflvilii U$. pimilffwfiof irftii mapwlrwp HA^I 
14 and AHTIIX^ wttlf^ li»i EwMi LOpfiiy^ 
tfwn 1 iO«OO0 cofnfiutvr uwrt Mth «ol|WiBr« lor 
1 yii» w ifou &an b* mrvof tlw wfy 

th* r«i#fwfi In QtASH or 1 

3Mld ViMJ 

prtufH^ jiiftt tlf^q fH* n4»fiiHr 

Ifw purkvi 9u<]n|«i^ in ttrt 

know f AtJl i prl{« . StKiMid vimj hmfm anf qfimrim on 

p rid Out ft«ff Mfllf 


PlKOUNn OAUllffil 

Afiy o fio may t»li« MlvwftHv o# ifw 4i»cmtfti 

cmfpiWii on ttw ftNTfPi » f f DfTonlvn wo*tfi Jt««^ 

t»wn €Mp snd sop off OTidiffi worth piwrv tfwn i 1«u 

Addftlorwtly. CRAIH ItibtcHteff mrm 

44itOiNttluJ#y VfVtltloci to furt Iwr fiH«CHint« on 

OfMTod. Mte HHiihfl no cfiorovi fo« 

ftfothlnfl CQui^ iii» jlmplar — fli In cho form tod«f 
and ord«f wHart*v«f you Ifkm* 

rou Want 
from the 
Largest Range 
of Software 

Could Ever 
Wish Fori 


Nafm ..... 
SutKf nbf f No 



Tdephow Wdkiw (OSa#t 5620 

Hease send me the lblk»ving Kterra BLOOC CAPlTAli pleaier 

it sorne software revlcwM m^y not De avAiia^ 
ddt€ If you ane in any dotrbE about auvitsDilny. plii«g rlttg flrit We 
cannoc be held rKpomiNe For cMiys f^saJiing nom late of tv^-t^lemft of 
tJtln when reviewed or previewed L H oi B O i q l i office rele^e dlales wefv 




r^Rr^t P^ WOf! tH 

Of F *N 

^•'iAId L'C- 

S0ffy- on I y ON E vtiy c h«r p« r o rd#r I 


VifrA-^lf^^ H: %,1'ir 

orMvwfifmipiiQHjftiiriciudrV^r CftASh 
mdfca w mvgr tor po« jntfpKiiing inavdf Hit 

PV4iri^dbr dw^tfi or 
do f%r lend #v c^^^^^gr 

Si* Total t 
LfSsOtKOunc £ 

Tiacat tfKkncd ; € 



1 4o ftfOT cf»l^m tMi Uarm/^mymmrm wfch mny otiwr eorwmtpondmncm to CRASH nAMgajrf iw •dHHjilal,. ^ 

«f*lAy pcocmlnf yoiir or^tr mr^ m*y r*i4th In loe. 









DestnictiOft is the name of the 
game ifi MWTBC J d 'B tatesi off^- 
niQi, WMi< ThQ theme' of the game 
1^ to OtSTnOY iHd &VI1 £i i r^ffiC 
wlik* IS wsilBAQ peri$ivfily to 
attach and E ?tf > LOP &youf oraft to 
riiiummT all r^isi^nc^. ir you 
nuMM ID Sijrvfva tJwf Mtfna 
and DEPEWC* systems ihan you 
can how ydtir IH€A0 up hloh and 
return homa a WE HO \ WTOn¥^ 
m^ bd yours^ So t^ad for thfr 
fPHBs (twmkle twinkPe) bt^ 
tAUGN |ha h@j ^ the tac^ or 
■d*f^ ■ . - 

Mow iii ipiQaaliy ^daptM 
word tqucve de9ign«d Eiy ycmr 

ever taitWui mJiMon in ttw eiomal 
sirusgte to bring you lot lots of 
ff^^bi^ Ttiis time those cheerful 
chaps 6owr\ at haat^Oh eitp giving 
away 50 copies of theif game _ ij*uc 
WAP. which <5 previewed this ■ NAME 
month along wlh frve very stylish 
MMTf CH T shirts for the w^ 1ive< m ADDRESS 
wttnes pulted out oi Graeme^ a Doc 
Marion Boot- Once you have 
fouTKl ail 14 words pop youf entry 
into an eiwslope and post tt oH to 
SHIRE SVS 1DB- Gel rhem \n by B POSTCODE 
October 23f d af>d you1i -soon find 
yourseH going to WAPt 



iHJ| + P + ^ + ""« ■■■■■.■■ 

iia*i ^Bi*!*^!-* #**««■■*• Ai- 

■miHm*Hii^ < i n l l ■^■^^^^*^n»^#»*pp^^ n ^ PPT i r i T i i iwi^-p^ni t-p^Hii-p^-w-w^i^ »^ %»»### >i p^i*" 

iil*l iH I I IMt-Hr U Hi l H H ■ ¥■ P <"T PT'«P ■•*¥■■■ 'l-PPIV'fV 

■■-■■ " I 

CRASH October 19S6 77 





This month sees a sJiqhtj quJ&tening of aclivtty o/i me ■lMj^iiiku 

front — the Editor of the Journal has 


nipped off on her hols, and thereS no Journal for subscribers tills 
month. (BQD!) But the good news is, them s^uld be a mega poster 
frofii miMIUas well asanA4 IVA/? poster ettiCOUttesyorm 
iocludect with tne copies o ! CRASH sent to ownera fff a ■i'ir*^tiiif:U 
i:tiJ?MNHi:ta>l^irj^ma;M (HURRAH!) 

Nert month, normiJ service should be resumed on thf journal but 
for now we can rtfer a templing array ol US WLB and 
if you haven 't yet got vour very own 



A veritable stack d s^ftwart hits, some Old HMJI. some bright ai^d 
shiny GOLD are on offer — i1 you subscrib e this niyth tw Ihg my ti rst 
timet or wa nt to renew tfie power of yourJ2^3n23E3^SiUiIIi] 
TOXr^lil tor another twelve whole issues of me tRASHcotirse or 
ireology, then now's not a had time Wu can choose ONE game 
from List A or TWO games from List B wf>en you send Guiu Den tse that 
i^equipoos (or £14.^ 

78 CRASH October 1986 




Dear Qurxi Oenkse 

rm baen busiliy tickiiniig boxes to Idll you wHit I'd ike you to do for mt: 

[~] I wmM tow to tak0 fHfv^ntage ol this QOLDati off#r. I would Nk« 
you IQ hviw # Qujflt chat with you r c ofnpiitar an d ksaiie mo with t 


can. I woukj fl 

jl a« soon ai yCHj 

you to »»mJ m« CRASH mfy m«>fitti, stdrtjti|| with 
IsmiM No. .. .. ... . {But I ma\ I s^ that yw nwd to haw nacolVMf Ihli by 3rd 

OctoiMf if my siuisscnptiDn ia Iq srtArt wWi Isaua 34. 

I have bckod QHE box against a gsme hnom Ust A Oft two \mtm 
from List 8 and woiiM like you 1o nrrange for AuntJie AggKa to sand my 
gsmefi} to ma In a |HTy bag, totally saparataty from my first copy of 
CRASH, Aggl«*i avanuch a busy girl Ihv^e d«y% so I raallaa rt might 
taka a Httia laanay wh^lo for my g^m?^ Xq arriyv. I^Va atao anclosad ■ 
dwqya of postal ofdar Cor £14.50 mm6e payabia lo NEWSFIELO 




naantty and tt is: 

it ^ vaiy 


I l i 1 1 1 1 ■ I I I ! il li i ■ I i L iii ■ >■ I I 1 1 1 I I ■ ■ ■■ i i iiimw ii-^ - - ■ 

8ift I'd still like to tncfMa* my US GOLD coli«ctk)f). So l'v« tickad 
ElTHEA ona gwna from Uftt A OR two games from Ust 6 and would 
llha ■ Jrtfybag full of goodl^A to com« wiivgingttswsyto ma. ao tian^ 
a chaiqiM or postal order for E&SO made pofyobto to NE¥fSflELO 








U wail poor1)L It la: 

i-<-#-fcllll I II 

tn p» ii ¥^ ni i i i n -i*«-n»+n-!i-i<i-ia-a-hi-i* 


an<^ rd ikko you to fvchaqia It Guru D. So Kem'i my chaqu«i or pK^stal 
OnJar fcif C 1 4 50 ami I ' va tickad EITHER on4 ga me from List A OR two 
gaffws from Us! B. I undefstand H:'ll probably tak^ Jtffybag AMpto a 
w a tk oc so to gat rny goodlaa off to me. Maanwhite , plaasa try and 
faffash my ft.tfta iiap waili^^ a« won as vcmj 

can — ( fval'sa Itiat if you don't racAlva this bafora OcIoInk 2m IH 
hmm to wah ttil Issue 35 baf ore my Couraa of SofTw^r«ology staita 
amm ng tJi« Vhn mM again . . . 


CRASH October 1986 79 




FillThat CRASH Gap... 

3:AprllG4 mm^^W CwwMffd fWiwlMin Huiii^CoiiB Umm Mat 

Wmtfm^n^ptikcg M\m^mmtfodfimWrmi9o' 

4: May 84 •TI191 

lOrNovM •■atlMAvUJvittMl — COm|>*riwH*|l«u«eJclllKtliM 

17jJun65 •0«iluiilMlpii»riwiliiii«ff|iiL.1nim«ifBiiijtni1H>Hii| 
]«llii4ri|tit Un9 M«p f Ou i tftaw i W i map 7#T»pt to n liliitliMMiii 

1S:Jul «S >^i i li i infMnpnMi^Arttcl ftoti MtjikBlln«S4nc?air 
TV«1k|P llmilanWiiiiiirtii HM Wi pill ftM^CRASMUCK looks avXn «t 
Mfiymilikp of AMiini#ModDiiti rfHjnd^-tip^And tf)« cttMT 

t9;AuQ &S •Wllirani— 1 1Z3;l 24;12S WM1 1 2£. MnTM:*CM. 
l ^ii l U i i f l W wit OHpWter — Hghttig Spa cln wiiSi H iT W Mll rrePm H wiUi 
ttvnnw SOMMound Upvl USlConnpllan^OiitliaGMwArlMMdlSlwii- 
MdCilips «f OvMimttl Oin M4 SlM^owfln 

20:S«i»8ft <I*1JEM 8 Mid PWi MUUtfH iii^i#Dwfcwiic PWwJI Caiiip«y 

PwlgB Jto UHw Wt. fart l»»Bd CiM Mi II mi iIi i ii 

21:Ocl85 gftfgrtews a! mRSMHT. ^TWOCUWi, EUWWOtS Of 

YESOD ni3|i#Ht>lognflJi pronur — how to nMike J l ll lQ » Mi > ClJ *li tionnaiff 
afl«lv«s#Platinuni PraOucllofH pniflle 

ZZMov 85 #f««tim on vn^ll computar mifaiiiiMt — IhUhi ■! tha 
■ppwl1 io ii » lil cn >drtw Mps and hints in IICH MttWE nwl pal t— af ■■ twt 
ilOi«|i lHtan#SuHn Rom li on ttw GncrMti iMiila liali il Nntetf 

23:D&cas #VHW toWtal haM fi ItwMttlhtton ann i fci ii n l^ B w l|W 

— OM Utt Cow !• Dm 

rWScwT oow Hd Scary Pnvlaw o< Ffldar I31ti 

Xiiia«10aS/« »Bi»i C w r lplc W — our i mrf twIWiHif Fray occiiptw 
Km p*gft < #l * wBl a ar«MB a ifBi|li t«iw eTw#Liayd»UiiaiwA, liKfnt- 
■HwW«— MM C<wi»iiltairt» pfii«i*»SiiBrt rt w » f Ml> »« F— md Frtiw 

3 5+Ffrb SS vHmfl ^ tttt pnilmwA dial wftli Hit Mkvnpliafi 
tHfn«0DHb4a DoH «tJitaaii«CnniHa GnpWa Mng ■ ili^a to tte Sp«- 
bvin*nCM NiCHe tootaata FOmK rtd-wiand tunhm oxtamloiato a 

26:M«rtte ffST BRIDES PraflMi A Ib^ looit *t Ite Spadnm IZft 

naat nO#Raaiaiitlc KokM% MultHau Qua andir tcrulkti^llNuf of 21M 

a ? : Apr ae •Mnsiw 23 page Ptiylng nps Sinj|iliiawi»im ^ 

Amnli rvsultxCMcl Croucher In1firview#lnijig«n9 pnMiMlMMid 1t$ •! 12M 

Vwne«#H vfilt to liif flf^ PliT if Mad COHHirtiwi 

28:Maya6 •Update on HMFMUiaawaMMUItTtCllpnintfl 
HJUIETS pTWriaw» P ir CwnpoUti Wdaa lH i a rtac B<lMilda O ia Hi li^ Spac- 
OnHiiVfROimJIlE MlHl StostogytadiACPIASlinCMNMIS B8 aaalysb 

2g:Jun86 •!¥« PtM MMLUn MHl CAASH yUl£in«Sp«cllnMl Vffl' 
irti9HMM«nMHi HflwaraWOAUWIE i>fallla>Cwpil*tlani com- 
panMMap* of CVUIl, Sn FREQ, ^AUniVR aad Pfrt* 1 and 2 iri WirULllS 

aOrJutae mUn emSWmmWO CaU m i • Mw « j to w— n w 
S4ftwm#Tll£ Htm OF A GAME; tvipa aarly iiiMn#Ci«od fianm bf 
DEllM«lMia Jabaan mtumi 

taaaa 1,2, t, 7,«, B, 11, 12. U, R IB. 16 dn mm ouI of «tacii.SOaini 

bdL ttmit an fflAfif tail ^= Ih41w psl |Mif H^fti tn ^rifit Ic^ pfvtaWf^ 

i i MilhtB la phiwilwg HfMirarntti ofd affa a rt ^ 

H V«i mlisad Isaue 19. iM «M MW nvpliiv OHfap in yew 


•Any thnm or four laau«« onl«rwl ait th* uvn* tJin* 
— 40p off total 
•Flv* or mofvr iisues ordered ■! tlwaBilKlhila 

— 20p oFf mmch rteni. 

fWCES ^^ 


which H Et.9* »'»«' '*°****"' 

_»■■■■ 1 1 iia*aapHppvpa«aiipipapp^ 

riBMa lU tt» ha Mit li Ite I 

Numb*f of iuMLJoa orci«r«<l 

LoH dtKount If app i o* l> 


I «i^clM« a Cb«qii« or F^atal Oiiter f Of tb« TOTAL 

DO HOT pay in ca^ — cti«c|u«a or pastaf ^rdsrB on^^ oksatw, mad* 
pa^al34« to NEWSFIELO LTD. fH««a« don't inclyda unry mmW drttor 
f«qM«atB wtth ganar al post for edKorial, Q<}mp«trtJon «ntjrl«i m^ m 
on, at tt will almost caitaknly cauaa itaisy^^ Includfl your phon# 
numbafp If posaitita, ao Agg^ can »oii out prablnma quiciklv. Saitd 
Dfiiaini to tti# adifavBS batom Thank you. End of PubUc Sarvtea 
amnouffioamant. * * * 








Tftjrt from it>e iifsi pf lie wirmer ^ * h 
ta go with rus Si Citvo MecMon 

Can tum any man^l into a 
gl«amii>g ni*daNI«^ rnanl Sim- 
ply bara dhmA wtMi hang it out 
ft la a ofia oft design .^ mada in 24 
carift gold and finast platinum. 
Stiiddad wttfiln are AfHcan 

diamonds and randy red rubies. 
Tfoubla iSp it lumayfiu Into a gib- 
teflng bankruptad failure rf 
worn in the baUi . . . ! 
tt comas complate wkth an 
aconomy tybe of gin-flavourad 
toothpaste for that.. 

] Only£4,CX)0,000 


Juke bqx jUve 

Tha DynMnft^ Dan tt oomp 
atir^d^d a lot o1 entriw all of 
which showed a fajriy c^xTiprahan- 
srve knovv^tidga of mysic. The firsi 
name ool ol the mmtons hat 
though w^ MHaa T Robinson ol 
Leighton Rd, Hove who will have 
received har Jukebox at I he PC W 
show - pr«iamed by Cai:^ajn Kidd 
himself and Pat Otton 0I KHmne^t. 
1 01% hdpa ihat thay offarad togh^ 

her a hand to oaf it homa. Tha rxin^ 
nafv up wm m rvpoivo a aat cpf the 
50P ten ^nglM. 


N Tarbox, Eimsho! Lane, SL1 5QZ^ 
Cfa^g A Moroar. Wafd Race. 
HGI6 5RF- W Van Rest, Hanbuiy 
Rd. B93 SDN- Tommy Csnie, 
Forth Craaoent. DD£ 4 HZ; M Hai n - 
aon. Nterte Closa, S05i mz. 


W1H lAL: Stephen Charles. 
Elatoo Hall Lane, WVtO %HA, 
Andrew Shand, Caidaf Place, 
EH11 4LR: CafI Frew, F^varskla 
Rd, 0X4 4UF: Alison Kant. 
Langfonj Qfova. SN3 IBT; iaffray 
Bait, Fateon Lane, Slockpod-on- 
Tees: Kyla Hatih, Wriheftofd Way, 
B39 4AWl AOrim Mur. Main St. 
LA6 3AE: Deni^ We«dan. 
ChKih^ter Rd. DN35 OOJ 

a Hi Spaocy a^ 
firsi prtza for tha parwn wtio ga^ 
tha iWrt nun^t^er of \ack units on a 
Tanbiu^ Map. The most numerate 
bod. who came yp with %2 as rhe 
correct numtoef was AnthOf^ 
Cawood af Dalesida Avenue, 
LS2ft SHD. The tan n^nnara who 

DA SfTilh. Chich«sl«r Rd, DN3S 
OJJ; Smon Tiemey. Crawford St, 



Those winsome winnei^ oi 40 
treetjje tH:;*ialB lo what ih^ cor- 
rectly an^warad ra baing the 9ih 
PGWShow^ will h#ve atraady baan 
artd gom by th^ ii it>o ihey ga^ itw 
sweaty irhle mitts on th is issue. But 
|yst so Ihi^y 're oot disappointed by 
not hairtng Iheif namas rapro- 
Ajoad, hain't a Ibt of the lucky 

J Kharip EUasmera fid, B'ham 8; 
Tom CMIvef . St Mary's Way, SO? 
BJ¥; Mark Bettis, Shire Close, 
CMt SfH; Chr+stophef Stona, 
Abbexhill Rd, 0A15 9AX: Mr H 
Jones, Fountains G^rth, AG 12 
4AH: PauJ Taylor, Holme Close, 
ALIO 9(0; Jamie W Cook, 
Samm, Berkshire; 1^o0l Chittini, 
Middlegiit^ Rd, PE20 lAR; Nick 
La&tett, ChiaJet ForstaK CT3 
4DT; Paul Reeves. Regent Ddve, 
BH7 7WN; Paul Johnson. Lycey 
Ciofta, RQ3 6FF; Mr G P Craig. 
Rnkiw Tai^c«p OD4 9f40; MJ 
Pirker, Watftom Way. SGe 4SR; 
Paul Johnson. Mifton Cre scanty 
RH19 ITU J Clayton . MayfieM 
Rd. Cheshire; D Piatt, Hav^s 
Hill, SLB UQ; Af^draw Cal- 

lagli»np Como Rd, &E23 2JW; 
Kan^on Low. t^ngh^im Oar- 
dans, HAO 3PQ; Andrew Dudley, 
Kingston, BN7 3LW; Gavin 
Cameron, Criiick^hank Cres- 
oanrtt AB2 §BS; Andrgw Cal- 
lagKan, Como Rd, SE23 2JW; 
PhkMp HarhCQOk^ ChartatTionl Rd» 
£6 4HE; Adam Vaus^an, 
Whmlabury Ct, NHt2 8XQ; 
Richard Haslock. DkaL Mill Rd, 
BS21 7EW; Da^ld Prwoott, 
Mina rd Rd. SES 1 MR i Elliot Rosa, 
ClayhJII Avenue, IG5 OLD; Chrta 
Lewis. Oakhill Rd, KT21 2 JO; 
Anthony Stephens p Ralph Rd, 
B'harp 6: Jamie Eastman, Stoke 
Lwne, e$9 30N; A E Morton, Love 
La n^ , O y 8 2 DA; I Ph I II j ps. Bower 
House, Birmingham; Paul Har- 
grove, S«lwood Way. HP 13 SXR; 
Mr Siuwah Li^ The Woodland^r 
N12 ODU: Paul La^lett* Tudor 
House, CT3 4DT; Nicholas Hart, 
Airedale, W4 2HH; S Brayl«yp 
Red way Ori^^. TW2 THH; Khalld 
Akram, Shelley Rd. OX4 3EA] Mr 
Vinh Ouanp Milnef Square. Ml 
1TW, p D Marti np Mu niter Gar- 
dmm, N13 SOT: Malcolm 
Stewwt, PaHi W9IIL, CH2 2EH. 


CAL and ST BRIDES came up 
with 3 cOmpetl)tion wjth which to 
get my own back on the p4jnle 
prankstars in tha Crash oflica. Tha 
winner was Richard Palaiow who 
must be feared by mofit of 
D>msdaia St. S(li4 IPH alter 
&e@mg ^ti the fiendish ideas for 
ffjvonge he gava ma* An enoufm- 
ou^ Joke kji will ba serA lo him arxJ 
rynnef up ^okwe kits will go to the 
follow I no 

StuarE Gafland, Yew Tree Drive. 
BSI5 4UA: StwNri Grant. 
Osborne Rd BN1 SLR; Martin 
Bead. Love Lane, Hants: Sawas 
TomtKXjkjgloiJ, Girdlestone Walk, 
m§ 5DP; Stuan Hayes, Boulton, 
BL1 3LB. 


The soinnmiasi oompeiilk^ m last 
te$tia w$3 set t>y SifTKin Goodwin, 
our very own sweat-toothed Tech 
Tlps!^. He"s tMfln krrawn to 
demand several pounds of choccy 
chocr^ for wnting jusf one page of 
tips ^ ^ . UnlorkrialeJy as yet 

Ihough. he relunas to wofk tot 
paarKfts. The lucky winnef who 
gata a chocoiata computar is N«ll 
wmm of Rob« Ave, PEI 3XY. No 
pnzes for rur^^ars up m this com- 
petition bul then wtio wou^ want 
wtiat'steft ov&r? 

CRASH October 1 986 81 


B^Lrtifying a mkiK^n Is not a t^f 
to take JiQhtIv add nsmmtm and 
LEVEL t (who ar« ciirrantly ptoduc- 
mg Jffi¥Bls erf a»fo)a84 Know itikft 
1o be the case with Vm rwn- 
desifiner Crash teem. Thai ia wrhy 

thay were offering solid gold priras 
to &Tv^>nie wtio could design an 
itam of leweikjfy lo bnghtw ihem 
up, FiFst prize o( a £125 few^tiefy 
MOuchef to spend beautifymg him- 
satf at Itie expense ot H Samuels 

to Matthew Hook of Ro<% 
. Wot cestershire. t?ie sacond 

pfijee wmnngf , who wiH pi<i* up a fifty 
quid sparkhes chatty, ws^ Clalfa 
RHohIa, ot Arthur View CrMoent, 

EH22 1 NQ arxl tha ttird prifa of a 
E25 wrth of Qteneriog goodies win 
soon tM adomog Paiar Cousins 
of Shirley Avartue in Kant^ 


My top five programs art: 

! Please use block capitals and write deafly' .. -^^^^-* 



I Addfaaa . . . . « ■ ^ ■ « .^ ^ * » . i. ^ i * ^ « ir • « ^i « * . . . . . , i *.■<*».*<««#< - ^ "^^^^^"^^^^^^ 

I 2 

1 3 

I 4 

Sand yout coupon 1o CRASH ADVENTURE TRAIL, PO BOX 10, e 

I , ._ „ 

I CRASH HOTLINE WRITE IN COUPON My lop five favourite programs m descending order 
. Please use block capitals and write clear Sy! ^re: 


I I 

I Postcode > , 3 


I TSHlflTSiZE 4 

I Send your coupon lo; CftASH HOTLINE. PO BOX 10, . 


82 CRASH Octobef 1986 



> / 

^""iqjm CHAmSES NAPPY 

WK^hfz M^hlabs mlestsd with genetic 
>jrrors hmdir SdIo. a synUifilic man. and 
Ne^o, a human baby as thery fH)ht thiir way 
(h rough rhe nightmare zones ciealed by 
Wardiock Ltve Machine Sorcerer lo house his 
ghastly titsh experiments, ttig Giobewel$ and 
Blobt rites. 

An outstanding achievenneni of graphics and 
inimation, PRODlCt . takes you mlo ttie 
Mechlabs of Mech warid where y^u must guitte 
Solo liie Synlteman through the Ice Zone, fire 
Zone. Tech Zone and Vegae Zone, ^n his quest 
for escape. 

Solo has to look after ttte Tretds of Kejo. 
t\m\\n% him up, leedmg him and protecung 
him as they make their way through inteHigent 
ma^as teleporters. buildings with strange 
geometries and Ihe uncanriy vegetation created 

by the sorcerer Ward lock wtio as a machine 
being, is malevolent towards organic lite 
WOOfCy IS a gafne which demands 
com{>ass(on. guts and intelligence in ways no 
other gam@ do^s ^^^ 


Weird sel(-motfvated aftin>ated aliens with 
simulated intelligence 

30 4-way scrollmg landscapes. 

An Qulstandtng musical soundtrack 
comtitned with stunning sound etfects. 

ZXSPWTOaR4BK12aK+ E7 99 

AMSTRAO CPC Cassette £9 99 

AMSTRAD CPC Disk „ £14.99 

COMMODORE 64/128 Cassette £9,99 

COMMODORE 64/128 Disk £1 4 .99 

S f T W A fl E 


T. Ilfcinc DredTO Software. 23 Pond Street, Hampstead. London NW3 2PN 


As was so often the case, it all began with a 
ZX81 JON RITMAN was working as a TV 
engineer with Radio Rentals when they 
decided to do some market trials on renting 
out Ataris. Thinking there wou Id be a need for 
speciafist engineers if home micros caught 
OHp Jon bought himself a ZX81 in January 
1082 to find out for himself what these com- 
puters were all about * . . 

The bijg caught Jon wiy qutdUy 
— he ^>Bnt a w&Gk staying 143 till 
two in the mof nirtg, molwiog 
thnxuh thfl mam^ thot como wtth 
the ZXBl/thon scamptrad out and 
bOii^ta RAMpack andabodk cMi 

WAtMn sb( mofiltis. Jon's firsr 

fde/s (Rrima ri baf^waidft. Md- 
dH?) was Jauoqfiped try Ainic. Then 
ttia SpectruiTi came along and Mr 
niifi&n. rhishad wHh the ^uccffifi 
0* his Brat altonpt et sertous 
cnumes programming, wrote a 
SpadTwn g«fn« — ARG. II was 
reteased. tMirt hi^ second 

Spectrum game, Cosmk: Debas 
made finto the shops on the Aimc- 
labal batora CRASH appeared in 
nawnganls. TT*rae more Ritman 
games wwe publtshed by «mc 
during 1M3 — 3D Combat Z00&, 
Dkiyension DefStfuctOfS and B&m 
8ci/ver. Bd^f ^ovwraatoblished 
Jon as a class Sfif^trym pogram^ 
mer, Bcof tng 90% OviW in The 
days before Smaahea (laaue 3). it 
vvas a hioNy a(Mk:tt^ pMlorfra 
and taddefs game w*|h starta-ol- 
ihe-af1 animation and ax^llent 
graphics Mr Rktman waa soon to 
rafarrad to as "'p£^ Prog^mwrmr" 
on the paga^ of computer 

Mwirfawwrf and^tinM MATm tmt v9-erwmtmr Chrim Cterfca for 

mt$fof fr*mh mif. TfNi duo mn '*Ov9r ihm iiom, Jotm "mtm* 
fkr^mprci of tnmmtffriffg thwif pfOftrammlng *k(tim fa m nmw 
too t^mti ^tmutmUof} tor t^>* SfS^^tnifflp *rpcf «xp«^ f fp ^ «#piM0 
wffiff Migh Stf**f tforwt Jn iimm Par Chrivfmm* 

magazjnwa. . . . 

In igeSChfiaClarka. onaof the 
founder rnemt>ei^ of cuv^al ooh- 
furma wticti avotvad tfTio the pra^ 
aant day MMM MMn« movad to 
MiTi&p woTKinfiofi ino Mlinui 
sWa of gamaa aoftwiia, Mtiif 
than as a prograrnffief. Chris and 
Jon and wera invdiwd tn the maf- 
Nlting oi 0Mf Bo wer and they got 
d^irmg ib^it the son of gamas 
Ihfll shou Id be wntten on me Spec- 
tnjm, They rackOTked a good loot- 
ball game waa catted for. 

The dixs looked at tfia Commo- 
dorn &4 game. ^Ft(arr»ffeina^Soc^ 
cer, and taJked to dKStnbutors who 
backed up Iheir theory thai what 
the Spectnjm needed iraa a 
decerit footle game^ Chrts had 
baenprogfammlnq onaZ^CSI. and 
afleraM of thoudu he and Jon 
dacMMtogoff mn6. laava awtc 
afKJ write that Spa^tatm footbaJI 

One weefc alW they started seh- 
pita worft, Mmc raleaaed Woild 
Ctjp foQtbsH. Disasief toomed up 
large. . ordidrt?" Wi^varanltoo 
worried, onoe we had seen K". Jon 

Jon BfKi Chrrs beaveredaway ai 
M^tch Day. contidfl^i that they 
could wnte a hrghly playaMe too!- 
bal game. When 1I antvad. be^E^a 
CtyMntas two ya ir a ago, the 
CRASH reviewers wer^ well Impra- 
aaed t>ut didn't quHa gtve the game 
aSmaah, Ami^aks. A mJststo mat 
wa iM now admrt in CRASH lowers 
— mora than eighteen monttis 
after It was fir^l released. Maich 
Oay stW makes regtiiar appaar- 
anCM in th« HoVine Chart and 

Uoyd stilt gets the odd Bagging let - 
tef, saying the we undar-ftilecrit 
way back tn t^aua 13t Adeftnite 
da$aic. .. 

Jon% bailc approach to writmg 
agar^iaexplaina^inpert. why 
Match Oay 4$ ^Hl 30 popular ' ' I 
don' I Iik6 gam^ with difficult con- 
trols — It's Ilka having an adventure 
that doesn't und>ers!and words. I 
UHa producing a good gam^, and 
t'm a pertectiorusi. On« of my 
apacWitiea ^ playtng games J 
wppose, arnS \ get annoyed if tftere 
are too many controls to a game or 
^IfBnQttuntopiay. I ^ra^ 
aggtaMflladlp io when it oorYiea to 
wf rting a game f ta^e a !o! of cara m 
getting the feel figN." 

Jon starts a new pnjgrammrng 
project tjy piann ing the gameplay 
— some progran^nnaraare pfog- 
rammers lirst of ai, and tend to 
write forthrtf own techmcal satis- 
tactfon; thay1« taan on program- 
mif^ wid gvnipfey often comes 
second. S&non argtell. of ksiom 
ocaiOH works that way n^und. and 
fiThds a gerna to go with a techno 
cally excetoN pfOgrsmmir^ feat. 
M t>uiid the gsanriefriay firST and 
then f r! a St ory around 1I in tfrie last 
weak. People who fust wnie a 
game to a scenano r^Rve go; il all 
wrong In my opinion . weended 
up spariding nearly aJHhe time get- 
ting the gmiefiitey light on Match 

MBtchDaywm very suc^^^fut. 
which took some of tne finai>cial 
pfesayres from the Rrtman budget 
and Jon found he could aftonJ lo 
worK at a more let^ur^iy pace. "I 

84 C RAS H October 1 986 

A cimmmic Ji> gmnmt BATWUUL Jon m^nmt wrftmrn him Zm 

$n m irhoduiMr ^ to J il fl Jt 0A htm d*^*ioptn*fvt jyvtoai. wHh tt* 

thmilntmfmcf ivfth tfM c«fv cp^#. 4it'r&^pJ) A* mrf^* For £ii« 
*mt hmr Cton iPonUn fa fwf tfr« c4»niiwr«lort iriHinlPtg 

savw Knight Lorn soon aftar Id 
lintshed work on M&ch Oaymtd 
decidied this i3 the sort o1 world I 
itkfl to see a gama m — it'$ jusi \\kB 
pleying a Diinay cartoon' ' ' T^ 
germ oif ar idM thai became ^a^ 
m^i^ n&a^ aighteon months later 
had Dean sown . . . Serk^us ^^oii^ 
Oft ttie naiw game began around 
Easier last year. 

Jon worl^ed with a friend of his, 
B«fl#* Oruminofid on the Bat- 
imn project — " ' Berr^^e us^ed to 
draiw J4j£t for fyn/' Jon eKplainiad, 
"ar>d I asiKdd hiiti H he would ba 
inlefaeted in ddng some graptilcs 
(or me, HaagreacT, and I tet Nm 
have a copy of my drawing ytilriy 
tor the Spactnjm A ccupka of days 
latfirhe came up with the fir$i Saf- 
mart graphics. 

"Bamla works in an unusual 
way— he fust son of scribbles ran- 
domly on tha screen and then 
looks 10 aee v^fwtV there . It's a brt 
Ilka the ftof»ctiiK?h test, where 
peopla are shown ink bk^ts and 
aslesd if ttiay can see plcturas in 
tham. Bernia nilght spot some- 
thing tl^i ^ooks like., say, an ayab- 
fow artd ^an building up a charac- 
ter, Imo hours later he*!^ got a 
flriished graphic^ H€'s a partac- 
tionrisi too. though, and can eftsiiy 
spend a day changing a ooupla of 

B^tmrnj took an twtui king ti^Tw 
to wrrte. '1 tend to work m intansa 
spurts," Jon admrtted/ I don't l^ka 
to pul a problem down until il is sol- 
ved. And I did ha^ thraa nrK^nths 
oft between August and October 
jasi year — I lust warned a rest 
There v^a a ona month delay over 
the licence as w^i — ffafnwi is 
nol a superhero — he's got no 
superpowers — he's a detective. 
The people who own the rights are 

very careful about what they let 
people do atnd everything had to 
go to the Stales lir si f of approval . ' ' 

0arm^n wasn 1 a stunningly 
original game in terms oi concept, 
but ti tared very woll at the hands 
at reviewers — the game h^is 
appeared on the Spectrum, 
Amslrad, Amstrad PCW and on 
IheEiinslein, " " It's d^tfiCuH lo create 
something d iff ^^rent- There are only 
sfcx Of so taasic typM Of game, artd 
three of Ihem are down to uowiate 
— \ have got a lot of respect for 
tham. As garner desigrN^s. Chris 
and I Sife Dweys looking for new 
directions in terms of gam^lay 
but Ft i Si d ifficult to move oti m a new 
direction. Tm not an innovator — I 
take s syntthesis of good F>oints, 
With Stdrrian, take a room lor 
instariGe' everything you need to 
s«^ n is in ^m mom. I try to design 
a game for Hveryonep tor tf\a 
games bMyirvg public, i get a Eot of 
saiTSfac^n from wnting a garne 
and pleasing people ^aMhough 
the mofwy's nice!", Jor^ adds. 

' ' A lot of people spend siK m 
eight months on a game and men 
two or three days at the end. put- 
tang the Fooms togettiet Ttie end 
nasult may be technically good . but 
Ihe gameplay is often bad ^ 
people aaem to get fed up with a 
project and want to Mt it out of the 
door. I oam new fwdy W how 
long it will take tocompleleftn orig- 
inal game IniheLast weettofthe 
project I gel some f nencte along lo 
play the game and then aner rt — in 
ttie case or Batmitn, I swapped a 
lot of rooms around when my 
girlfnend had pt^ed H. 

' It s difficult to renwmber that 
not air players are expehenoed 
game players, find not amryone 
has seen Knsgnt Lcmalfilhe case of 

Batman for instance. I need to 
watch someone who^ never 
played thai son of game before — 
the most timpli problems take 
some people ages to work out." 

Whatof theftture? istowadays, 
the team or projecl apprciach wrlh 
lots of people co-operating on a 
single game seems to be popular 
with some companies. Could Mr 
Ritman find himself in a Staff job as 
pari ol a team, rather than a free^ 
lance working at home in front of 
his Micro Mini development sys- 
tem? '"^40. The tfOiJbSe with the 
team apprioach is that the game 
desigr^er doesnl know the limiia- 
ti€^^ of Itie programming. I enjoy 
being a lack of aN trades, playing 
themteliecfuat/tschnical rote if you 
iike^ as well asthe laeetfye shfe. I 
look ai the nwhet an then add 
rechnioal eitpertlse." 

h4o doubl M&tch O^fans have 
already spotted the Maid^ Day 
chaHenge laid down by Chns and 
Jon — we should t>e rnviting a 
s&lected tew high-sconng readers 
to Ludlow fior n plsy oft agairnt the 
programmers in therteaet tow 
weAs^ Jon and Chrta all play 
MMoft {3^y ihemsehtta. but 
agi^mt humane father than 
against the Computer: "I can stfll 
play Match Di^y agaJnst a humasn: 
it's rKj fun playing Bafman or 
Match Dsf against the mech<n© 
any more. In me next football 
giame 1 hope to hsye Itw machine 
mte^iigeriGeal a level where I won't 
beabiatobeat!!.. ." 

NeKt footoell game' Vea it's tme! 
The men who broughi you Match 
Day are currently worVmg on a 
football simulation which has the 
working Utie T?3ree and in t?ecausa 
the gaiTiMlev follows the rules o1 
Three ana Ini Ber n^e Drummond 
has been roped in to help on the 
graphk:s and Chris and Jon hope 
to have ifie game ready m tfcn>e for 
thts Christmas, Ttiere will be two 
players to each sida, and the ani- 
mations are going lo be Large Al 
the start, the ftrsi task is to pick 

youf 1 

teflfm — the computerised 
f oofbaKers each frn^ tf>e^r own 
playing aiKl pessir^ ski 1 1$. and ihe 
choica of playare will influence thie 
outcome of e gaffie One, two or 
three people wtd be able to play [1*^ 
eedy days in the deveJoprnent al 
ihe moment — bui Jon is ke^ to 
get as much realistk: del ati into tt>a 
game as possible: Ihe pteyefs witi 
njn around kicking behind them, 
for kisiarice, 

■| wanted to incorporate 
machin& mteiligenoe into Thme 
^^diri ' . Jon explained. ' ' but I was 
a bit scared to begin wtlh. Th-en I 
sorted out a few bnes of code 
which bask:aiay bistriiqled tt>e 
compiler player to run lex the ball 
and ttion l^ck it. Thirty seconds 
after the little program had been 
leaded. H scored a goal a^^lnst 
me, I laughed for fifteen fWiurtes 

Foot Bnd Mouth \s the other 
I game currentlv unbar prodiictiori 
al chaieau RHmaii. The game atans 
the two halves of a symbiotic cm^ 
ture — Foot, and Mouth ^ and 
they took hke a human toeing splri 
at the waist wh^ they m^ 
together^ F ^nd M have been split 
apart t?y an evil toeing, and the u Hi- 
rnete aHTi Is for them to reunite. 
Bath half tfie the composite crea- 
twe has apedei ebiliiies and there 
will be htfd «^orrtrol methods in the 
game, one for Foot and one for 

The game is going to yse tf>e 
same 3D viewpoint as Bafman. 
and will tM room based, only tNs 
time Jon is aimingf or at lea^ ttwee 
hundred rooms, Tt^ree kinds of 
puii^am planned for FAM — one 
kind of puole thai Foot can solve, 
one that Mouth <an 0¥efccfnieend 
a third that can onfy besotved by 
Foot and Mouth together, once 
ihey have been reunited asa com- 
posite being. 

Two gam«s from 'Ace Program- 
mer ' Jon Rit man m time lof Christ- 
mas' Now there's a treat lor Mstt^ 
Day and Bat^nan isps . . J 

CRASH October 1986 85 



on a micro music show 

Mr Bates takes a peek 
at a couple of books 
from the babani sta- 
blet invites you to do a 
bit of delving into the 

works of DATEL'S 

sound sampler and 
rounds up some 126 
musical software. 
Next month he reports 


. . or 48 into 128 won't go 

As one or two of you have been at pains to point out to 
me (and as our TECH TIPS wunderkind has explained) 
not ati music software and hardware runs in the 4BK 
mode of the 12fi„ What is needed here, 1 thought, is a 
swift roundup of the more common music utilities and 
a bit of advice on what to do if yours won*t run on your 
newly prtied 128. Just for good measure Tve thrown in 
some previews of what will be happening on the 128 
music field. 

Some Sp^cOn^^ o^vn^m wiij find 
that lh«kr tietovQd dnimft wont fi^ 
ofTthe laa, Ttmm non^oomprtble 
units come ffwn tha fiM tM^ ol 
Sp^dkurm irmde. When you 
bQMghi H H fidt lemtjiy impoiiam 
» n has !o clo wflh stock mtptkin 
In partlcutBr siorsft mH araes ihut 
tirt e r nin e* whh^ vwslan you 
him Hf]fw«v«r ma tadt to euiy 
wnMSed by ««<iding yqur <M 
noftwm and a ^laqu* or poetaJ 

OrClAt i^ CI 99 10 CMtttMl MAMMn- 

im, \ W^kwvbfooit Scianci PWc. 
C>k*ho«^ Ropdt SI Miipfia. Cw- 
cMf . wharaupon HiMII ba inateitty 
inDdified If ypu actMaHy boug^ 
tfia Sp^Drum iMiih the imentkin 
^ njiming it on me 128, then a smit - 
able piaiUing \mm ^l>o^ per- 
aunde o^Etw to do the upprada 
forfrw^ icsllv daoam is what fsayf 
The ^ifit. Sound Samplar has 
hmher probfama as the harttiMfa 
fieada lo be nxxJi^ad ti acaua a fha 
12a intorfBce rotilaa the pwm to 
cWtafant pins. Thoaa of you wtah- 
tng Id updofs yotM aamejar can do 
aoby relumino the hardware oonv 

ea with C4 to mm^ Unitt fl/e. 
ion hidiiftM Eatate. 
Dawab<^ Road, fwk^xk, Stote- 
On-Trant. lor eomplate 128 sampt^ 
kwa aiW a g tioi L 
1 maraoad le catch omu. Jn ih« 
y mWat 0l programming a oonv 

pleittty fevafnped sound samplar 
for the ^28 wtth many extra fa*- 
turw Hic4ydng easier cottvnarKl 
modtp graaiar bond wkAh 
fMpofiaa and fltfeaii^ K3>ynd aarfi* 
plea dump 10 l^w and up to 3 ia£^ 
unto worth of sarnpUriQ. Aa of nw 
[)liOPecaJ1 !i Mil hwB asampiaedlt 
and loofi fSfMion aa waN aa a 00 
nda aa^Maimr. AM 0iis and more 
Id be f w ta w ad m a tarthcomlng 

StfKia the damjea tA Wh^m! the 
duo. fiBfiwif ifduaa now mar^ 
ftai iWuim^ Jh0 Musfc Box m Ttm 
Mi^ic 8qm. Ho pfDb4«Ti9 aie 
raponsd on CMRfieitattty bi/f a 
now 126 ^f^iaion li stf^taMe a (ui 
f«Mw ihMid appear on theaahaJ- 
toiK^ed pegi^aoon. 

Oihar comp»n*a reported tio 
probtamt, in and iiit% MIQ4 intar- 
laces aaem i^uite happy a$ doa^ 
noHwnc iioaor^ Mu^ Impawn - 
m Oifvem Music SqxIs in the 
p4palina1ior tlia 128. From thesm^- 
for coAfMntea I apofca to. the een- 
aral r e ebtiqn seams to be dfw o4 
waMng to aaa wNch way the Sug^ 
»y winda wM blow 4n femur dl the 
!^ and Ka iriortfiatkng tuture. Mont 
ctTrnpaniaa ue being ctiaaad even 
aa W4J read VM, and newt on 
ypdataa ar^ modWfcaB otis wM be 
bmighi to you pdtfhia^. 

86 CRASH October 1086 


in qukC*! responaa to fn^ rpquflSl 
for Speclrum^generaled lunes, a 
couple of compositMxis wtnh a 
mcrniion have lurrved up m CRASH 
TDWi>r5 FifS^ off the marl* was 
Ernie Poltard rrom Liverpool who, 
v^iXU ^ modicum ol equipmem and 
3 HTEL Sound Saiti^af ha$ 
(ie**ved a (wtty neat lapecrf toons 
thai createa a nica atmoaphera. 
(Maybe groynda tor a compelriion 
have — who can ooma 145 with ihe 
moB! or^05^ m6 creative rape 

ualng on^y the antfL) Lf^e ot^^ 
ownera of the eampiet he tv- 
several queetior* whtch TECn 
Tlf^ and I are co-ordinating 
ckjseiy on. Wa should €K}fme up 
with a lew anawora soon — Mr 
Goodwirt hm fha CRASH iwel at 
ptesenl lor m-deplh destructwjn 
tasttng* News fro*n owr^ers f egard ■ 
ing thetr own modnf ftcations to the 
raiher inadiaQuare software woyid 
ba welcome, ao w? C4iri sharf; the 
knowledge, . . 


If you were bofn w\lt\ a sordisf irig 
brl in youf teeth ar>d spoonled witfi 
flyjt, then RA PentoJd has wntten 
|USl the books lor you. Compufer 
Musk: Pmjecfs and MO Pr6i&CtS 
are two short bul densely -pa£kad 
J booNsiulJoltedhncHapBekfeoaith 
ing the ooreflructlon ol edd^ona lor 
the Spedrum. ^mor^gat ofhars, 
thai wifci turn your comfHiter comar 
iftio a mgss of hi-tedi spaghetti 
inside a week. 

The mu^EC profada book \b 
rougriiy \n three aectione. One 
de^s wHh o\am symhasi2»FS and 
how to build inteffaoedevtem^ttiet 
use the control voltage irVoutpui 
of the symh as a controlling 
device. Ttie secor>d sectkm gives 
a aeries of protects ihel build up to 
torm the component parts of an 
4^)^ctronic (ar^togue) drum kit. 
iigmn micro controllad while the 
ihird gives ways of building your 
very own semplar dnd, albert a bit 
crude, a digital synthesjzef. There 
($ a linaJ d-iapter to rhis t^ook ail 
atxKJt MIDI the author obviously 
thoughl the toltar o< this and, it 
became thellr«t ehapier m his r^xt 

Ttiis popular (well n m m two 
books'} chapter Mela wtth the 

Dasic tof mat and pfOloool of MIDI 
ar>d ns modes. A sad omfc^sion 
here is the leek of a completa 
tKeakdown of codes common to 
al MIDI InstrgrTWTfs. The rest tff 
the book daels with by ikling a M f Di 
interlace atkI how to interface 
MIDI instrumenrs. All fascinating 
stufi, I hea/ you $ay 

As we all know, iho big thing wflh 
aH irtterfecea ia the go't^rning 
sdtwaie^ and here the Invent i ve Mr 
Pentold Is horribly thin on ihe 
ground. A novice couEd have the 
kripression fnDrn reading |hi$ Ihi^t 
aN a MIDI pfogram for reaJ-t^me 
sequericing needed was about 
eight Nnes of progiem. Although 
the author doee sort of expwi 
what ts needed, the covefage 
grven is very, very simple as 
raaaida the programming. 

T unpecl thAt the lyn Is to be 
had oatllr^ .sr^und all the 
he&deches that do-tiyoM^self 
e^ectronkcsj^lti^ progremminpcen 
give you Both these boote am 
published by BaberM B^eka l-td 
and OMi* f2,95 each Interestingly 
enough, the Cofnputer Mustc Ar&- 
/ffCfs booik has a copyright o1 1 885 
— so it to obviously a return to Vic- 
tonan \iblues for these ctrx:tjits. 



/ ._f'oiects 



This month Simon 
Goodwin passes on 
tips for 1 28 owners, 
programmers, Spec- 
Drummers and Joys- 
tick junkies. 



Tips Galore 


In Jiin« I wp^kml 
SpDcbum 12& dwnarB oxjld Mt 
sorrx now sdftinghjfictkMia wfth- 
oiit aplail^ 001120 on a toypect 
S^noo tfipi iwwil FBflNtes navs 

KOfi OiMtti at 1 f 'Herat ' fync- 
,y!'^Jgy_^P^ Bcoesi by 

prMsing CDfnranatkvii of k4v^ on 
U^ ntw rnacMM. Soiw^V^ 

m taut tjhey'ri MSMf !o 
If heyiAsnl 1199 ORAPHICS 

tilt labte I451S m& fivictioris 
tn d ap a fic j grtty amo&vmmi by 
diari#i ¥fflfe# vkJ Qanol OlMtL 
Mk:ha*t PiMy alio touiKJ flwoT 

TTie«« 'ft JuH mm keypad ftjnc- 
toft wiMdi noma tm ba«n ebta to 
find OT Iha tMidard ttaytsoand — 
tii i^lPil to fnwi !hi eonor tm 
tiF«pa dpwri eha Maftlno. i'4 &# 
mta pa atad to hwr torn iny^M 

Und€H:umentBd Spectrum t2B editing hmction^ 


fiaghviiftg ol rwjcl word 

a«flmir»g of prmAoim word 


Down t«n Unas 




S wap b«tw»an aerwiri I 

P al ata Ma eharacivr 
Dalaia v^tnd 10 iNi dgtit 
Delata lo *nd of 1^ 















In July I pnntad some itps on dis- 
abling ihe Spectrum BREAK Key. 
rv6 had a Hood of l^tteia sming 
that I he best an^wir li POKE 
23613.62 Th0t makM ttm Spec- 
trum IgnocB tN^ BREAK kay com- 
pkrtely — bul as I sufgpeslM or>g- 
inaJly, it's not much good in serious 
pm^am^. twcause it loses us 
effect aflef GO SUB. RETURN, 
RUN and CLEAR, artd rl prot>al>iy 
won' I wofH at aEt it you've loaded 
anything *nto the top of memory, 

Maiic Jonaa came yp with the 
best compromtse between this. 
and my origmail stjggestkins. His 
code causes ttie compuler to reset 
rf BREAK is pressed. CLEAR and 
RUN dislLiTb ft. bur GO SUB arxl 

MMk's tip overwrites tlie "return 
address' on the stack, which it 
hnds by lookinq fcn ttie system vari- 
ables. Unlike tBe others, it works 
when there's code in xhe top of 
memory- as U2og as you CLEAR 
space oefore you ^actUft thttae 

LET TOP - PEEK M730 + 266- 

PEEK 23731 -3 


¥mj can mak& the computer run a 
maiDhirw code routine, inatead of 
rBaanmg. tf you put the adcfr^ of 
tha routine at T aixJ T+ 1 . Tt^is can 
be taefui 11 you're using a bit of 
BASC to Mm and loeo inlorma* 
iKMi from a program tliat's majnty 
wrrtten m machine code. 


i ve beeri playing with tr* '%n- 
ctwo' future oi the SpwDrum 
recertUy — this lets you control the 
timing of the madiinia with 
recorded qii^s M yOu've g^^t a 
mutti -track taipe recorder you can 
build up stereo drum patterns very J've be&n using a Vesia 
Fire MRIO, although k^b irick will 
wOfk just as weH with a FostSM X- 
15 or any other muHi- track recor- 
Cier. A normal stereo recordet is no 
good, because you need at teassi 
mrw parallel trades. 

Start off by writang a mono drum 
pattern, contijntng all the ^ouncto 

for reference cut one cassette track 
and the timing pulses from the 
Spectrum cassette port on 
another irffl;H "Pien edi the pel- 
tarn, deleting aJI tt^ drynv which 
you only want is appear on m» 
'l^fl-hand' aterec iraclt. Record 
Ihe result on a third track, ptaymg 
lh« tiiriing pulses from ttu ia^ 
back into the cassette port so Ihst 
the recordtngs are properfv ayn- 

Finally, re-load the or^nal pat- 
tern and remove m the drums 
whJdt you want on the " iighi-har>d " 
trad^ only Syncfwonise and 
r^ord Itie re^lt n you play the 
last two recordings throiigh the 
Right mva Leh speakers of a H#i 
you'H gal a br^liant stereo effect. 

CiHiB to replay Specdrum Bamples. 

tOOO RESTORE 1050: &AS£ = 5W0D 

1010 FOR I « BASE TO BASE + 23 


1030 STOP 

1050 DATA 17, 0, IJ, 33, 175. 1(M. ««, ft 

lOeO DATA 9, 16. 254. 62. im 134. 211. 31 

1070 DATA 15, 27. 122. 179, 32, 24t, 25t, 201 

1 100 POKE BASE + 2, 8 + 4* {T-130 OR T-132) 

mOPOKERASE + ei,^ 


laqq POKE BASE + 2, U + 4- |T=1300Pl T*t32| 




1240 STOP 


n you hBle perfectty-ttmed ro*xrt 
drumming you may be infl^es^ed 
in anottier neat synchro inck H's 
awy to change ttw tempo ol a 
wtxiie sor*a but, on ifm face ol it, 
lhHa'$ no way for the Sp&cDrurri 
toqive the vansiions m tempo l hat 
a fflfflJ drummer couWpfOduce. M 
Haphbia has tti^arawerf 

First enter youf song into the 
SpecDfwn, then set up your cas^ 
satie to rea»n:i in \rm usual way 
Seiecl the m*n merfcu an<i lap 
bn^iy on (he F Or S keys, varying 
Ihe rhythm ii^ you wtsh E '^my s cme 
you pres^ or relea^ the li^ey a 
short timing pylse^ recordiad. Tap 
your way through the whole SOng, 
ihen piay the pulses t^dk Into the 
computer wm Synchro timed on 
— the drums wMI p^. keeprrig 
perltoct time with the tapp^ you 

M Hopkm reckons that yixj 
could gei a simUar effect by 
recordrfl short BEEPs genefeted 
from BAStC. but he hasn't tned 
this yet 


Severat people have written in ask - 
ing atKXJl Sp&cDfum soufid edjior 
programs En Juthj t pnniecl a (my 
machiine codie routine ihat \Gi^ you 

CRASH October 1986 87 


iciad ajid $4ive SpecCkum somtkIs. 
ed.iTir>g them at ^^IK TfwdOdBwai 
Eti$ t;^^ bon«e of my own sounct 
emitting pnogrHTij rnjarry fetK^i^ 
fiav^ added exim feaiLifes of thw 

We don't pnfit lomg mung$ m 
CRASH, and were not goirig 10 
Ghflnge that riikt — pnntinfl IS a sitly 
^ay to dHslrilxHe software, fll ton- 
cinue to nf>entPOfi whai people have 
done, witial Itiwr d'lscov^nei Can 

W6li put (ogeihef a Tech Tips tape 
onfi day $oon. raihfif liNa the P^ay- 
nTg Tps casMtle . . . wtro knows? 


Lots oi peop«a want to work tht 
^pecOfum Welvwate tfom their 
0*n programs. In response lO 
mt^h pestling I've written 24 
t>yt&s of machine cK)dlJ wfiiCh Cw^ 
te u$ed to play ANY sample 
through iNs SpecDmym hardware . 
Miriih no need iw ciccrw^ own 
^Hwar*, The new cod^ wi» work 
anywhwe m the top 3?K of metn* 

The code assyrrws that the 
^WTiple has been loaded wHh the 
routine pfinted in the June 
CRASH- You cm read the &&mplfl 
from another addreas 4f yofc^ make 
appropriate ctangaft to 1t\e fihti 
and 51 ^ th code byiia. Likewise yoy 
play groups of «ampiae&v loadff^ 
them one aihar another and adjust- 

ing iha toM sample lenQih. stored 
m Ihe Mooiitd a^i third t>vieB oi 
the code. 

B««l of ail, you can cir 
pHch of recorded &a 
TOKEind different numt»rs into 
the nintn byte of the code Th« 
value 9 gives ttie normal prich. 
smadflf numbers give hfcgTwf 
priche^ (apart from 0) and hW^f 
rnjmbers give deep stKiods. The 
POKE changes the speed al which 
the s»nple is played t^ck. 

TTiis code could be used 1o play 
back absokneiy any ^ound wUh 
Hif\ qualrty. as long as you can 
whte the sound as a sequence oi 
volunie levels. Vou could add brii^ 
liani sampled affects to i^FC^Kie 
gemes. Of course, only SpwDmm 
owrtara would gat thebenafHh bui 
me S^ecOrum is ve^y popular so 
St should be worthwhile lor some- 
one to produce a game with Spec 
ftiim effeds M you piay with the 
new code you il quickly realise 
how good th^s camld sound 

Urn the routina tisted in June io 
load e sourtd. Then GO TO lOQO. 
to store the replay routine <^' 
address 59000 

Alter \f^ value Of BASE K SiOOO 
IS not a con^fenient address. QO 
TO 1 100 will pifly back the sountr 
whenever you press a key GO TO 
1 200 will play i\ back at steadity 
dec/easmg pitch, This 30M>d$ 
good with e tuneful sound. Jike one 
of the timbales from the Latin kit 
Lots of o^her mieresting effects art? 


MMlMl JKobfton and Stsptwn Hill 
h«ve written m to ask how Ihey can 
redefine the entire charaotor Ml 
used by the Specirum, rath^than 
jugl the 21 user-de-firyed graphics. 

The first step is to load your cho- 
sen dtmntdm se? into mernory, A 
standard set contains 96 charac- 
i€f s, from code 32 (space) to oode 
t27 (copyrighl). Each character 
definitK>n consi^rts of 6 bytva, just 
as for a user-deAfiicI graphic. So 
the whole forrt ttftet up 96 ' 8 - 
76S bytes. 

Assuming tt>ere's rxithing 
already loaded. CLEAfl 64509 wiH 
r^fflfve space fore font frorn ksca- 
tion 64000 upwarda. Frorti now on 
Vi\ say BASE instead of 64600 — 
substitute whatever adctreas you 
^ave chosen. 

H you ' ve already designed a new 
font, use LOAD " - CODE BASE to 
toad It. Otherwise it's a good idea 
to copy the stardard font into the 
fmw memory, so that you can se^ 
what you ' re doHig Sft ybu ra-deflfw 
chaETacters. This odcto ooplsfi Ihe 
standard toni; 

FOR I - 0TO7i7: POKE l + BASE, 
PEEIC0 + 15eie(:HEXTI 

Rn^tily, yixj must fon^ thecompu- 
ter to use the new font, rather than 
the o*d or>e. Vou do this by POKE- 
ino a vahie 256 less than BASE into 
addresses 23606 end 23807: 


View from solder side of interface circuit board 

Back of Socket 



NB The joystick socket may be the other 
way up on some interfaces 

POKE 23606, OASe-SSenNT 


POKE 23607, INT 1BASE/2&6)-1 

Vou can now rsdeflfis My ohiBrac- 
tef bv POK6ng utoroaiiB Horn 
BASE onwarda. TTw firs) ai(^ 
bfvtes dftscarite the SPACE charac- 
ter, so POKE BASE *■ 7. SIN 
01010101 wlHputa<lon«Cllindm 
the botiom of eveiv space diarac- 
ter, and soon. 


This moNh's £20 oi soh ware goes 
to Jem i a W al > who has worked oat 
how to adapt any joystick iniertace 
Io work with an 'autot^re' joystick. 
i n.^ a Outofcate* ff, Vou shoutei r. ■ 
r!..fcke this moditeattao unir-L., 
you're using; an autofre jOysUck. 
and there's no polm making it if 
the autoNre aire^y works 

Tbfl autof If e c^f cuit needs a k^ 
volt power suppty m order to work. 
This power must be susnt down a 
pin on the toysttck Socket which t$ 
not nomnaity used The required 
pin KS the second from ti^ left in 
the row of f our H i1 yoy view the soc - 
ket from mside t» lOyStiCk tnler 
f a ce on ttie sdkSer Bide of ttw t»oar d 
— with Ehe row of toyr pirts below 

To make the aulofiri Ctrtuit 
work Jamie |ust ^oklered a wi^e 
If qm the 5 voK supply on the edge 
connector to tf>e relevant pm on 
l^>e back of ihe board The five vott 
iuppily ts on the lower side oi the 
edge connector, on ihe third pad 
from the nghl . Ther^s^ouklba one 
other pad botween the 5 vo*t one 
and tf)« tiot tfi tfie edpaoonnactor . 

The diagrMi shows "t^m^ to 
sokler the wire. The orieniation of 
the |oy^*Ck socket may vary 
dependrng upon the make ol your 
interface, txjt the wire always Qdes 
to IN? same pm. Don't conned lt>e 
wi^e il thai pin already appears to 
be used — you might swi out 
wme opecia^ lunclion of your 


l%i in the throes of rnovino house 
at Ihe moment eo tNi €30kimn has 
tioen wfttten shgiitly shead ol 
•ohsdule. I hope to to itte to 
report on ohhtah's kmg-ewalted 
souixJ aampte nsNl month. 

I ir^ to rip»y to as many lettan m 
fMMJblfr ed^ mortlh, out I cani 
pmnlM to encwsr therrt ii. neaea 
doril Mil m* to dMigri fH«rdwire 
or wftti p f ogrtm s Kkt for you. 
hacmie l h^enl goc tha ttme. 
Seocmfy. pteeae aerMl an 3AE if 
you want a penonpl leply. ViMe in 
If you'd like to Kid anyNna to 
oonvnenta flito month or wan^ to 
pMs on a %; e good augawtem 
could wtfi you £20 wem of 
aoflwnni of your choice. ^h 

88 CRASH October 1386 


Lead the toughest commando squad of all time in a desperate battle to save the Worfd 
from destmction. Time is mnning out as you fight your way through the Enemy's 
tabrynthine fortress. You 11 need skiH, firepower and raw courage to Find and destroy the 
vital computer complex on which the Enemy's terrifying power depends. 

Spectrum • Commodore • Amstrad • £9.'" *" 








ifr*— • .__ ^-. . j 

\fm "^f f 

«■ S- 41 




^1 f^ p' 

v-^ ^ 

■ A 


tar ^s^ ^\ Tisi 1 

M' . 



'% ^si» 

^^^|IH^r ■■ 









- — d 

i^^^ in ^ 

k^^S ; ^^ u^' 

fc_ ^ 

K ^f^K^^**--"^ 

^p'vKl^K V "^ "^j 

l^^^^^^P^Bk~. Lt'ft_. 



^dLlUHBi -V "^^ .V 

I'-ift ^ 1 ' 



f >1 






. J 

~ ^^ 

ff r 


'^^ -^^^^—^T^id^ 1 

^k. ^M^ 






1 ^ 

L>ni ^ ^ ■« 





w rA 

l^^-J — ■•l ^ 

L ^ 

%3 1 

^ ^ 





^^=^— ^»i. 


* JC 








V 1 

^^ .'S. ^^ 

^ ^^^^ 


I ^ 


1 . '^ 


'^^E^M iV ^^ku^ ^V^^^^ 






^ <^y«*s 

I ^^Jf^ — 




^p*i. .^p"-*^^ 


%. yl_ 





>s . lim 



X ' /. 


from your local 

software stockist. — 

in case of difficulty, direct from John Darvill 

Macmiltan Distribution Ltd Houridnnills, Basingstoke RG21 2XS. 

Make cheques and postal orders payable to Macmillan Limited and state the 

machine version you want. 

I LHici^iii Smith I- ^st 

Chm' Direct DfelA LlJ, ^1 Kyj£hv 

Uhima. Unil IB. Whilr Lmt W»ik. 
Gulblfcvrd.S^imy. Ht SGA 

SuboHiHH SASSlrvallveld Rowt, KcfUanp 
Mid4^««£ H A3 9& V US ten 

SftAfioh, The BLb£kjiiiJl(», HAdnw 
mmtm. Higto WvCOHkbt . Bm:k% UPU 
4DH « 034^3103. HS SA 

Sdfi«-irc Plut, Ubeity Sihacipi^ Mall, 
BAfi Sq, Oi&ilfkm. Eami. l^Chartwell 
SqiOfViT 5«filiefid. Batu: 72 Nntih 
SUtct, llcinifDrd,EittK)c,22Si Maiihc^ 
Si, [p^wkh. Syffoik; Bcnlrmib. Hm- 
pjf lefiifE. Brdfofid, ied»; 419 Hifth 
Smc<. GiiliJn^hwn, ICcivt. 1 SCA 

So^wmi^ Cify, 41 Ctxi^ Sln«l. New 
bury, B«ft]i. kGl4 :^BX & SCJI 

Slckhwiii CcnitpifUir ScmiSAH 22 1 Tol- 
lefi>»in CcMM R4»Kf. Loihkpn WIR 
*AF «0J^«M3l5i H6 SCA 

Siffe SyiiiEQ^ LMt . 2 Eve lUiAd . Wciki«, 
SumyOy2l4IT »» 

pLeads-ti DrrviTfi. lUla Hifhnrlan Ro*d 
West. FdHmn. MkMs . • 1 -S44 mm 


Burry Pud. Uaiier Ljhw Mii$k !%oo, 
m lAHHt LaBi. LoiHto EO m 01- 
405 1270 S SCA 

OcMiti Sdflmic. Unil Ih tn-Shom. 


Tbo MktP Wtvkitop^ 12 SiB^Dii 
AptTDidl, EpioiB, Sinrey KTI9 flfS 
Vfd, £ps«n ^T 533 m 9QA 

Hwiow Compurcf Cjcntrc, M Sl»pk 
Tst. H«lflw*Eim.C*<18 7L3£ 

JKL CcjfiMiulwi. 7 WiTiMi« SitMt, 
U^l^mili^. Middx UBa I AB 1^ SCA 

Q«ine» WihtM. m ICtng Sireci, H«m- 
mcTPnith. U^f^aa W6 5jG « til -7*1 



Andite CciitR. Wuidi^i^nb. Umdm 

M . D. Coopef , Ccntpilter Scvftwirc tml 
nefA&l Sila»63 HMSf red . KcmpUon, 

0c4» « ri2i4 iS20t7 m iCA 

- ' - 161 MS SCA 

^reci,Cain%yltl«mS,i^» Hi SCA 
Alan Bf define Pliocofnipfcf/SnfiwJirc, 

«u2ob«sia^|i;i HS sc 

OiMUien. 44 the Brow*- 


NimbuH CcKnpiilifii, t^ SlitHXt HcMKf« 
Wirfl Wtdtlsusi. iUiif « 01 T?? 3t60, 


OiKouiii Softwarv. 120 Lo*d Streei, 
Hchklewkm.HefisBNUM^IF m SCA 

LmIc SAk» Lid. 19 The Sr^^a^i^. Tb^ 
BduKpS^Olpte, London hEI4 « (^t- 
02494^. HS SC 

Vliiai Oifiiet Cenm. IW Chiford 
SLTiMt. LcmdDfi WIN WB « OJ-631 

VlipnGttrKh Centre, 157-lfil W«ic;m 
Roii. Bdilsl^ BNl ^BS. • 0173 

Vtrplfi GiiTHri Centre, ci/o BurtPfit^ i4fl- 
l4JMi|ihNt.limmk^,Kcnt «-MpO(S«95 

90 CRASH October 1986 

Vtrpn G«maiCciitrr, Ti3pM4it. tWoni 
Cinw, m OvfOT^ ^ftwi. Lomlcifi W| 

"North VV\-il 

Stewsfi FJcctTPnid. lU Fenny McjuSnw. 
Aililnn^ under- Lyne/t^na. •(161 ■ JJfl 
D!fi04 HS SCA 

P V MicTWi»mputcr»p ID* AbbcJ 
Streel . Aaruifton. I^vks HS WCk 

McS0ti , Um 46, MD(M|^Hlr lodcMX Mar- 
k<i. Mooriale, Ormiliifk, Luioshire 


cinct. Pfeiicin HS SCA 

Lflncaihire Micro*. ft9 Fuiion Road, 
Mf^rermmht Jjirvct, HS SCA 

C4>fn|H^ier World CUK| Ud, ZOAOiQf 
lUMid, BolleHi, LuKt iLl JSG. 



Bocifc Bmf^itA. H $1 AiKlre*-! Road 
ScHiili, Si Afinc^, Ijma. S SCA 

A.A< Ducpujif Scilt«raiit. 


Maribormith S^re<4, Aihlon-U'LYiK, 
Uw*Ol.7ftliA «l»ino?17f» S S 

Bil Byxt Ompuierii, 1^ 


City Sci#PHr^ m lime Streelp Uver- 
pnoll I UN S SCA 

CnTtipjter Gfwmm Shop* 3 Rmal Oak 
Bmyinp, Waiifloo iCMd, SNiclipmJ 
FYl 2A0 « 0253 mm. S ■» 

I1!i£ Lillkifriiicbdi l>r|inkalkm pk. 
Chvtth Hired . UverfKH^ LTD 1 AO (aiHf 
selected Mmet^ itt SCA 

H & B Software. IJmi m. Upper 
R<ichdi^k Mirkel. Arndak CenlrCp 
MAnL-hei^rr M-l 2EB S SCA 

K & D Ser%iei?4. I SiS AjJiti^n rj|d Ri^ad, 
Hlfllier CipenihPiW, Mancheilcr Ml! 

M. W UuKm. 236 ^rplifidaiim Raid, 
livtrpcH»l LIS SAH. « ^1-73? 1131 


SiiiiihSiiiiih \\i.-\t 

•ntpioil S OCA 

rii^f emre PfymouthH t IPC «m2 
672128 HS SCA 

Galeway biMneia Sjnemi Ltd. 6 Sia- 
lism Ri^. Nw MdlCHi. KiTiE% BH25 

GerttnSt S^ilvafe as QinJiiain DJ.Y 
Centre, ^ The PrediKt, Ccrnliiiii, Willi 
SN 13 AS «E49 7lifi». HS SCA 

Mcmtite, B Holvreiepd Street. Chard. 
Si»flietTA30JAH S SC 

Mvacrr Park Eiuef|ifiie«i, 82 M«ii4i»ck 
Avenue, Dcvrcbeiln'.DcMtel. HS SCA 

K A K Comniten. 32 Alfred Sti^d. 
Wdfw-f-Marc.AiWi. Sr 0934419.124 

ra SCA 

KiHtcsdi CoAipitcn. SI Tifdy. Bo^taui, 
ComwattpOoJKH HT ""^ 

Jydva RecOtfdi it CmUfibtcr Solbivre, 
Unit 24, EzBdmli Indinr Markei. 
EKmmith . DrvtHi . m EtffiiMilh 26459:1 


Fal-SoA Ckunpyur^. K Si Gewfci 
Arcade^ Filmoiilfk, L^nwall HS SCA 

Gunc% loc, 9 Prankfort <jale^ 
Pl^nKHirh . Dewm, PL 1 1 A S SCA 

The PuK Sen , 67 Sidwell StrcrE . Eicete i . 
Devon. HS SCA 

Cdfnnitcr S4:rvk%f , 9 TbeOnai i Credi- 
ion, D^jiifrm EXIT 3LH S SC 

Viriifl Gim» CcstiK^ HB Merchant 
SitW, Brinial SS S airr « ftm 2*4TW. 

ViffHt Gwncn Cenife. 103^10$ Armwla 
Way.Plrnioulh « 075 2262SIT, 

&>{f Sent Ltd, 5 Orc3C«e Street, Bah- 
Iwy . Oiaii OX 1 6 * VT •- 02^ fti^3 1 


HmK^¥ieCl Ctimputen Ud, 1 7 Umun Si, 
Hereford HS SCA 

¥m Pimwd. ?> Smith Slrcci. War- 
wklL. Warwktihift HS SCA 

l^isl Ffsrwiid. 3^ Hmm Sutet, Bjn 
bmy^Oiixm Itt SCA 

rcin^liutaCiltU. II CwnpWll Srt*-ci 
Se1pcT.D«]%DE5lAP HS SCA 

O 1 $ MMmH(M^10rderh2^HifbSl. 
llarrinfUm^ Ncirfh«nt< ^^^^ yNl r 

W S 

Oordoa Harwond c ^mipyieri, 4)^1/71 
HifhStnet, Airrrlitn. DefbtDEJTDP. 


NpdhjLmpinn Htime C(>mwHer Cenlie, 
JiHa Wellifiibormi|h Rd. Nohliusipt^iMi. 

hS SCa 

1^ So^^mare Centre. 

Lack Vp Yard, 

m SCA 

Alleii Jflitici Crtm^iefi. B3i Stratford 
Road. SparkhUL ^inrnngltaEn Bll 
4DA •ifrl-tTlft 57:17 HS SCA 

CiHBiBiu. 204 Kitli Si, Dudkv. ^^c^l 
hf^MHhDYl 10Q m SCA 

Bull Ring CCFrtiputer!L Lid. I WalcrkiO 
Tctfi*cc,Bfw*pKirlh. Sbropihirc WVI6 
410. HS SCA 

tt & B Cjcimpuler Software, 6 Wh^c rfno 
R I ml Hinckley, Uiri^ HS SCA 

Computet Markel, Z7 Gocuetkice. Nm- 
liniEliJirtk * 5J464M HS SCA 

HcrefnirdHHl JBT HS SCA 

Inlolo, 1 HealhcKHil SifHt, Hucfclev^ 
IVciHiiighaAiNGl tAF HS SCQl 

Ijmg Eaicw So#ware Cent/c, ^1 Tol- 
kte StrHi. Urn* Emm, f4t*u\mhdm 
Knifl^GE HS SCA 

M icTownre . 5 Si Peler'i 1 jhw, Leiceste r 
Alia Al Venlure Hou*e, 7 Lekv4ler Sd. 
Loii^l-ii fcrou^h . and Fdf da , 1 'y 1 " I ^5 VL- 
UKih < cnux. Urwer PafUamcm Si, Not^ 
finfhani HS SCA 

Vjr|piT Gomei Centre . ^ Corporition 
Slfeel.airmin^amB4l^X «a2M;K> 

Vorib Hmhi 

U. K Snf|*UI: \KUTi 

L^TynweJICp! .B 


Tfe*ittfe Qien, 22EI Beverkv Rihiid. 
Hoi.N. Humber^dc HITS LA II 


Towfitwm'% Wrtrld, 15 Vmtmmm Sireel, 
HidJ . N . Hoiflbertkk HU I 3m 


Thir^k Homr < 
Oak Yard. M 

^ Ccfifif«, Hcival 
.L^, TMrek, N 
r<ffi45 25332 


Syilcm 7 ^leclrcmici, fi^ Anlatiy Hifth 
Hd.HuH^S. Hbmbcr^deMU3 6[IZ « 
0482 Ml|ti;i97 H SC 

A A A r St*|Wn (CVnnpulcr Depll, 3W 
441 l^pper Pnecinet. BiavdofHMi-TytM. 
Tvn« ^ Wear NE21 5BT. «OT] 4143107 
m SCA 

S(ticlLi(iri Sofr»'jre Ltd. 14 Went Row, 
Si I Kli twi rin -1 cc*. ile%%lad>il T^ I a 
IBT «i^kM2fin6liS6 HS SCA 

Slar^ofl. Zc Wftlnut Hxwd.Thdme, Dati- 
caner. S YmU DI48 4HW ■ iMfi5 
ftl^i^Pn S SCA 

P F A K ElMrwik*. 222 York R^^d, 
Han1lepmil.Ckvc^od HS SCA 

Micfdtroo. 9 OiUmte. Foaiefr^-i. W 
Vorkittire HS SCA 

Mjcrtiiiyle Software Sfcijip. 3«i C^^ntv 
Arwk , Le^sifet LSI 6BH . ar»l 1 4i Low«f 
Wirfcoiafe, WfckiHkfd, W. Vot kit 


MarCiff Cta p Mii tCi i^ 43 Sfa>ckiEin R^n^ 
SundefflarKi^i JNH 



Oavkl Uevdljfii. 24 Winch^er Oot^. 
Gnac Lumlev, Cheii^r-k-^tirei, Co 
Durbim S S 

Ktn Gmm (N««> A Compylef 
Sortwirc). 26 Fm^kr St. South ShJeltb, 
TyrK&Wcar. HSSCA 

OttUitilile Lid, 1 t3elaval Tot, Bh 
Nodhumhcrland NE24 1DL T 

m SCA 






The rnmputer !SlHif. 7 Mii^h Friam, 
Bkbn Sypare. Nemauali? upon Tyne 

MEt im mmi ^\^^) m aCA 

The riMDiiier Slwp. ^4 High Stred, 
Nofifialknoo, N. Yorfci OL7lLU- 


C H.LP.S. Compuier Shop. 151 153 
Unlhorpe Road, Midoleilmmfth. 
tTevebnd TSI 4 AG. HS SCA 

Virpin Oijnfii Ontie. 94-^ The Site- 
ptc lxc<bl316HR «O93}43M06. 

Ii^iniifi. Ctwnpuiier ^ifiviare^ I 
llambicliifiiAn Yard, ^^tuckicm-cirn T*ei. 
tTevcland. MS SCA 

Siteet, StldNlff, 

Lcifk Satei Ltd. 
hcTO«ih PFJ ITK 


ra SA 

^ Middle, Pet«t- 

»«i SCA 

h^^cmPhofK, 14 Pkrtfiphi Pta^, ^waf- 
fhmnt, Hotioik. and AMvA PurmUl^ 
Cirntre, Nomicli Kd. Fakgnham. Nof- 

Vikinf Compuier^, ArdiKy Hi'^. N^ir^ 
wichj4orfolt HS SCA 

Ca!neiJL>t Scslrwaie, Car Y!mry>i.iii, t'jet- 
rwirvon. Gw^nedd IJ^5 2L« S S 

CWtfibfiti Compvier Coiwr, 3/4 Vc»- 
Inor Road, OklCwnilnD^ Gwent 


tt. M EhrerizcSer,^ Sounds CWiod, I 
MJddlcEcm Siii:«L Uaadnn^rKl Wdb. 
Powyi. S SCA 

JCG SoflwarE, 23 The CtsMmirJ. 
Rivedidr Market HaverfiNrdiici>i^ 
0>1ed «l}437 2443 HS SCA 

Menhyr Cnmpuirr Centre, IIO Kij^ 
Streel . Mcnhyr Tviiy . Mjd Glammf an 

S06H^M223<» HS SCA 


jarn^i Owk, 6 Bfid|^ Sitcri. Ihm- 
rerpittne, FiEc S tCA 

I, WfS BtidiartBH 

2fZ W IMl 1^2 


The C 



markel CltMe. [nvcrneii J VI IHT ft 

m:m hs sca 

file Micxift Sim. 25T Dumbartan Rmtl . 
Pimdi,GlM*Mrnn6AB «CHI Ti.U 
^153 m SC 

Mobile MiCTi»(Markctin|| Lid. 1 I 
B*ck Street, BiihcifMiiU, Elpm^ Many. 

Scifi Cenirr. 2 Bmnt^firki FliCff, Ldin^ 
burghLHmJHN S SCA 

S^lware Connct^Kin. Ajjtyle CmUv 
MarkeU Ar^yie Centre. GlfiiOW 6^ 
tAU ^ SCA 

Vk*. Uidfwndrnt Cofnpuler Suppttet, 
31/33 Swih Slreel. Penh P112 RPD 
■0T3i36?D4. HSSCA 

Virpn Gamei Centre. 172 Ufuon Strwl^ 
Aberdeen AS 1 IQT 9 0224 «45«5] 

Virpn GaicMst CcllWe, 28-32 Unicm 
iilriiet. GLi.i|(|f:w 01 30X » IH1 204 


Chariot tommitn 
hev, Clprecauk, < 

S iCA 

[>A.rryn Rcid, LeiHire W^dd, RrnrnrKw 
Butkbnt. 6 Oi«een Sfmi. BcLluvi. N 
Irelmd HS SCA 

'*'Ur 11^04. YufmlM^i S SCA 



fofcs Cobra in wtiJch four com- 
mandos stomp around a robot 
MMta6 cC9cnpb)( trying !o extii- 
ctAe a PXimber of chgitg vMdt^ 

|ust save the world. NaturaEfy tfiis 
mission LS no MSy task. $o an elita 
Uroup of mercenanee has broo 
n&cnited for SfA^^ Fonc:a Cobm. 
M ttie tftart d Ihe game you haive 
to chooM nvtio to include in xHm 
SMpef-twm from a li^t of names 
and oaM h^onoig presented on 

When ttte gsner was stril being 
written, j^mahm (nvitod a few 
seteci rnembefS <a the csimputAr 
pres^ along io become dlQiWed. 
ScMindB pauifu^, butjl tt m a w n l« 
itnA ceftam ' 

ii0y mygs tnootpcwatad into the 
fr ontflisma n of the game. And one 
was none other than our own 
Nic*c/mj9fOTnBry, the man with th« 
difl on eiveryorte^ John (Hunter Si 

Whai we want you to do 19 tatt lis 
which of ttw mugshots on the 
So&cinjm screen^Tol featured 
liemidbawdOiiMrMtnson. . It's 
not m Oi«y n it m^ sound 
ttKHjQh, because John s vtsage 
vvdt riMvity pair^ed and ipitte Ms 
w«re siuck on juM to m^e tderrtifi- 
oatkm a mHa hartaof I 

And thera's mora. We want you 
to come up with a coU^ague for 
■ ' Mad ■ ■ Joe Kawaiskl, Esthw Stem 
and their churns Thts coukJ be a 
rntmbef af th# CPiASH taam. ^ § 

iicWoiis Rarr^KXl chwaetor of 
your veiy o^mi creation. Whoever 
you decide should jofn the Strike 
Force tsaift^ aend us a piccie 

Comtot Zonfe touhftsy of i>iuwha. 
The id» of this is to fi^ng your^ie- 
Ivea around a comt>ai area shoot- 
ing the opposition Fret not. gentle 
itider^ for no blood is lost in this 
cofiffict. The guns used I0 shoot at 
the enemy' fire paint, not ballets, 
so t^ the end of the dav a very 
m^^ time ii had by a^l The even* 
lyial Pbtectlvia is to capture tt>e 
opposition a Hag and declare 
yourMtvti tha victors. These two 
'mm&f^ atao cdiect iheir -^ery own 
ptAAieiA Sweat^irt. ^n all. , 

ZZAP^ and AMTfX are going 10 
come ak>ng with the^r Strike fofce 
Cobra winners, so \he {lay should 
be a good one! We may evert invrte 

Melissa RavenRame so that the 
battle of the Giriy Tipsters can be 
soried once and tm ail SheU 
protiatily wimp out thoidgh, like 
she did atifie PCW Show. .. . 

Fffty OQfpim of SHce Fofca 
Cobm gfQ to the runners up. so 
don't t>e too disappointed if you 
don't coHect one of the top two 
priias. ^ 

Send your entries to SPOT THE 
tDB SO that they reach u3 no latef 
that 23rd OctotMf. Make sure yoyt 
entry fights to me top of the pita, 

NAME: Sergeant Rosa ' ' Crusher' " 

Jur^B 1967, Glasgow , Scotland 
lACKOROUND: C^mibat expeii- 
ertoe with the Scots GuinJi cuing 
the FalkJands campaign of 1982. 
Traraf erred to ttie SAS m 1983. 
E Xpert in oounw N-Jedt and hos- 
tage raacua lechnlquea^ CufrenBy 
training HCO al SAS Herelord. 

(photo, drawing , tligriised imafl* or 
videotape — whatever you ^i^lce) of 
ttwn. Inck>de a faw lines of biog- 
raphy Irke the ones at tha begin- 
ning of the SfrAe Forc^ Cobra 
^ame. and we'tl judge which ontse 
is b^t suiled to join the team, 
(We've supplied an example here] 
And Ihe prizes? Cooo, im- 
pra»-iv«. Two v^nners wtM i^tha 
OlWice to spend a day pligirig 


NAME „». 



CRASH October 1986 91 


..» SHIRT siza 



mf^ ?W7 ji^iflE /J ^ >ttat HiMif f . 



ff-^ct^e .WT ^#ik ^*nc^ 7*1 f£^4(iFr , 

rs^^A^DMf *jEwSr^ 













'iHt *w^»I" 






UK**' , 

( ;jri 





t. t. 

92 CRASH October 1 986 


^^ £^M3£D ii3at^ ^WJE??.. C^^fM££^* 


t nwUy eAA tM fun t^ wJleh th« microcomputer 
Hamn world from a reinowHid vantafA p<Hnt IV^ 
tfHicfivd! upan th^s ground b«for« but IM's jusil hava 
a iMie if>Qk at tfi^ i^««t mflfilfsstadkiri ol an sfft-ofd 
marketing dpiemma. 

It you hkv^ a listen to y^ur local commercial radio 
fttation (far wa must tak^ the commercial airwavas 
as a suitable comparison), you will notica muftic 
programs cancemed wiUi Folk, Country 4 W^territ 
and parfiaps Jazz, tuckad away at tha and of the dary'^ schadukft. 
Moat of tha mimkc on thasa programs ks mpeciahst inilarast with only 
ttw occasional well-known tune coming up. Ho wa^ar^ whan a wfrtU 
known luna doas coma up, you think no lass of it for being on a 
spadaist program, you Just accapt \% for being the h^gh^ pleasant 
material it fs. No-one thinks any worse of Sting for producing a 
^Az-irtsp4rad nitxim, and tt ceftalnly wsscommarctalp as its Number 
1 position m tha ikmaiican cHarta testified. 
How, k>ack to comp^iitar games, and we have anothar outiiraak of 


Producer The Edge 

Price: £8.96 

Author: Jotin Pitcher 

Tmi iooE have btoughi a touch of 
class to tha sxm6 old adv^ntura 
^th a wida choice of optlona on 
play and soir^ pretty pl^^^ing 
graphics adrkd sound Bff^cts. Load- 
ing up presents you with the 
Dprtioos of Kempston/Sincjair 
Joystick Of Keyt^oard control 
Although the i<x3h option with joys- 
tick and (iftie on-scraen an^o w may 
t)a the sJicker looking of I he two. i1 
IS in fact the keyboard option 
which K ooca aM the key assign- 
ments are nitetef ed . plays the t>e1 - 

Ycftj ar« Prince Kyte leading your 
band or k^al warriora in saarch of 
N^nesar. your younger brother, 
and tha Mindstoria ha has ^tol^n. 
Mamt)ers of tha irtj^y laam wfiid^ 
accompanies you are called upon 
by pressing numbers 1 to 4 in 
Kaytxjard Mode, a mode made all 
tha fnora attractive by way of its 
teepjnfl tha strengih and psyche 
rtmbulas of a characlar up on the 
icraan (nnaking the 3 for Status 
key auperfkious). Qo^d reserves 
are ateo shown ort scraen but this 
is the same for each team member 

as rt is a team ftgure. The team 
consists of Kyte, who has average 
to high values for strerigth and 
psycha at Iha start . Mef ei . who rtas 
the highest strer>gth but lowest 
psyche, Ouin who av€ifages in 
both, andTaina, who has the low- 
tet strength bul the highest 
payche. Strength, dearly; is a 
measure of comperef^je m com- 
t>at but you may be pu££led at the 
wofd 'payi^e' whch turns out to 
be an indication of how well verged 
tt?o otiafacter is in spell iore. 

Ouring play all attrtbuies can be 
altered with ^rerigfth being 
increased by aattng and dnnkir^g, 
psyche aMiaiad with meditation 
under ttn right conditions, and 
gold pieces can be accumulated 
by mffiiFig or alct>emy. If you are 
firrdihg it difficult to attain gold by 
these means it's wdth notJrhg how 
buykhg provisions arnj artefacts 
oari t>e niiade less d&nagirig by 
bad^ng, wtOdb entatfa ofteting 
slightly lass for an item thart has 
been qyoted. For exarnple, I 
aoquired a Royal Orb from a pixie 
for the t>argain price of 36 (a di^s- 
count of 3 gofd pieces) white a gol- 
den arrow cost 53 as opposed 1q 
the 56 gokj pieces prk^ quoted by 
B vovaoer 

EXAMINE and LOOK are two 

the ^don't tell ttiem it's an adventure wa want tt to sell like afi^ 
^fr\nk0pm^ Ihim msniei angst has it that advanlura game* mI tar 
less than ansada 0arr>ds BECAUSE they ere not called arcaida 
games, and takes no account of tha facts which only relate bow vary 
poor adventures sell nexl to none and good adv«nfures self Mry 
we^l. h just so happens, due to tha Hm* Of Ilia Quill, there are more 
oppor1ur>ilkefi fqr the uninitiated to flfeAm pOerad>^»ntuTes. 

The syndrome is sad because many sdventyre gomw ranlily do 
soil tn tramendoua numbara^ Heavy gci iheMngirk Isaimaadventura 
and ft has maiintainedl a I leaJU ijf chaff position for months^ tf h con- 
tinues to do well rto deiibt H wil caiia to t>a an ad vulture and si We 
over to join Lord^ of Midnight in ¥h« ^sucoaaafU attstatgy ' camp. 

RedhawK^ from ii£LfioufiH€ hou^ , was fleeing too iffipcKiani to tM 
clssalflad as an adventure, and so was reviewed as a malnstrean) 
garne. The gan^ can not be eomrlacl a ohari success and so tf>a 
altempls to confuse games p<iyafi» Mid to ensure no adventurer 
plays ^ have presumabfy succaidait 

!>ark Sc^tr^ is ttie latest non-advantura ath^it to hit the streeta 
and ttie latest release not to take Into account tt>e public's total 
disregard for such claasificatory piadanttcs — they wtll buy a good 
game no n^attar wh^t the tttle. Let's hope tor laaa text and graphk! 
pradycts, and rrtore adyentures. 

commands used often m this 
game. EXAMINE lelte you some- 
thino about the location you are in. 
It telTs you if something is blocking 
your way (a croccdtle, lodged 
door, or btack ot toa and so on} or 
whether a trader Is msent. LOOK 
tells of any ot^acts fyi^ wrt*ii:n tt>e 

pfesarri loctf ion but spefte. twng 
ot the magic world, are transpa- 
rent lo the LOOK command. 
Instead spells are indicated by a 
t>nel flash of a spotted square at 
the sicl@ of th& screeri , possibly the 
on*y eitampJe of tatty presentation 
and design m the wf^ote game — ft 

m« JMm ^«s f#« thr&^h J I^Mfr r^r^t r ^i^d* sm ift# eu#« i t&i 

CRASH October 1996 93 


^ ^ 

Tbe V i I L ooe Hyst i G '« Stone 
:Hxits : East 



Str 41 Psy 62 


(nsid* (I)* vtri«9r fnjwf/c'J *t«tv. Th* ptjff down j>p(f<pn menu 
^ntHaventoryo veti^fmfip^mr on tH^ bottom h^lt ot cfi e a c/v^n 

ywy much hw ttw IchA gf a fMbJii 
gtvlted on (ale In tfie developman- 
lad stage of the game. The 'hand" 
icon, inidicalifig the presence of an 
obfecip isn't much better, and 
Hie^ tWQ features together 
requjra a ceilajn amount of v^i- 
lonCQ for wh«! m othorwiM a 
skswty p«C3id Adv«nnF« (p^ra. 

Th^re is som« antmatni wttMi 
the picture window atong tti9 fop 
third of the ^tmn. A d^aractef 
$^0ct0d to p^orm moves across 
the screen linom far lefl lo righl 
erther to take a dHnk from the ctir, 
attacl< a wo^ or an ore of whatever, 
Of cast a spell to smooth the way. 
The animation wouic^'t win any 
cartoon awards but m amusing 

MirHismm m a o^ne which 
r^l;^ impresses graphically. In 
ptey, a3 weM. it is most engaging 
(annough this commBrrt &an only 
tje fttlnbu1«d to K^ybo^d h^ode 
whiQti Ls far more playable thoi^ the 
slbC^er k>OiK4ng Icon Mode) with 

9onw vaiy ptoaaant sound Elects. 
lim game doaarti alow tor the 
team to go their aeparate ways, 
and the poster on offer can only t]ie 
described as @ wame or paper (or 
a iokej, but mostly everylhifig etsa 
about Minds^one is truly ift\ippm- 


Uffloulty^ easy 

Graphics^ good 

Presentation' Supart) 

Input f acll^, keyword or icon 

Response: tasi 

Genarat rating: alow itait txjt 

fealty engaging Ofuca you gel No H 







Addict ive quality 




ProduCdr: Masteftronic 
Price: £1.99 

Authors : Clive Witsoft & 
Les Hogarth 

Youmighi, like my^eff, be pte^ed 
to learn lh^ liAsriirrecMic do no4 
put out QufU&d gaimes m the belief 
thai peopte, mmn at ih»s prk^, 
ei^pect better. Giving garr>es 
players a itfle t* frwe is com- 
mandable as this oltorfng not onty 
IwjjuHe flioodgrag hjCT yd e very 
fvadabia ivMlwiad cdianK^er ^et 
but ated pnMdira toon 4Wifrol over 
the common adventufe com- 
ma^Kts. Biete are, untortunatety, a 
ocHipie of things whtah let the stde 

The storyline isn'1 as appealing 
as It might be wrth ttw excuse thai 
you're having a dreem (see tit^e) 
paparlf^ OMir a whote host of 

lems, But by fsr th»e most damning 
lautt of the game is the inpui sys- 
tem which almos^i defies a corraci 
input. The ai4o repeal effect on 
entnes and ttie cur^us DELETE 
system, which enters your wipUi 
when you're tfyin^ to COnect 
words, conspire against yotj lo I he 
exterit where you fed like gmng 
up t>effore you've really started, On 
some occasions lines seem to 
enter them wives as if the compu- 
ter was fed up with you struggFing 
with the piogram's inadequate 
Hipui rou|]n#i 

The kxM of this adveriiura is 
really quite sophisticated lof a 
El .§9 game TYm icons are weW- 
dMigned and fit nicely aroiaid the 
pichjre whch, if noi ihwavB 
detaiM. to generally cok:Kjrlul. Ah 
of the ^sfnpeas directkMis can be 
chosen via afrow icons, cassette 
funcilons can be called upon via 
the Qurt icon and everyday adven- 
ture commands such as LOOK. 

Ehrren, leave, get. drop, 

can be catod upon via shepm 

ranging l^om a clenched fist and 
rrHr^mng glass to a bed (iNs lasi 

You kiich off in the pCace where 
every human being is at ihe^r best 
— safety out of harm's way. hap- 
pihy snonng in bed Hare thou^, 
' happly ■ may not be the nght word 
as rl looks ika anoihof adventure 
nigh tmar e. *A sudden rhtrst aw»- 
kem you mdming for a dftnk you 
/a/J ouf of bed into an qcb^. The 
bed drifts mmyinioth^m^. You 
see s^'ioreiirfe aho&d\ After 
simggUrq with the inpul ^yslem 
for ages you might pick up a 
spade, dtg Iheiand and get a face 
smiling A you from a bucket. 
Avoiding the |aywafker's faie you 
might then get around to working 
out how ttwCHke can b^ siarted. or 
perhaps you iusi push it away 
(well. I though! you deserve a due 
if you've struggled wHh this irput 
system lor anything longer tt^an 
five minutes) Ai Itie chec^kpoint 
you will no doubt meet the foltow- 
mg: "Yoo step onto ih& gravel path 
buf the crunch of your steps wakes 
the barydti and yoij are arrested for 
nim-possession of passport. YOu 
are son renced io ^a^ from a tee 
until you w^e' NeevMS to ^h 
any attempt to da aomeiNng as 
useful as CUT ROPE comes up 
with ttifl wrtty ■ Yotif SWord iS tw^ng 


ZZZ? is not such a good game 
because ft liails Wi the OfW area 
which IS vtlai to amooth. unrufHad 
adventuring — a competenl ir^jut 
system. This game's entry system 
is fraught wrth difficulties erxJ one 
or two JnDonsjstsncies (like the 
Question o1 the comm^it which 
says yoij can't go north when you 
had no recollection ol affemptlng 
that direction). M such t^te game's 
v^abiiiry must bt qMMUoned even 
at such a lowftiMne price. 


Oifficutty: the most difficult thing 
IS coming to terms with the atro- 
cious inpul system 
QrapMcm: ainghl for a ctieap 

FreeeniaticHi: good 

Input f adirty: verb/noun and icnn 

Reeporrse: fast 

Oenaral rating: flawed 







Addictive qmaHty 





? ft 



Hmnfm^ mr9un4 bf thr mitktmw in tho dr*mmtmorta tftsl luft* 
to*IHlMf jfottr M^aetrum »etw*» ni X2ZZ 

Sfto^ti Ptoee nk* Horn*. Thtrw'm m tvt at m ^wm** turittt ta Ja 

Avfpr* you f*t tuck to tfW contfttrf olrmtr own ^#4 Jn TTXm 

94 CRASH October 1986 

The Complete 



^SBeSf'^^^^^fc / 

rv_r-^ / s /^ 


^i.^ y •< 









All qiioted prices include VAT, post and packing (UK only). 

C^niifidntal Europe ind Ov^rs^a^, ple^sa add £Z ^xtrA p«r 

rtemordflfodL -. . 

please tick iht tp^Fixpfiptv bos J^"™ c fl U n I H 

Fcyfn >n capitjit piflaf* Sn* a LJ m LJ l lj 

D Please s#ftd me .... . CRASH T shinfsl at £4=50 each. 
D Please sei>d me , . , , . CRASH Swe»tshirt(s| at £8.95 each, 
n Please seitd me . . , . . CRASH Cap(s) at C3.S5 each. 
Please semi m« . . * * . CRASH Binder($) «t £4.50 each. 

Nsm« ,,*.,...-..*..,... p ***** i ,......«,.<..«-.. 

Addrnss ..,..*»•..,,.- ,...,,,,.*,.-*--..*** 

,.,,... Postcode - r , * * ^ 

I enclose £...... ntade payable to 'CRASH' 

Cheques m postal orders onfy^ please. 


Without music, graphics 

and sound the Board 

Game has become the 

most popular in the 

Now it has them. 

"Over 3,000 i|aestions of no vital importance.** 

Available now on 
Spvctntm 4&128K Commodore 64'128K 
BBC 'B' Ainstrad CPC 




uad all locil •tocktsti 

TRTVI AL PURSU [T t& i Tr^dc Mirk tymmA Mid l!SSny H^vn Abbot loLenuuoiul Lid . 

Pubb*Krd by Ikmark [.irmlcd, 20* tt orpic Km4. 1 JiadmSWlQ BPN. Td: <n^947 5*24. 

TnvwJ Puriuil Wii profTicnmcd byOxfond Dniflal Entcfpllct. 

D O M A R K 




Producef; Ocean 

Prtc©: E7.S5 

Aythorlan Weathefbymp 

Simon Biitldr 

As you migti mpmA frcrn a firm 
like o«AM nt !• a atop atiove the 
i^ual advactftire game m terma ol 
pmcmial^ion. In many othaf 
raaiwcis. how^vef . it is pforty ivn- 
oMha-miif stuff ^rtti the M3uai 
bland of obiects and probEerrLs to 
ba tM up tooattiar {aHhough the 
flfSl part of ttiFS thrpe part advan- 
lure has mora db\Kt^ than prob- 
larnDip Tha flame foflaws in ttna 
IbdWaps of its arcada 
namersakos, but tNi Qfliafing haa 
mora in eommixi with Mmt Erx/- 
idp Sfofy. wtiat wilh Ha ^avants' 
window on tt>e laft Qf tha ptctura 
and yp to six objects diaplayad on 
tha ffQhL Thaaa aia laid on top of a 
tflWaouM depleting fMia Daim 
cathadrat and can 00 1^ fat as car- 
toon-^ika BIffa ama Bops ^msnat- 
^ng from the scana wtiara yout the 
iiiinchback, take on one of the 
mafw guards^ As with Never frrd- 
ingSf^, I think the trendy disptav 
vh atmosphenc redesigned 
character set po a Jong way in 
cornpensating for arry flat-footad- 

In ahoft Ouas^modiO haa to find 
and ras&ua ^fiwakla. Thja 
entajis c^xnplattig Ilia Ihrea pafta 
in the coffact ordef Firstly hun- 
cht^ack must ^^ape from the 
oathadral sat m if>e heart of Pens, 
made famoys by rhe Vsdoi Huoo 
novel of 1831. Tnis involves sida- 
ftappi^ or disposing of the 
guvds sent to harass you by the 
BvH Cardknal and his spineless lac- 
key the BJs^K^p ot Notre Dame. W 
you tufvive that ordaai you then 
make your way under the crty of 
f^arta iMMmo reach the Caninars 
manalon. Finally you chritongetha 
Cardinal and raecua your 
twaethaart Esmoraida^ 

Not only IS the game itaalf 
polished but the irtstmctigr^ on 
Ihe cassette inlay are tnj^ vuparto. 
The story- 1 e\ ling and garraaptoy te 
reiatfid m a much morB profaa- 
aionaJ way than La oftm the caaa 
wHh adveniuraav and uaafy i details 
Kke acceptable veeb/B sm included 
makir^ it easier to make a proper 
attempt at the garr^s^ 

Not all gamaap4ay is sweetness 
and light though; the silent key 
entry Is error prone. This >s inso me 
way countered by the DELETE not 
needing the CAPS SHIFT depres- 
sion, but not entirety. Another imt- 
ant rs the lack of m EXAMINE 
command without whfch much of 
tha tfitaractbon t^^ith the adventure 
la toat. __^ ^^ 

By ttw far tha grvateat oftaring 

ita humcM^ Take these two ldc:a- 
tion daaoripttons in iha firs< part: 
'Smnding m ifte front a^W9 you can 
see io ffik aasf fh^^mwit to the 
west f/Jp ci^tm 3tsi& which ts 
prwtty impr&ss^ve cansiderrng mu 
have orvty gM one eye' and Toy 
^id yourmtf m a be€k€Mxn Ihfff is 
decomted m &ehy gothic fac*r. The 
waiip^pef ts gwish ai^d cteahas 
\mtti the duvet and ihe flWiy s^- 
parv aire /tisf too p^iSMf . . . Lyihg 
on thegroundis a sfrange faftmwi 
book enfjf Jted Evii Wof^pping tof 
Saoinnan? '. Even the inventory list, 
whicti comptomanta tha picture 
tokarta ibove^ sliow^ sonw good 
lums Bs in 'An o!d music book Bnlf- 
tied Betl Ringing for me Deaf and 
how about Zen and the Aft cf Gu^ 
lo^he Mainienmice, a book wtuch 
no doubt predates tha oria ai 
aboyi flowers and motort^Jkaa and 
how to iink them by goir^ loopy. 

Hunchback the Adventure is an 
atLf active, styiised adventure with 
much humoor and a great arr^unt 
to play , what with it com ing in three 
paita. h won't enlhrat adventtkra 
fr^Rs tkit rt wiU keep many a 
novtce chuckling before tfiey get 
the hump. 


Dimpi^: not diffteult 

Qnphlca: unusual, very atlract^a 

Praia n^ttofi: very pheasant 

tiipilttadtllyi verb/noun - 

DeapoMMK teat 

ttanaral rMmg^ soperkv adven^ 








Addictive quality 




C»»e sw^^*** 

"*« >«^! 

Ko*> at^rA^sH b^it*> ^OMr* BAi-^ Jj^m%^^\ 

$crMppm9 with the ^uardm m HUHCHBACH — not fMMBOOClT 
MM^umiBhimMpm^t tf&m thv atilw rniBfAk* iff Immimwfih'M e&l- 


Producer Ciwyd Adventyre Software 
Price £7.95 

A new ccmpany of keen adventur- 
ara. ihia one. set up to produce 
chaHefhging advarmiraa wtiicti 
keep to ttMlr own ortttoal vtan- 
darda apd piiwfcli wfua fdr nK^iey 
T h a iafti OTy one thing wrt>ng with 
the oompany's statod philosophy 
rtgnohng the fact that this game is 
nothing special iust for the 
moment)! — the price ol C7.96 la Itar 
and away above what other similar 
teams are asking for similar stan* 
dard games. 

In the middle of the 21 il Century, 
attar yMra of paUenrt re^arch, 
Hugo Stoltz, a t>dlliam sctartt^t, 
ftndly aycnedad bi pioducina an 
intarit^ter drive unit thaoret»caty 
capable of propelling a sh^p 
through space faster than the 
speed of light. The first ^p to be 
fitted wrth the Slti?ltz drive wa^ 
loaded up with a cargo of teal an^ 
maJs and despatched under com" 
puler con^ol to a desttni^on aia- 
van Hght years iwm Earth. 

Tha test ship nad been program- 
mad to remain in the taingat area for 
24 hours arvd than return, to the 
Wortd sattiad down to waft ibr ita 
expactad raappaarance, around 
14 months attar the dapartuie. 
When iKe shsp f©turr>ed, 4s iTNrS- 
sjon completed after only Tttteen 
days, the hyman race now realised 
the shackles chamtng r1 to Earth 
were gone. Man's age-old dream 
oi conquenng the stars was about 
to t?ecome a reality. 

The race to bujid the new star- 
shipe began. With tha rapid 
advancea In tachnotofly over tha 
pre^/ioue fifty y aar^. the tachmques 
raquirad were already avaitebia 
and Governments. Pnvata Corpo- 
rations, in fact artyona urho ooyid 
raise the huge sums requM^ all 
became engrossed rn ManklrKJ^ 
latest adventure. One by ona, and 

manned now by human crews, thia 
ships slipped away to eitplore tne 

^ the flow was not oneNway. 
The great sh^ips that now defMutad 
the 5(^ar System wrih ihetr car- 
goes of hurnan seed did not fetuf n 
empiy. The wealth of a hundMJ 
worlds fkjwed back to the Mother 
Ptar»et and Earth became a world 
ol pienty, Atthou^h ^ fpw specih 
rrwna of tffan lifa h.i^ ineady 
found their way to Eanr ^isnoi 
until 2130 that the idea ot a vstft 
zoo filled with such craaturea was 
first cor>caived. Billed as the 
futurezoo it mat man's cya^fng for 
ever more bizarm forms of entm* 
tainmenT txrt then, m the vicinity of 
a smaU and ^rpely unregarded 
solar system, Mankind met the 
Santaaa. a strange alien rwa of m 
simliar techriok^cai level as Man- 

Against tne bacitground ol the 
ever4rvcraa$ing tnreai of mteralal- 
tar conf Ih^i. the two races signed a 
peace treaty during whbd^ the 
(jreat Seeil of Sen&s&» a most 
revered artefact, was handed owy 
to the Earth lings as a lasting tributa 
to the treaty. Tha Earth AmbBi^ 
sackar took it% rfext availaMefli^ 
home, a freighter trarmpprtino 
^han kHa-lomia to Fufumzoo, Aa 
unloading began on Earth a fiiialc 
acddani titaaad the cargo to 
roam free aboard iha aNp. fi waa 
di^irvg ine muaainiiKm wn ma 
aocMem that the Sacuty f&aa 
were alerted to tha lad that one of 
tha c^eatii^es deMnad for tha 
futumzoo had taken ffia Qreat 
Seal ot 3en4^a. As head of tha 
ai veat l gotto n you are the one now 
iwponaftile for the Seal's safe 

Bdng a sensible chappie you 
decide to begm your mvestigatkMi 
at ttie Rnurezoo. An inventory 

CRASH October 1986 97 

shows you are M^eaimg a wami 
coal and a osarby robot ■& selling 
tick«ls. A shf«wd playef will have 
th^M s^wepped in no time tp 
enmm MOfiu lo lh« zoo groural^ 
No aoontBf haw you antanftd tha 
groumto when another passing 
fobol ghiee you a rame-iJcket {alt 
thaw rotoli Mefn a tnila c^raleaa 
wflh ttieir ikMtai which no doubt 
wii be p4it to good wa taiet Sadly. 
^ won't b« tofig before you meat 

plying a most unhalplui ad^un- 

Only having ttie main compass 
dbictoia t,U^ ,S, W). and ifsmg a 
bright yeiiow bacHgrnund lo the 
blaclc pnnt (like trying !o read ttw 
pfinl on 3 lighl bulbj. with a ran- 
Spicuous l>a<^k of pfoof needing are 
fkOl daitin ing f editures OA their own, 
bat put aiong&de the untnendiy 
wcabulary, 4n what te a teirt-oniy 
adventufei INin the evktonce iw 




another robot who isn't so (nendfy. 
It midfi-handlle^ you qui of the park 
wh^>ev@r yoy irampte on Ihe 
fkiwerboiwIldrtmn^fasaOww- i 
ever unwtlhgM the pkhx."^ rulea. 
Gettknqbach ^n Isn't an easy rnatter 
either, rni^ m not the only danger 
as you wander rotind coll«t1ng8>e 
icxoh, spade, i«d fish and Itotaiiy 
unyMcin0 slap KaddaiB as a tnp 
ttvougtt the camtvorous pliante 
building wHI soon ^ihow 

O™ Dl the better »pecta of this 
game Bf^ ihe wonderliily ovoca- 
tive location deschption^, one oi 
which funs like I his: 'You aie tn ihe 
centre of a wide pavecl pl^9. near 
a fountain which sprayt wMor high 
into the air Victors ait ai low tables 
neait^ and sevefal small children 
scamper after a tiall thrown tjy a 
patient robot -nur^ maid. To the 
weat a row of red and yellow 
boc3lhs stands at the #dge (A the 

Ritumzoo m a gmrm wt>ich has 
been wall piaaantad for review but 
a^iy ttie advanfajre te not quite up 
lo scratch, In teKt-oriiv ©dvw- 
turea, Ihe m^nrbory released froffi 
the <^>Ofe ol f Ofiriing pictun^ cari 
be expended on providing a 
game with liiendly voc- 
and atmoapharv^creaUng 
INE and LOOK ixHnmand^. 
Unfortunataty Futumzoo has 
neither a friendly vocabulary, nor 
an EXAMIf^E command worth 
mefrltoning. and therefore can onty 
h^ described ea disappointing. 
fbapteyar frn t t K tm n ^ mti horn th^ 
^■ma m not much beytnd 'Sc^, 
Fdon't understand. Try some diffe- 
fertt words ' can be ACh leved in any 
nsasonabte length of \\Tfv$, and try- 
ing any other words doesn't seem 
to do anything. The lack of e HELP 
optK>n |ust adds to the feeling o1 

98 CRASH October 1986 

the prosecution hecx>mes over- 

Rjtummo ^s aviiilabh0 twm 
ctwm UTyTNTuni sommflc^ 14 
Snowdon Avenue, Bryn-y-BaaJ. 
MoW.ClywdCH7 6SZ. 


Dftflculfy: reasonably easy 

Graphics r none 

Presentation: pcxir, r^ h»ghli{^1^ 

of irtverilory 0lc 

Input facility: verb/noun 

nasponaa: its that quick Qu//'/ 


(lanaral rating: pcxir; a stDry in 

need of an adventyre programmer 







Addictive quality 




theif marblw. It ia ncrt lloe the other 

humorous gairiaa rwiewed iMi 
month; tbsre are rw sutstte tarn- 
poons tm^ more a yunt bkjd- 
geonir^ of Ihe senses with an 
inexormie onslaught of 


The madness begkia with the 
cover which is made the wrortg 
way leavir^ you struggling to open 
the cassette txnx from tt^ right 
when r| is to the left. The loadir^ 
5cre«r^ sihows a mock pound note 
whare 1 promtsa to give th« bear^ 
on demar^ the si^ of one's san- 
ity' quite nghily has yoij wonder- 
ing on what ytHj've let yourself in 
for. So how does this adventure 
descnbe itserf? ' Sensible, down lo 
earth, o^g^nai. unexaggerated. 
truthful, unemng, undeviating, 
precise, undislorted, honest, 
ynbiased, fastlidious, never wrorkd, 
always right, rational^ wdl 
grounds adventure' Oh. I see, a 
thesaurus style ttsting whi<^h can 
orriy be said to be \n direci con- 
tradiction to Ihe evidence, as hav- 
tng pl»ed some of this game. I 
can samy say it is the moat knserr- 
sible. pie in the sky, unonginal. 
exaoear^ad, untfuthlul etc etc 
gafM I have ever piayed^ 

FoMowfng a very chirpy rendition 
of The Enienamer (stopped try 
pressing ihe BREAK key) the 
adventyfe immedteteiy confronts 
you with rts first absurdity, an 
irrevdr-ently long l;ist of things yoy 
can see, Jusi check out th^s loony 
iiai. 'You afe m the ctoset. VfcKj can 
alac see: a silvet car^Jlesick (high^ 
lightad). an electricaJ p^ug. a blue 
ooathwgar. a two handed battlM^ 
woid, an elepham¥ vest complete 


Producar MJcrot^Qh 
Price E2.20 

This is another game in the 'f>er«li 
another Ou^M game in a cheap 
cmv and if you're good we might 
m you how much it coats —go on 
then, guess' category. However, ir^ 
this case the authors have go4 an 
excuse — they are unque^onably 
mad and make no atiempt to 
cover yp what's blatantly obvious 
from the outset, lb put il sucanctiy 
the guys a1 MicflOtccH have lost 

an exit from a kx^k>n with NE, E, 
and S exits w^H as oflen as nol be 
something Fi^e UP" What is more, 
droppir>g ot3|ecls is sometjrnesthe 
only way of picHing them up and 
ttwre are a numtier of 'Wfor^g 
Commands' especiaMy formu' 
lated to keep you amused on your 
trip to insanity. The text itsetf isn1 
exactly on the siratght and narrow. 
Take two of the milc^ examples {in 
Ifie hope of leaving you sane for 
the fwt oi tt>e column): ^Sat m 
amongsr the Seur WiiErams you 
gaze at a garden gnome who is 
iishing in someone's Perno and 
Black. The smell of Ihe freshly 
uncut grass ia a somewtut pleas- 
ant s^ght, And, .' Here you arent 
rn the outer garden shed where 
plant pots sing quietly to them- 
selves whilst eating apples that 
smeH a lurviy cotour . , Vbu can 
ateo see a HW Smiths C15 tape 
wHh a PIFWTE copy of Jecpac'. 
There are a few cor^amporary and 
political references in ttie m«yhem 
out don'i look to hard for any stem 
or pronounosd bias, the message, 
it any. rs Icst m ihe twists and turns 
of Ihe satire, anti-satire loony-go- 

Ttvere are a few graphics scat- 
tered about in this adventure but 
they aje rr>ore symbolic than accu- 
rate. However, this edv^niuta does 
present a colourful face to tt^ 
world and m any case the game is 
Out for only one notonety, to be the 
nx»t crazed, mixed up adventum 
on the ma/ket and for my money n 
gefs the prize. 

Gfimbh is now available from 
i4iCfNmcH aa Whitley Spnng 
CrMqem. Ossetl. West >brka. 

Are stafifiiri^i in one 
ilfi9¥ plant tub?^ nad^ fi 
i^^cond HaniJ tyres. 
Ex its P#Of theas t «&ou tK * 
If ou c afi a t •» o s c # i - 
»ill Boiif Sa^iqtti^, 
^40i-i iifK at . rivi f f' I i o lif Cr a n b I 


o f 



with hdes, a tattered old scroll a 
atainad nwp. a aonawdn^er, a 13 
anipftiaa. some 7/8 apnr^ loaded 
washers, a bag of sparks , a bubtrfa 
fmn a spint level, a lor^ stand, a 
ael of Go Slower' athpas, a 
ptjnctura repair outfH\ Now you 
won^ be too amused to find that 
QuitLED games do not suppon iho 
GET ALL command but not to 
won^, tf^game ptay^ a Httte tune 
after pickir>g yp orty four lams — 
and thai^ your whack. 

There is one d^^awback to trying 
to review Cnmt^ and that is the 
dariger of exposing you io ihe son 
of crazy wnting which is powerful 
enoogh to turn even a speed 
reader into a gibbering moron. 
[>irectkins are never as stated so 


Dffflcylly: leaves you feeling like 
you've bean trapafmed 
OrapMca: abatmct but passable 
PrvB*ritafiOft; fair, colourTuI 
Input t^cMf vert/noun 
QtffMiralrmo: should sell like 
hot cakaa in toony bins (Crash 







Addictive quality 





,4ii0lA«r ntHuhw pomitmg tor 
SIOMVrt/M FS thim m&ifihr 

t^qu9rimB bmli^ the ecx^rr, 


John Blakftl«y fr&fm Lmrnd^ 

How 60 1 WAks th« h#n? 

How iSo I mwiftlta conwyortMK 

on tim iftcoml floor? 

(titw found ■ deep lift stvft ii%d 

droppsd the washing Itna, but 

whit do I do neict? 

evecMF wrtft wovmwwz 

talt fw wMI ff«#rf tlf« aPSL, 

Olffllt yotf c«i cftmb dcwn the 
NM *h«ft frvtjmti can 0«f the 
dime by tlxkfw ^^ in«0n«f f o 

Unily By«f« of Sit/MfMtafffcf 

Plipt« could you gtv« rfw some 
balp in ZZ2 [hopeTspelbd th^ 

Xt^lJ. How do I gof th« Wkv 
»Olfl wakiryg the guardM Itts 
tMtwavy to carry. 

Jen Clartia ftnom 0t#if Itr 

eww umtmr ihm mo^f ntohftf P 
yoa mi/ft carry tfi* XBO& «ml 

«f THteOMrr wvftf mvifnjy 
at out ofw pn^mm irtd 
|;^M#tf i»r Mti^liHl Hodliln of 
WottfAfflwfii wf^ wrfta*; 

I rvcAntlY bought the ■xcel^sfit 

follow up to iOAEDOF THE RINOS, 

THE aoooTT. Aflw iTiwiy hourB of 
play I still couldn^ get oul of the 
ro4ind tunnel at the Ktarl of lite 
g^ne. I would be very gntefijl K 
you could raUeve my fnlstratlon . 

Try DMJtiC mfrU thwn SRH 
MJBSZ, You now luvff ihm 
c&mMnmU9fu Mmpfy TBZ ttm 
pelevwrf number* 

M eoapim of ffu eri i e e o<i tfi* 
ntfrer c^nf vt LNOfri uuft. M wray 
Fwteds from Landmt mmkm: 

Ho-w ^ you €lear th« r0cks and 
what do you fe^d tti« s harks cm? 

IMNJIe #Ji ec^wjTfiirvr fH»ni 

How do 1 9et ectoM tfie river? 
Wh at doee it oay on the Kifaoent 
wdll? On the plank It saym 
EXTE N DE R E, what do« this 

To ntove tte rocte mtmptif 
MPWF SPDL r^ y«i vr^f f fi««f^ * 
htgh atrvngM to be aMe tm 
acAfew thla howeren To 
ereca tfw rfver jw fi#*<f iP)« 
CBya/¥C and F0#r frtft ffrel 
yoii Mfflf newf to ^a#il tfie 

cnotca* ni«l^ wflf «al airjr mmmf 
|ftc/«f«f f n^ jmii/ Pil Mr a trmmtfty 
*J//e<f Ore or O^pr^ imuM fre 
freat roaeeffwirrMfrviPorrtf^ 
mff thrp4fplta tAv ^nppfc jf^u 

Omntmtty, ihlm itfwirfif rwi- 
domty Qsn^rmimdmi ih0 Bimrf 
ofmmeh gmm^t anyone Aatf a 
a wvanmnf ywtf M^ ih« liiul 
qim^fkm, mtmply mntmr 
SJmntffiCltCand aee w«lat 

bi MMiiTAiiiaop KfT| how do IfWf 
peat tfh» nfflf f n mint co^tdftion 

Steven Smith ofQtdhmm tm 
hmving dtfWciiltK «^tt 
oua milwmnWrmm mndmrnkmi 

Pl&a»« Qnn you help wmt IVe 
been stumped on loed^ of 
gamee tateiy, gould you help? 

Kiirr^xft — 1 ha¥e renched the 
lArg« fitqrye door but ean't fifid 
the corked bottle i-ieed«d to get 
pest ft 

nowcN^ QUEST — What Is the 
proce dure for making a blow- 

w4RLOftD — IVe worn the tore 
but i stifl oanl get past the 
arm#d wmrtim. 

MMDSHADow — - How Oo I gel 
acroaa the quick aand? 

mpaiooii— How do I kWi ihe 
ptoHnum dtagoM and what do L 
do with tfw Moofi Cfyataf? 

¥w win fliid itm boftim by 
oucaTi to mate a Mowplipa jKMi 
wmn99<lthmCF9*JFT, mP- 
SOr ami CmtCPP thmn MBLF 
CmPMOM^. tn wAHLOfiD H is 

mrnt mmMFv nmt yw fi#ed 

to pmtm thm wmrri^r, npi Hie 
tore. Thm ifulckmmnd In 
mHQ&HfkDOvi iw pMmmmd by tot- 
^wing ihm mmp faitnd In ihm 
cave. Flnmity In red modni^ ro 
dmfmmi tho drvgwia KBWF 
000. Mm tot mm moon Cfymimlt 
why not tmkm It hon*mf 

t4fT%ofi Itevia irom Hmmmt 
Hmfnpmtmmd l» orv e of mmny 
achwTfiirvre ^mppmdln 

7>fOfl> CMr0* In KEMTILLA^ 

M$ m hint, mmmminm thm §mr~ 
ioyle aiafua lit the cioytimr 

Val Dowie ttom Aedcar Ib 
hmifln^ Mflouhy on Ihe aanre 

tf the Rffttilfig Ouarg can ewe 
me from Htm d^vaded leittHElee 
how do I jtotthe Ouarg acr^ 
the f+ver Cera? Eha wOfi*t oblige 
arvd rv« wafteid and watted and 
waHed for hkti to cr<«a by Nm- 


JToif wMinmmdthm ropm from 
C^wmmmim cmvofn, Bimpty 

Ian OtRon ttom WmUmmmy^ Mmt- 
eejr»We MnrAva to mmy ihmi ih# 

Orvto In BOftCEREff ofclaymoroue 

axent ca^i bm opmnmd by 
mfowit^f ft whUmt in ihm 9oft 
afroirte lh# bmtiroom^ Whmn ii la 
opmnmdymi can Gi? CRATE 
thmn GO HOLC antf jnHfW 
inmidm Che crato. Mafiy mdvmn- 
turvra ^ava lw«n hmvin^^ dlffi- 
cyftydry^Ht the to we/ or ^«t- 
tfi«9 tfftaatarAvm the fountMin 
In ihia swita. To dry the tawml 
tqw m m mm H twfcm ovmrthm Imvm. 
To got Che a tor flnam the toun- 
tolitp mod thm, you win nomd 
thm dry t om mL MtiTMR FOl/M^ 



ftiaf ^« mn fhffrm Je ffme for 
un^i rtvxi mQt%th, Any 4U«»- 
Uonm you hmwm mm mmii mm Any 
he^pyoti cMnottmrios 




SYS f jitf 

The gamefS Mfndstonm and Th& 
Baggtt have ptiracled quHte a 
heated competition (or Ihe 
coveted award of Siiperhen?. 

The M/ncf5for>e iupefhero ju s ' 
ptpped CMhrer GolNlfta of Lon- 
don (August 1 1 and Mark ThPlby 
of Leiceeter (Auguat 2} to Ihe 
%mm. Ha ta none other than P 
Goodman of Lancaster wtio 
succssi^ully tied ttiinga up on 
the 31 St of July at 1 .20pm, The 
emj mesMge t^ ^ Well Done! You 
have guided Kyi w team to the 
MNidafone. Now the worl^ uiil 
tie free fromi the ovil f^eme^ar'. 

The Bogg^r superhero \s John 
Wllaon of Rochdale. Lanes who 
turned out to be iu^t thai much 
more expierienced than Ihe mn- 
ner up — Ian Harriaon of Lisn- 
dud no I ^nQther column regular) 
who ^ini^hed Ihe ^>oof on the 
26th of July. John's record per- 
(ormance wee complete by Ju))^ 
a 1 . at a,36pm. Ihm final ecreen 
is> -Well done! Hoor^! Woop! 
Woop! You have completed The 
Boggtt you hear? You! Soe you 
In ^opifCBi2. For yOur dttampta 
you are worth 104 Lenslock 
devtcen. Vou have entered 6S4 
protoiirKl utterances. And so, 
amid assorted whoops, cheers, 
raspK, gongs and whisllea the 
^un %#t on anottier ^mprot^able 
ch.ipter m Muddle Eahh'^sor- 
dH:l history . Are you goin^ to 
try aoain or can we go home 

It is ^ndwd time to go horrm. 
see you next month. 



In Fif bni«ry tfii« yMf I Mrvl a 
copy of my S^iKrlrym QyOhd 
fldv«atyf». Smf ihwK to * fimi 
I in ¥«fY chmap 

illin I havft b*«n unabli to Q0t 
•ny url of rvpfy Hwn tlwffi* IIM 

Hdkguatlngth«tlli0M ^ ^ 
r four mo 

' morrtht for ■ r«pl^ 
CouM you ptofls* usa your lour^ 
Mltetlc my cdfl to got anythlfig 
(Hri of fhwTi J Kflvv written ■«¥> 
if«l Mtdrtt but hMm fwd noluck. 

Tlw firvf thinif it? notm Im tfwf 

isftf t*d with iiMtiM m^^f^umim, 
Thm rultfjt or lA* lHi«ffi#s« l^«v« 
i( tlwt j^of iA# ^rmncm of hm¥* 

mtaf^mtly mmrimim^ thm prog' 
mmmmm mumi mutmUf m c««* 

f rftf«#A iwiwr to hmmr of 9tm 
pfttgrmm mgmln, Bmcmamm at 
ihm rmmiricHmim on &mm mnd 
mff^yrf mmi^fgM voifimr* 
hQummm tfimin tfw pinpgrwn* 
iiMitii bmwt inimrwwim to onmurm 
m |f«4»d hm^up copy li 
fmtmin»d mnd thmf m fmtmphQf^m 
numbor im include In mny 
communicmtion. it Im my 
iMip#rl*4fe« thmt uffi«M m 
»ollimr# Hoamm phonmm 
wftfif IT m imwdmym d-f j^ii i*nff- 
Jng olf jKHur | i#g ! gtf» #ii j^u can 

tMi tirtorv^tvdT In- fviir pnoK 
<j^(irt If h mtMomwrnK p o iimnc m 
0imi profoMMionmiimm 
/#« iTwmoififoumfyymtotmmm 
down io one mfmpijo fmctor^^^ 
mfhmthmr th^gvymt thm Mhrnrp 
mnd (mwmhiMU>r/phontmhm^i 
rwmtiy c«FPV mbout whmi tfi« 
comp*ngr% Immffm /«, tnwmrl- 
mtiy ihrnmrn chmpm mtth^iiwmin 
London or mkfpp^d co^tmg^, or 
both. Whmtmmm eMt I Mfrf 




With r«f«fOfK^ to your D««<liy 
Sfis column last month I frnvt^ 
found anotl>9f two lgp#iSj. 
Vour Hand* Ar« Too FuH- 
JMI too often now, ^venture 
wrklorm flro r^ sort ing to stopping 
you frrom oairyifig Itifl n^c^msarY 
MlUipfnont to solve n probNtni, 
^ th^ n m aklng ttiq^ prx^blAm 
^ ditf icyJI. The usual ailol' 
ment cpf four ttnms i% not 
•nough: by Wt« tlm* you've cer- 
Hod ■ source ol light end a 
weapon rt leevee you littte room 
toetKperinriArtt. Much l>ett«r It 
Ihesyelemin Th&H&tMty^Bm 
yoy 6an> evry aa much j un k 
1 »t you Ikha. 
K - - (iffcorel . - . 

' Ihlng which defeats the 
MilefMnm#rtt objective is when 
i ks eo complex or has 
^ ilea to the extent 
wher* n vkiws down the 
r espo nee Hme. THIa Is Infuiist- 
inft MilMWIy it you «r« killed 
end hew to start oR over ft||ftin. 
One eitample of this is Loni of 
tfw AtifTi. i bough! n and took It 
twdt thftte times r»* It 

100 CRASH October 1986 

v«fOuMnt loed: weA we all know 
etooul THAT now — ou r WM 
Smtth man#g#r neefty hed a 
nenioue breekdown becai^M he 
ttiought ih« wtiole lot wef« 
feutty)) Anywty, I've only ptayed 
It twlice b*&ause I Kfriren'i the 
patience. More time fcs afi^nt 
wahifig tttan sdvenfuring. 
J I 


Dear Derek, 

Hevkig got owr the InMal shock 
of seeing my tetter pHnted In 
SIQNPO%T na«u« 3ni saw the 
Q^Ui rcHJtine' to print out teict* I 
thought you m^ht be Interesteiii 
in the following Quiil routlneft. 
To save & finished edvemiffe 
1} Find tl^ ler^gth of the eaved 
adventure by tubtracting 25000 
from the second number given 

after selecting Q from the menu. 
2) Se ve tlw wtventure onto tape* 
3} Return to BASIC. Type in the 
ioiowing and save H to car- 

lOnSM drive loader 


40 LOAD * ''m"i 4 1 ''fllename*' 


00 RAMDOMtZE U Sll 20000 


fro#n Any Mlcf9drlv«. Noi«, I 
dont kfww N ttito wf It woffc witii 
7?^ P«li^h, but I doubt rt. 

To «dcl a rww chancrt^r Mt 
(jpfi wfc l n iB m fww chftracttr i«! 
of ItSb bytes to dsftiw characrtwm 
32 to 127 cftltod ''7cli»i'' ti« 
b««n «av«d to tBp«). Th« b«st 
pl«c« to put th« iww Ml ip aftsr 
th« OuW dtfUboM «iMoh Jritom 



tt to ba mmtmd witti 17i9 mu*- 


1 1 Malta Bin the dat^baw |« th« 

final varalDn. Not? th« dddrau 

of th# fli*f tri« bytft given by tlw 

option from thm manu. Wa will 

call H *^*, to »uti«tmiti iha valua 

at aach oc^urranca. 

2} Mva adventurap not 


•Iftocym to BASIC, typa bi ttw 

feimving progrmm and urva il to 


4 O MM charaotar aal 

aOCLlAn 14999 

30 LOJWrwna"' COD! 


40 Kwti aMOfti **•— aaa • 

M POKI IMOT, HtT (*»/ 


•0 IUU4{K>MIZE Uftfl aSOOO 

(28003 fOfa«nalC) 

4] aCLEAR 24i99, LOAD'''' 

CODE on tha mav«<f advarifura 


O) LOAD "chaaf ' CODE *** 

at Bava tti* antira Moch Of coda 


SAVE '*n«ma'* CODE 25OD0.r* 

+ T«8J — aSOOO Ofi^O tiba €»- 

aatto aAar ih« Joadar ^n 3. 

If 71^ fNuatrmfo/ la unad ttia 
abova m^ftiod will still work ^ 
lon^ as you kaava 800 bytom 
apa^ in tha graplilci ditabaaa, 
{VoiJ can only catoulala "'* with 
a aa ri a a C QuHl Tha r«»utt gli#«n 

altar OtinvefB^Ofi)^ Ignora $tap 4 
fmwarda and uaa tha f pilqwlng> 
4} CiEAB 349a0. LOAD ■"' 
CO DEL LOAD '''' CODE on liw 
aavad adv^ntura fronn stap 2. 

8 LOAD *"q^sat' ' CODE *** 
SAVl tha antfra tiloch aftar 
tti« loadar from ilaii 3 with tha 
Una: SAVE ''nama'^ CODE 




D**r Mr Bf aw»t#r. 
Having baan a kaan advaniiirar 
for thraa yaara now, F waa glad 
to aaa that aicavTm had Iha 
brains to raJaaaa Tha Qrmf^h^ 
Ad^aiftufm Owa^or on tha Spac- 
bum. Whan t maw an offar for 
OAC t lant away f or It ^ratglit 
away. Whan It ajrhradalawdtoyt 
latar I aagafly loadad It 

At Ural I wai amazad at Wm 
sophiiticatKon of rt but gradu- 
allyp aa I got U9«d to a, I tmjnd a 
fawfauH^ Willi It, 

a) Than Lan'i a WEAR c:dmmand 
aa av^h. You hava to m^i com- 
fnark€fa and um SWAP. Thit Ju«t 
inakatii Irfa a tot hardar and asaii 
a lot of tifna and mamory. 

b) Kf wMla you ara typing in you r 
Mhwtturap you acoklamaUy 
praaa X on tha main mantis QAC 
pdnta 'It wiiT ctoatray all your 
data, vure?' If you prasa M than 
tha mipin rrvanu l^i piintad. Thlala 
good. Bui if ypu prvia Y 0*^ any 
othar kay than tt tahaa tt a« VIS 
and an yoyr data la da itro yad. 

What should happen \n ray 
vlftw is it ahoMld taka any kay 
apart fr^m Y, aa HO, to stop your 
data baing arasad acc^danWIy. 
Bacausa of this sil ^ bug I lost m 
tha data from my advantura by 
acoldant, and at haH psast two In 
the mofning biat'a no Jokal 

c) Tttara Isn't a GET ALL or 
DflOP ALL command. 

Aftar all that, ther® era a lot of 
anc^H^r^t faaturaa: 

a) Muttj S^ntenca input Till* la 
Iha or^ly advantura creator 1 
know ot that has this aKcaliant 
racillty. Fof axamp4a, you can 
lypa N3.W, TAKE mUG, 

b) Ba'^ng ab^ to uM the word IT 
ift alHD a useful fedtura i^^ i1 Cut£ 
down on tha amount o1 typing 
naadad and thus iati you gat on 
wdth advanturing. 

c) Tha faoponaa tima to tflmoat 
a« good aa tha Qk/M, and this Is 
htttlly noiicatMa , 

All in all, it H tK« ba«ft advan- 
tura utility for tha Sp4<:trum ^ntt 
Itta prlca i^-^Bry raasonabta. 

HaMttlni, Siaraf 


Daar Darak, 

I would liha to rapty to Oavtd 
B^viira lattar (Auguat Isaua) who 
crfticisad both jtnaoiMWiia 
HOMa'S ajcc^llant gama?, Tha 
Hobbit and Lard of th« ^inga. 

Ha *aya that both gam#s do 
nnot coma cloM to tha boak and 
thara la no aimqQf3haHr«. Thla is 
totally wrong. The d«a€riptlon^ 
tn bottigameii ara auparb, thara- 
fmm Iha atmosiphafa craatad It 

aaccMid to non** 

Tha ama^i bugs in tha gama 
ata axcuui^ia as It ka obv^ualy 
vary haf4 to craate a dltabaai 
l^ka that uaad in Tim HobM and 
LOR and PhUip Miiohal 
d^/^^rviOA i^radlt for doing luoh a 
graat Job. If it was not poadbla 
to maka othaf dacEsJoni or 
'traad pathe ttiat tha charactafs 
tn To4ki#n's novals navar walkad 
you couNJ simply raad Iha book 
and aava youraatf a (ot of trou- 
bto' as tha inatructfona maka 
vary claar, but obviously Mr 
Bovil thcHight it v^uld b« a wal- 
kovar aa ha had raad tha booka 
and ao dMnt bolhar to raad tha 
Inatructiont, Ita alao critic! A«a 
tha graphtcA. Thasa hava to ba 
ao^ma of tha baat avar usad In 
advantura 1, but than ha could 
do b^tiar 1 




Daaf Dafak^ 

Altar to^lfy daslroylng temrfa of 

MitMigirt wtth my fthort pokaa 

Cogram (Robin Candy puh* 
md n last Dctobar) I tum my 
talantad sword onto othar 
advanturaa. Tha program balow 
gl^as you starbng vatuaa of OS 
for Skiti, Stamina, arxf Luck, and 
hnfinlta Stamina- Note, cJuring 
tia^oload oparahon tha bordar 
la maakad Mack. 

1 REM Haavy an tha MafJak 

a PtlM Bofidar niaakad black 

3 PUM during turboioad 

S MtlHT AT iiO [ ''IT ART 




tOneADailFa -2BSTMM] 


30 ir a < : - 1 THEN POKE b^ i 

LCTb-b-l-l EII0TD2Q 

40 DATA 4732Bp ^ M, 113^ 

41 DATA 140, 1 «^> 34. 1 99, 

43DATA»4, 171, 16ft, 0Opt17 

43 DATA 1 29, SO, 1 B2, 1 it, i4 

44 DATA 1S«, 22t, 114, ft94 
40 DATA 1 B4, 32, IBS, 23993. 

BO DATA 47143, 34, 10, 90, 


B1 DATA 170, t4.1T3. 221, 


82 DATA Op 24, Oa, 47279, 231 

ao DATA 472BB, 1 21 , 1 B4 

08 DATA 470 1 B, 228, 47 1 04. 


70 DATA47013p 31 ,47318,0. 


80 BORDER 0|C4S 


ThiM m^on^'a £20 ao^twajna 
prli-a g«a a fo OmrM Bavitt f&f 
him QuUi routlnaa. 


CRASH OctObef 1986 101 



The judging's ove^ the euphoria of winning has subsided and the harsh realities of a commer- 
cial schedule begin to bite home.The first GENESIS game design has to be turned into a prog- 
ram by mid- October to be a commercially viable release for Christmas. At the end of August 
GRAEME KJDDsat in on the first meeting between game designer and game programmer, 
by the time you read this report, the programming 
will be almost complete! 

desjgiwf of KATTRAP — Plarmi 
cfUm Cmt Men harboured a 
fufffy s#cret down in his 
fiometown. B^lng collected 
frwn ^ifton Keynes by c^esjon 
MtKU^ programmer GRAHAM 
SnUFFORD »ntf drivefi at h^h 
ip i i J t to einninBham far m 
fTi«*t(ng ttt •nough to Miftii mnf^ 
aim yp: during UmjWMttV, 
ikmmiHi cama cwan • . , 

AlthQugh he was |Otnt wmnor of 
the GENESIS Bifth of a Gaim 
competition, and di^Fie thatact 
that his game desi gn was aafacted 
by the fudges a$ t ha lir 51 one to be 
programmed. Jonathan didn't 
actually own a Spetiruml New was 
Jon a raguiaf CRASH naadar'i' 

Of course. thi$iiodeiifab#e estate 
of affiitrs was quickly remediad^-* 
a p^nch call to PtfWi 0€ftiOH haad - 
quartern nad a Spectrum winging 
its way dcw^n souih ainrio^t 
I rrmiacttately. ansj Mr EgOe^ton ha$ 
promised to atari readrng C^ASH 
m^ry rrK>mh from rrow on. 

So^ tww d Id a no^CRASH read - 
nng pfr&on get windof irie compel* 
itiion Kniha firal place? Jonathan 
explainaef that he mnnf a total ly 
$infut fellow — as a Comrnodore 
64 wnat ha naada ZZAP! av«ry 
mortth. arKJ gflrwrally ge\s a good 
Took at the latest CRASH slI SrChooJ. 
where people tend lo read 11^ 
magaj me in groups "i^/jrften<Ma 
«g^ f spotted a contpeuiion m 
&AP! where the idea was to 
design a gsme^ but inevisrgot 
ground io en fanng ^ V^en Tsaw 
tt>e GEf^ESfS competition in 
CRASH, andanhou^ I r^itsed^ 
was gnirv ID te /atfiar mor« 
Sjpaclrvm, i fhooght ( d ftjgvfl ^ go 

Spectfum^^ C3pa Mfftes " 

After a fev^ hOLiraspant thinking 
up bai^'idacQ. Jonathan dww 
soma aheictiaa ot the central 
ctiaractar, MT Head. And pe/tiaps 
nor owning a Spacirum h^ped 
Jon gal inlo the appropriate frame 

1 02 CRASH Octobef 1 966 

o\ mind for designing a game 
which coukJ act uaiiy be written on 
the machine — accordir^ lo 
Graham. Iher^ ware an awful lor of 
erjtHMJhet would have required 
ifl fhiMTtac^ from ttie Spaclrum to 
a Cray 1 lo implement . . . 

Baai^Jy, K>4TrR4P features a 
cure robotkc hero on a quest to 
save h*s droid chum who has been 
Nidnapp^dtsylhaaviiCat People. 
He has 10 ngm hte way through 
umpteen hostile zonci^. free r^is 
chum axa get r>0irw53fePy, The 
basic designs ior tho d^^racters in 
the game wei« fdii(|Md out 1^^ sc; 

wirh fhe amemfe^ — yminaeo a to* 
of vamty In ofd^ to slop things 
getting rapa^iv^\ Jon e^q^iemed. 

'In rhe ftiwldosigr. I h&d foyrraen 
di/ferent bodigniund^ ani^fhey 
w&maii mBd9 tp bs i wen^r akmg. " 
Jonathan "s mbd was ooncan- 
IraiedOh his taik^ parity ts a resutt 
of Lhafact that ha didni hava the 
copy ol CRASH in which he'd (ifS^t 
spotted ttie compietitio^ — rt 
belonged to a friend gf hjs, Ian 
Wtet. (Thamls yo^rnjm^/ii^c^, 
tort— ED) umoftumtely. I had 
mmd the ^>smg dam wrong. End 
was mxkk)g to a date one month 
IbuFidocif. t thought 'What a 

^ti^Judgai were impressed by 
iba pmmimon of Jonathan's 
antry aa well as by the content of 
ttie actual gamadesigrt he submit '^ 
ted — it includad a tab^e that 
ditei led the artnbutas of the nm- 
tiae in thfl game, salting out which 
oraatures could be killed and how. 
^rom a programming point of view. 
Qrahem Siatf^Kd was wall in^ife- 
fe«d with the ifve^ gf detail cQrt- 
talnfld in the design. Ttie artwork 
wt§ eye-catchjng loo 

'I'd f 0^% ^0 to be an antst or 
diatjgnar' , Jon g^ipta^nred. ' im 
jusf pickmtii i^ a^ tfmm got t^et- 
ter mth practice, im nor tx^tfmw^ 
about prcgrammjiTg much — Twe 

pmtatyp* if T-Maacf ^e thrpuah him 

All ch« aipeeiniai acraa 
.-^_-_ ^ ^ -to 

pCeyeof SfOund wrU7 ^^A&saiTMm 
da^im to acfMP^ im^ pro^ramf / ' 

Ourinp Iha diTva up 10 Bi^rmin- 
gham, Graham had explained 
whit was involved m prapanng 
graphics tor a aerrne and Jonatfian 
had already agreed 10 get involved 
m diesignirig scehtry and anima- 
tijon frames. Graham expiairved: 
' ' Jon's rofa to me is fa dd with the 

pfBsentation 0/ f^ fkv^mi gamer 
write thegafT^, but coft^^eest^ rm 
not going to tail tmi how thagame 
shoaid kx>k. He's got c^aar ftfn$ 
on how fftff graphics shoukf work, 
andd makes rny itfe easier tfsome- 
one is working on the graf^k:s 

S^ S&SS^ 


whHe i wnia ttm code. 
* ' I'm gmng Jonathan e copy ot th^ 
graf^him uuhty we use: he s going 
mgommyandpfAy^fDurfd wtih tt 
tOTBaoupfeofwe^is^. fneedtf^fBe 
Pf four times as many graphic 
producmg m wrti efKi up in the 
gama — Iheim i no way you'm 
gotng to get thmn alt rtglit 
to do iQt3, maUMm w0 cat} ait 
down tc^emermdpkA tha ba&t. 
AntmattofW naad to ba mfm&a as 
youga^^onQma^y. . ." 

^f>tW7>s oTactual proflrammmg, 
a^aham had spe^t about lour days 
working sclidly on KATTRAP by 
ihe time of the mBeling — it might 
not sou-nd like miicN cogld be 
actiieved in such a stiort time, but 
a iaif bit o( pfogfammer-type thifik- 
ing had been goiog on Irk^ide the 
Staff cKd mind Mfof^ Graham 
flduaiiy set to . 

ObviOiJ^iy. games pfogrammefs 
build up a library oi mutines. and 
Qraham had bon^ Logetiidr ^ 
ftancnet^oeK the scaffolding of the 
gam©, which borwwctfrom wiit- 
Cig code. Having cSetided lliat 
smooth hof ^zonial scroinng was 
noi appfopriale ho had plump^rd 
f-w s flip screen appraadh to I he 
game . Tak ing >nto account th^ f ^ci 
Ehat K>^rT"RAP fs played thr 
zon&g . or ikteas wfi ich shaia i 
mon backg round, he q[ 
honzonia I arrangemert i 
btite^ wiih masked sprEyini^irig 

two different safst of graphics 
Efoivdaway. Them wiU stifi be 
some eighteen frames of anima- 
tion and the animations wilfpfoba- 
bty occupy about 3K — wtyich is a 
siiclh of the siia of the core prog 
ram that rum av^&rything^' 

When it comes to wthtiing the 
code fof KATTRrtfl Sraham is 
L^ing 9 GefninI fnultiboart' syitem 
undorCP.'^^fur"' -dij/arand 

Mxro 30 V-Ti^t '/ay th^ 

small Begrii- -n^:^ 'iricj%tle bits can 
be assiprii. -"Mpf^ SO and 


Ner^^hrLiFbe HBt thtt one i\W^. 



^d6ev«^l': F- 


boitti _ 

rough out ^ 



central charaf 

time the first prciieci medung 

due, there was somp^ina to 

end botti Jonathan aUdrwere 

tmpfessedf Tho protoiype WT^ 

Hmd sproinged around the scrafii 

in a very convir^dng manner. 

While we watcli^ MT^Head do 
htsstLiH, Gf aham explapnec^ how 
the48Kof merrKjry available to hrm 
would 0it>biibty be used up. 
'' Abot/f 7K is u^d /or the s<^een 
9efa0fip9lifmfmry — the stack 
^r^ttte^ Nt^ .TiTd bote frtm there. 
?0 I . sr}s iiroi, .^ndSK 1 K 
■ My €:h^''-fctrt 'fef an£^ 


hj rcjf |j;( (#if ■ . 

, Graphtos eat up mem- 
tduDli'cjUQrj haB to b& 
9. For 

Wnm kiin^MMbpSi^- Vhh 

dieradera tom^WfO^^ c -.m.m. 
Hatf the number o^f ^ t wiii 

be in the fine! Spec^^ui ■ ■ pi ^^ram 
had already been collected 
tooathet in lime for the rneetang — 
" fw fr^am^work is fh&ra ^maaf 
Graham explained, ' 'th0 n^jri 

' ts to pu! in the mechamc$ of 

J. fl^ eaiiy Oat<:4^r we 
isiart to ha^e ap^ayabte i/er- 
id tt ought to be vefynearfy 
_ _ } py October J5th — that's 
"ditrt^ef'ftjf^. we have a couple 
<}t iv^wSte iiw3M>le for adyirjg up, 
6i''. v» tf^pRXi/Cton vef^fOn has 

Ihis is a highly stnjc- 
t\*- V "--gaprog- 
\r ^^ program- 

-'■ ',ii ji. im cQnceemda 
mim^f isn't sorrwon& 
wtfO Liif ? write fast coda —ft haifp^ 
— bufagoodpfogfamiTWf is on& 
who knows how to do sormfthir^g. 
The most importar^t Uikjg js to 
IhifF/f things thraugh profierfy so 
^^^>u don't do thtngs you don't ha^ 
loiia Tfte whoie task has ro be 

Graham and Jonathan hudd^ 
together owr the Spectrum 
screen as the workings of the 


utility were demonsi rated. Thtn. 
with the first project meet^ wm, 
it was time for us to go otil sepa- 
rate waiys. At last, being a winner 
of the GENES^S 8ifth ot a Game 
oorrrpetition had 5^nk in, and 
qlulchmg a cassette containing 
the art utJUty, Jonathan steeied 
himself for the drivii home. ' 'ihad 
a ptom calf saying f haii wah 
soffwfhtng m ttm compatitkm the 
be femembwed. ' * / cou^dn r 
b^immf fiad won th/e topprtza — ( 
hadn r got the copy of CRASH 
whk:f^gak^ datmk ofihepiist£^ so 
t was up ait night v¥ond^ting what 
tfw ottwf prices wme and wrfiaf / 
had won. and ih^n iphKm&d ian m 
the morntng ^nd got him Iq fppk rt 
up, fcoufdfflt^fevefwaagokigto 
ifect at mst £f,OQOr 

tf«nU>rmT-Hm*d f^'^if'^f,^ 









• spf cmuiM on PL us « u N af at abi^ 




Om Y J^,39 POST FREi 



euywilhQUICKSHQTy CDmpltlitOP only £ /4f if |f ;J,j Jy 


ttN AloQih-wi qr Tipt, 



rr^s:^';:^;;;^ £^M\ 

?csT mi 


Mbimmm»m warn %mt^^ fV^i i^i^ 


r <■• # Uhn • Un ■« «• 

Now fott can er^J^ StipBrb Graphics itasiiv with 

tA.*w*w LightwrrtCT 

IntH^Ace ft SoltwarA 


J anyoiwSfmclnjm 

ih ^^^j^SRll SET wT/ CaP|*»iiifatf jymw 

MitfdUUfll LIP 

■«-»■ #4J J«pdfi iilMHi 1#.Bm4l «p g«r iw P !tkp:iHirtf ■ 






msTFK£ trapctuft 

tSmmA^m IwfwM: 

men (TiimsifiA I ji^ymm mnmmt \ 


im* f17.9S ^mt*^ 





f £ N t d hi LPJ pu !;tri Ai csr ate , 
IfUCfitaitMCf I ^^ w^ y R y R AO Ptntor. 

CRASH October 1966 103 

■^ — ^- 




copie s Of r OqM ten *or 




1TK>&e evfif -so-modesi peopto at 
! cm were Fighlly proud of theifbrih 
' Rant game fau Ce\\ and a5i<fld 
Ptfle Cooke to wm yel m&re 
. gaines all Tysng i n with I he Tau Cfitf 
rrtythos. So he"s working on a 
Spectrum vafsion of Room fen 
which, as any Qalaxv- hopping 
man- BtxKjMhe- cosmos will \M 
you. IS th€ room in \m GalCoqsS 
mure Cocnplex that is reserved for 
the very popuia^^ sport of low grav- 
ity Gtyding which i$ smi lar in nmvf 
raepecta fo playvig low gravity 

In IWs respect, flaom r» is a 
futurtatk; sports ilmulalion iiihera 
[ youplflya^a^nsteiihefalnumanof 
; an unf c^giving computer without 
having to moon -jump around 
yourseir Wm some futuristic Jonah 

Of course, at C RASH Towers 
the (eisure industry has a few 
unwilling con vens Ves„ il yooYe 
talking fitn^s^s then half an hour w\ 
the CRASH office should make 
I you t hi nk senousfey about high f ubfe 
diets and four evenings a week at 
a sports can ire 

104 CRASH Octotser 1965 

Girlie Tipster. Hamah Smith has 
baan making an eftort to rnm away 
ttK)se axte a mches and fouild up her 
startiina for another gfijelling day 
at the C RASH Towers. She's 
bought a Giftie exe^se tape sod 
late et night the sounds of puisat- 
ing music can be heard wahpng 
over Luiiow ae she jumps arouncf 
getting va^ hot and sweaty doing 
aerobes ^^ olher strange gyi a- 
lions In the mornings she can 
okm be seen iimping through 
Ludlow as the results of ihe night 
before make tri«emseives appa- 

Garth Sumpter , chief Database 

Minion, is also fump^ng on the Get 

f the last tew weeks he 
decided to do something alsoul hie 
Guinness paunch, and Took up 
jogging. Howevef ^ a nasty side 
effect of Wm 19 thai his stomach 
keeps flying up and smacking him 
in Ihe nose and he coughs for next 
three days Kterhmks he stioutd 
stck to rhe Odd spnni whe^ it s Ns 
lurn to buy n round m the pub , , . 
The oiosest that Graecm ff^ of 
the Doc Manensj Kidd gets to 
eKerase \% a ^on of aerobic *ink- 
' ^. Eiwy day after work he takes 


aleistiraty stroll for aspot of gentte 
weight Mliirig with a pirn of Od 
Flatulence m one hand and a large 
sausage sandwtch in the other, 
TtTis form of einerctse usually con- 
tinues for four hours or so when, 
exhausted by his exertions, he b 
i carried home and tucked up in his 
Sf^ug, warm bed. 

Atl this Ia.tt4 of fMness and leisure 
fmial be leading somewhere . , . 
fltoom Tct's pfodLieefB CflL. kka 
the idea of Gstoof ps cofpoiatton 
givirvg tiiness and sporl such a 
high profile withm their organisa- 
tion and the Fovemy Le^ta at en. 
knows the benefits of exardaa 
btcauaa Bhe's very f Ft h^r^etf ! 

She's oflering ihe definriive 
aquaah outfit comprising shirt, 
shorts, ^oea. socks, racqualand 
warmed SOu^Sh t>alls to the lucky 
pefison who designs a le^Siure eom- 

tha lucky wmner teaakad by Las- 
V% for pafiofial dataift Hka 
waM and shoe size biit sha^il also 
ananga e couple of f^aa squash 
tessons to get you started on the 
path to fitness — as we 1 1 as a copy 
of ttie game tf you feel like taking a 
easy for a white. 

Nbt everyone wid be able id 
baoome the pnde of the squash 
tioufls, however, so forty runners 
up will each receive a copy of 
Room rerrso they can Clyde 
eftortlessly from the safety of their 
own lmn<p room. 

Cocnmit your daiO^ for the tei- 
aura compieM o( the nifure lo a 
ptSC« dI paper no biggpr than M 
fltw*'s2 lOmm X 300mm) and »*id 
It to: CRASH, ROOM 10. «) Bok 
10, LUDLOW. Shropshire, SYB 
10B to arrive no later than 23rd 








To play DARK SCEPTRE by mail just fill in this 
coupon and post it to Maelstrom Games Ltd.. 42 
Wellington Road, Wallasey, Merseyside, L45 2NG. 
Please make cheque payable to Maelstrofn 
Games Ltd. 

Please send me one DARK SCEPTRE Play-By-Mail Package. 

I enclose a cheque/postal order for E14.95. 

Rease debit my Access A/isa Accouni No 



lore 14 95 

Ydu aifi pJaying in e vagi 
oxtiesi. AH over the 
ccjurrtjy hundf«ls tit 
others strive Uke you cq 
we^e the Oarit Soepire. 
On micr&dm^ cartriclge 
send us your com- 
and we rwtym to 
tti© laiosi news of 
warriors — one 
In your ttn^gld 
10 power. 

Eacti spiwde ki#ps ytxj 
th^king for days, maybe 
weeks, as you scbefne 
and p4ot gainst e legton 
Qi enemies. Ycmjt op* j 
ponents mmn )usi dumti f 
subrouttrtes — they're 
mal living, Ixeathing j 
^people — and mosi m ' 
Khem aie aftef your bkxxll 

Afi epiiode of Dark 
Sceptre is like a game in 
itself. Using our untque 
foresight- hindsight sys- 
tem « you watch action 
feftoys of events past, 
and then simulate iiw 
futures at your fingertips 
. in "preplays" of events to 
Mn>e — all with slunning 

There am ftd deadlines 
but your own eagerness. 
Vou Stan a new episode, 
give tresh commands to 
youfwamors.Yourushto i 
the door as the lener-tK>)( 
ratUes a few days later. 
VWiafs the news from Ihe 
West&m Ssles? Have you 
won famous victories or 
have your warriors miet 
meir doom? Ym b reak 
open the seal... t/M 

All you need lo ptay is 
access to a Spectrum 

micfodrive (you dont c 

have to own one). All you ] 
need to win are lashings 

of tiair, nerve and aud-^ . 

actty. The Dark Soeptre ' 

Play- By-Mail package j 

indudes:- I 

« Master CartrMot 

* Episode Cartridge 

* Play-By-Mail Program 

* Soto Ganw Prog ra m 

* SlBft-u|> Position 

* Instructions BooMet 

* Coupon for 3 Free 





extri ' 

Ttw wtioli pvdcage 
£HMB and each 
^pl^xsa you play costs Jmsi 
£150 nst dass pomg9 

?: f^' 



£2-99 from 


% - .* 



. ..... . 





•.- *, 

^ 1 . ]*• 

••■ * 

\' -V- 

• •, 


^weekly refeases o1 
the best top aames 

i'A* ' 

* . ' 

available from 
all good 




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A superb seri«!fl of famous ™ve« by 
OHveVFiw can be yours m poster form- 

thi?v each measure a giant 80 x 57 cen 
StT^ (about *^i6h^,-^g^-"<^^f^^^ 
;,rt<l come carefuJlv rolled up m a posUi 
tubeTu^eful for ail sorts of thmgs) at a 
':^^^Q 50«ch(p&pandVATuvcUjsjveV 

Bu. tf you order .11 fourthen Xf "8?j^*^^ 


FORCE ,*° 


C! 50 



£2.50 EACH 



■ 3.REDMOOMlQ.5ot 

Name .,. 

■ Address „ " """ '" 
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m ■ " - Ptartowto .._. „ 

■ rj?A]^?P?^^' NEWSFIELD, PO BOX 10 







Firebird T Shirts also up for grabs! 

FmMmmm"^ katost re^ea^e due out 
fof the Specimm everso soofi te 
Dfuki. ThB gaiTHt puts yotj in The 
fole of Mr Dfuid. out !p defem th« 
Evdl Princess of Dflffuiflsa, The 
rta^ty ol^ pnncess has unleasf>ed 
her wialh in Ihe shape ol loyr 
skuNs (wouidn I yoii jutt know it?) 
Vitiich tiave mfestod tmldw«r vau- 
lts of a huge eight storey lower. Mr 
0. B)lor^ with hJ4 toJlNy I (but not so 
cieved COFTipinlOft Mr Go^fffn, hias 
io light £ isiioris of rri&an ^es and cast 
s|)elb leh. nght and centre lo order 
ID tiirafcimt the wofid rito a happy 
and pBK«rijl plaoe, Sooncfe yeet , 

eh? Ym ri does. 

Anyway, some kind 'f>* etever 
chappy at pumww tod a r^iiy 
neai idea. What he wanto you oh- 
so-Qool and-artiMic people lo do 
is des^ign a final congratulatory 
screen for Drufd. Ttv& b^test entiy 
wtii be pfogr ammed into a ipedaf 
one-off production cmy ty the 
aulhofs of the ganw Goshf Just 
inft^ine: <t you win. yotj couki own 
a personalised copy c* a beat sei- 
bifig garnet Invpress your frwxfs! 
(Nyah> Nlyah! Look wtiat I ve got). 
Amaj£e and ftstourxl vow retotives^ 
(Look Auntte. took what I did} 

Ten yoti what, psi to give you a 
tew idei^ what th^ screen could 
look Kka. h«r« are a few things thai 
the Dnjki will have ro encounier 
and overcome to complete ihe 
ganie - . , 

The crealures include ghost ies 
feekQp flteletons (oohl), big 'n' 
nmly beetles (eht), sky lis (aergh!), 
witcbes (shriek^ aixf aii sorts of 
traditional scary thingies (sourxls 
ki^e a normel day at CRASH 
Towers). When a dirutd arffves at 
this fmal screen he will h^^/e nseri 
throMQti itie ranks lo become a 
legef^ary UgM Maatef. So. g^ 

your art Mis out , scntobte a screen 
acnd wtusk youf emblazoned 
pieces of p^fier off lo OESIONER 

Eniri^ musi arrive no later than 
the 23rd of October. 3e^ scribbler 
win^ their very own copy of the 
unique game The rv&x% best 20 
masterpieoee each win their 
^aatom a nnwiiD T Shn io love 
and to hug. so don't forget io 
include your T-Shat $4ze Well 
then, wtiat are yoy waiting fof — 
get to It! 

CRASH October 1986 109 




COSTA PAN AYI is a name you tend torememberp 
and in Spectrum circles it is a name firmly 
associated witJi 3D games. Games such as TLl^ 
Cyclone^ Android //, Highway Encountering of 
course, this month's Smash — Revolution. 

Costa is the main man when it comes to program- 
ming at VORTEX, the Mancheflt€r*l»sed software 
house, while LUKE ANDREWS takes care of the 
business affairs. Costa and Luke came to Ludlow 
with one of the first copies of Revolution for us to 
review, and while they were here Graeme Kidd 
seized theopportunity to talk to the duo with a per- 
sistent reputation for producing quality games. 

LUtr quitr a frw ndtwan; 
hotists^ VORTEX bcjjjan lirf as a 
hobby, CohUk P^riayi first gol 
inlrrcikird in com puling back in 
ihc ZX8I days at I he end of 
1982. Hi: was working a^ a 
mcchanioil engineer and 
b^iught oncfif Sir Cliv^'* Jid-ntr 
eompulers* played arcKimd wiih 
it and swapped programs ^ith 
ZXftl DWiiini; fricndls. Then hr 
gm rogeiher wich a few friends* 
(hi?y dccidrd ihey tciuld wriic 

EroKfiAms and gradually the 
ohby started lo pay for iiself- 
* ' Our^stgamij w^rt Pontuon ^iff^ 
OihcUo —muUl BASICginmM^ 
4Atf CiV ififl fulfill pjjfi& aptibikhfn 

W€ ^^wriUfn and jold ihaif gamri wt 

St4fUd tfoming. TTirn tkr Sperlmm 
r^m^ ml erit^iiv wr^ CotmiH &nd 
Android 1. 

^^Sbffii, we rfolufd ikai wriiing 
pf&gnims wai ffkay as a kobtjt, but 
wktniti}i tmd fip fun a busji^ss on tht 
side a u^as itiiing ufi to& much (ifnfr 
ft r imw Luk^ , wh^ am ft iearhft ^i 
t/m timf, md hf U'^f iaifTfitfd tn ikf 
biisimss sidi qfihings . - - . 

Luke tMkt% ovtf ihe story: *'t 
g&i invGk^dc^n tfu bmimss $ide ia 
aflaw ihf I^ds l9 program — €tiriy- 
ihfftg (iftu itill bring dmr off ^Apsr^- 
timr d^ h&bbj basis ustd mtk w 

^Ud in qviU mtxtj ib wijuil prog- 

cssodaUd with us has nallf kilptd 
^ndmfmifaged ui — ptopli ksM sttn 
thai wf *vi W0Thd hsrd and ihaS 
Hif W gQ{ ihefiroduii, and etf^fw 'i 
puskticnd^m^ 'wflf done 'whkh is 
gTtai^ ^^&mftime^^ a lot <jfpr^Ujtiit 
iiiy "(fk don '( hathtr ' fir wmtri'ef^ 
whuh u a bii demoralisiag^ Alii ux 

fMVif hsd ^0/fl43f f Afflif . 

GraduiiUyi whai was a fairly 
lucrative (itnd time n>n^uiiiing]l 
hobby f^t^w 10 th e poi n I whf^rr i i 

was a Isackroom industry and 
then, clyrirLi; 1 983, the team got 
ifsj^fiher, derided on -i plan and 
^j^^n to run VORTEX prcifcs- 
i ion ally. ]t wa^ clear I he com- 
pany was succreinfuJ enough to 
warrant people giving up their 
*day jobs^: ' ' JVi, tvt h&sighi prt- 
misfSf fmfitoffd prpfdf and yo pn. In 
seme witps we 'ff retirfroif J ii-if Mf busi' 
urjj sidt, flj M^ mi SMI ikf frr&gMm- 
ming 51^, m ikt 3tnM tbai Cm has 
altmys €<me ^i with exffUfnf stuffs 
and li.'f an Tn^rr gfartd i& tfU<^hif 
Ihi^n prsMiit\ Luke eKplainii 
"Xaturattyt u^^U had it Jew ftgittt 
whm uf ^nt started mil writing and 
^ttingprffgramj ft/tl-limf — if 

li^H in it and it mmr* fa tfur t^oiat 
whfti vpatt-timfj^^ skddmjt hm ta 
/itl Itust fqusi whatjmi werr dmng 
hfforf^ thin ditriiwHi h/t^mr a bit 
difjk^ti- Wfg9t(& tbi J tagi- ahrfi tve 
l^ughi t0 iMifjWi^i liu^ iiff *d tu€' 
€€edids^/e^r iStndg&i So a cffiaia ttsit 
and w€ ^uf i& maki d dfCHim , J 1- V 
imitdn'f rmliy lum hack, ihough . ^ . 
Thif higgisi *iwiTT wai whiihtr (hi 
i^mimifT iracr ui^utd dU mt avft- 
nijAf. Qfiitf el^&fif, that isn't gmg 

Ctnu Panayt^i games have 
been the backbone of VCWtTElt'i 
succeu, ahbough olhrr rrieaftc^ 
like A/eVh Highuar have involved 
other progTitniiner^ heavily . . . 
Obviously, a company such aa 
VORTEX ^n^ !tenl quite a few 
programs for evaluafion. Have 
t hry nrver bren TrmptftI loXajl 
a budget labeL br ini4ancc? 
Luke explains: ' "I atppaif a* 
could rasih kmft staffiJmifthtt tabet 
m iht bu4^H sidf , kul il j n#/ ihf ipri 
^Jtkmg Wi Umni ta da Hatr caAfm 
Mr dsf b€ sat dpitu u^rkmg mt 
s^mfihmg rrattjf a^mpiiicaud and 
mfWr andtn^ houn ktft trrrndpr^- 
m0k a gamt that irtts/or It. 99? Ymtf 
hiOfi 'j ml in it. M^fbe s^fimpa^ptf 

Tht DuuiJ Appnoacli To Pillar Lowing u deinoniiiTmted by 
Mr pHnKyi on ine Irrt^^ind Mr Andr^wton ihe ripfhll, Cfnald 
iet 1 whole new tread m Ludlciw^ Lbi&. . . . 


i0M u-^ri ihni majf^ int I don V think 
uni^&Mld . . . " 

Working as a deai|^n rrtKiiirrr, 
Qf^i^i wai iriv[i1ved in 3I> 
gfCMnetrv' on n daily hasii. io 
when IE rame if> priPgrammifii; 
pmrs ir^ mil imi ?surfimin^ 
that 3D trchiiicjuesCitmr quirr 
nalumily tn ihr forr. "/ m quiif 
faiiimUd taih .W — / >#■ etu-^jt 
liifd la half fhintfi Miuit^ ttnanged 
gnd^f&mttmdh tonttt, Aftrf / iif^ 

tiediM U'iin piogiitmmiHji. '" 

inn I SI5 \^ itii . Ini/r4?r^//^iiif1 sjnirr 
rhrn all Iii-v grtfurs liuvr Im cii in 
ID. 7^jjLi/ jr^mi liiffij^t/p bftfi^ 
um4^ fit r^tmn ft* 21} nmv t fmfi 
i^u^fttijffttfi^ fi/ ipatf£rhi»}i^if Vi* 
ti^tirJttqj; m J/i. and t dm V /AjaA / 
fwu/rf uiril/ in 2i)^ ti tti^uidir f^3^ 
fH0ugh i& rfcF^ bat fu^nldn 'f u&at 

Wiih a string of ^luccaEsrul 
|ames behind him (thcf iciwut 
overiill Tjiting Costa cdII? cted 
was 79% K hc'i invi-iird a fmt 
bit of tiifit, eflbrl and eKpcrliae 
incodnTloping 3D tecliniquc^ 
on the Spectrum. But it's not 
JLMil a qurstinn rif keying 
routines atid ^<Jdirig to tBem — 
liighm'^ Emmmter mrant starl- 
ing [turn icratrh a^^iti. dind 
Mepol^it^n h anolhcT ftjndamrn- 
lall V diflerent Uylt df display 
4ti(^prfjf^amming. '^itOttoiski 
aafrnpUlrh difftrfitl apprtmrh to thf 
iMjr ihnfidU fhi 3D in mck g^mij* ' , 
Co^ia exp\i^m%^ ' ' li would be nkr 
t<* com£ Mp mik wmi^rl o/Miwm* 
km whim gfts ma 9/dw mmdd. mr 
did a with Highway, md thtm ojt 
itfc$dfd ifmf Hf had $a t^mi ic^ mtk 
wmtihing dtffffifit. iAj^tath aumj 
fmmiknh&&ttm afi fyflfgiitn^. Ajlit 
Rcrv'oliiiHH}, ji u^uid kit mff io d& 
tamflhing (^mnplHitjf diffnmi^mn. 
it \ m murh n mnnff &/h^ki»iii n( the 

acidly t^»kim al lA# rmtfrnmrnf 
— j/m cam k^^pr&duan§ "if/J gamti , 
thi iamigmnei with a diffmnt 
H0mm, bat ihi dijfitutff ii in cem- 
iMg i^ Wiih i&miihing dljftrtni.^' 

Rfmtuiwn was dr^i^nrfj wiih 
iMidbilify in mind, sa lar ^ the 
gameptay w^iit coficvmcd. Each 
timi: a new ga me SVaris ^ ihr pu/.-^ 
itfs are shtFttd around I.H'twc'en 
!c\TJa iind 'their h^raEiiHi?! i»n 
individual Irveh ^rr alfki 
rhangpd Tfiridomly- *'Shi/fmg ihjt 
pii.*ilfs t^und nnd frfnUng a nfU' 
tand^cspi. 01 ifi i}fjlei^h, mtk iimf 
nn iiarf l«> phy — 1/ 'y ttying ta mati 
rtr g^mr iomfihmg mttrr iA^jt flrtfr 
fnmei on thf markfij,''\ LukeMyt^ 

had ihijksi /rcvf^ ^imidlf^l^ third 
UiMl ^nd io &n p atidymi imm^ what 
wm coming- Alien Highway, ihi 
fimiM o/Hif^hway Kncounirr 
ftarSfdus fhinAmg ih^i li^y, and 
svith Revolution /lArfut thch^rtgis 
iir tht pmziti md knduapf <tff thf 
mniR aliroftian, I/iomionf picti up 
tki (tftti*' {ind mfi '( g^i jfwif ihr ftnt 
(fw/, ihfn ihfgamf can hepiajffd&n 
tiVii ffAf iniff ihi piajut itittgtti ihittf 
mw^izclts — j& m« f^Jf i^W nycjF 
it, e^em ifjf^u nri^r gH paU the Just 

Vortex appear r^xry sii 
months or so ~ two gam^ a 
year in abnul all Coiia Can 
handlr im hia owfi. They lake a 
diir^f fni approach 10 designing 
gamrt tooL there' I never a 
story board 10 work front: ^^ Wkttr 
I comf out wish fdf4* — m iism mt^h 
body,' CVi!Si;^ rxpTain^ ^^atidwi 
th mk ihfm a&oul and uie ^wqjfs stwm 
i& i€ic^ d p&ini tL'httf we saj 'IjM'jt 
tf jfHdf idm, why do^n'twi0 afnad 
and iff u'hnt that brini *■■/.'*, 

tdfu^th^tuf/mdmthr ^arf 

thrsiim in ai tmtt," 

" // J d process o/tmimiml dm^ 
MthfT ih^n ftwtintial /jf/bwitiml/ ' 
Luke adds/' F&ntutmitimemighl 
dmd^ lo do -f^melArit; ih&t km iwo 
aaimatiM siaget in it, mdCmlagOit 
Qway ^nd u^rhfif a^ut tw^ temii 
on if and comes bark wtih fi^ it4\g$$ 
d/njuiHdluft. We §i^y io him '/ 
thmgkijfm mid it could mfy be two 
stages * imd hi *tt s^ yes^ wett ii V 

"' H'lih Reveififiint] an thmtghi 
there are n^ boumiMg httUgtimes , so 
whjf dan 't MM- have a go? A m ^uddtntj 
alt iheie hiiH g^rna ^tiTrted appeae- 
ingf They ^ttlemita kerollmg f4$h^f 
than b^unang, j<? there 'j a differ' 
fj|f#/ ' Costa add^. *' The iaim 
thing happened with Cyttof ic — it 
leemed^ mtuT^pr^gfeMmn/fom 
TLL itftrf then thfje ifere d&z^m of 
httif^ir gamei m the mafk^t fud- 

filings are tntninp; fnr VOR- 
TEX. TheyVe jwsl signrd 4 drai 
with u^GOLDp who will be laJt^ 
ing care of the marketing side of 
ihings for ihem in faiure, and 
they plan toe^Lpand: "'Nmi'Shat 
thf market ^ mot^m lo Eur^^ and 
Cf-rVif m&lvdon, VORTEX h^^ out- 
gTQun the VOUTEX team md with 
thi^ deaf^ u^mjt o/ikipreisure is takem 
c^ff^i^ He can reath c^mentratf on 
pri>duciiig the sqfia^Jt, and thif aim 
ri ta buiid a t^^m atfiund (.^i?\ to keep 
pFodweiag the i^mi standard oj 
inmeL tVi ha^ am own ttmmsfdM, 
awdimlinef t& khtk to them. FtVVr 
{mkiMg/^r talented pT^gmmmef^ up 
in AfancAe!^tfT , so ijanjmne womid 
like tQ get m touch „ . . "' 

Obviously, with a sm month 
lead lime on a Costa Painiyi 
game, thcre'^ uriltkely hi l>e 
anoihcr release in time (m 
Christmas. But with the fiians 
for taking on rxira hiinds^^, who 
kntiW's.' t^ukdiid ('osu left for 
xMancliester s^miling enigmati- 
cally . They may have iomething 
i n ihe pipel ifie for ihe fstivc sea- 
son after all . . . 

Th« winds of change havs befin blowing ttirough Ludlow of lato — 
not only has ttie Town Hall l>oafi demolis^od, but a Hypermarket 
(whatever one of liiose might b«) is under construction wrthkn 1h* 
to wn boundarj««« 

Tli« Doc Mart€i/i«d On^ , a« our III u $triou» Editor h$ n^ ll«<l , has b#en 
muttenng darkty nboLEl thci qp^t qI renting thu Ludlow Gibbet . H may 
b4@> th^t one or Iw^o cluing es are planned for Iha Hafl^ of SI I mo — 
depending on how the Match D^y CHallcmgs goea. . , . B0sjd«»p ouf 
C4>fi1ract with the LudLdw Mafia i^ due lor renewal s^dn. 

Perhaps thd level o1 cheats has ris»n a little high of 1at0, und it may 
well be time to stail weeding outtha raal high score mere ha nt» from 
nriore ordinary mortals with ptretentlonAto joyvUck mastery. 

Tinie a lone wi II tel \ wtiather the winds Df cha nge wil I merely causa 
rttythmlc creak ings on the gJbbet — so for the mean:time k^ep send- 
ing me your high scores. And Chaets Beware. As wintary weather 
draws in, the Ludlow Qitjl>et becomes an Increasingly unpleasartt 
piece to find yourseH, r . . 

Worid Cu^ Csmlvai Won woHd oip 

MMSliD«f Won final 1IM 

Han^e Campietsd 4i. 1 ?i 


P^'lng Pf>rtq Beaten CPU or\ liv^ S 

UacM to wool CofPpkrtwJ 

Miatiii I Pdim BeaHn cgmpulMr w\ v^jm- 

lir and iami finite 

OavM Woods, iimvta^ 

Emiodir>g fm lOtn Dan 
Beach Head CtSfniMled all Itvab 
llocco Wof fd champiof* 
Ohoat ftyaterv CDfTi0Miid. 

fyi Ttvo«t*« 3f d 
Shadowflr* ComMCad 
TLL 3 Sectors compiled 
HlgiHifay Efi^ounlK: 2or» ^ 
Mvpari|xms Lnompieieo? DrriBft 
Saboteur ComFMnd a Leweis 
Rlwr Raid Bridga 56 

Shayn Somin^ ShtflAald 

Og ii^n rt i Pan Compmed 

flndiirs Kaapars CompielAd 
RoiHar Coa9larf^a<]H,?d fu-n hoitae 

Mr ZippO 4on**f Manoliastaf 

Cvl»run Conip^^ 

Paul Ruflftdpa 

llaiBna'iMic Comphi'ted- 

tteaia and Mtaina CofnpMao 

Jiack tha fitpper CompiatBd 

Action n»f1«ic QompH^len^ 

Stalfiin« Sl««t CornptelKl 

V Ck)rnip4fif^ 

Bounder Coinpmed 

Baiman Comp«ef«j 

Pifii Peng Beat CRi on level S 


EuMMifig Fist 1 0th Dan 

ymm laOffi^i^urici tw^c« 
P rtai f iif e m a CompWw? *lth &7 ' 
ttarqyaie Comptote^ 
Illta D«Bd>y 97,0Da odd 
Tapper Spaoa&ar 
Ki%ht Lcira Ot% em^pMad 
Ky^g fu SLACk tofit 7^ ^m 

Ping Peng Corr]ipiirtMoalavai%1^ 

■BoiiAfacfc 301 n^SO I 

4n«i Beret Oomplaiad (onty a itte 


Bolalky Bearing aaacuod Samat^afid 

Bert ai» iound Bur^Qo 

im lAofikmiin, Doaekie 

Qoni^eclc 794.^70 

Ouggy Bteit 1 7 .50t Level J, mM% 

Qytoar Rats 244 .4ei 

Pwic f«v CompMod Willi 2t planslB 

liber a^ted. 11. 9^a 

H»isef«i* Things CompiaiKf. \?m. 


HIghvqw Encotintar ei [160 

Lofda et IMIdMght Completed fii^ lima 


Qumtit^m^fii^P&mtM. Gitieecon- 

queied: QyiMion^ Oettiaiis i ft . Com* 

modo, AiTtftiedeM, 6pw?ti»i^ind got 

DnTo AtanbH 

Spactade M p«0ei raad, ianrty hnlad 

11 (hiTiliJ 

Star^qfuaiie Compietad ?93.€ 1 — 79% 

itnlrlka M Cofri^^atAd. 2.391 ,300 

E«p4o*ig Pm fi3^ .fldOn beat i C^ Dvi 


Sean Ba]#y aka Seami* i^ @. 


AHeailiCikCompletedin lemins, a 


femahew t i C^inpteiadPnfeMiQna — 


l|v v^ Spy I spy hardv 

CommandeAwa 10 


Movie &S% 

aireet Hawk Uvel 20, e€.00Cl3h 

S*iwidiia 12 sNeWtt^^^ 

HlghivBy EiiceiMler Oompletad 

Gnen »tr^ ^ sateens done. 96.ee0 

KnUM Tyme OofnpMad 

Wk^ Bmi chegs' levptesMng 



Oraow'a Cava tofnpmod 

AliWdtf Three K^entisix 

lh« tlvetlfe Firtt on ai tredcs af^ 3 

^witagrani Oorirapiatad 

Keanic Kansa fth soiaeii 
Jalpeci i£5jlS bull 14 rodtiia 

IM Attack Nirv woman 
Hnarspom Swiffimini^S e. Sk^aet 
giSo; HoneO m Ai#iw^ 4400: Triple 
jump 1 7.80^ Welgtifs Super hesvy : 

OeirtfHffv9e piCsinis 

Momy fitfi tta Rial 6J9Q 




naBai Of wiefiniea %#>Dmpivipp n |iik 


gean Mvrptip^, 

1 1 2 CRASH October 1 986 

a Hunter 11^000 
Brwe Lee Killed wi£ard 9 ttmea 
talm Wtilf GofT^pieled 9a% 


., Jtjmp227LHOldogtJ: 

Speed ffcating 17 S-$«cSu Figitfe 1 2: 

Bcatttoi 1 35 nwm; Bobefts^h » 31 : 


BdMar Ptol Shot down 4 nmw 


Oieis tmergiiaciic dusmwi 

QijaurtfonTFoi^ ciSiae Iread 

Peul guT^OK. Siitlon Coltffiiy 

Tiflttaiua Cortipiatad 
Evtman Complatad 
Jack Itw Nipper Comptaled 
nDllwnco#tler Gort^plefled 
Fairttght Cornplalad 

Knjflhi T^meCompleisd 

Stan^aki Goff^ple«ed with 97% 

Pc^peya rnwdJ haarta 

HIgfiway ineeuMlvr Cocnp^eied Slcpol 

Daze Camplatad 

Qfwen B«f«f Hftff wity tfir^uo^ pflaon 


Gh^fti N ' CNaMna Gol Id monster's lair 

OiiAMM^on T'mo oiies 

hdameraiFw Coinpielsd 

AmMtadtCsf f i p i i i id 

Sto^ The E.kpreaa ^tQ(7t>^l 4 cimfl^ 

AfKlraw Shandn Edlnburgti 

Harrier Atteelt CompMad 



Co mma n d o Le^ 7 

Whaaie Qompiated 

viniar Qemea Jump ^la.e- Hot 0^ 

1 0. Spaed 4C.0- Figure 3 J: Biattilon 

1 .» mtns: BobsWgh 21 .Oi sac^ Rw 

Friink Qnjno 5th liQAer dsinoiitied 
Saboteur C^impletid SSjOOO 
Exploding F^al ^h n«n 

CfirtS Lamb I M irNbD rough 

Miki* 327^400 
Staiqyalt* CofTiplvied a6% 
Of 9«fi Beret 11 9. ! 5Cl 2orM 4 
Spy MMntar eei .455 ^___ 

KeMNi Ru^wiiga 

Cyclone T«or 

Vie iWKwgFu 71.4^ 

Bombiack 615.^40 

Worki Cup CamkAP Wor\ 1^-1 

St«p4wi (fMiso) Rutleii^ 


QuaialnMi 4&.3td 

Frvnk Bnmo Complied (know wtiit I 



Kevin (Zkppyt Flutladge 


YieArKu ^Fua?.©00 

Ejiptodkng Jd 1 Di^ dan (vviti cme 


Bghtlng Warrtor 2 1 4,640 

Ite^l llflnial FbuHadgt 

N«f ot of Kam Gomptaied 
Three Wiiitt In PweJbe 100% 
Rambo Comoitlad Level 1 
SMper Grwi Siwi 3 



Jn house language expert Tony Flanagan (well, 
he used to be an English Teacher), takes a look 
at a new package which aims to impart the 
rudiments of Esperanto, • , , 

Produottr: Lez P^ranto Ltd 
Retail Price: £15.00 mc P&P 
Aythor: Les Hartrldge 

SalutQfi rtoadra^! As you can 
vtdas. mi estas lemanm 
Esperanlo. pm ta hsip tie 
Esp&fEnto Ftrst tti/f, a c^c^Tsputer/ 
aodio cassette package. Wiis has 
bMn pTDdiiced lor (be Spectnjm 
by Lffi Hartrtdpgd, a r^ir^ schoo^- 
mftsior fromi Groydon, who is ooe 
of two direct om of Liz ffiuurro ltd. 
For thoftft ot you ool luHy conver- 
ssni wvth tf^ sut^Kl, Esperanto is 
an uni^nationej iaoguage wfiMi 
was invented just undet a oen^uty 
dpo by a Poli^ chappy raited Lud- 
wik Zame^thol It wa$ his deve 
thai Esperanio wouW become e 
taigus Tranca (just as Latin had 
been in the past) so that nations 
wtxAJ be oWe to converse in a 
common lonpue. This, he 
balieved. would foster good rela- 
tions between countries and cori- 
mbule to ^orld peace 

Esperanio is a phOrnetic syslam 
but unique in thmone letter always 
corresponds to one sound and 
one sound only There are tweniy- 
eight letters m the alphabets 
(wenty-two oi whicfi are the same 
as ours. Most of the word roots ^e 
Latun-based Ibut doni be pul oH if 
you did Latin at sdiool as Ihara 
aran't niillions of ded^ertelonis lo 

Somewhai refreshingly; 

Esperanto contains none of the 
iatHating id»osyncfdcies which 
make ottf own language and thai 
of other nations to fKObtemalk. 
You won t find any »*« cofwjn- 
anis, HTegiilar wettos or perwefse 
gramTT^licaJ constructions in 
t^seranto The whole system is 
enUre^ logtcai. For example. aN 
wun^s efird in 'o'. all adjectives In 
'a' and the present tens^ of aJ^ 
verbs m 'as'. Identical lo English, 
thedefiniieantcle, la', remains the 
same wheifier Itw noun is mas- 
aJme, liitifaiine. stngular or plurak 
which. tlVk$ moi , you hated French 
at school, has^ot lo t>e a plus! 

Espmanto FifSi Ha^ cortipfiBdS 
Itiree sections: EspoteKt, Espog- 
raiti B!nd Espowofd, ¥^ich are 
de3ior>^ to educate the styderkt 
to wnat m relatrve tenm would be 
GCE'O' level stamt^. 

Espotesit IS a tm lesson course, 
wTiich provides a thorough gram- 
matical grounding in Esperanto, 
Tf^te Js a short kitroductJon orithe 
origin and devetopn^em of the tan- 
oMige and Itwi tne lessons begin 
The lessons detail the vanous 
ports of speect^ and their r^^pec- 
liva endings Other sectior^s deat 
wfth corrpound vertos, adverbs 
and oitw essentials o1 grammar. 
However, the gr ammatiGal s^ani of 
the program's content is by no 
fiieara oMnusfve. The text avoids 
jargon and iioasily understood — 

all granmialical lenrrs are clearly 
explained and accompanied t>v 
usetul examples. 

Convenierrtty^ you have sOfr»e 
control over ihe pace at which you 
worl< — at every stage you tiave 
the option to corrtlnue or to return 
to the index where all the vanous 
sectkiris are listed. The text, thete- 
tore. never disappears bSffora 

background Obviousfy. 1or> much 
colour would only get m the way ol 
the te^, so it's probabty |usi as 
well- In some sections, now^ver, 
graphMCS are used to good effect 
to laciiitate understanding. In the 
f>fapoflHions aartionH for estample, 
a cotaurful bridge scene ha^ 
clarify what these tiefns ot gram- 
tn^ are artd how thiey are used in 

E ^ i"^ M 


k I m 

1 1 a 

L a 

C 1 1 

I; I o i t I * 





^ 1 u 

% I ^ ^ 

1 ' 

, 4 



i 1 * 



o* 1* .'»' 

A imtt€ *f co#rt«»tf*»« ~ alf IW'* ^ r g« tUn^ to ^^M with 

o r two 



^•l f o 

^ ban 

F * i o ^ ft#* * * r O 

A mMmmtmhicMi M*ii*t*i%ctf im provide 


you've had time to raad it; indeed, 
you can read it as many lifn^^ as 
you wani tielore you move on. To 
corisolkMe the laambig prooaas, 
there are a vanety of eitercises 
desipnad to test gnmimar. voc- 
abuliry and lTan9tet^ng ability V^ 

Sc^eef\^wtse. there is nothing 
novel about Ihte program — niosi 
ot the lime it's tern on a tAmik 


Ortce you have worked your way 
through Espotext, you can lest 
vour grasp ot Esperanto grammar 
by loading the Espojjram pfog- 

ram fn ti>e lower PvaN of the screen 
IS t he beginning ol a sentence oon- 
leining one, two or sevsfid UankS^ 
Given at the top oi the sateen are 
twenty nuftibered syfflKes^ The 

bian^ts are filled in by prassing the 
appropoale numerical key and in 
This wAy you t:iuiid up a sentence 
ol which there are fifty stored. Any 
errors you have made are sfx>wn 
at the tiotlom »id any corTecti<K^ 
are brMly ex plained Your score is 
alio givon at the tjottom of the 

As wan as Utiprovmg your gram- 
mar. the package — as any lan- 
guage pedtage should — aims to 
increase your vocabulary. This as 
where the ^powo«dpr^|ram c^ 
help. II consists of 729 ^>^anto 
wonjs and their English iramia- 
tions all of wtitch are relevant to 
everyday life On manual dtepli^ 
there js a choice ot any of nine 
bioc^ (eiighty-one words). In Auto 
dlaptey you choose one^third part 
of any block, that iSp twenty*sev^^ 
words, and you choose tiia tinw 
kntarval before th« answer Is ghnoin. 

Clearly, the wntten word ^ only 
one aspect of a two- horned tieast 
The audio tape, thetefore. intro- 
duces the Isfflner to the pleasures 
ol sporkeh Esperanto. First of ai^ 
the Espohear sectiorh 

demonstrates niniliin Espet ar^o 
sounds whtch araaMharnew to ih* 
Er^giishaar or whose u^ is limfVied. 
Thaa© are then demonsi rated 
usjrig fifty-seven words, Wjth 
Espdsay, you ore required to pro- 
no**>ce MCh of these. First ihe 
tape givtts \tm word number l^ted 
in the notes, you pronounce \tm 
word and then the tape pro- 
nounces the word ML It should be 
pror^Qtmced, Espoaelf and 
Esponexi give some Indication ol 
what senter^ces of fli^m 
Esp^aniQ sound Vke. 

Supplementing the tapes are 
deiailed notes which reintorce and 
expand upon what has already 
t^een explatned. These contain 
sorrw marvellous ice-braahafs for 
tfie avid pariy-goef — suc*t gems 
irke. ' Do you eat water?" or ' Is your 

Still, rl is e^y to be flippant 
about Esperanto btcause it's an 
ariJlickai kar^guagt. But when one 
COAAiclafS there are over 10Q.0W 
SfMriwa world-wide, over 30.000 
books pul^ished m Esperanto and 
approK^ateiy SO national associ- 
ations, Sorneone somewhere must 
be takkig it senously. There m an 
IdadMic thrust undsdying 
Esperanto that alona sets it ^larl 
from natural' languages, and its 
adherents reveal somethir>g of a 
missionary mamality, indc<Kl, you 
ma^ have found Las Hartndge 
spreading the word (or wordo) 
from his m^ni-stand at the PCW 
Show t his year . . . 

All in all. this package is bursting 
at the seams with mfof mation ar>d 
IS welt worth getting li you are 
int^ested In mastering Esperai^o. 
Tt>Bre's even a brairvtwistlr^ 
arithmetical puzzte game ttwown 
m for free — Fttptt B^ 

CRASH October 1986 113 


Producer: Addictive Games 
Retail Price: £8.95 
Author: Simon Davies 

As Hocid Coacti, it s your 
task t& marine m Afiwi- 
cm\ Footitiari t^m to th# 
hndy heights of success. You 
need to keep a keen eya on Ihe 
player mad^eip getting rid o1 use- 
less pi^ysfs amj snapprng up the 
odd bargain. C^r^rul study ot otJher 
tearro )s also needed lo select a 
s<^iad to cxHJTitef ihe stf engUii of 
Ihe opposition and takea<Mniafle 
of (13 v^aknas^s. 

Initially, you gf @ givan a chouce 
ot ooe of tne tw^ty-lout teams 
which are gtcxiped m fOiirs. m sisc 
divisions There are flour s^lll 
levels: novice, rookie, vetafan and 
aihpro. A thirty-two piayef s^quad 
is made up of kick^fs, quarter- 
tiacks, PXinnitrhg-ba€k$, defensive- 
backs, Ime-Packefs, offensive 
Ijnemen; light ends. widerectfvefS 
arid defensive linernen. Pliyaf a are 
numbef ed ^cofdln§ io ihair posf- 
tiona* with oMeraa, dafiarae and 
specM Mtin groi^MnQa iiaMl on 
separate screens. ThB leam Iteta 
dirsplay various mfocmatton on 
BAdti of the 1SO0 players in th# 
FKOa^am — aoe/Skill rating, fitness 
ana Idrnn. Triding. the equivalent 

ot Iha British soccef transfer sy*- 
\&r\, takes place on weekdays. 

Before each gaxrm, the com 
paralive strengttis of botfi sid*?^ 
are detailed on tie screen. The 
pitch oonditjon and ^nd velocity 
are ateo given before kjck-otf — 
important when deckjing which 
'plays' to go fof The success of a 
fte^d goal di^pends on ihe kk:^kiBr's 
distance from the po^ts and hla 

Matches are played out graphi- 
ca% on the green gridiroh. Your 
laam plays m blue against ihe 
oppoertkKi s blade. A red bar 
across the lop of the scr^^i indi- 
cates how rpucti of the game has 
been pLayad. H a garnet drawn, 
ttiaie't a tie-braakef in ihe form of 
exlr**tiriie— the flrat Sidefo score 

After the final soore has been 
flashed up on screen, the fesuJts 
of the other matdiesafa g^ven. foi- 
towed by the ha^ua lablas show- 
ing each team's ojnwrt position, 
ThiS IS sometimes foikiwed by a 
news rtem suggesting new trairting 
techniques or that a player has 
become available on th& trade 

At the end of The twefve game 
season, six d^vis^on winrNsrs plus 
one extra team from eacii confer- 

S*t^ 0##f« pimr ita iA Mmidmwm — H:*m no scwv mH ray nid mnti j 

ence entet thse playoffs ieadjng to 
the Superbowt final. A hventy day 
perkid fo^ows. sat aside fot the si>^ 
rounds of th« College Draft in 
which abOiit thirty players are 
availaWe per round. 


•" On the whole 1 don't raaUy 
get on with games like this as 
tHey mm oft«n too complicatad, 
brain tn^tirtg ^ ju^t badly pre- 

serttid ^ this la one aych. Head 
Coadh {k>#tt not raquiire a great 
deal of user participation so rt's 
very hard to gel Into or play suc- 
canatully — It gets quite 
n'lonotenoua. The program 
responds slowfy to key#d Inpui 
ana there are long deisi^s m bet- 
waen some scre*nfl t^ecau^e 
It's wntten in 8ASIC. The 
graphlcm are generalty sloppy. 
Ttw aounci is atao mlnirnal — a 
few tpot effects during tti« 
gaffie aiid a few trashy tunettes 
on Ihe Ittta aoeen or when yoy 

Producer: Mastertronic 
Retail Price: £1*99 
Author: John Darnell and 

Simon Freeman 

In the days ol the wi kJ and woolly 
West limes were hard^ H ymi 
happened to be ttie shentf then 
times were doubly hard as people 
tended to have a heaEthy disre- 
spect for anythiing or anyone in 
auttxvity. In thts game. Kane must 
try and make peaoe with the 
Indians and keep law and onder in 
his town. Kane ncteds a steady 
hand, a sure eye and a fast gun. 
Whal With runaway trams, ghost 
town ambushes and the penis of 
the prairie, he reaHy has Nf wort 
cut out f Of him. 

1Tia game is divided up i nto four 
sections, each of which must t>e 
completed t>efOfe you can prog- 
ress to the riejct one. There ts a 
practice mode, wtiere you can flip 
through aii Ihe screens baibra 
ptayir^ the game for reaL 

Section one trwolvea stiool^ 
bif ds wHh a bow and arrow ^ ttie 
^ ithered ones are traded with the 
for li^>ea m the Mer stages, 
carta wilh ten arrows and 
kiees one for awry bird that is mrs- 
aad^ Every time he Nts a t>in3. the 
number of arrows m his po^ch 
stays the same. The birds are shoi 
by Iming them up lin the mobili! 
sights before pressing fkre. Points 
are scored for every turd imp^ed^ 

1 1 4 CRASH October 1 9a6 

Section Two ^ a nde across the 
praine. With hi« trusty steed 
benealhhim, the stieriff must jump 
the obstacle whpcfi presem them- 
selves m his path. A masjudged 
leap results «n \m horse Itrowmg 
Kane arvd a lile is k>st. If the 
treachefous patch of prame is 
negotiated then Kane amves in a 
deaertid ghost town. But is it reaJly 
daearted? Some mean outlaws 
Stan taking pot shots at you. You 
reach for your gun and start Wast- 

Ten baddte In the tow^ ^m^i 
be shot. The number of rr 
ts stmwn m red on the ^'l ii^lmvj 
Side of tt>e screen, white the 
number of mean comers teft shoot- 
fng at you is shown on ihe nght. 
Karw fiW S4>i buFiet^ m his gun and 
must run to the nght of the sateen 
to get mure tMJiiets. Baddies pop 
upfFom ttie saloon, ihe bank and 
the general siore and need to be 
shot belofe they disappear of 
shoot you instead. Once ail^ ten 
baddies have tmm sent to Boot 
HiN, you can progress to the Tram 
Journey in section four. 

A train is out of control and only 
yoM can stop it and save the help- 

•": lingers. Kane has to 
.., a,, :...:.. ijnother f>asty piece of 
prame, strangely si^mi tar io sectK)n 
two, [umpitng over a^l ir>e obstacles 
on his trusty nag The train mt^t 
be caught up vrtth and stopped 
within a certain time limrt and once 
the passengiers aie sale, the firsi 
level of the gBine la coiT^sMe 

There ere three levels to the 
game, each jnoreesing in drffkrurty 
m^ speed. Have you the guts and 
determination to clears up the wtld 
West or will you ^d up on Boot 


W HASTtllTFlONtC 9444X1 lO tiav« 

taken th«lr tiriM tranaMIno tMa 
on to the Spedrum ^ aiKl te lie 
honest they shouldn't have 
bothered. Eyewise the game Is 
faiHy attractive, wflh lots of col- 
OiJr on the scre«n and some 
Sfnoothly animated charBCterB. 
Sound just consists of a few 
Spot effects which are very 
eccuma but sound lonely in a 
geiiia thai doasn't m valve too 
much frenzied actrvity. The first 

JCjin* rt^ra iike ih^ wind du* to j»ri iftam^ c&wt^jf bm^im ^^ §m 
mvtt wtop th# trmin ^ndjump thv driefi w^0fM^mn lta#0«te 

stage -^ shooting the birds, Is 
very inaccurate and I found my 
arrows constantly goir>g 
straiight through ttie beJIy of ttie 
bird wittKHii affecting H at all 
The flrrt JiHrqiifYg stage is far too 
easy and getting past the 
*aliootHiiiit* stage Ts a do<fdle, 
buf the final jumping stage 
proved far to difficull to warrairl 
plodding through the first three 
pan^. The game is very basic 
and doesn't rwiuire any brains 
at aO^ Kane may appeal the the 
youn^r games player, but 
wtiett^er even they will be 
addicted enough to load it up 
agairi is very much m doubt " 

W* This gams iuffiara tfom a bick 
Hwe abocrf mn mors u&^om to 
tkiniB ttuvogh. As H stands, tham 
t$t) f i^iaiivy any bst^ j^faresf aflsf 
cofTfpteting the Otst ft>tir acreans. 
which w&wfyaasy. TMgmphtCA 
are a mtMium of nicefy afikmted 
lumpy charsctBfS SM gariW) od- 
ours which, on the whole, faf to 
please fhe eye, Tha sound ts ateo a 
M APTTip. TTiere $m no turns wd 
on^ a tew smt atfacts. t donT 
recommend fha gtme as it nets 
tery mofn>tonous sltsf a shoit 
time. " 

•" I canH aay^ I like Kana muctt. 
Tlie graphks are pretty bad, and 
the game lacks enougih conaent, 
despite its four atages, lo make t\ 
addictive Playabllfty wise, Kane is 
fair, bui even tor CI. 99 1 do^n f 
seem like mtx:h value for money 
The horse nding sequence isn't 



win. On ttw wlwto 1 dkltil find 
this gaiTio playable or cofnpel- 
ling so t WDuldfit raaJly r«com* 
iTwid IL " 

•^ W0tt, ithadtooomesometim&. 
How couki anyon& tve wfthotjt & 
foitow-ijp to th& mega Football 
ManoQCir? Looking ml Head 
CMdi« I know thsi t <;en^oiy 
coufrf. it's got wbystms gr^tphics, 
afpd is wsry cSMSmI to gnef into, 
mp9^9fy if you're not haavify mfo 
Ait^enam FoortkW. Head Coach ^ 
fun to play, howev&f^ if yoi/ ve got 
tt}€ ftfTW to get stajrt&d and once 
tnta it f think tt t^^hfy m&iy that ft II 
Dtf B (Ong fim© befofe you 're out, 
Addictfvent^s ts one thing that 
AMCTtyK gainer do h^¥e, Bv^n tf 
they er& k^tng in evcwy concenva- 
MtesdlTNteafiMaKf. Htorf/ia ado^ rf 
>«/>\i a mat Am Foot fre^k 5trf 

pad owe Footbai Manjug^. J'd 
mcommendyoostayawsy. " 
•" Now took guy^n knows a iltbng 
Of two about Arnerican FoQty , and 
you have quartars in tha Qame. 
Hs^ Coach do^n'tf It also Mis 
y<Mj that your r«xt play is tha last 
Ofve of tha 9ftm#. This m j uit nol on 
— Americft^ Football also h» two 
minuie wamtngs. throwing tfia baJ i 
out of play to stop tha clock ^k^ 
tinie-outs ^ The game is inaccurate, 
and tha piayei se^ect^on i^ tembia. 
I was unhappv to see thai yoy 
can"! pick individual playw^ for 
e^h posHJoUp and you oan t grv« 
p^yms natfiae. H^dCo&ch m noi 

only inaccurate. tHit tanihiy boring 
to pfay, if people buy jhis |hiriKiri9 
that thm are gettlrig an Amartcan 
Foo&aif gama; they^ll be tmhappy 
— it does nothing to enhance tfia 
image of the game m this oountry. 
Fanc^ an «r^«de Am Foot game? 
Gat supmbov^. A bit mof e on tha 
strategy sn5e^ You wouldn'i go fax 
wrDrvg wrth the A»aua game, but 
ACOiCTfvt have got it all wrong. " 


Control keys: most of the 

keytH)ard used 

Joyitick: not really needed 

Kaiytioard p4ay: slow responses 


Uaa of cokHirt very BASIC, only 

necessary to decorate the text 

Qriqplilcs: mainly leKt. with a tew 

pwerty pf<: lures hare and there 

Spound: tew spot effects, with an 

awful Yankee Doodle tuna 

Kdll l*v#ls: one 

Scnaena: fteld screen plus menms 

Oanaral rating: Neither a veiv 

playable nof accurate sJmulaiion 

Use of oomtMiter 22% 

Graphics 31% 

PlayabiHty 36% 

Q«ttirra started 28% 

Actateive qyatttim 36% 

Vita* for money 32% 

Owemll 33% 

exac(l> !3:M cull, and the gun 
fighting M 'sn't any good at aH. 
The first pari m probably tha besi. 
and even ihat i^sn't up to much. 
Though it m^ght Just be fun for a 
while, I don't think Kan^ is really 
worth the money asked tor it, " 


Control kaya: O up, A down, N 
left. M right, Z tlre^nump 
Joystick: Kernpslon, Cursor.* 
Interlace 2 
Keyboard play: average 

tjse of coleurT good, lol$ used 

Graphics: not amazingly good 

Sound: spot effects 

Skill levels: three 

Screen^: fouf 

General railing: Not tef hble. but 

nothing special erthef 

UMof a:>mi>ijt«r 






Getting started 


Addictive quBlitiftS 


Value for mooay 





Producer: Atlantis 
Retail Price: E1. 99 
Author: B Joties 

Hera'a anott>er sporting sirmi- 
lalion designed to lest your 
skiNs in tive events. tht3 tirne 
at a budget pnce. Weight Ittling, 
canoeiir>g, the 200 m^tre spnnt, 
sNoo1lr>g nod discus throwing all 
feature, and wtwt "s more you cksn t 
need any tancy equpmen! or 
niorHhs of pre-season training to 

M the s^iil of the game tnfae 
ttveaaro aupptod. and a nte ts kjst 
each ttfw the player Me 10 c^jaWy 
in an event Alter each event the 
^coretxwd sfspeara on acfeen, 
updating tt% pcinta won and 

numhef ol ti^es remamjng, and at 
the end ol a circyil rourraf the live 
events, a high score taWe 
monitors perfornmnceand medals 

TtTl^ pentathton commences 
with weiqhi frfting. a/id a well timed 
pfess ofthie O i^ey is needed to 
buiN^ up enough atri^gth to heave 
the weighty off the ground. A hand 
on the pow^ cksck at ihe top of 
the screen whizzes round arid tiat 
to be Slopped at thie 'noon' posi- 
tion for maximum power. If a lift ha 
successful, yoii keep OOin^ ur^H 
ttie qyaljfyrtg wefghi is reached. 
Faihjre coeta a frte arKl a smug 
helicopter tiies past with a banner 
that reads "rutoish" 

To oat through the carH:]«ing 
event tra O and P keys are used to 


S4 KO 


f "■•» t«t 


Ra€tr d/il C*m. H# prodded tft* O *#r *' ^^* wr&nif mtrmmmi, 
mfopp^d fh* dock foe tatift »nd 0av# Wia fttticopiwr p^iot Mi# 
^hsfKt to fly otii *vfftf Aw mde ^ . . 

manoeuvre a kayak down a slalom 
ol boiilders which poke out from 
t^eneath the water. A meter at the 
bcsttom of scfean ahows how 
much of the oouse is left to gel 
through, and contact wWi aboul^ 
der results ^n faityre. 

The 200 meire spfim has your 
runfier scoot irtg aJong a seemingly 
never-endjng track Speed and 
distance ban show how the race 
IS goir^, and the power c4ock 
method is used again, this i^m^ to 
build up speed — mkijiidge the 
t irfHng of the prod on the Q key and 
speed ks lost, txjt gel rt nght end 
llW runner acce4erati$^ Al lt>e end 
or a rac^ the c|uaiiyi^ time m^ 
actual time taken are sliown. and 
the rude helicopter pikJC rites past 
if you f aiL . . 

Skeet Shooting put& the ptayef 
m control of a oross tTair sight and 
the Idea is to biasi the qualifying 
number of s^k^ts oul of the sir. Ut- 
ile meters dt the bqnom of the 
screen reveal t^w many ^eets 
are yet to be reteased erid ttie 
number of rtiotf r«nminii>g 
Skeets whizz Ma the air. launched 
alternately from a position behind 
trees on evttiar siide of !ho screen. 
As ustjtf , the chopper pilot is wart- 
ingjn the wjngi to mock , . 

The fftth event, the discus, 
involves two Htlle power clocks — 
one has to be stopped dead on 
rioon' with the A key to detemiine 
tt^ angle of the thf ow^ ^Ki ar¥>ther 
Slopped with the O key to deter- 
mine the power behind the ifTrow. 
And y^, the pilot's waitmgf 


• '' This gemv im bad in every 
sense of the wgrd. The graphics 
are awful, the colour is messy 
and unattracttve, the i^enario 
unoriginal, arid the whole thing 
Is just one bi§ lump of unplaya- 
biltty and unaddictiv&nes^. It^a 
not a ioystick- killer ^ but the 
clock stopping is rather inaccu- 
rale , . , Hint: prod the Q kmy 
when the needle la at tha 10 
o^dock posiUofi during ihe 
iprfnt for maximum power, 
riflher than when H is at noon. 
Even for r couple of pounds th^s 
game 4$ po^3f — yoy might want 
to persevere until you ' ve seen all 
five Bcreena* bat I doubt yoy'd 

want to coma back to It '* 
• ' TT^e^^phh^s are so^^^ off/HP 
bost Aruurrts tow evef pfOduoed 
— not such afmdfamf—andcof^ 
siBt of a good km^hg screen and 
some fairty terge, smoof^ ani- 
mated chsfBctms. The sound k 
veiy tiasic, mwMng soma aound 
topps up f he mu$iGat scat*, and 
fh» some down the scato — ' 
WOWf What vaf^ . . . Olympiad 
88 contakm v$ty iitt^ to kaap fha 
mm(^mr ^poihmm mtamsted 
further th^ SMff^ Ihe haidmg 
scn»n / mnpacted mons 
kai/boaitPfoystick bashmg. alt i 
dol wm a conamtmnt prmsmg of 
fteya at toog kMtvat^. i dtdn i S^m 
fee/ pank:t^d, never mmd tf^ak 

tt " The trend tor trac^ and fieW 
gamee ended ntonfthi ago, wd 
this latec^imer doeen't adcF mich 
to the qemep even at the kvw askifig 
price, llie gameplay Is vwy slow 
and on two of the five screens you 
only have to i^e one key so n all 
gels very monotonous. There are 
no tunes, the spot effects are min- 
imal and the gaiTMiptay is hardly 
exciting — a miiR. between 
unpHay ability and impos^faililv< I'd 
keep weli dear of thts erne If I were 
yoUn as It IS very primitive. '' 


Control ke^: O, A. O. P. SPACE: 

varies from ewent to event 

Joystick: not ApfaUo^Me 

Keyboa rd pla)r= not always an 


Useof f^olour: lots of it; abtt gansh 

Gruphics: notMng special 

Sound: aEEPy fipot eltocis 

SkW levels: gets progre^ivety 


Sc reens: live one-screen events 

General ndlng: Even asa budget 

titla thta game addi noViing to the 

decathlon/sports genre 







Owning started 


Atfclictive qualities 


VaJtM tor mon«Y 




CRASH Octoben 986 ItS 




Producer: Ocean 

Retail Pnce: £7,S5 

IV% here al teslt Kn#0.fTr f>.id^ has 
fmally b«ir retoewd by ooiAi# 
Michael, his co-ordinaior Down 
aAd tt>& supef caf Km ar« dnq? 
uga^ on the iraii ol baddies. At 
tmsif Alianla HO the dixs rec&ive a 
message ffom D^veo, infofming 
Ihem that a buncn of l^froftsts are 
up 10 no jgood — Deven 31^^ hints 
iwl the I«m)rtet4 may hav^ 
di#Qfta on world domination 

Michaal and Krtt set off on a 
penlous mirssKsn to try and stop 
those daf n i^ionsts tiom starting 
World War Thres. The only irouble 
IS. notody actually knows wh&re 
■a 1Mb tarrorlst activity i^ takrng 
place, 90 Km afvd Mioha^ hav^ to 
drive like mad thirds aii over 
Amertca at ireanespeedSp collect' 
ing cium More the l^ne limit on 
ttie mission runs out . 

At the beginning of the game 
you are pr^ontsd with a map of 
the United Statee ^d a menij of 
ctlies whch can be vtsited. Kitt 
passes on a rnessage from Deven 
suggfesting a city m which there o 
tettonst acttvity. Now it's up to you 
&rid Kitt to ^jfom down to ttiat par- 

licutar city m fast as poasibte to 
see what ' i gdhg on . Kitt is a pneny 
unusual car and unsloppabte. 
Once on the road, enemy he^icop 
ters rise up fifom the hofi^ori tryii^g 
to ^nfiicl seri>oij$ demageH A mater 
on Kilt s dashboard ctocte up the 
tfamage amd wtien the level gets 
loo high you have to get Krtt 
repaint at Ihe next town — whi<3h 
IS raltH^ time consumtng. 

Mike can drive wtth Kitt finngthe 
lasers, or Kitt can dnve (more 
siowi:y} and ^t Mike do tfw shoot- 
ing, A digital speedometer reveats 
ine rate c* trwtf. and another 
mikHneter ticks down a? the desig- 
nation city gets closer. Lasers, of 
coufse, overheat and too much 
shootirw leaves the car defence- 
less while ttw lasers cool. 

On arrival in a city the view 
automatical ly changes^ Mike 
enters a building patrolled tJy 
guards- Ttie action is viewed from 
above, and as Mike m^m carrlis a 
gun, he myst avoid the enemy tjy 
sheer Aill and some speedy foot- 
work as he pcks a route to ttw 
otf^er Side of ttie maze. Contact 
wrih a guard sendi Mike beck to 
the beginning ot the curfeni loca- 
tion — very time consuming. New 
orders scroll across the tx^tton^ of 
ttie scraen once a maze has iMien 
negotiated and Et's off to the neict 

Zooming Mi^ng ihw ^eftow ttrick fi^md i& thm next iiitr with fiitt 
S4& mfih. flj£»w thm choppmrt «it«f M* sir - - 

City, on the trail of thoee power- 
crazed terrorists. 

The opening menu aliowia you to 
select a plot to the game, or the 
scenario can be allocated at ran- 
dom. A lime limn, monrlored by a 
clock on Krtt'sjnsirurpent panel, is 
set and the mission fails rf the time 
ejtpsres before aik the locations 
have been visited and maze prob^ 
lems solved. Then it's back to 
Atlanta, and time to start yet 
another mi^ion to save ttie woHd . 


• '' We4l, I wonder how many 
peopte win be disappointed with 
Knight Riderafter waiting Qw^ a 
year. 1 dMn*t realty expect that 
much from this game, a$ Amtiri- 
can-aJl*3ptiDn-TV-»iiries games 
are normally pretty dire. This 
one was a ^lockf The graphics 
are appalikng on the 



Producer: Maosen 

Retail Price: C8.96 
AuthoF! GBA Cyf 

ACSiM specialise in pro- 
duang c^smputensed 
versions of wril-knowr^ 
TV 9ima shows, and this darts 
gama hostad by B4j% itie bull m 
m& ctjte strff^ overall first 
appeared on W sets tuned to 
Cantral TV. TTtiS two-player game 
has loir lounds, w^th a practice 
opfion avai1at>to to help you gam 
conlid«nce when throwing thfl 
darts at the dvttoaafd. 

TNare we nine skill levels m the 
gaiT>e. selected at th^ start tief ore 
ttka players' nan'>es are keyed m. 
Dprts are aimed tiy using the ojr- 
aOf keys to move a hand bekiw the 
darCboatd to the le^ and right, A 
atrwigth bar display in the status 
area monMors I he power of the 
throw — tJhe hanjer the throw, ttw 
neorw to theti^ of the dartboard 
9m dan lands. The s^angfth metef 
fises when the Cursor Up key is 
held down — rdeaslng the key 
throws the dart. 

Each player is summoned to tr>fl 
dckay in turr> 1^ BuNy . Adartboard 
with ten sections lat>elied A to J ts 
provided in section one, Each let- 
ter rapresems a different subject 
Seiact a sut^ect to answer ques- 
tiofts on and then throw a dart so 

116 CRASH October 1986 

that It tends inside the segment of 
yoyr cfioK:e^ A misa means you 
tmM ar^wer a question on 
whiChavBr aubfect your daii lanc^ 
on^ Score a hK^ ar»d bonu^ points 
are awarded betbre the question 
to asked, there is only a certain 
amount dl lime rn whk^ each 
question must tie answered, txjt 
p^avers usually get two aTtempts. 

Inound two consists of regular 
darts Ihf owing. Each player is caU 
ted to The ockey three limes and 
throws three darts, gomQ for frie 
highest $cof%. WAwaver has the 
highest mom Mm each turn gets 
to answer a general knowledge 
question which wins more points li 
answered comesly. An incorrect 
ans¥ver gives the qi»estk)r% over to 
the opponent. TTien It's on to 
round thre« . . . 

Whoever is winning at this stage 
in ttie game has a bonus ciueetfon, 
erxl the ctwioe to collect trm^ 
poifm On round three ttie pteyer 
IS pr^enied wttti a <lirtboard with 
sixteen segments on it, eight bfsck 
Bod eight red. Each red segment lis 
worth tx>nus pointa, while ttie 
black areas don't matter. Nine 
arrows are supplied and the bonus 
value of a red area ^s won rt a single 
dart lands m it. However, if you nit 
the aame red segment twtoe, the 
bonua value to deducted from your 

Section foul m purely for 


PLftY£ g I 

PLfiVE> M 2 

Tit frEwTTH 





D C h : E Y 

Cmn m ro n Pmtnd pimjm wtm rvf mnommr AHmr Sif^t, ihi* limm 

garrMers. The leader is asked 
wfielhw he or st>o wants to gamble 
the points co^iected so far — 

Smbiing ^s optional and «* the 
ider cfeciines then the chance 
passes over to the ottier player . A 
regular daitboml is presented on 
the ioraan. and soonng over I iO 
pofrts wHh ifm four darts suppfied 
aoMbl€^ the score if you decide to 
gamibte. Score tess ttian 1 tO and 
&ie tcoreama&sed is halved. 

Two addttiorval question files are 
supfrtied on Ifie cassette should 
you get too familiar with those in 
the basic set, aruj a mini -league 

table records ptayers' progrtes in 
the gamtes playM during a 


A '^Builsey'.^ is net a good game- 
Frankly » I don't like tt at all The 
grBphics are too bigK and tffS 
game is difficult to control. The 
tunes are arMnoybtg, and they 
Ffiake toiig wafts necessary. As 
lar m ptoyiiiUlty and a<kJiciivity 

tCTMn — 1h« riMd ierk« from | 
•Wv lo »itf» bnctty und fh« 
CharactiT^ ar# poorty defln^d^ 
but th« graph tc^ ar0 quite nkciip 
on th« other s<^re«rrd. Tb# bird^s 
«ye vi^w wOflfs. and the charac- 
ters are animated w0il Th$ 
«CHjnd b fairly gdod with a nlc^ 
tun« on the title screen ar^d a few 
good spot affects. Overall 
though, thflire'ft not much game 
wiMfi It comes to actual^ play- 
ing It '' 

• ■ ^ ftitt that Knight Ridet tras 
very shaZ-tow wi conimii. Grapht- 
Ctf^^ (ito game srarfs o# ¥Qfy 
pmms^iigfy wtth a superb k)ading 
SCf^^en biil my hopss werB sooTt 
d^hed when t fumped tnto Htff 
md found that dnvtng through the 
Stsies was iih& dnvtng over rfie s&a 
on a sarKty road! i found the g&me 
e)itremefy e^sy to ptay, atyd soon 
fe^t f hadptayed ^them w^. The 
tour piots Mm vmy msy to soh^ 
and most people woiMd Ofrty 
spend & t&w deys pieyir3g the 
g^me through. No doubt tM 
Kmght Rkter name wifi ^n^jre thfs 
charts iwy sootj! I sttif woakir) f 

• " It you're mofe Into er joying 
the games that you buy. Knighi 
Rfd&f IS onB gam^ tfi^t shoukj be 
avoided. Really, atier the amount 
of time sp^l (Mvelopif^fl this Td 
have thought occah cc^uld h^^ 
done a iot better. Gan^play ^ v^ery 

simplistic, and quickly gets tedi- 
cxjs — there's no roa^ impetus to 
keep playing once you've gone 
ttwough a mw driviiig and ma£& 
sequecN^es end some of the 
ompt^lcs are just nol up to scratch, 
Dontbuy^t. ' 


CiMitrol keyn^ W up. Sdown. N 

left, M ri^ht, Ofire, Ppaus^, CAPS 

SHIFT and SYM SHIFT qufl and 


Joyatick: Ken^ton. Cufsor, 

imertece 2 

KeylMMrd play: responsive 

Um erf eolmin a bit ptain. but no 


OrepMoft: dodgy on the dnving 

screen, olcay on tfie mazes and 


Socmcl: neat tyn«, adequate spot 


Skill level*; one 

Screens: map screen, scroHing 

roM and maze section 

QMMfttI retiiYg: Afief the Intermhri' 

at>lV long wait, a ma|or ^s«ppo4ni~ 

ment — simpJiiftic gemeplay and 

nothrng special on dtfer 

tJ*« of computer 






Getting atarted 


Addictive qualKtes 


Value for money 




•reoonc^med, I don^ think itiat 
Byflseye i^ wofth commenting 
on at alL The gam^ j^i, in e word, 
bad. tf you're a dedicated addict 
of the TV series, then eH'm vefy 
ftOfry ff>r you, end b} you m^ght 
llfca thia game. Otherwise, leave 
well alofitt. " 

• Vghf Wfiaf a horrible game 
show, who tn their right rrmd 
wouk^ mske ft tnto ^ cofttputer 
game? Weil macmm have and to 
tefiyov ihe truth theyha^n^dorie 
as Jt>ad a tab on n ^a they couM 
tove dbne At first s^ ft iooks 
pretty enough there em a few nfce 
big and coiourtul cartoon-ftft^ 
graphics and the boar^ ts w&^i 
demed. There is a (ittfe cokMJf 
d^h, but &isr^*i realty tt^notk^- 
ibto. T7w aoumt te ahout evefage 
for this type of game: ttwe is a 
Hjrm on the title sonesn and a 
CQupm &fepot eff&cts during p^y, 
Jhegmrmpiay. tmfortimateiyisnot 
halt as good as the presMiiltori 
— tong waH^ tmtween semens 
end atow response to keyboard 
Input makes wk afready uninspir- 
ing game very monQtonous 
indeed. " 

• "I sup^x»e you can't expect 
mudh fftym 4 Mmputef game thai 
IS besea on a TV program like 
BuHseye -^ and the final result 
orves yoii even less I must admit 
that BuMseye isn't as bad as some 
of tha games that nmcseh have 
thought out — but what the game 
lachs is answers. As with Ptay Your 

Ci^rds Right, you can get the ques- 

tton wrong and no one will tell you 
the answer-- mrat infunating, the 
graphics are qutte good, with nice 
drawings of Bully and a neatly laid 
out dart board. Unf oriunately TV 
qukz games on computer just don't 
wofl^inmyopinion .hall the iun 
IS audience reaction and oomper- 
tng. and this is sadSy mosiiig from 
computer versk^ns. " 


Controi keys: Cui^or left, nght 
and up 

Joystick: not applicable 
Kfi^boafd ptay: a bit too respon- 
sive tor fine control 
Use of colour: okey 
Qraphics: detailed dailboards 
and adequate Bulty 
Sotrncf - tun« and occa&fOnai spot 

SkW livele: n^ie 
Sere«nft: or>e 9or each of the lour 

Qanarttl nMn^ A etratghtlorward 
end rathei unlnepMng verston of 
en uninspiring TV show 

UGeofC4>mput«r 47% 

Qraf>»itcs 47% 

Playability .^9% 

Gfttlng started 60% 

Mdi cti ve qual ities 35% 

Value for mcnr^ 37 % 

Overall 45% 


ThereS o bumper crop of goodies 
tor the Spec I arm crvd Ol Uier ot 
rhi^ ^rec/t Autumn M^croFaJr m the 
Centrol HrA\ WeirmbMef, on 
Soiurday 25lh Ocrobtr 36' 

Set oil the Hmw Seawft'i 
producli including ihe New 
Specir^mi, - p|yi rhe uiual 
fonl attic Mitroloir bQ-rgcinii^ with 
big ftduciioi^i on »bci»d 
hc3fdware and lofh^^re 

The Show oFfen full typpon 
foe all tho StNCLAIR mochmpi [gr>d 
conipofiblei)p with o tiyga ronge 

of lollwant, psnpheroli, t>ookl 
and mcgozinei on leki - |uii 
aboui oil >*ov wonted lof your 
cOfTipufef undflf one itieA 

loli lo ihe «JLp*fti csn the 
Uier Club itandt or hnd l^eciol 
burgoiiu ot iht bfing-and bu^ 
You'll ef^oy e gftot day out tn a 
Iriandly almoiplwft 

Sefid NOW lo< ll» reduced 
price odvoiKfl Pickett on Ihe 
coupon below 

Ym/II hm fkyv« f^ miti 


I 25th October 86' 

At ttie Control Hall, 
Wttstminiler SW1 

'J Wm: 


Admi»»ion £2.00 (Adulli) 
£1,50 (Kidi uniiar 14) 

J Ad*« 20tk[GCB^ I 


— — m 

ExhibiTon riD£ Mike or Moifi m Pl-Wl 9172 tiir demU ^ utind ivailtbiljty. 

CFWSH October 1 SaS 117 

^^/Oj .\^ 


Producer; Imagine 

Retail Price: £7.95 

^^d you tiiriH to WImbtaten 
■ ■this Y^^ Oo yoa ctoam 
■ta^ that one day you too wH 
boat Boris BecKer cr thrash Mar^ 
tina NavrMiLova in three straight 
sets? Vim, T&viiS, m^^^mas oon- 
v«r^ori of th« Konamk arcacte 
gm^m might help rMlisd your 
dfeams to ictmtt exiefrt. 

In ihift vefsiofi of tenr^, the 
computor cm ptsy &ingte& wnh 
one player or ddublis aga^rtst two 

9PBD0. AJtwtaiiv^. iwc3 humare 
am flgW it out. t^ead lo head. The 
scoring and w\m are taken from 
real tennis, except the computer 
acts as uiTipins loo, flashing doci- 
sions onto a oontfsJ scroan at t*>e 
back of the couft , T?we s no room 
of argument: if the ball tends on a 
UDe imn the shot ta "m^ rf it tonds 
outside a bcurxlary tine ihe shot i$ 

Players lake il in tums to servo. 
wrth the servtce changing ahef 
each game. To serve, press fire to 
teb tha ball ifiio the air, arid ftre 
agirin to send th« ball ftylOQ o^tw 
the riei The timing of the saoorKl 
press o1 the lire button is cructaF^s 
it detanrkinas where the bail lands 
H lAe bai lands ^ out ', the oompHutdf 
fltthaa a message onto the mnfur^ 
soraan and the sarver gata a aac- 
ond 90. It you muck the aacond 
safve lip as wei3 then the point 
goes to youf opponent. 

The scraan ahoura a tann^ court 
as soan toni tha stancfs at one 
end. The diradhxi teeys or joystick 
control the movement of 1h# 
ptovafts) on the court, and a fKOd 
of the fire button &i Vm «pprgfrial# 
moment makes a shot — the 
stroke ptayecS depends on the 
diTBCtion m whfCh the voll#ying 
pl^^ m facing. 

Ounng each garrw the score for 
each p^er or team ts shown on 
the fight of the couri, and at the 
and of c^me the scot e is transfer- 
fad to the main soora board. 

The audianc© watches annh 
ou^ from the very top of the 
m^r&m. Yoci musi play yoor hast 
as they re all rcxsting for ytwj in 
amongsl ttie tx^tti^ of butib^y and 
strawDemes and cream. 


• "After tfia dalights of 
iwag4Ne'6 ping Pong, l was hop- 
tr>g fcH- an equallv great follow 
up. Being both an nvid table ten- 
nis player, and a Ijil of a tennis 
nul, I find ^t drfficult to got 
SHcftsd ^bout ttiis game, f»sp«' 
CJalh^ as tts Bister program is so 
good. Compared to o good. 
OhaJlenging game of the real 
IMrig, iMAQiHE's itffifsion is mora 
ot a 'knock tha sponga hall over 

1 1 8 CRASH Ctetober 1 9S€ 

S^ttccy i plm^ %>#tifr ^ «ni^ H** fmrnrnm-io^^ mm ih* hmtl it!** 

the washing Una with a plastic 
bat' earns. Okay, so it scores 
correctly, follows the rubs and 
has got all the lines in the fight 
pylacSp but the game itself 1$ 
atrortgly tacking. Maybte fans Of 
the arcade game (which I 
haven't seen) will fUp Over this, 
byt i¥>eakkng as ^ fan of th« real 
thing. I rfoni like it much. " 

• "Ping Pong wbs a b'f o/a tor 
down fof me. so I d/dhi r&afiy 
&xpect much from ih^ gairw and 
didh'l raaiy gm myc^ eith$f. As 
spom ^mjtofions go Tennis ts 

it doesnt /asAy t&ar mucit 

rss^iml^fanc^to ttmre&i thtngbut rt" 
IS Isttty mM tyn to piay ^ f/vorr 
doses The gmphics are dfeflp- 
pomtmg: !h& chamct&rs afB urate- 
t^tf&a and ih^ pitch *s duiL The 
sound &ff&cts am a/so a hWe on 
rhe bi^id side wtth oniy a tew 
effects and some v&ry annoying tit- 
rte fiines t woukf onfyrscomfrmnd 
this one to hardefmd sports simu- 
lation tmaks. ^itfsn't toQcompat- 
Hng. " 

# "I'm tt>d seH-proc4dimed 
Numtjer One fan of MbIc^ Ptwnf. 
and ] te^t my favounre lenms game 
ootik3 be under threat from iMwiNt 
— who ha^s come oui with loads 

of good sports simuiations on the 
Spectrum. After playing thair oon* 
version ol Ko^iam^■s Tennis for 
qiida some time, i came away feel- 
ing (hat the game was lacking. 
twth In theovaraii number of shots 
you can play and ir overall roaitsm. 
I found ^u had very Irttle coniro^, if 
any. over the type of shot ycxj 
coy*d play. The game always 
seemed m be on the move —if the 
computer p4ayer wasn't movir^ 
franticall^y between 8 and 10 pixels 
to the iett ancf nght, it was the con- 
stani. uncontroitabie tapping of 
yo*jr player's foot on the court. I 
found rhis eitiremely trrttatrng and 
tmng on ihe eyes Twvm didn't 
piay pf operly: H takea a whia to 
get ysed to the balF bouncing m 
ditterent heigMs at the most unreai 
moments, and the players seemed 
lo like I he idea of running and Nt- 
ling the baN at xb^ same time. 
O/^iphtcally. ihra gwne far out" 
bashes the okf PMM gama, but aa 
lo who gets the MauA Pokn . . . 
r^eed I say mora? " 


Control keys: redefinabto^ up, 
down, left, right Jire 
Joystick: Ksnipston. Cursor 
KeytM>ftrd ptoy: raeponsi w 
U*« of cokHir: msjlri^ monoc- 

Graphics: not wondartiJIy 

Sounds burbly lunalet and spot 

Sk^lili leveta: one 
Scraani: just the court 
Oeneral f atogs A dlaappotntlnB 
tennis 9aine — not ttie strongest 
o1 ttie Konami corfve*f&*ons by a 

UMof computBT 






Qdtting sitdrt^d 


Addictive Qualittos 


Vaiue for money 






producer: Thor 
Retail Pnce: £0,95 
Author: The Thor team 

ICUPS. the imornattonal 
CSommteston for Umvefsal 
^fOBtom Solving, me kH>king 
ter wpatim\ agefits of \tm htglwest 
ealtm. Obviously, they fMi 1h«y 
hstm to teat Ita acriKity ol any pfos- 

neiTt oiyviisriion tei d^vts^ t^Mo 
tMto dwigned to arams ju&i ixivv 
^^^ a wouW-be *9Wi fuiiaions 
un<ter $tr«3ss. It"^ no good having 
vty 1bm. Dick or Horry or even a 
TOiy wtwi thero^ an important 
mis^pn to complete. Th© game 
falls inlo two seclois, both of 
whicti are designed to lest you to 
the iirrut. 

The actiofL begini in ^ spaoa tun- 
nM with you in contnit Of an 
bitarsteiKi^ Escort Ship, The 
ACfMn trolls downviwdi fts you 
tpffisi uf^CTMn tfvoufih three sec- 

cJMtnDpyed ao 11^ raelly a n^tler of 

As you proceed throu^ Vie 
tfvee Mctiona th^ score and the 
aiiM (etth^ A. B or C) are indicated 
The tunnel walls oi* each section 
are diffwent m colour so it's Oteftr 
wfwn one section has been com- 
pleted. AsmeJi window in the nght 
hand comer sho w^ a Imjghing tece 
when you Jose a lula — just to mb it 
in. Lives are indicEit^ by icons of 
the Kntersteiiar Escort Ship in a 
pm^ on the left-harKl skto of ttie 

fdkmmg the siraightfofwaid 
ehoot am up of the fir^t port oomw 
the awond te$t. Having ivacfwd 
the enemy starshlp. you find your- 
eetf incontro^ofaDEEN MkU — a 
Hostfle Environment Anthrobot no 
lora. Rsor pans ol a bomb whH:^ii 
have tseen secreled sornewhefu 
within the enemy ship must tie 
found Insect -like nais^i&B aie 

Al the end of the two tests, an 
assessrnent is gtven of overalK per^ 
Formence as well as a total score. 
Onty by comptetmg the tests to the 
eitaminefis' aaiMi£tkxi wiif you be 
accwi^ as an elH@ member d 
th^ ICUPS team. Good lycki 


'Turn have v««Uy let 
Thoir etat^lefnatet 
turn cxil really reepectable 
oamM Wie HeertiJind and Nodes, 
fww Wmnf^ ICUPS. Of the two 
atogflt the first is a vei^ boring 
ahoot em up, very sJ^milar to Spy 
Hunler end the B«cond is Hka a 
vafy t»iic arcade/advantura 
fes«mbfing Sabne Wuif, I tound> 
twth these atagiaa unlnlenetting 
to friay and not the leett bit 

df^Mm »b&iit t& C^Ut^f 0nr of r#r^ tf^mtt £ ampiynrfitm --^ ii 
g<t r jw*l mirff* pfi it , 

tksne of spece which ultimately 
laed to the enemy ater^ip. Mong 
Iha way you mu^t dodge and 
weeve a way through swarms of 
rofnote oontrol oUen craft At times 
)tt very much like aenal bumping 
oar* a» enemy cretl, not lethal m 
fhemsetves, try to nudge you nnto 
the concrete wails either ssde <A 
the tunnel or into tt>e m<Ke letfial 
yeaow craft. A collision wrin one of 
these ka erwogh to k>9^ oneof your 
tour ivps* and Owe are the imai 
torpadcwe to Mid. The yilovir 
f^y#iig aauoere cannot lira IsiJt rmtst 
be avoicled M ooltaion ti faU. The 
yeMdw c^aft cannot be 

determined to get In the v. . - 
need to be«voi«d orrapped w^th 
your laser gun.. There ara &4 
ecteens In all ^o ihere'^ a great deal 
of ejtpioring to do and you can 
move m any direction usmg t*^ 
seme keys as prevkHJsly. In the 
weightleesnwa of the enemy 
specesfHp ihem^ an altogether 
diffafent sf»«d from the previous 
section. The robot rkwta up end 
down, turning this way and tttat m 
his attempt to find the four per1$- 
In addition to the flying insects, he 
meel9 a Jflw-Head, a Bdt Head, 
and a dudC tfwt iproirxje about in 
kangaroo tasNon. 

addictive. Ttie graphics on b^th 
sijiges are detailed end targe, 
anril thia Is the only pari of the 
aama Ihat is the least bit decervL 
The preaentBtion lg smart, and 
aceCHTtp^nying the bfigh! tltte 
acieen is enothor superb multi- 
oliannel tune. Not much game 

• "The first BiagB is eAsy. after e 

^xc^i^ent iwlta effiiCliL i thmk. 
maugh, that the game is t«i cfcM«n 

by Urn nec^$fty to play psst ffm 
scwlfing 5ec^^ to gef onro f/ne 
rrmza pari. TheMial em MP t>^ *^ a 
iittie bomg and, am)Qugh tooking 
very good, dtinng ptir^ dbeSTTT 
qpflemoyeas w^l^ftshOiAScto, 
Overait. ICUPS is wf a bsti pome 
flf 3//, but f rmliy <S0 ^(pect some- 
thing wTth more odOicwmmm antf 

meodaiad tvitfi suc^ cii^$sics as 
Nodae ol^eod anc^ Robin a' the 
WDOd. " 

• " At ksng la^7CL/PS fe ha*e and 
what a let down it is too. All in aiL it 
i^n't a bad game but it Jti^ isn't as 
onginai as it coukl have been. The 
tm bri plays quto quickly t>ut is 
vary d4tfK;uJt lo get Ihiough The 
aeoond part kxkA and pte^ a k^t 
WkB ttw Wsod games ahhough 
your ctiaracter's let pack and it^i 
realistic merua adils a novel touc^ 
Of aphfc^Hy KHJPS Is excseHaiit ofi 
ell counts: tfw bedqaifoundw we 
wejj detailed, the characier? aie 
very nk^y enpmaied and there ii 
ptenty d attntxj te free MMur. The 
awnd la aiao Bral*da». ^m^ a 
great tune and eome edmnabie 
spot effect^ This garrie lacks a lit- 
tte in eddk:tiye quaEiles and piaya- 
bility otherwise il ls well worth its 
r^ativety high prn:^ tag. " 


ControJ keye: top n>w ftre, second 
row thmet/accalefate. third row 
decetorete, aHer nate bottom row 

, ^Q^tlGki Kempston, Cursor, Intv^ 

I lace 2 
KeyfMMvd play: fast and lespan- 

Uee of coto^in very good, wtti 
iimned amoyms orcMBhea 
Graphtoa: nice sprff ^. and good 

Sounds ^ce tune on the frtle 
semen, with spot effects during 
the game 
StclH leveto: one 
Screene: three ames in the first 
part oltiie gamflp wvlh 64 jn tfie 
second section 

General rating: Agood gamflv bill 
a disappointinent coming from 
such a vy^l eetabttshed stebit aa 

Uaa of computer 






Getting started 




VWiM for money 




CRASH Octobefr986 119 



■ Crt?tPiFf 

^^^^^^^j. ur 


I^^^^^^^^^^Hrf 1. 

Oft lo ih» iJT^i^ 

Pradycen Mtrrorsoft 

Retail Price: £ 

AuttlOr: Rod Hyde 

Strike Forc^ Hmrwr i5 a fligtil 
simulator sel in a Horner 
Jump Jet along wrth a Ml 
btttefiefcS mock up. Ther^ls 
StrttlAgiC: ptanning to be coped 
wrth 3s well as cornpetdtH opn^ 
of voyr aircraft. And ol courao ttite 
onfy eorr^e^ with practice. 

Your rmsaion ^ io defltfoy f* 
OfKifTiy HQ «JicJ $m up youf own 
groumj MM at tfie sanw linie. lb 
make thin^t a mtto hafdn; eriifpy 
l^Aks and akcrM orv gurtning hard 
for yCHj. Tinjics rrmtt be des^pyod 
MiDfa you can sei up the sife. 
Onc^ a &£tB ha$ been eslabltshed 
^ tar^ dart io throaien your 
new won gmund and so on . . . 

Att€f loading, you are prosantad 
wUh a menu 6l options. Tq bigin 
wm^ It is probably advMiAl Id 
^^alch tha Demo moda and tt«Bf> 
«toct a pfacttoa option until you 
gat tha 1W of things. Onca conpe- 
lent at handling the craft it's on to 
Combat duty and thafs whan 
things really start to tot up. Aa you 
can imagine, handlir>g a Hamtir 
reqy ifes a lot of controls. A jcr^ick 
or the k«yt>oafd can ba used, but 
even with a |oyst»d^, kffft are 
naedM too, TbdOiiVM comes with 
a 27'p3g0 boolaal pMCKad wtth 
ir\stniClion*aj>d flighft mov«i>arits. 

Ahhough a daunilng prospoct rt'» 
a good idea to have a quick raad 
through Of eJse you'il find that your 
mtsftkina are ojlailed rather 

Sf ma Fofc& H^rm can be 
piayad on two tevai^. H cart be a 
^)oot am up on one lavai. but for 
paopla raaiy Into fUg/na aimutetora, 
rt can ba piayad as a mock up of a 
raal battb with stratagfcc objac- 
tives. For the committad garner, 
player the instrt>ction booKiei i^ 
essential to get a full grasp of 
what's goff>g on. 

Overbid on Ihe cockpH view is 
tfw Head Up I^splay "Hi is show^ 
youf vedicai speed indicator, sk 
speed mdicalof, the gyro (reveaJs 
you/ direclton of trwH}, he^t and 
y otjT pitch above or betbw the hori ■ 
ion. The HUD cai> tffeo display 
addrtionai inlont^atkKi when t!ie 
T^l^vant kay is pr^^ad. 

The Hamer cmfim im impfarg^ 
sivB inventory of wiapon^. Vcrj 
fiavB two Sidewinder air-to-air mts- 
sJ}es with a five mile ranga that 
automathcaljy home in on a taiget 
aaieciBd tiy a sight on scraan. 
TNm T.OOOirb bomtxi and 250 
rounds of cannon shaH wMti a llwa 
mita ranoa aj^ aJ&o on boanL Tha 
cannon a ■ M tricky to At* cof- 
rectiy bacMsa |!k>w tactmotoey 
stuff thi$) yoiJ need to tm poMIng 
mora Of lass diractty at your target 
— shouW ttiifls ba a tank, «hao obvi- 

ously you're diving straight for the 
haid ground . . . 

The ak attack radar indicates 
th& position of sriemy aircraft 
within ^ radru3 Ol five mUes. The 
Frtaod Of Fba tracking radar 
situatad at tha bortom of the 
acfvan Indtealas aniamy alrQiat! 
potfttona. FfXHjnfaln peaks and 
your own moving track so you can 
tell whathof you ara ckiainQ wiith or 
fleeing from the enafry 1anks wmd 

ammunition s^es ana alao shown. 
Ttiraa types of take off are m^- 
ant to ttia vahous ground condi- 
tions. If tha airMnp IS pfepared. 
then a convamionat taka ofJ ts 
suHWifil. From u^kprapafM 
gnwnd a short taka off is nacaa- 
sary a! an angle of 45 dagfe«-Tha 
Harrier, however, raaliy oofnae Into 
Its own when t1we is no Wk& off 
space since rt can Itft oft varticaliy, 
A hovenng mode is also pos^te 

ZaomfrtQ Mtang on the » tra iffh t jfi# fliiivt •« ifrv Mio d « #0^ my 
torcfa wiittltig (o tie Mtt^cktnif 
















120 CRASH October 1966 


and thef& sm ttrm typ^ of liand- 
hfig a3 well {cofiveotbnaJ, short 
iTHJ venk:af}^ 

Three levels of eocnba! drfficuliy 
are provided Pt\o\. Cornmamdef 
mxj Ace whk:h make dftferenl 
demands on the s;kill of the pilot, 
h^ up to you to master tf^ oontmJs 
and prove your abWties 


• " Right almultftors arenll the 
m<»t immediately playable 
QaflMtt on the market, I can t«N 
yoil^ iNIt Stnke Force Harrier ii 
OOfllpamtvely easy to play. Tht 
g repWc^ At% Jerky, « feature ii 
loo obviQui in mo^t gam#s of 
Hm gcfir«, but MinnDftMr? h«v# 
dOlie ^ f^ir |0^ of nriaking an 
•fi|oyiib4e game in « fk^ld wher« 
th«r« have been too nwity duff 
iiforte. Though by no means the 
baM wi the Spftctrunip Sinks 
rOfca rtiTfiirlP^MvVvMonaDie^ 
to a llglil ainv tMa la pratfy 

• ''What yet anofhet f^t 
simuimof? That makes rtw Sn fMW 
moniM. Sirik® Foinoe Harf*ef b not 
immfy as iXMing as rnariy ol'ier 
MM sinm t hmm pla^d moontfy. 
TmmmBfOBds of nasties fo shoot 
dbwn a& tt t$nJiust a cam ofi&dm 
how to ^ ^ndthanshoof downa 
ooc^ of pitdnes — fhls ia maffy 
actkkhpiackad stuff. The gmphtc^ 
mwptMymuch n/n-Qt-tha-mfff for 
9iia type of garm. wilt soma 
atoppy dtafactma af^ jarky 
acreor? scroUing. Tha sound ts 
apmmk no tunes and of^ a few 
apot alteas. /f you ftk^ f^igm ai^m 
comea along men you'M pmtabfy 
gat<xrwftf^thm. '* 

• '' Now thi» i$ mote like tit AHer 
if^ disappoinfiment v^rth M^E. I 
iMt gied m get my harvle on a 
proper, lun-raM, actliin-packed 

flkgh! simuJaiof Smka fotoe Mar- 
fim has all the makEr>g$ of the best 
fight $FrmjkaLor oo the SpectfXjm— 
even as good a$ 3pit^m 401 
another stjperb flight sim rromiM- 
HORaoFi A aup«rt> manual b 
included in the package contain- 
ing Simple, easy to nead insbuc- 
ttons with oeald^Agram^loexpiaJn 
all the possitTle movaments you 
can use for avokiing ml^l^. 
atlackirbg HO and so on. The man* 
liaJ IS metMntiai read, tnit can tH 
sk^mmad tfm \t you'ne very eager, 
Tl>e graphics a/s excellent and 
add 10 the reaJism. The plane rtsalt 
if very fast rawting irxJ t^ehsves 
as you would wpact a H^mer to 
tiehave — you a^WIQit your wings 
npped off rf you diaoend too fasl 
StH^ Force Harrtaf ia as neaf as 
most of us win get to Hying a com- 
bai: plane — and it'» a rrwghty btt 
cheaper and sffferi '* 


ContrgI kaya; almost every key on 
tt% keyboard usedt 
iJoystfekt Kempston, fntaffacise 2 
Keyt>oard playi responsive 
U«« of ^o4guf^ stm^tf orward but 

flfaphlo^- j^f^y scrdling. but 
othucwL^u fiii'jt and rBalistic 
Sound: average 
Skfirie¥e4a: three 
OeneraJ rating: A flight sinn wtth 
plenty lo do — rather mora 
demanding ttan moat 

Uam of comp^iter 



CMUkiQ sisftsd 
Wtue for mofMy 


Headcoach will become tor 
American Footbail what my 
Football Managerhas been for 
soccer fans - un beatable. - 

Ttiis Is an American Football Manager with all the 
I enjoyment of building a team that can djmb up 
thmugh the leagues to win the Superbowl. 
Not only will ^u manage the quality of /)ur team, but 
also direct each actual gameplay tiiroughout every 
match, thus driving your creation up through the tabies 
to success. 

^ksof enthralling entertainment, 
£8,95 for the Spectrum 

T SHiftTS 

IV you p^r M6Kt rve pnws you must 
«m one pf these ( ;ht sh in ' ' ) Smal t ' 
M«diunvLitfet or XL £4 SO t^n 


Addictive prodxjcis can be bou^l \mm 
«44 iood software sldchisls but m case oJ 
dimoilty miy be sb^tned mrtict fromu^ 
by mail OfOffr #t tN pric^ Shawn ( UK 
PA P included KhjI owsaai cusUxneri 

^H m^?C^?' ?^MiMyr 



JWdteHve Gomes ltd* 

^ 10 Albert Rood BournemouJh 
Dorset &H1 1BZ Tel: 0202 296404 

CRASH October 19S6 121 


PrcHJucef : Piranha 
Retail Price: EZ95 
Auttion Don Priestfey 

IV% no fyn b^ing a mirnOFi — aH 
that scampering arc^nd att@f a 
tifsless mftstaf. very ted^OLis. 
Poof old Boffc the cheH Shui away 
jn the boM«ls of a damp and 

BtoOfTty cattle, his sole vocatKsn m 
fe te to wait on his hungry mastBr^ 
every whim. 

The casiie is very messy as well 
as being very damp and cold With 
only BeJk to tidy ttiings up and lots 
of minor minions scdmpi3Ning 
around untidying it, the place soon 
becomes very oisorQani^edv Be^'k 
must mcve around the rooms in 
thecastle collecting the objects he 
ni^d^ to feed the boss. Me can 
move left and right and in and out 
ot the screen — much a;» the cer>t- 
fal character m Don Priestiev^ pre- 
¥iQuft (pmes. POpey^ end Smny 
Nik Medopp Chsse moved 
tfound the pl^lno aie^^ 

Bertt^ iimler h * very i mpatiant 
iOft d Wtow- Al Hie bottom of the 
scfeen an Angry Meier momtof^ 
TMngk mood — whe^ the hungry 
one gilt iVAtty funous on account 
of ine detay. it oanceis Ihe cxder 
mnd demands something eise. 

A lafige trapdoof fvesties an the 
ilart looat Kjn, and aJl soite of fhosty 
beaaties luric in the dank regjoffe 
below It. Berk rteeds a tpedfic 
trapdoor fThonsier to complete 
each task. Apart (tom the useful 
objects and oreaturee, there ere a 
lot of p^ts beoeath the irap- 
door. - . ^ Every time Bert( opens 
tf^ poft^ he has rxj way ol Mling 
what rtitght faiap out — it's jusl a 
question of operiing It^ Kaieh 
quickly and slammji^g it shut 
pnxito tf an undesirable besstie 
shoots out Ghoets say Boo end 
startle Berk $o much that ha jumps 
to another room ^n the castle — 
ttiey only go away if they're fed. 
Watch QUI For the flame lii rower 
mongier because he's nmfy unkind 
to our Minion. 

Cooking utensils and useful 
ob|ects are scattered around the 
castle. Most bib cunntngly hidden 
inskJe other dbfeotaerxIBarfc must 
pick things up and tilt them to get 
at hidden items. By using his small 
blue brain he must useobiecls and 
trapdoor monslsrs to produce 1Ji« 
correct meal for Thing . 

tf Bertc loses a vitaj db|ect by 
dropping it down !hatrap0OGr then 
his task cannot be oompMed. and 
ho has to oortimit aufcWe by throw- 
tng himsert into the void below the 
trapdoor . . , 

Apart from ttie toes In therh thar 
vaiits^ Berk does have socive 
frsendt. Soni the skull is quite intel- 
ligent tor a bodylesa bag of bonee. 
If Berk picks him up ne usu^ly 
says something useful smd gives 
B^ a due. but each bit of advice 
costs points. Drutt is a yetk^w 
sp^diBf that spends its ttme eal4rNg 
worms and ger^eraily being a pest. 
Other monslera and OBatures 

122 CRASH October I9fl6 

wrtgigle and &^uirm ifuir way 
eroynd the oaetie. ar>d some of 
them are ingredientsf 

At the end of the week, if Berk 
has cxMT^ecity conipleted all hfs 
chores then he gats paW. Unfortu- 
nately Thing is r>ot a very trusling 
soul and Serks wag^ are sent 
down in a fortified safe. If Berk 
wants to oet art tJ>e money and 
have a wlkf night on the town with 
other Series, then he rnust f^nd out 
how to get inside the safe ard 
claim hisTooi. 

Berk starts out life in tfie ca$1% 
SiS m trairiM minion. If you choQse 
the Suporberk option them si I 
manner of nasties leap out and 
make life irvcredib^ mberable. 

Theres jusi no pleasing some 
Grumpy Things. 


• ''¥fm\ Wm kmmefise, brigH 
colourful characters, Trapdoor Is 
one of those games that grabs 
you immediately. Even though 
the game gets a l^kl' b^ monoton- 
oas after a few loi^ MealiifiSp 
you ean always stt bttofe and 
admire the tenifig animation 
erMl ama^ng lack of colour 
otovh. Most of the problems are 
re4«tvely easy^ providing you 
tlofi^t mistake any obj^^ts for 
others. This can, arKi often does 
hapiienp and when It does, is 
Mry ftniitiiftlnii. Beelcaiyv Tr ap- 
dODr Is * very ptoysbte and addk;^ 
livo eKCQilent game, with great 
graphics and fantastic cotour/' 

• "S? be^in with, / mi^t SBy fhm 
Tr^Kloor ^ r^ot ttw game (or sea- 
ous peopte-' The whofe took of the 
mm& te ftPrtreme^ c:otourftnf, ^Kf 
Befk^ miimatkm is exceil9nt And 
smooth. The oams is v&ry simple 
in its /ayoyf, hut very weH drawn 
With iois of other SQUiggfycolQuffijl 
char^ctem to foKow you mmund 
and gel in fhe way. The gama 
seemed to me to tw aimed at the 
same market as the TV series due 
to be broadcast this Autumn — 
young, tf^s pity r^&ffy, as the idea 
Of fh^ <?dme it mry 900^ t»trf 
doe&it inKT/ve any in i^pth ttur^- 
in^. t ^^nt maily say that t want 
wT^overTrapdoor^ biit thegame s 
^mrysm^in^mpee^, mt^uding 
a cute tune. A ^nm for tfye young 
and young at heart.*' 

• "What a great game Tf^ipdoor 
Is! It IS tiased on a vei^ originaE idea 
and presented in an antetiamif^ 
way, which makes it very playable 
and quite compelling The 
graphics are astoundingiy Large 
and we(l defined; the driaracters 
move around aofwably and the 
backgrounds ar@ detailed The 
sjxind fs on a par with ihe graphics 
— there are only a lew spot etiects 
during thw gam« but the tune on 
the title screen is fantaMic. The 

friTf JtfjffJTlng poor &fa mMon Bmrls 


Control keys: definable: left, rigfit, 

forward, back, drop, pick up, lip 

iJoystick: Kempston. Cursor. Inter- 


Keyboatil pisy: good, responsive 

Use of colour e?(cellent 

Graphics: superb big characters, 

and great animation 

Sound: very good title tune, wfth 

some nice m game effects 

SIdll levels: two: Jeamer terk «nd 

super berk 

SCi sens: D 

General rating: A very neat and 

odgtnal game wHh enidearing 


game at flfst is very e&»y . .<mth& 
learner Berk leve^l there are no nas- 
li»es 10 kill you SO you can have a " 
good Did stomp around the castle ! 
looking around and Jearnimi the 
layout of the rooms. I enipyedptoy- 
i^n^ Trapdoor as ft is a playable and 
onginaJgajne/' j 

JJ#r* snd thB iltfle ^How itmtMnety, Om tt tht tjaldff r, mrv in trrr 
rmm with ftre imptf&of. BMi lee*» &Tfmiitcrutstfv sn # pmi 
broJTTi icjmjjcr* ^if f& ll»# right. . , 

Use Of oompirbfrr 






Osttlng atsftod 




\felue for mon«y 





Producen Act i vision 

Retail Price: £799 
AuthOf: Lucasf JIni games 

A If Rioi5 am suddenly bn 
itemand and they're badly 
riMcM on Fractalus, a 
romoto pl«n9t in the Kalamaf sys- 
twn. Apparnntry the Jaggies, 
Kakamar's space adviffBafii^, ana 
ysang Fractdlus as a strortgtioW 
The System's Nigfily !rain-@d Spaod 
PUcrta lust cani cop© with ii . What's 
wCKM some of them are siranded 
or> tt^is higj% inhosprtat)^ pLa^nei. 
ItVyouf ^ 10 rescue them" 

Tnis 15 not as easy as it sounds. 
R>r one ititng. fh© horrid iaggm 
hffve boM a faMly sophisticated 
and potentially Mhil defence sys- 
tom which may Mrioufily zap you 
*- SQ watch otjff "Die ptanal also 
has a ^fery fast roiatkon rate — on=& 
d;ay lasts ntne minuies — and an 
atmotohere thkck with cyan»tf*c 
add! Fortunately, V^lkynie figtrter 

Tmd each one as they wait patienlty 
in their wrecked spaceships for 
your amval On landing, you must 
turn your engine systems Off and 
let the pMio! in by Opening the atr- 
lock . . , then it son to thefttxt one? 
How you land mti Mia off Is also 
very importent M tt to qyHe 9isy to 
deetiw one of th6 pilots by acci- 
dent. OccBSionaJly aliens guised 
as pk)Q\^ atlefnpt to board your 
shJp so beware. Once M\ the pilots 
have t>een pictod up, yoy m^^t 
return them, safe and sound to th^ 
Mother Ship. 

The more notice taken of t*^ 
instrumeni panel, ttwi ma» auc- 
cessftJ your mission wll be. 
Amongst othw things, th^ dis- 
plays thrust level, altitude, energy 
level, radur fac^ltti^. shield 
stn^ngth. end th* number of 
enemies destroy^ and pilots 
rescued Tba lorw| nr>ge scanner 
IS vital as this regtsterB a stranded 
pik^t'$ 0m^ger»cy signal by an 
imema^emt boep. A V shape at the 

and only evasive manouevedng ol 
the ship can bf^ak their hold. 

Poi4itft are awvanSed for various 
thinrg^. Ev«ry Mcond of n^ht, ror 
example, earns you one point, 
whilst every pilot reiumed lo \m 
Mother Shfp earns Ttve hundrid* 
Dafl&o)rtng gun emptac^rwfts,. 
aim Myoeraand just piclang up a 
pOot tf eem exira points, ^id extra 
points are giveo for each level Com - 

The kives of the PikJts rest in your 
hands. CNy by takl«^ eonrfWent 
control of lhe^^lKyrtaarNl stoeHng 
ft in the right direction w« tNs be 
poaa^ble. The Jagghu are 
stTDTiigef everyday and 
Pilots are precioua Can you 
^sure the future survtval of the 
Kaiannar System. 

C0c*pir wtnitow. . It* 


Ships af© at yoitf disposal witti 
theif compyteiizBd knsmiment 
pmeA. wm\ thesi you havi a 
chanM oi saving the stranded 

Descerrding from the flashing 
muiti-cokxired tunnel of the 
Mother Ship you enter the yiMofW 
fog of Fraciaius From your wtn- 
dmv a panorama of craggy moun- 
lains tlrelDh before yoti Having 
fought a way through the jwgjio 
deferKfi systm^ the n«M laslt is to 
locate tha SpAca Ploii tcattered 
on the p4anei^ aurltea. Ushig the 
instnjmem panel )t ia poaa^ to 

base of the scanner iodtciates the 
^iew from yoi# window — when 
vou get near tp a piot tht setnn«r 
begins to bitp. Quite frequently 
th@ Mother Slip avails herself 
should your need an energy boost. 
Flashing text m the top left-hand 
comer of the screen indicatsii 
wher> Mommy is m the vicinityL A 
fow of lights in the bottonr^ centre 
of the inatfument paral 90 out 
when en tnamy gun emplaoenierrt 
lodis onto your ship. Immediatefy 
afler. one by one. they come on 
again. Whan all ^ are i^t up the 
ar^arny gun err^alaGements will flii 

• -It s«ms#iat UiMtlim have 

mafie Rescue on ^w^afusas 
good as possible on the Spac- 
tnim, but t doni think tt>e game 
la r#alty sufted tQ the machins- 
Yb# graphics are quite r aio fie- 
Ilia, but the mist effwct leirt all 
Ihat good bacaua« mountains 
start appalling from nowhere. 
•nd that masaaa up a lot of the 
•Meet Ovarall^ Ih* gama is aver- 

agaly ptayaMe and addicftvep 
tM Vm gravies, which I think 
wefv one of the diatirtguishlng 
Features of the oHgJnal. are a let 
down — btit mat*i not Ihe f auti 
of the programmers. I can't say 
Rescue on Fractakjs ts one of tti» 
gamaa m bUK b«it ofhar paodli 
might like H'' 

"TTw %wcfnrfn vdiston of fWs 
is a? good d$ can be 
aapecf stf and i^eiry easy ro gat Ma 
7T» grmphim are a^/ an/matsd mim- 
ffvefy €iuk^ consfdemg (he 
amount of scrasn that ts moving 
abouf a/^ the sound exists t^iit 
dbasft't e:vceir. i found the gmrw 
gooti ton to p^y &t fir&t j&uf vary 
Rart to do &nyining ^pectaculsr 
apart from sf^oottng everythti^ 
that $pp^0fm. tuf pefSist&nce 
opmmtijp whAti^A varydMpantf 
kimMng game. Rescue on Rac^ 
ta£us taaatf ihe^ppaafofZzoom 
Iff Urn lioy 0181 you can go around 
ihMiiFValymrmaM!)^- but ifyou 
wftTTf h> ptay ser*ow9(^t a tot can t» 

• *'R$aem on Ractafas m first 
ii!^ looka Mirarndy ugty tt ther« 
tea great deal of unslightty gan^h 
cotouf floeting around the wreen, 
so you cDuid oe forgiven for turn- 
ing a blind eya to this one Ailer 
pMting over my initial shn^ck I realJy 
began to gel into Rescue, in fact l 
am a Iftt+o reluctant to grws up piay- 
ing . a^hough the surface d 
Fractaius scrolls bacJK? and the 
characters are biocHy, The sound 
is vary poor, wrih only a couple of 
spot effects during the whole 
game. Ger^eraUy thi$ isn't a bad 
game once you gei over ttie colour 


Control kaya: cursofs keys, with 
Of spaoe to (ire 
JoyMck: Kempston. Cursor, 
Interface 2 

Keyboard play: a btt difficult to gat 
used to 

Uaa of cotour: ksts used, border- 
ing on the gartsh at times 
gfa j* tai,; very jarky. tM good 
tractal tachnlQue 
Sound: nice tnietune. wtrh spot 
Skli l«v«la: IB 

Scnaarw scrolling cockpit vww 
over a large lancte^apa 
Oanaral ratino: A good game. Dui 
one thai '^ perhaps riot best suirted 
to the Spectrum 

Um of compiiltr 






, Gftttlng started 


1 Acidictiv« quslttim 


Valu« for money 




CRASH October 1986 123 


Praducdn Mastdrtronic 

Retail Price: £1.99 
Author: Cllve Brooker 

CQygin in a oomet^ vortoK, 
miilTiofis of tight years from 
home, you are Linclerstand- 
ably not aM that lwpy< After aJI, 
thUfB isn I much to do irr a vorlex is 
there? And to make ttiir>g3 worse, 
you am povi^nflesB to do anything 
about n. Aa d&sp^atk»ii begins to 
Mt in, the oil pow^ul gods of 
Zzem wtio mte the uriifvefse, revsal 
that they cm <n fact r^^&s^ you 
from youf curreril predicamerit. 
but they wwi soma^ng in reiyrn. 
Buried from iKjht are tt>© crys- 
tals of Zzarn. mese are quite 
e^aantial to the gods. So eaaentiat, 
in taet. that tfw gods Bfe prepared 
to stnke up an unusuat bargam 
with you. In return for finding the 
ci^rystalis of Z£am the gods wHj 
trartspoffi you infto the ftdyfe mti 
back to yoyr proper time zone and 
throve in your freedom as ^^ell. Thia 
migiil all sound fine and dandy, but 
you are sadly poorty equipped to 
ao around digging up lost cryslals^ 
Baloce you can begin to root 
around in the dirt some d^ginrg 
tools must t» acpuired. Once 
again the oods cain help you oul^ 
but only if you give Ifiem acmne- 
thing else . . , Sbattar^j mxind 
the chambers are wartoue effigies. 
These must be Go^lecte<* amj 
placed in the tile-lined rooms for 
safety, in return lot finding the^ 
objects you will be f urn^twl wtEh 
mcflwtiig tools — including ^ab 
acid for eating away ttie iunnef 
w^tei — ar>d speciaJ magical pow- 

Aa usyai. there m a siieg. The 
chamt>ers are rnhatyted by hoards 
ol very mischievous demi-devite 
who would like rKJtNng more than 
to curtait your mission in its infant 
stdges^ Aepeatod encounters with 
thne Iffiteting n^ties re^^s in a 
kMaof youf e^entiai enacgy. Eadh 
clash reduces energy, wnd doatti 
foliows wtien energy lie¥alftde^ too 
k3w, Tha devila atso suffer from ^n 
acuta caaai of Kteptorr^nia, if your 
dioM mmagas to pick up an atfigy 
afxl is an route to deposiling tt in 
the tiled dwnber. the demons 
hourid in on you. After three has- 
sles, the devils gain po^see^ion ol 
the effigy arid you are lalt to faoa 
the wrath of the gods. The gpefs. 
angry at your ineptneap^ ramoM 
any magical powers baate wad on 
you and you have to win them back 
in order to coniinue Ihe game 
Poinrts are scored for fwery effigY 
deposited in the tiled dnmbar and 
9m ourrent score Is dtelayed at 
tfia top of the scfwn dong with 
the number of energy pomte you 

"feu move arouxl ttia chffiTrtWB 
on a little oitfMon o4 air. Upward 
movement Is mmHUbim by using )et 
propulsion. Grav^ takes over 
wtien the up' key isn't beir>g pfm- 

124 CRASH October 1 986 

sed emi you ikMtt gracetuily down 
towards the ground TMjportirs 
enable you to move from one 
ctiambef to anottier but can only 
be used if you are canning an 
etftgy. While holding the Drnament 
the ^activate teiepcrt' opik>n is 
added to ihe menu. Pressing fire 
to get to the menu, and Ire mam 
takes you wtwe you wiant to go 
and also drops the etflgy. Tfie 
menu optiorts ite^^ the idifNcirter 
routes araiabla* 

Retunrlng to your own space 
and lirrm is oniy possible once all 
the efftgiea in each ct)amt>er have 
been deposited in tt>e correct 
place and al! the crystats have 
been dug up and given to the gods 
of Zzarn That's if the devils don't 
get to you ftr^t . . . 


• "*Af iMt, a WQuef to One Men 
end His Dfo^d, WLnxTWMmoma 
ilipi to haw got all the good 
Mil out of Oro^ aiKJ oorf^lad 
tham Md a vacy smart arMt 
addkUva gama. The graphics 
are axtrwfialy ooiourfui arMl 
detailed. Nona of the ctiara'Ctarm 
are animated vrtthin thwrfiaalvaa, 
OOly VPi down, teft or right which 
tends to make the characters 
look "v^rY bof ing. Tfie inlay con- 
talrts the usual inASTEfltHOHic 
atuff with good acniian plcturat 
which ha4p with 'impuise buy- 
ing' In ^ia shop. The gafne is li«a- 
Icalty on Iha same llnaa as One 
Man and His Droidp but with b*t» 
tar graphics and Wb a lot harder. 
I am fairly impra«a«d with thia 
Dcld piece of tHJdget softwaiVp 
though k couid get a bit boring 

• "'This fs csrtslnfy s mfvgood 
pweo of budget sofTwans. tmckof} 
ft t$ mui^ Mstor to Mkm and 
ih^mfdm much mom pl&^bl& 



5P. D2iaa 



-NORmni. - -STHTUS - - 
4'4'TEftlHXllMTE tSSUE^** 

pi«M09 rh# s^9- M&te t#i# ptt^i'dawn Qption m^nu. , . 

IfianOne Man and His Droid, Th^sra 
is a Hot going for this orie gr^pf^t- 
caHy: th& scfm^ &:^is around 
ffic^, th& c/wactara are weH 
drawn artd an/maf»d and r/iere is 
ptertiy of colour spteshmf about 
the p^ace with a mimmj/amotr/ir of 
Bttn^iff0 pfobfems. T?w sound is 
aisapmltygood^ with many sound 
effects dufififg f^ game but no 
tunes. I recommefKf f^is one, m it 
is COn^p^iiing End W^i wOftf^ f^e 

fwo quid tf^t MASTEfnrfioiao are 
asking tot it" 

• 'Another mtmrwmPfomc game. 
AAOthar dteappoUttmeni? Ho, sur- 
prlsei surpriae. iw of the GodSs Is 
quite a reasonable game. A nice 
demo appears, and though the 
sceriano is a J^tfle dubious, the 
game \t fun to play and, to an 
eKlant, addictive enough to justify 
an outlay of C 1^.99. From some of 
tiieir recer^ reteases, master- 
Tiiof#c have demonstrated their 
abHity to produce ganves of a 
reasonai34e qualily. t>utthey always 
seem to mess up a run of quality 
gam^ with an sKtreme^y dire one 
SWFV SO often, whacfilsaf^ty Thff 
one esn't one to leJl into the Mtsr 
category though, so n^p on dQnm 
totheol software shop, and chedc 


Controf fcay*: Aup. Z tkmn, M Wl, 

Nfighl, 1 fin& 

Joystick: Kempston, Interface 2 

Kaytioard play^ responsism. and 

easy to control 

Uaa of coloyn very txight , colour- 

hjl, and attractive 

Graphlca; sJightty ietVy scmliifig, 

but nice animation, and pbasant 


Sound: not ejttenstve. Limited, 

mainty to dicks and busies 

Skill liv«la^ one 

Screens: 16 caverns 

Qanar al rating: A very good 

game. espeoaJiy for the low phca 






VWiie for nnoney 







u u u^ % 



Footballer of the Year 

pH sftd ||i^fi^l|ict vltt i Foift£t SMliOR 
im ii4 dot| £aOD md 30 ffi4 fCQiioa 

CHI! ■ i« MU iHt A^ l^f idBfi^ 
4 p p'^nappiB VEW3VA ea 
Mop J cvnt ilmyil^ Ihf i^ 

If <dHhi irH brEuriff lie. 

mr * 

ULii^ V 

M I jflSirt good ^^^^^^ "^ 

1^ ^ fur 





□r v^Linci, He jpuOed 4 1^[ 

ijjuii ^f0 DiviBion to tt*^. 

front th* 







-^-tnjt' /I 
r JhHokin tc. ' f 

dTor the loldfBillailftl ta 

|ripliH»d 015 ^tamiby ' - 

t rctfiarksibic 

£ IN DEBUT r. 



^ i^^ 

& ** l7 

Sevin coopefi Ss 

i;,e back ffsni 
jrope loctey to tac«* 
bw speculate 
>oui his future * 



eft Pknt ftctlCMr *a tf ^^j^ ^ Cn 
_ tneal«d dUwr top Eipff- U**-'*^^ . 

He B Ukdy to rrtiim hi4 »^^ ^. 

tmrttfcf oUct for hini 

iifn the k3i^*e k*kn. 

Iwevef Ciiy wi^i J^ 
(tiluctajit 10 pwi with hq 
Jniicd looked Ihe moj 
■^Kirtg Mc in the wqiiW AkkiJ4AiMe. 


^^ ftovembefT 


Pfoduear: Mastertronic 

Retail Price: £1.99 
Author: Xcel 

Walct^ Captain Burt as he batttos 
to save tb^ world (and IrimseH of 
course^ in all of wvM secoods. 

Caplasn Surt has onlv 7 sec- 
onds in which lo savs the 
world. How wll he do it? 
Stowty tfw c&ptailn swivels his 
chair ^oiind arKj ^iara6 at you 
coolry. Don't worry/ h« says in a 
macho voiM, 1 h^v^ a pL^ji 

Poor old 6yrt is in a righl pickle. 
A iMc« frdgh^er is out of control 
anodeterrnin^ lo blow up Th^m 
rlsett IS quite afiatarrninQ prospdct. 
but to add to the dilemma, rf xfm 
fnlghittr does 90 IC A p o w uw^ 
poor old Captain Burt will be 
itrandad on a hornd steroid end 
wifl never get bock to Mother 
Earth Not mm. 
What a leff ibTe position to be inl 
Bui (hare's more. The sp^cfl 
freightar rs up in space and Burt is 
aturck on the astercMd. His onfy 
means ot transpon is a rath^ 
decrepft shuttle whtchpst so hap- 
pens to be broken. Contending 
with a pn-ssing lime limrt, Burt 
itiyst repaarltie shuttle, joom off to 
a nepgN30unn{} planet, collect the 
ipupt piirts for the ail^ frtfglhter 
and mencf same before il 
OKpJodes- Gasp! AfKj all in seven 
secondS' As we said t^efore. hpw 
will tie do if? 

Hie ^Mre pvts to mend th« 
•hutOe iie i&aft^Ked all over the 
MterokJ pnd musl be coliected in 
order to get the shuttle back on The 
road. 10 mix a metaphor. This 
should t>© an #asy ta5l< by t most of 
the vital pieces of th© sliuttt© are 
poeeess^olv guarded by Viiriaus 
liAfi horrCH^s and coritact with 
them results in Burtls valuable air 
suppiv being sapped aweyi At the 
aiart mart am four air botHM» but 
llieaeafe iiaed up pretly quiddy as 
he hurtles around the ^veoe lock. 
However., to make eure Burl has 
9QfnB4h(ng useful to mha^ . new air 
iKTtties cam be ptcked up along the 
wwf. Oxygen status is dispiayw at 
the top of the mam scrsen, Whir^ 
the diart leaches \m red section 
on the fottffh bottie you l(now it n 
tioinq ^ be c^irtams for Burt very 

Hoi all ttie objects on the 
astefojd am helpful and often y<m 
don^t know ttils utttii they mm wety 
tucked up in Burt'$ space suit poc- 
kets. Some are lethal such as the 
lump ol Plutoniijm; eome sirnply 
unpdmfortsble like tha rough 
gtei^ ObiectB am packed up and 
^Ored by u^ng the def Inied cursor 
keys and with niiie pockets ntne 
Ofejeois can be carriod at one l^me. 
Oofeets oan also t>e dropped arxj 
Lta«d when required and to know 
what s carnecl. a keypress reveals 
Iho Inventory. 

lb move afuund^ Burt Is equip- 
ped wMh a^ pack thai cm propel 
Wm to great heij^ or curry Wm 
over la^ ct^sms. The asteroid 
corwists o! a series of under- 
orou^ caverns, as welt as the 
^tncWriy aurteoe wh^ch hidea marty 
surprieea and many 


• ^^ 1 w«& p4«asaFitly surprisad 
vrith Universal Hero. 1 found H 
very aasy to g«f bito and excMrig 
to play. All Itw qharactars are 
axtr»rn«ly well detailiKJ, with a 
great drawing of a Spectrum 
Plu^ in the Computaf Room. The 
gaffie revolves around putting 
Items logettier and then uelrto 
thofn to get other item^, m4 m 
coneeQuently very addictive, 
bwolvfrig as it does tt>e need for 
a quick mind as well as ao<34inte 
moving- The 'feel' of the way 
tha t Burt movee erourKi km excel* 
If^nt, but rattier OfinoyirHS whan 
yQU actually liourice off cetlln^ 
and do not hovsr properly^ Univ- 
ersal Hero is surprisingly smooth 
In ifcs niov«menf and is com- 
plitelv fticker Iru. A masfi tff 
Spellbound problems In a very 
complex game. Well worth thm 
rrieagre two quid. '* 

• "Molecule Man wss a very 
oooc^ garr^, ^xceifer^t Bt thepr^ce. 
Looking at Universal Hero, ibsgfn 
to A$k myseff, ha^ HASTinrfiOtac 
fur/Wd over a new l^eaP Th^s game 
m good, rm mage tryp^ uJira bnH, 
but good, artd excei^ni value for 
mo^my. The piMzies ans mayt)e a 
MM sample, but ttm ^ma plays 
waf, and Has adUlcfirMiMes iMaf 
more than fustr^es its ma^fm 


pnce- This is w^ worth buying, 
even if or^ ba(^uso you won^ 
havm to save up ter it. "' 

" h's been a k3r>g time since I've 
cheap software as fun to p4ay 
and as compelling as this. It plays 
m a sunNar way lo many other prob- 
iem fiOlvinp ^amres although the 
problems, irkiiiaiiy simple, gel very 
hard towards the end. GraphicaTly 
thES one rales quite h^hly as the 
backgrounds are very nicely 
detailed arid the iarge and porl^y 
chiracters whizz arour>d weli Col- 

ouc too, IS usped to maximum effect 
wttfiDut any attribute dash. The 
sound wdijnd hav^ been greatly 
improved if there was atuneon Itie 
title ^ic^a&r^, but there ere $ome 
spot effects whkfi are r&asonabfe 
Unhwsaf Hmu certainly offers 
great value for moriey. so I reoom- 


Control keym: redefinabie 
Joystick: Kempsrton, Cursor^ Inter- 
face 2 

Kayboent play: greai, very 

Use of oeloun excelteni 
OrapMcs: very nice characters 
and good tiackdrops 
Sound: nothing revolutionary 
Skill levels: one 
Screens: 128 
Q«nif«l nting: Mell done HAaYin- 

€mptmm &yri turiwyv fli£ tr&k&fi »^i#rf J<« cmn. it tnuwf b^ 


Um of coflifHrtar 






Getting started 


Addictive qual^Hos 


Vaiu« far money 




126 CRASH October 1986 

Jj ^i^ 


Producer: Alpha Om^a 

Retail Price: £1.99 
Aythor: R Mcrtisofl 


h got de biuss b^^, y^ t 
gotdmn Uues, yeh, y^,ah 

of Ghorw . Firat ibe paste rs loo thin 
and Itto paper won't strck io ^rm 
wad and then The parnt drips all 
o^er the carpet Arid have you ever 
tri^d walUpapef»ng a ceit^ng^ St ill , 
*) you Cancy yourself as a f>ajnlef 
amJ decorator, then here's an 
opponunily yoo canl reiuse W^^a^ 
a^KHJt using youf talents Io bring a 
brt of colour to an otherwise drab 
hotel? Start at tm bottom and 
work yoyr way up. 

ttiOfri thai you rind yoursalf 
decorating that teaventy mansion 
in the sky sn shades of 94lUle off- 

Tha dashing red nasiy and tha 
oat«fp4]lar nasty both mova very 
quickly af>d ar^strnply £Xjt to knob- 
b(e you. Ona of ttia othei nasties 
wants to gobUa up air your bfue 
doi s . so you may Hnd youraeil hav- 
ing to do the work twica ovar. UiC- 
kiiy,^ you have a ^aadV suppjy of 
pasta which can bo drof]^^ A1 
convai>dnt momants- Pratty 
strofig MuH, tht paste cm be yaad 
to get you out of soma rattiar stic^ 
SFluattor^i. Fof ona thing, whan 
dropped in the path of nn 
approaching nasty ft skiws the hr 
tie blighter down W akso anabl^^ 
you to waik alt over ihem should 
yoii want to change difeclKKi. 

• • • o •••e 

• O O 6 M 



I0«o0oo«««0«oeao0««ooaeo#o»f ^ 



fr## dinnwr — 

Each ol I he screens displays a 
bird's-eye "View of the hotel's riet- 
wCKk of rooms and corndors. 
Thaae reworks assyrrie H variety 
of Shapes. SoTfia take tlia Shape of 
tfwvimaie objects —a joystick, for 
axampla Olhaf netwt^rks lake tN& 
form o4 anrmal^ (the Mutant Ram^ 
for aMmpla^ or humans (Ihe 
Prefich Teai:::har), whilst o!h«^ are 
maialy abstract The background 
io a^h of itm lloor n^twotks is 
iumptuoysly ornate, indicating 
that this particular hotaf is some- 
thing of a classy joint. 

The rdea 1$ to work through each 
floor, roller m hiand, as quickly w 
possible. As yoii move through 
each corridor, fetue dois Indicate 
Ihe decorated areas, so it's easy 
10 see where you've been. Nasties 
are determined to undo ail thi> 
worl4 you've done, aind, if possible, 
put vou out of actJkxi orice artd tor 
all. Should yoy bump mto any of 

The screen number is giv^n in 
the bottom left corner, ar^d dir^tly 
tienf?ath that, your score Bottom 
centre indicale^ how many of your 
ten iivas are left ^id above thai, a 
clocit ticks away iha seconds In 
the bottom right corner; the 
amount ol patnl , or nufnbar of dots 
you have to use b (nd^i^ted and 
fuiat below that, how many dollops 
of pasta you have leh 

Ttwv m% plenty g4 si^eans to 
gat Ihrouoh. 1^ you'd batter be a 
swttt and nimb^ worker or you ll 
find yourself 04j1 c>( a Job wHh a lot 
of lime on your h&tds. 


W M#ga rantasticol Or at laaat 
ihafa what I thought until I 
played the game. Argh!! One 
character Mock graphics, tarrl- 



-OO 0^0@ O O i9 O O iQl ® ^ O 

AOO ISi l^iC^ gl O <9 O ^ O ^ <5 S 

m ci ^> ^ 

1; <9 £f »2i @ )SO 

6 O 9 £< 
^ ^ ^ O ^® 

O 00 


@ d 9^ Si OS ® O @<Si 1^ i@ & O 


00009 00 000@9€)SG 


*^ »> ^ c *s^ o > 


iSt «Si *& •&< £< *I* ( 
Q 1^ lis iSii^ O I 

.K. .K. ,S% ^ik 

A dmimif fr^m ttf9 cTlnlnp r&om — w*tch out fttr thm nmrnfy, hm 
rFi« wfl pr* ny fmmt — 

••••••••••••••10000S ••§§•§•! 

V V 10 V V w W' 



l»««««a«»»««0a»000»000000 •••••! 


iniiiiiii i n 


long wJjr to gd mnd ##*ii ni4r# A««t^#* Io mvoid J 

ble colour and appalling »ound 
The same ts far too easy. With 
len lives I it just i^n't udd Active 
and it lakes you too long ta gel 
Io the place where you finished 
Ihe last game. At its pfice, H 
might be worth buying for the 
' scratc h ing " s^e ch effects, aod 
the other nice bits it has, but I 
wouldn*t lork out for the tama 

' ' Oefcorating BJues ts a supe^ebty 
presented game i>ut ts v^ary tasic 
iind bonng to p^y. Th& area ffi 
whtch the p^mt brush moves i3 
v&y r€^trict0dm(Hm mm tdidn f 
know M'Asf h^ to be SSsd nn and 
what coukt be teft, The scr&en 
Oives you ^1 fha tnfomiEtion you 're 
ke^y ro need 0ifmg tfia gam&: 
score, ievet. itme, paaf»Mtar>tf so 
on, buf tfm doesnl enhance the 
thtng m aii. The ecteem are M 
made up m pfefty anArMrfandcas- 
fte pmtems, batese pefsofi wfm 
got cfiMfe fer fhnsi^ f/w game / 
can safety ssy that nothing 
ctianges. A nicety pr^^nted prog- 
ram, ma the gsme ftself m ^ry dts- 
sppointing. " 

0" Vou may have guessed what 
son ol game this is by the title. I dkj 
find It strangely compelling and 
playable but these qualrtpes laded 
out after a few goes . The program- 
mers have obCjousiy ined 10 tan 
this one up as there are kM of 
lovely eflecis on the tufca acnan 
arKt at the end of eadi tovel. The 

game, however, i^'l Ml as good 
as these, which is a shame. The 
gn^ihics are generally poor, the 
charactens are smaJJ and unde^ 
tailed and the hackgrounda int 
boring. The sound, on the other 
hand IS quile gtiod — tha*e ana 
some nice effects dunng play ar^ 
a couple Of tunes on the Irtia 
screens. On the wt>ote. I wouldnl 
rea)mmer>d Oekomimg Bht&s as 
the game itsell is very pnmitive' " 


Control keys: redelmable 

Joystick: KempslOn. Cursor, 

miartaoe 2 

KaytKhard f:ilay: r^ponsiva 


QraphicK pretty but. in the and, 

pretty boring 

SoimJ: some nice effects 

SkJl httfals: one 

Screana: aver AQ 

General ratir^g: Mica gtou, but 

thecomas very monotonous after a 








Getting «tart«d 


Addictive quaritiM 


Valud for monay 




CRASH October 19B6 127 


Producer: Mastertronic 
Retail Pf ice £1-99 
Author: Geoff Foley 

Plafwt 54.7 hm suftorwf an 
altack MTTth deadly chami- 
Qal& weapons, leevtng oniN 
twont^'SiK sufvivora. They sm all 
sirHenng from severe bftm dam- 
age and, lo make mattor^ worw. 
afe lost in a a reactor mais. As the 
Commander of Octagon Squ^ 
rt' $ your fob to r e[$cu# the sun/i vo<^ 
by beaming iNem out ttirotjgh ihe 
twIiOpM fanoft. Lyoktiy, ycHJ have 
8t your dtopoaaJ a Ceem of Eoiiad- 
roicli that musl be used ro Wock 
off rrmie e^iis and channeJ the 
ipmbie-l^k^ humans m the righl 
direaion Tables can be movM to 
block ooffifdora and doorways 
Qpaned with the appropriate keys, 
The dtspiav is sphi op into a 
number of sectsons. A dozen con- 
trol icons occupy th# bottom tefl 
hand quartar of the acreen A win- 
dow at the bottom right gives a 
ditf aited vmw from above of the 
section of maze occupied by the 
ctiaractttr ojrr^rvtty controlled. A 
widor vivw 01 ttie maze i$ gr^en in 
tifi^top r^ht hand map window: a 
Qfeen aquara klanilfies the moving 
€tiaracief : corrfdora we indhcaled 
bv black areas, artd waJIs or 

obstructions are shown m a lighi 

Selection of the multiple arrow 
icon allows you to move up. down , 
left and ngH deparKJing on your 
position in Ihe m^e. Other icons 
allow you to pick up an object , take 
a dnnk (which counters the energy 
sapping chemical fesidue), and 
unbck doors — providing you 
have the appropriately coloum 

key. There are also pause and quf! 
optiorts. The first tcon hov^ever, 
makM rl possible to setect any of 
tt»e seven available Equadroids 
afYd thty can be identified by nair^ 
whan i™ face icort <s ^cessed 

A rnuiti-ooioured bar across the 
cenme of the screen indicates a 
chamdlar^s etrengtfi, and a vanetjf 
of windows display the currant 
mode, score, and the numtier of 
survivors Still in the maze. ScrOHing 
text messages appear on a hon- 
2or^ window. 

Sov gat your team together and 
get to work Strategy and the co- 
ordinal H^ ol the Equadroids is all 
imponam. Twenty- sjk people are 
m need of treatment and are rely- 
ing on yo4j. 10 save them from the 
deadly toxic gasl 










• ^* OH hiol Aft«r Molecule Man 
and Univei^ Hero, I got the idea 
that MASTEFrmoMG had changed 
their tune, and started produc- 
ing good games. Why ttittn, do 
they bung out a game Hke Octa- 
gon Squad? Qfia of the game's 
worvt feeturea ts the tradrtiona^ 
MAstFHTRowK; instruclion5p Or 
tack of them.. If more had been 
explained about the game, then 
maybe il would have Men more 
enjoyab^, but as It stands, it is 
very hard to get Into, and even 
Kardec to play well . Th CHj^h oilg - 
Jnal lo an eKtenli very little atioyl 
Octagon Squad sticky in the 
mJ<nd, apart from H^ distinct lack 
o1 playabiiity and addictiv^ly. 
Even for £1.99, Octagon Squad ts 


Producer: Firebird 
Retail Price; E1. 99 
Auttiar: Insight 
(Peter Gough) 

Alien forces are seeking to 
take conirol of Earth ano 
have invaded ^ngrwt num- 
bers, it's one fighter plant aosif>st 
a myriad of alien craft . , , a pilot's 
k^t IS not a happy oriie. Wave after 
wave of nasties come towircto the 
tone plane, deiermmed to lap you 
out of ttie sky SurvivaJ depends 
on swift reactNor^ ^nd d&id^ aim. 
Tlie screen scrolls from right to 
left , y oor fi^iter plane staying nMr 
the left hand edge of ! he screen so 
ihai Ther^&'s acksar view ol the alien 
forces and tirne to try ajn^ dodge 
Ihe^r lethal mk««iM. The HOUOn 
takes p^ace over a broad bltja rtver 
— on the far bank the scenery 
changes from mounlafns to Cities 
to forests and b&ch to n^OLintarns 

The nasthes Come m a variety ol 
forms and coloum and dance 
about aa they approach. Not only 
musl their m i^siys be avoided txjt 
a oollision can also cauae your 
plane to exptode. Fortunatety, you 
are equipped with limiiloss mis- 
siles and powerlul shiekte whk^ 
together provide formidable pro- 
taction, Vourtud supply, however, 
IS not limitless — the amount letl ts 
shown in tfie l>ottom teft hand 

128 CRASH October 1986 

comer of Ihe screen 

Once all tf^ alier^ m a wave 
have tjeen kiBed, the game pro- 
ceeds to the next leveJ. Some- 
tirnes, no mii«tlM are invohed at 
all and It s a nriaMer of iMttaving and 
dodging your way through a bar- 
rage of rola-drQid$ und mele<»^, 
Most lethal of ali. however^ are the 
hwt^seehing Mulile misslrli^ 
vvh^ch are very eocurate. 

Penodically. a mother ship 
appears and a successful dockmg 
fMtores luai and shield pow^ 
This maHes it poeaii^ie to prooeed 
to even higher leve^ and pft wits 
wtth even sv^her and more d^idly 
all#n swarms Should the docking 
faiL then you are Torced to move 
on to the next level with less pro- 
tection and less energy, maMr^ 
your cfienc^ of survivaJ slender k 
The dcxzking procedure must be 
very acc^urale — it you're Rightly 
out and mls$ ih^e |aws of the 
mothership, then the plana 

Eight potnts sre awarded for 
shooting an enemy craft: twenty - 
five, fifty, or seventy for a Muiile 
and more for successful docking. 
Sonus points arv awarded for 
dodging and comporting waves 
The score, lives remaining and 
shield power are all indidlH in Ihe 
status area at the ba*i of ifm 

A high score guaraniees you a 
place in the Buccaneer Hall Of 

BfMm, toom. TH* MpMC*»nip ttppf^Mcht* m hoard ofmt^rr 

Fame so i! 5 possible to see tipw 
you fare agamst ihe t>est. Trme to 
save the world from alien invaaion 
again, pilot' 


• " AC bate leveJ, tfi^s is just a 
poli&heid Scramble? without the 
hills. The graphics, wrth the 
exception of tf>e fantastic panh 
laM scrollif^H Brm pickery and 
ra^>er unattractive^ and the 
gamep although piayable, i}eta 

pretty boring after a while. The 
cteiciiing seciaijn is too easy . and 
the ml^ile att^pks frustrating, 
es they materialise when you're 
hLSlfway through a screen^ 
iNSiOHT did be^er with Vectrcm, 
ind I would riKrommefld thaft 
they Slick with products Of that 
quality, 'cos I don't like BuC' 
caneer much. *' 

• " When ^ h^srd f^iflf thts was 
from ih& peqpto b^tnd Vectron, i 
wmfy /Apped Mow can a corri- 
pmy f^oa;se s bnUmm gam9 tBtm 
fhaf and tfwm pro^kiCB something 


omi gamfli that ewryoftv who 
ikas good g ernes sfiould kA#p 
w«Hd«rof. " 

• " f^fmmbee in the g(xxf 'o^ 
dBys whm people couki wnr^? 
W^L thoseitaystm^bemhegot- 
f0ft by tfw Ibiteflt MMTTinrTiioHH? — 
tcsnlfwrrmnbm theism firm they 

I'm $ur9 rhaf 1/19 game has some 
good bfts m if som&wfmm, but 
wtmttmfcrnot you Hpi^y th^f far is 
a {Nnbiint matter e^ogBfher, fibe 
game seems to tea £:iassic' I won- 
der a that Will wort. ' Of 'W¥i 
whM db / db now?' pame The 
gmphks are very rr^ea, with ^ 
good chafactm am arxt border 
gmphtcs, biJt the maze arxi ptay 
ama arm vwy basicaBy dmijywd^ 
cancf rou reafme thai you can 
aduafy do thk^gs ^ (^ gam^^ 
#mrf it urges yoofof another go — 
keep ef ft and you wf§ be 
rew^ded "" 

# Vm $g»re that I'd find this one 
tmiTH^s^y playable if \ kn«w how 
to p!ay it. OLil as II auftars from th« 
inevTtibie iyu«nBim««iic 50 word 
sc«rwi^-^ome^ln$1rLictions, There 
iso'l fflal^y much lo 90 on 11 all 
seems vmy complicated, so get- 
ting into it woyid prdbab^v take a 
age^ a^ require a fair arrKMjni o\ 
paiiefK^. The graphics used are 
COiourlul and tege but they aire not 
animated el aik wetf and rfm mic- 
roscreen- sadils d tabo ieaHy. The 
iouod coraMa only of spot 

effwls. Thore Is no lune. which Is a 
shame as it wtxjjd have added to 
the atmosphere a hnle. After the 
in^iaJ {x>nfysion of ptoyifig thl^ 
pamre had subsided somewhat. I 
foiind niyse^f quite enpysng b| If 
you like a chaJier^ge (and believe 
me. working oyl how to play thm 
one m) go oyl my6 gwe n a try. " 


Cdfitrol Ney»: up. A down, N 
Idtl. Mrtght.Ofire 
Joystick! Kempston, Cursor; 

Keyboard play: fair respond 
limes, but the fire button is loo far 
from the res< <3rf the cont rol$ 
Use of coloun 9C30d, kMs used 
Graphics: very (erky and hard to 
rotk^w, bill with nk:$ characters 
Sound : spot effects 
SktH levels: one 

Scraerna: very jerhy scrOHIrig over 
a f ahriy large mi^te d^ea 
Q«n«ral rating; Oflf ioitt to get 
imo. and It's doi*ttui whether the 
effort IS justified 

Use of comput«r 
G«ttin9 started 
Addictive quaUtws 
Value for momey 


3S sk^ppy and unp^yabte as this? 
As a nite, I'm ¥ery partial to good 
bkmr^fmaOaa^^me^BS tm sure 
many other peSp^ ar@, but t'm 
atTHid ih0( this one reafty isn 't good 
&wugh to be corripaim or ptoy- 
aMff. The graphk^ aie mrty targe 
and the saeen acrois from r^f to 
jetf mcefy tnn there are pierfty ot 
attrOMe probkam. The aound m 
g^mes OvwaW^ ^3 not too bad tor 
its pHf^ fsg of two QtM. tnit f 
storied lo gef bor^ after a coup^ 
o/goeis " 

• " Ho hum' Anotbef bodgei 
garrw pretending lo be a shck fasi 
actfdh shoot em up Well you're 
not fping to fool me mateys^ The 
gfapnk^s are eirtreme^y flickery 
and move about in a very pertcy 
manner. The sound ts very baste 
and the colour is used much too 
tovishty — feau^infl m toads ot 

attri^H/le pr oblem^. I didn't find the 
game ar all anthralHng. mainly due 
to the fact thai every screen has its 
own ifttia lUght pattefn ar>d it's 
e^y to jydga ¥rfwe the baddies 
are going to end up ne^ct. Then it s 
tusi a ease of how fast you can 
press the fire button — wh*ch isn 1 
very i^^ponsFve. I found Buc- 
caneer very boring to play and 
nothing like what Tve come to 
expect from the top budget 
houMs. Buccaneer is definitely a 
nono . 


Control keys: rederinabJe; pause. 

abort, up, down Jlre 

Joystlek; Kemypstoh. Cursor 

Interface 2 

Keybo^rcF ptayt reasonable 

Us« of colour; gutta good. but 

Clashes occyi often 

QrapMcs: flickery sprrles. but n^ce 

paratia^c scr OiHing 

Sound: limited to spot effects 

Skill I^Mli; 01^ 

Sore^na: eonstting tovete 

G«fi«r«l rvting; Triere are pten^ 

of 9hQot 'em upa on the Specfrym 

that are modi better 

U:ae of computer 54% 

Graphics 56% 

Playabllity 49% 

Getting started 63% 

Addtcti V e qu al iti#s 45% 

Val ue for m hOy 51 % 

Overall 49% 


PfiHNi-^n£^ PfP^'jiffwii^ rtf 


tWT of t smii Him iiiapcmia ■» mi ^eomptfv rii^^ 

A eftai^ ?f ■^w^ey rr f;an^vx cowTvw w«vm jr 

, ._...^_ici»awfl^ifM£sn 

'iii^*Mi>^mwi pe wjMiQ jQr vpvicMPidp iiiMvin ip- 1 


no lor mncMPidi MNve^ h 

MttK0 HWit. ArtClW Ibgld AHHdQt 




wMi AU^ S|w^ium$ ndUing ihi rast mo(M* fttf 

ONLY £39.95 inc P & P 

Al last th« Ml potential and »p**d ^f fh# ZX Micn>drtv« can h* 
t»i1^*#d. A lypjcil 4ak program wMcti tnkn ^ mlnutai lo load from 
t«pa can now b# loaded irpm Microdrive in at llnla At 1$ leccNi^d*. 

Uf you tmve a m^ctedrrvt tiw Mmfoanvm m itt^ friost irrwortvif pieD§ of 
fmd'iff^^yOiii^^Mbyy" JC^N LAMBerT — Sincte Uwr 

. an 0sj0nfj-A/ ttiy tor ftm Spi9ctmm owtw wt>o n^s cortvmim^ tQ 
Alicrodnve . . ym StNCLAJfl — Authm 

' ' i much pre^eived ih0 Mow^nvar ^ jqpeed aridaAsi of u». ' ' 

OLO DAVIDSON —"fonf Spectrin 

"iMng me image ii a dNwn . 





24 Bank Strttl ' 
Essex CM7 7UL 
Til: \mn] 48321 


Tridr m¥f €V9fwe9 i 

CRASH CtatOber 1986 129 





133 LMMhw Ro*d Soutli, 
Lowvitoftj Suftok 


II.IH.'l.«pnTTT7Tl '.'l:t--^«'.V.Uii 

Miln Strwl, Famt, 


. low iiid prICB. S^Hdnim f ^ Mi-dmffi 
Ml ic ^ f^ f 1 00 


tMt S^ TisTTicMfi HiWMv Victoria 

Siraet, Brittol BSI aAH. 
SWioMointM (093 4M) 34M 

P4iftindP4P3rr. - ^ : 


cttHJiiw cowwirn cehthe 

Eilf Thtltard, Noifoli 



ManrfMil, Hatti 

S MlfMlitM (iC23) 11202 

CApmi aiMPifTER samcss 

IMt Up CSfrilttHtorfcitiopi^ Lmrif 

Rd, East Maw*. CtfdHI CFI 5EG 

^ Caf^m (02Z2) 481101 

' rjt mi mtablt (ctvtct 

SUREDfll coMPursi SERVlCei 

45 Hfydiwood AwmM 



J montfi auv*AiM'to«tkMetf|i«SpiEtun. 
Ql. esc tnd Commodm 



« Mm (0371)52327 

SfaWtfCam mt i ito t.Sinclwrintftofltitf 

27-29 WphSHMt 
UkwsCar l£1 4rr 

« {0533) 57479^7470/21874 
apictMwt yiiiiiiriwtm ftgStti 

2W etauaHirlliMd 

HoirmWi Sitstol 
^ 0272 46575 



SOI -403 IMt 

3 fnonti WMtM^ cm ji ^ftfi; 



■onrtdlllftl 30€ 

f'UP. r^H'hr. ' 


miST ini CDMrams 

Id Main Cwiire, LofidiDfi Hoad^ 

Oartv DC1 2PE 

9 Itartky (0332)365280 


Ovtoijf^ indtng c:«)in|Hto stsrc 


Blil S2A ft 53, AvOfisktta Enter- 

ptM Parit, iewtifouahtofi Rd, 

HMktham, Wllb. f^OZaS 705017 

Rflpwi Sipacmim^iui£VaQJi«)itetfa 
£&30 interlactAllKifidriitendOeH^ Ml 



■idtotdMK40 2Na 

S (0234) 213645 

lUifWQiiiid- 1^ niciilti wwnt^ Fnpt MhmilB 




iorlfiiKMMt NwM, Horlfl Sttwt, 


& (0532] 45«i00 



S0Z3<7 37110 

ftlgihrtoj M StfCiMr m^, n: 


141 WMfif aTTCii mumpi Mii| 






GJinvicK comnfTERS 
02 The Boulwafii 
Crewloy, Sinsai 



U Ch| AfCttdVi CwoiiU ii 


«€omrtnr (0203) 2402 

Spflctrum, SjpACtnim l^ut, Mtoriui \, 



WV10 4EG 
(074 02) 


e (0203) 3«204i 

H Ooura idrag ^ _ 

Efidoit pijffiHil mM ^Ktrwii 


n/«i m^m 5tr««t 

B5 7HR 


Ripiiin b SMMr. OoenifKittvi. BBC and and 
ifl twfu Utt on itQuHi- ffm Qyoi« ticHrty 


an^ Lynton Hottu, CMHi St, 

■amxi^plt, Morth DffVM 


^/pUfdHnm mptn E W 15 jac rttunv Pil^ Fut 
brnwnd 3 Riai(h HHiimi Bum litf ipiQta 


144 St &eorg«^ Rud 

ClWlhnham, GiM GLSO 3EL 

n CtMltMliam 10242) S2B«71 

ImnieiWiptfi- -^vwnntySita 

78 CofmwiM SbMt 

PtymcHjihp D«vtm PL1 tKS 

^ifK^. CDmmDdorcAna&adin^ra: 

3 finiiii iHinMi 

liSr MiHi o* •dwrti5ir>g in this 

Hctioit, cofftid Nidi mm DO 

(06B4) 4603 or vnite te rilm il 

nnramni nimcmofii, 

1/2 King SlTMl, UmNow. 




87 Frtftrgjte, Prvston, LirtcailiM 

®0772 561M2 

MMnincc tnd irepaif of Domputtrv, lioiiln. 


IMt 2, Tho Oftshanl^ WarbNii 

PiMbMi* LMCiShkt PR4 ISE 


RilMii E <4. i& W|; m t, Z4 Im i urrv-Fflund. ? 
MQflH QuiniMHi 


24 GiMt Mow SbMt, 

tottoniit 1NP 


2 mpiAh pmnlii 


Unit 5 LwwmwhH HvdlngM, 

Pilntwmki Lam, Mandtt^laf 
MtS UP. & 081-2241808 


130 CRASH October 1986 



RntynffWy^ I manBQftd to avoid Qoinf) tha Mtm PCW Show this yvar. 
That* Wis m naaty momnnt wttafi 1 tlwugh tha Doc Maft*n«d Qfm 
waa oolng to apply tti« to« of hli boot to a lamlar part of my inatomy 
vkI jfiatat ttiat I at l«ait attafi€i*d ona of Ifia qulalar Thada Daya, but 
In ^a ami I managad to parauada Th«m Upslain to lat ma itay In 
Ludlow and man tha fiaw-fang(«d talaphona ayilam th«t h«i jut 
bMn bitlalfad In ttia offlca. 

Savtral larp* cirrtar ba^ji fyll of ftpactnim garrfaa^ p{'iot09rapha 
ind prvai ralaaaaa wara dump*d on my d«ak vrtivn I arrtvad tMa 
iftamoon and I aoon raall«*d that tha CRASH ta«m had b«afigathaf^ 
Ing upgoodiaa on rrrv t>ah«lf . DaMnfr Irtto tha contucopla of ofTartnga 
from ttw fthow. Wm ckar tfiat tfiii Ghrivtmii It go^ng to b* it by ay aa 
war, with an awful tot arc«da machlna oonvariloni wvll undar^ay 
fc»r tha wintaf month*. 8o h*f* goai*. 

Betwaan tham ocian and imaqmi 
hav« QOt quta a few oom-op 

ttofOMa ana TV/nim t^lr^a In tha 
plpafilna. By 1h« tima you raad thia. 
Korwnll uoff— a ^xyt I taka to 
htvt — ihould b« in tha ahopa, 
tfong wfth a convaraion of tha 
afcada hli Qdfvan ffom w immw 
whU* 1 he ociAN laam i s py rting tti<e 
flnti touches to the gama oflh# 
lar las M^am/ l/ics and if^^A Knoc*- 
tAJt. A naw 3D game from tMMTM 
paaaw la aiso on the wsy — 7M 
Om&t&CBfi^ and a film tia-kn wHh 
Higriiandef thould bd out twfc^ 

Othaf 'flJm* gafriM dua from 
Manoheatar bmwaan now and 
CtllMrTua Inokyde Ibp Qun, 
Cotm ind Short Ckcait. Coin^ 
Opi Hitting In tti« wtnga for a p^a- 
ChnstmBa convorsion Inctuda 
Mag MdA, HifrMCmsta and Lagtfnd 
^fyfftiA hive of industry indwd- 

BudQif saftwEra Is sfiiL on the 
upawhQ — we didni actusiiy man- 
Aoa to gat hold of working copira 
of Sfcwm. Vfd&Q Oiymptcs and fty- 
mtila On# S^i/iaror ffom huotiii* 
jmomc tn ijma foe r^mv thte fa^iut, 
but have Juat racalved Bump 
Sjplto. a vollayball aimulatiDn w\ 
wftteh tha play af tak«s on tha oom- 
put^r and mO^o Pok&r whkch 
prpmiiii all ihe fun of playing Las 
¥mu poliuir machines without the 
expsnm. A <^^i&-off psymmt d* 
ei.tS iflCMW endtess gamasi 

The £2 99 AMEniCAMA laM h^ 
cfwsen to sin^ulate a ralhof 
unusual spon — Bullfighting. Af«w 
qu»ch goo& in ttw offtca raveal that 
ihera are savaral levata to the 
game, which /nvofves nitty 
opawofk to beoin with and gradu- 
$tg takat tha piay&f up to sword 
am tance play. Oory, but good fun 
7l*By and the Dctodahs is a much 
Im blooctthrsiy game, which 
InvdIvM you m tha aaarch for 
anoM#i mon«y to fvpCaoa your bro- 
hari Spoctmm. Full ravlaws of both 
ihSN ahouid appefir next month. 

rifuiriik have rajyvanaitad their 
Sihor Ftangi ind the Specmjm 
veraton of Thnmt leads in tha 
Pavtowers' Silver Range opinion 
poll at tha momeri!, Vou conlro^ a 
Itttto spaceship that mAkn f^tHhm 
bad^ tfom th* efteds of fmrtty. 
Ksi mmpi0. aAoth&r combat game 
fought over platfonrm, ii VWfly 
Week doffwtiva by tha nam^ ol 
7?]^ HEwv^iAit 0v9Ofybi^U^. a 
3D Aim 9 rtylt iittda adventure 
by tha naitia of Bdmbsc^r^ajid yet 
another arcade adventure called 
01^ arK^ Lii^sa In which you have to 

h»lp r»-houia a ghMt, round* off 
the Sri ver Range offenngia on show 
at Olympla, Oh, and of courM 
thaca* the Qyro^ Arena gan^e . that 
wu utad In tha pi^ off In 
nnmiiD^ Gyrtiin compatrtion. Tha 
winner motored throuflh thm ape- 

claJ maze in eighlean minuiea flat 
and col^i^ a ah^ny new Por^qhe 
for hla toouWa. 8«dk no itw« 
Ponrtiaa an on offer, but for 
EI.M. tha g«rhB ahould be a chal- 
langa we^oorrwJ by rantt of tha 

A Qi$isntfet anrada machina waa 
appmnt^y ut to tree play on tha 
\M M^Lb stand — in fact^ arcada 
macNnas on free play abouhdad 
on the floor of tha PCW Show 
aocording the ZZAPI lounge 
Hjurd* who had a wonderful time 
docUng up h^gh acorea . The Spac- 
truni version oT OauorM Should be 
av^iabta befom too long, along 
wrth fi^aafrfhrti and a host of othar 

Cartoon characters a/a also dua 
to faaiuH^ hMVtty Irt Spectrum 
gAmas batwaan rxiw mmd Chrlat* 
mat. Mfi-aoumi muai am appa- 



CONTACT MAM cmM&im pn H^ mv. I^^lwtha mte of* 

rartly oart*lnthai^fenjr wfl1 sniva 
In tkni for Chrtetm*^, while actiw 
HON haw the Hcerice to Howard 
th^ Duck arKj AiwxAaoFT hava 
snapped up The Centurions and 
Thv CMhnga of fhe Gobota aa 
miaa tor railMBa under thair new 


The crew tfl jwwa n«aa 
aorrwMK aiso had a fafr bit to 
show. i^>p«p»ntly. and were evon 
parauadjng revlewera to play 
crape forTShirts in th«lr hotpHaJlty 
su^a. i'm not sure ihai encourag- 
ing ouf staff to gamble is a terrtbly 
wua idea, but they're ail aagady 
awaitino the arrivaE of aua ami 
Mi^mi Otc9 a* B resju W . Gffdaf fW^ 
was available at tha show, and a 
coupie of oopbes found their way 
btOK to Ludlow tor rvnww naxl 

N«wa of the tow Oomes U com- 
pilation WAS wheedled out oi vin- 
(Hft'9 Bryn Qilmora at the show by 
the Doc Martenad One, who tafia 
me that 3mw}< NHcir ^Md Pl^ 
Thm QMPip C^Ommrm Matt ff, 
Everyone's A W^fty, and View lb A 
fOti IS tha iine-up for the t&M 0&^ 
aatta due out towards the end Hf 
Septambar or aarty in October. 
CompHtftkifts are going to featurv 
hsevfly thta ChrMifiMp wtth juM 
ai^ut every major aoflwariliouw 
cMnfimi} to rafeaae 'albums' of 
ihetr woH< in time to f\U Chnstmaa 
stockings throughout the land. 

An interesting little game wu on 
t^tew on the oohark stand by all 
Bcoounts — Ofbfx ttw T&nwbaJSf 
which features a Nttia dmid oharac- 
tdr fightbg his w^ acro^ a hide- 
ously danffaroua 3D floorway with 
horrid holaa dotted aJI iraund i^t. A 
viouum oparitaa under the sur- 
f§m and sAiMng too close to a 
caMty fiiulti h an untimely death. 
There should be eight le^efs to the 
game, all of them Tuii oi ai^ens by 
tie time it la fatoaaed earty in 

Next month, we should be able 
to bring you full 6/simin of the mM* 
Tfiic ofVMM ralaase Bchedula — 
the Doc Manened One has agreed 
to allow Q^rl^e Ti|:^tftrs Hennah 
Smith and Gary Perm (from ZZAPI) 
xo hire a car and travel to Soutti- 
ampton on a mi$$k3n cFf discovery, 
HmbaU from adwhcs worrmsm 
looto very Intiiiiting — a acraarv 
iiwt of ihES mm aports simOaUofi 
aJTiv&d in the office and loeiitd so 
much Ktke a Commoddrt anapthal 
It was passed over to tha ZZAPI 
lads. But no, we team, it wm naolfy 
a Spectrum atet — the graphics 
ei^ very dmeremt tfidaed. Agam, 
we shouHd h^i^ fyH detais In time 
for the November taaua. And 
moments betaie this column had 
to be sent to i^ printers, MtcAoSp 
PHERc's little padtage conti^i^ning a 
demo v^rf^ion of Cpnracf sim 
Cruise arrived in the office. A bin of 
detective work on the Spectnim 
screen, preeeiited in a very dilfe^ 
rentf^hion. . . . 

There^ no doubt that it'% goir^ 
10 be a bi^ Chrl^mas this year. 
Space once agfilm rura outp io I H 
leave you to oaet an aye over Hit 
rrve pagea of prvvlews that f o^hM. 

CRASH October 1986 131 


As mtmiofl^d In tost bssue's pm- 
view^, tm latest in line from mmi- 
ncH is Irt^JLR, a sliooi em up in 
thm Jwrote iradHton of sten zaip- 
plngi wmi ih@ DvMiran man<m 
iMmng pvflr us. ovorybody want^ 
to ensure thai bs ruLich zapping as 
piowbie gels uncjerway.w^ man- 
IQid to acquire an oarty, aJbe^ 
IfiOdriiptotO virwin of thfl garne a^ 
CflASH To wwi ind toolt a cknar 

The sc^naio gow li#te tW*. An 
idMiOKl «B«n nm has con- 
«liUGlMl an ancrmouB space sta- 
tfOfi, rolatHig it to indoce artifkiBl 
grftvtty. For various (and at ths 

has to bs destroyed r The sialloo is 
made up of a aeries of hnrnerae 
cytlfKJsfs, each of whlcti must bo 
destroyed before moving on to ths 
nert. &iOf^ one however, m heavily 

The loeding sc^fien is overlayad 
l?y a windowed menu once the 
game resides in mefnory and the 
player has the of^tion o! prwar^ng 
different weapon systenm for the 
bottie to come. All the text in this 
sectKHi IS written in a very esoteric 
typeface to capture atmosphere. 
After setup, the player can mov€» 
directly to the game. 

The pme screen onry w<j^ up 
tfie same room as the menu, so 
only Ifw cenlTe portion of tf>e 
scfeen is us«d. The fii^l thing that 
stnkes you about the game itself is 
what a wonderful exampto of verti- 
cal soroiiing it is. "^^^^B-mpMoara 
in ihe form of Hnsly detsHed 
nr^onochrome imeges complete 
wHh shadowlrig. The surlaoo of th6 
enemy ^tip pesses siow^ 
benMth your veesel^ In the 


E^ackgfourid aJI ih& time is a 
dramatic starscape. As you swoop 
over ttie surface of the alien vessel, 
SQuadror^ of defefise snips riy out 
In lorm tfo n, intent on your 
deaiPucttoa Apart from avokHng 
and di«iroying them, you rrHMt 
use your weaponry to oaim is 
much darnage as potifeli to the 
station's surface. 

Another window to the lop ridtt 
of the BCf^^ff^ dtsplsys the secnbn 
of the game you're cun^&ftt^ play- 
ing. However as the section above 
is ttie only one programmed into 
the ^i9)e tf tttlapoM, it 5 impossj - 
bie lb elabonAe further. Hope! utiy, 
we witt have a full copy to review 
next issue. 


CMUM'a fbrthooming obaoane dibbinsi are the Gbb- 

fetaase Pmdigy has a rather teweis and the Btobentes who are 

unusual eoenarto to si^ the ISMt. lust as horrtrie aa the^r nances 

The macabre Mechlata are thb suggeet. Wandering arourvd the 

•oene of horrenclQiis omettG MsSilabs is Sok> a syntnetJc man 

i Kpe ri mefitB performed by Ifie and aiao a human baby (mofe 

utlariyevtl VVerdtock.ttiemechafv about him in a mo), bolti the erxJ 

icel torceter. Product of his reeutta of the WardhxA's axperi- 

menis But unlihe the Otob|iwilt 
and the Blobentw Solg end tm 
baby are desperate lo MCipe 
from the living mghtumre In WlMt 

they find themselvea trapped. 

me Medilobft CDf^aiet of fbur 
separate 30 mazea the Ice Zone, 
Fire Zone. Tech Zone wkJ Vegle 
£one aeon Of wfwcn are Ofneraniiy 
ookxjredL Soto fmm tr* thfougn 
tfne rnazes ertdeavounng to firwj 
power oyt^itsi^ ^^^^^^ found vhaoe 
rnuat be takim to the oompiiter 
room and artored. The power 
o'ystai then reprogram ttie com- 
pobsr and open various hidden 

All )iei^ well but Solo hn several 
problems that make J^ rnteaion 
seweref times henJer. Rir e eWt 
the Wardtook's tmrtents found 
roamir^ the Mechiabe t^nd urxler- 
standabty very crc^s^ at tietng 
created in such gruesome forfn^ 
are eager lo vent their wqir en 
someofw. even if Ft isonlySoloind 
not the Wardlock hbmself . 

9 ^l'*** ^'i'MjiJ*^!**** 

It wouldn't t>e too bed If he on^ 
had himself to think atxmt but Solo 
has acquired a i^ieHf^^ 
the tuby wtw attachei himself to 
Soton foHowiog him aroixnd the 
mazes TrouWe is. babies need a 
lot of looiKing after. If Solo ^s to 
navigate Ns way out of the 
htedhtabe with Nefo and tell the 
wofid about ttie atrocities t>eing 
commlttsd Imk^ then he must 
keep ifie baby in the p^ soio say 
Najo'e nqppfea need dienging to 
ftwoid nsppy rash and the bevtHb 
Ue baby pong, so fresh Mpers 
hawe to tm tt^nd along the w«f . 
Babies are by naiure roiier nwssy 
creetyres so n qui<:k wash and 
br^JSlt% up is also needed to keep 
him tjckety boo. A healtfiy diet )a 
essenUeJ so food Y^b to t>e col- 

II the maze li aucoessfuHy com^ 
pMed then the Wardlock's des- 
tardly plans will be revaeled to rt 
and the nightmare of geneUc 
experiments wiil t>e over for ever. 

1 32 CRASH October 1 986 


After mypdh suoo^p$ on the Com- 
modofe. &BC and Amsfrad eorn- 
puiers, TFirusr has finally been con - 
wortad lo the Speclrum, The rasis^ 
WIDA b pianjiing a m^jor offensirv& 

Plmlno vifoil In acfyiance tti«v 
to s?©al se^^er&l l>attlfh 

pvdft itersl^Yip^, but ttiey h^v^ no 
po w ftf source of Hit cipnpfty 
rm J i a !o mn th«m, ^Vbu pl«y th« 
pvt of a resMwiMiOhtir whohM 
Mw^ gtvOT ttn IMie to d o tgm» 
mofw ilMHrig And ttte ftt MOAft- 
wy fwto ftom th# EfpplnA slor- 
igtt pianta, B;^ ftnng shots at the 
fnaln pcm» plant ^ cart iwfi- 
poran^y d^s^6 eh6 litnpel guns 
tfial aiB piac#d in Cfu^ai points en 
th* plafiks. But don 1 get too tng- 
gtr happy or youH fcrxj youn^Kf 
Ctowino up the planet with yotj $^ 
Ofi tt^— andthepocte wiH be to$t for 

On thaotturtwid, It you go on 
to the plin«L ediert the r»qutred 
IM for your travels, steal the pfxl, 
#tbot the power p^anl and escape 
within ten seconds, you'll tie 
avoided with a double bonus and 
A frM trip to the neict planet On 
Mat ptar«te yoy will enoouitter 
mmnm gravity and invtsbJie waNa. 
AU of these may pro^ a bit too 

hard for A rAAtetance Thruslir who 
only posABsses a gun arKt timllwf 
shield — Or wiH they? Piteed at a 
bixlget E1.99 from mmnm, Thm^t 
la avatetrie now. 


C4wid provm tetal 







AvaiiablA now is the latesrt gsme 
from oiOfmL RfTERQAATioti, itve 
author of Tbmahawk ^nd FtaMar 
fVA^ 13 TT Rac^. They hm» diiip^ 
ped out of the sky etncJ on to their 
bhee with this latest ackittoii lo 
thetf ^muletioi^ range, TTfi^Cm 
which w^ previewed la^ Issw, 
puts you t>ahrnd theh^die bars of 

A chotoe of lour b^w — from a 
maAgra BOcc effort, up to the fuKl 
blown SOOcc. 

After h¥0 years programmlrfg, 
Bod Swift seems to have come up 
with th^ closest thing to aetuaUy 
rMdng life and limb raoing around 
m 175 mph. BN have apmt a lot of 
time getting the feel of the biHe 

exactly nght — even down lo wk- 
ing for some profemonii mMcA 
from Suzukr's lop riderB, Kevin 
SwBrtz and Paul Lewis. 

Before the race, you can adjust 
the b^^ to your chaiwiertaiica eo 
thai you can oompleie a good 
pr^a ice lap WKJ qy^ in the Ngh- 
mx position poasfelft. During me 

race. yoM can make pitstops to 
refuel and ct^noe tyres. What you 
ae! for the C9.9B is the obligatory 
Lansioh pack, a very m-c^pth 
msnutf for your racing career and 
a chance to win a cby out witti 
SuwkJ. A full review is 
next month. 

wimm oi M|# ^ppomiUQn whiim 

Aff e#l En^ yj ri 


CRASH October 1906 t33 

m'mJ I ^ MJ KM IS mmM ^ 


1> m f«tea©od m wtmmm *ii itw sm (wfioa rw kidding?), so you 

same tineas T?'^'^! ^■f-*''^ '^^'--Hi^ m^«^* ^^^-^'"^ '^^-^-^ ^^'-^ "^'^^^■* ^n^^ 


Al;,L .-L-itf. 

ih^ p s Kim- 

pi-t^fl fli thiam '\bu mufst ht-Hp 
A^ f'Staskof iheplarfeotwi^l 

In :. - ■ :\idfle! 

\^<^^Kz n tht? 

|\ifl tit . 'iti. 

vit...lU\f . . . .ot. 

ts und«?r UiftMt ill 

J I 1N^ US. 

t^t^lfi^ i>t ||lH)^lt^ ffME ElHty iUlfl i 

detteLi -yy. 

Mf&und f^^rchin^ tor Ihf i&olw wtih which to d^fufe" itre Um^ 



flt^ ii*api3f tut thtm <tp<>tnt#r^fti fh^f rfi^hf frmr f&r*miick brvw 


t?i8 latost rrom itue folks ooicksua 
Is Qfktof Rkf&r. Pfogmmmed by 
WHJUff DcsKiN tth« tolte that dkl 

:itart$ otf by pluming ycMi firmly on 
^tm mBi of a snnall coMpMile E37 
motor b4ke Wrlh this between your 
logs and m rucksa ck on yoyf back, 
you must ddvd iround ttia tOO 
ttcraan b^g plAnei (ooking fbm big 
eootig^r dbp« to allow you lo get 
off your b4ke and lay nch your Mark 

With yiHir glder you must 
deslfoy tfin ton ^xtornel nonoloiii 
and rendezvOLS with the awilting 
sybmariris thai ta piaced ^oma- 
wher* lit Ihs oc^an sufitwjndJng 
yotrtetend. Wthksisioo much, then 
ycxi can jusi destroy as mar^y 
operatives and Dpcferatbofiel builo- 

134 CRASH October 1986 

inge as po^b^ and picit uf> a S4jp- 
ply of ammunitkxi. Aft^f aJI, wHti a 
motor tHke In ycHir njchsach, you 
only have encugh mom for nine 
band grefmdea^ wftich can on fy be 
dropped from the glider. Ground 
to air tanra and miasiltes w^U sap 
mur energy. 90 be careful how ytxi 

ThBy wy itiat ihe nnajn com- 
pound is impenetreblap but ymi wfH 
be ihe onry One to kriow for aum. 
GMdar Rk^ is a^ailabte shortly at 
£e.95fof both 4aK antf 12BKSpec- 
trums on the same cassette. The 
t28K v&mk>n featunis enhanced 
sound, by Ihe way of a Devid Whii- 
taker tune bashing end beep™ H's 
way throughout the game. CRASH 
witl deHniteiy be reveiwing G/'ddr 
flidiirrieKl month. 



SPECTRUM 48K&128K**- 

'.. ■■.-■..■I 





'^ »i!- 







bubble bu 



Available from 
any good 
computer retailer 

Another gneat gain« ■vallAbJ«>|jAI^ froni 

Bubble Bus Software 
87 High Street. Tonbfidge, Kent TN9 1 RX 

Tel: (0732) 355962 




This kisl wefQv can b« 
raplenWiAd by chofTtpmg up din- 

ham sotfTwOmw be^ 
w^MMd of mtSklng "fii^ gfifrm 
too comp^icatiid. However, with 
itiw new ratoase. Thanahis. ttwy 
hifve made a considered effort to 
produce a g^me ek^fig 9 prnpla 
1de« and stofy-iino. 

You contrcN 1 bb b«d ttompirig 
dnigon who iwripiMft wound lOia 
countryskte gmiiirMf biing a nut' 
aahM iri good dragcrh titid^ton. 
Th9 mm beh\od m th - n ing 
totoOOliCtftr^irgy any .^ . jnO& 

until vGi^ dta^ion can cast m« uKi- 
m&i0 sp«N and rid tiia Evth of a 
caftakik sofT^^ono. 

TtiS* IS wrhere It all t^comes abK 
viQye. duuell and the program- 
mar tiaw oome tno conilict ovar 
wtwt ptridfiBlty th« dri^jon 
ihQMM aiflurfw. mh^jl am lm«r- 
braath m « Qood DfiQon, qn« wtio 
iMa noty (wspki; howw«r, tfio 
pronrrmar iMto that dmgoni ar« 
not by natufv and tr«mbn nica 
crMbraa to luiow and ttuit tNs 
on* sihould terrorise innooent 
p^agriB wtute at the same time eat- 
ing as many virginal ma*dens as he 
^■n sink Ns tangs jrito, WH^ctiev^ 
paraonality the drBgon assumies 

laraaitv InvDtM flying 
slno IMoMiof the 

Realm 1^^ laigia boukSars^ 
acondiing oaaOa gnaa flown and 
niolesting young fifTirtaaH 
AJI this ^mtmw»f anough) 

and Mr Dragon ofily has a oertAi 
anf¥)unt available. The faster be 
tttaa and fche more l^e he bcaat^ie& 
the qtilcker hto anergy m used up. 

Thte action swerves ttvough var- 
ied settlrms from mysiedoys seas 
of moonApM deppied water !o 
darh and tnghteningcavw. Reality 
In added 10 9m ac^anes tfirough 
panrftacK w&tMna, moving the 
baokgrovid sloww than theHxeg- 
rociiJto create a sense of 30. The 
dragon is also a manoeuMabte lit- 
tle devil. He can turn aniur>d in 
rrid^fhght and picic up objects to 
i^e as ammunttJon, he can potter 
around on the ground WiYi if you 
knlrockjtt h«m to a Mretch d water, 
he sinks in slowly up to hie knees 
and than begina to Mrim In a very 
dteiflad aort of way. 

ufMons^ youH be piewed to 
hew. Sfenn tnvincttrte. Knitfitscan 
Are arrows el hie corpulent form 
from the gf outmI wid brwe imDora 
wi try and Irfipale hirti IhitiMgh to 
the heert ki order to a^ni a dsmsei 
from distress. Not only ttiat, biJt 
rh^ scfity friends hk^ to shme a 
auooirieni lass and they can be 
well and injty scorched if they 
grow !oo tinasome. 

the osme t« kn Its very earty 
itmM M the momsnt eo dau^ia 
are scarce, ni wail are hoping for # 

i30|JUDTirKiaf IDRMBD iMHEi 00 |JP1^| 

fees sesmt to be going quite weB 
But however the game turns out it 
should give you a chance to be 
quhe dragonaeqiii and even ter- 
rorfaa a few Innooenl people lor a 
whie. Al In a day^a work lor a big. 
bad dragon raaly... 

air, Hie iin i i w aH i i a f *■! — <■ — ama i ■■■ s w i jwrj^ty 
efwasani ail* Mtoa Ma liaaiaaii aiadtaiNfvai^ 

136 CRASH October 1986 


The QMIe Wn|a Olriltaa BacM K waa your Big Mr 
Sabolaijr tfom mmUL and tt a aa me that tie 
armoyed M hfa viiooeaa ttnl they put oiil a 
Bro*almtn ghid^ 

nCiwIira re'venga 
miya I n IP a I Mi Mi 
Sarir?taur if h uin 

bmt gtiyi wmm ao 
and had your 

An you giri anoygh to doaa down ttia 
and for m tmud oat rkh In the proca^). 


eftfijsiasiicaiy lowwds Chrtot- 
mas ^ and mey have some vefy 
InterMHng prodids m progrese. 
Not oi]^are ttiay the foAts behM 
the olSciBi eSe un Waf coifHOp oon- 
vafllon birt they've abo got some 
cart^iri gam^ on the way. 

Of course there's Amngv, ttm 
fpttowHip to Wj^ of the f^iSf 
wh^ we took a peek St hat JaMe^ 

h^iiB* iifcMB M m^ M^^ III' T |_njl_-j_ ^ -^fc* 

put QfiCMJii we geiwig ivo oaa 

Or Die rear adHi a aniagK 
hgWtotortli — M'a up toymi^Mi 
pfomiaihg young aiarp to auharM^ 
plot^ pracbce and acwe go^ on 
the way to fha highast aocdlade of 
the ftvoibal world. TmlitlM^BF ta 
another' bal game compMaly. 

1ham> thia forward scrolling 
raadway auapendad kn apace, see 
ilohn. arKi you^ got to drtbble 
your bal down it iounds aasyT 
WeH of eourae tt isnn maant to be. 
There are holes and r\aety gape In 
the chequered nsadway that 
zooms 'oiHit' of the screen, and a 
miatimad hMp aend$ the EittJe 
sphere ptumetting into the depths 
of ipada. Funny aquarta on the 

IkiofWty do fciiiW tiiv 
speed of raM anet being of bounce 
^— and touchtng a l^ouncse-reduc- 
Ing bit of floor pjel betora leaping 
over a glHri citBmi ii known in fha 
trade is 'a t>ad move'. Plenty of 
im^ actkin to be had bla^dng a 
tTal down the oosmiohighway. . . 



Aa the autumn teaves f bI and the 
harvHte m Oiitf>^«d ki, Ho4iim 
Chart-tappers wlhi will be raieafi- 
Ing mmm c^op of {}am^ certain 
to wNl9 ewey a Qocd many winter 
ovenkwe. And ifiev ere all paced 
m £7.95, sc tho cbimac^ to the 
pQokei should be minimieed . . , 

Taking two of tbeff arcade con- 
versions one stage fulheTp Com- 
m&fKfo 36 and Bmtfmk //^houkJ 
mahe an appearance during the 
month of October. Commancfo 66 
is very much a variation on a theme 
— on* player can fight through a 
hostile environment that scrdte in 
eiQW dl^ectbns or two chuniB can 
team up and fight their way 
through the vertlcaJty semiring 

Bombjack It combine a tilt of 
strategy with the fa*riy straighttor- 
ward platform/arcadie elements ol 
the originaJ. In tht$ p^atform-od- 
lector y'our Irttlecharacief won't tie 
able to float around thie screart but 
will have to woirK through a coiai of 
thirty screefkS fighting nastiaa anet 
colleciing objects — in tm right 

order for maximym points. Dragon 
beings patn>l platfomns at the start 
of a new sheet, end e good ^ova 
dtSpOSeS of them. As Ume prog- 
mtmi^ however, the Dragons 
mutate Into figlit^ng cfeatyros that 
tri^e a bit of beating, then mutate 
again irtto creaiLnrea thai can le^ 
between platfom^. FinallV. if 
yoii 've taken agaa on a a4:^een , the 
rt^^ties mutale once more and 
become intelligent — ttiey come 
to get you. 

Two more arcade conversions 
are in th^ pipeline too. Akari rtte^ 
riors is on schedule for e 
iSfo v^mfaer roleflia , and foElows the 
look and fieel of the ordinal dcoely. 
It's another Commando ntyie 
combat game In which one or two 
players can Rartibo their way 
through a scrolling landscape, but 
*HS time you can turn round and 
Bm behind you. Mines, on tand and 
in rtvers, have to be avoided, 
enemy soldiers grenaded or shol 
and bridges crossed ratf>er than 
burnt &efy so often a tank 
appears in tfie playing area and H's 



wrm^M ## AKjiJtr WMM* 



mw^mr m irvwmMmr «l— » frtm thm WtHm vfii^l*. At Urn 

possible 10 leap aboard and drtve 
around taki^ advantage of tfie 
ejrtra firepower and pfoiectim on 
offer ^ teit make sure to keep the 

fuel rieedte ofl amptyf Watch cnri 
for those heitoopter gunshps. si^' 

The other arcade conversion is 
defintte^ going to be e biggite * . * 
Ves. il's Spe^ce Hamef, A venion 
of Sega'i dasste coir^-<^ te our- 
rwiOy behg wfltten for thte Spec- 
irum by K«W> Qhos^ and QoiOm 
BurchiH While there's no ww the 
full irrpact of the $tereo soundsyi- 
tom and sit-uijorr cookptt of 9m 
arcafja macJiine can be achieved 
on the Spectnjm, Kettti has 
aJfieady sorted oi^ a very neai 
cheoyered scmUinQ gromd arid 
ptarifced a couple oftaet sprties on 
-he screen. The feel of this early 
-jstpjece. aJtfK>ugh ft Je far 
removed from ^w Hnal (pme. is 
enough to Inspire oonMenca thai 
the final Qsm^ shogfkj play very 
well indeed. 

And finally a team of Scottish 
programm^^ are putlir^ the 
fim^ing touohee lo SmnghHow 
N&wk*^AtmjV, ft heAmpter game 
feMunng four way scrolling ir^ a 
maie-iiike world ol caver™ and 
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gamep^y is still being sorted out 

CRASH October 1986 137 

A|* fell Heib}ctm, m^ 

ON THE SCREEN is back again after a short bmak. This 
month. 3© vera! artists lina up to have their work exhibrted 
in the pages of CRASH and then in^mortalised as a full 
colour screen diimp produced by oimensioii GFumiCS. 
Ttie ff iendty people at fuiHBiRO pay foi' tlie colour dump to 
be made, and then wrap rt snugly in a frame before sending 
it on to the artist who created the Irriagi. 

Ov vff]* wn, Gwiff 

fi^nlbr Dtfrvk. A^t^ifk, 



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Jlmiiiff fHutufv pnr^pd 

136 CRASH OctOb€r1 986 

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